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  1. Opening 13 of October 2017 at 18:00 (CET) Open beta is available 22/09/2017 to 12/10/2017 L2 Classic Interface for Interlude Including functions from later chronicles. Implemented all the main windows that are called from the new L2 Classic Menu: Enlarged inventory window with sorting button: Other: 5*Socketed Shortcut Window: L2 Classic Maps For All Towns : 17 Towns & 7 Auction! Handmade Retouch. Per-Pixel
  2. Web: http://www.l2ita.com Forum: http://forum.l2ita.com Grand opening on August 11, 2017 New and fresh international mid rate server. We offer you only the best and most classic Lineage2 experience. No PAY to WIN. Classes are Retail. Experience team PvE and PvP with our own clan and so much more! Our goal is to have the biggest and most active Lineage2 Community ever! This differs from many other servers, as they only care about money, not player satisfaction. I, however, care deeply about the players experience and enjoyment. I constantly listen to the players ideas, wants, and need
  3. website - www.l2blair.com forum - http://l2blair.com/forum facebook page - Link Server Online Download Patch (1.02): Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Download Patch (1.02) for Windows 10: Download - Mega.nz Download - Mediafire Chronicle - Interlude Rates: XP Rate - x50 SP Rate - x50 Adena Rate - x 50 Adena Chance - 70% Items Drop - x8 Items Spoil - x8 If chance goes higher than 100%, amount is increased Enchant: Min +3 Max +25 Weapon Rates - Info Armor/Jewels Rate - Info Main Features: Stack Subclass System, Custom Tattoos, Cust
  4. GRAND OPENING TODAY! Dear player, we are glad to see you! We are pleased to present to you a short description of our server. Our server was tested many times and worked out to bring the maximum balance as for low level game, as well as for high level. We know that Lineage 2 - High FIve is not a new chronicle anymore and many of you already know everything about them, but we tried to make the game as fun as possible and still keep some difficulty in the game, so you could feel every aspect of it. ~ Server Description: Rate XP/SP: x10. Rate Adena: x7. Drop: x7 (Chance:
  5. The Lineage 2 Euphoria It's a Java based server with Retail Like! We aim to bring our players to the best of Lineage 2, we have a dedicated team to correct errors, take care of the players and to perform a service with quality, our perfect structure against any type of attack, bots, or hacks! It is a 100% Retail Like server, aiming to bring the best of Linegae 2 to our players with the best team, 100% protected against bots, hacks and so on. [RATES] • EXP RATE: 10X • SP RATE: 10X • ADENA RATE: 7X / 75% • SPOIL / DROP RATE: 3X [OTHER INFORMATION] • ENCHANT: RETAIL LIKE • KARMA:
  6. With over 12 years of in-game experience, we decide to create our long life Lineage II server. We are really bored with wipes and abruptly shutdowns and with your help – activity, we will make a try to keep this server alive for many years. Server Info / Rates: Chronicle: C6 / Interlude – Retail game without customization XP/SP: x 25 Adena: x 15 Drop: x 10 Spoil: x 7 Seal Stones: x 7 Quest Item Drop: x 3 Quest Reward: x 1 Raid Bosses Drop: x 2 Epic Bosses Drop: x 1 Safe Enhcant: + 3 Maximum Enchant: + 16 Enchant Rate: 66% ✓ NPC Buffer (2 hours buffs with 24 + 4 slots) ✓ Class Chang
  7. Hello MAXCHEATERS, First of all : i wanna say that this is a Request and i can pay for whoever gonna help me with it .. So, most of us know how Rush skills and shadow step look in retail and in l2j here you can see what i mean Rush vs Rush : Rush vs Shadow step : https://youtu.be/BR1o5nvIiUY?t=296 so the point is i already have a live server and i am getting lots of reports about this matter .. i use :l2sunrise pack and i already reported on their forum about it months ago and yet no real action has been taken, ignored maybe the answer .. but you guys know h
  8. Lineage 2 Private Classic - Bartz [75x] Opening: 4 June www.l2private.com Bringing and reviving the old classic gameplay this epic game. With professionalism of the corporate team, we are dedicating ourselves and doing serious work to provide their users hours and hours of uninterrupted fun. Welcome and thank you to all who trust in our work. Get ready for battle. Rates Server Experience (EXP) 75x Skill Points (SP) 75x Adena 150x Drop Items 15x Spoil 25x Quest (EXP) 5x Quest Drop 15x Enchants Safe Enchant 3 Max. Enchant 15 Normal Scroll ch
  9. Lineage Of Heroes - C4 (New Server) _______________________________________________________ Grand Openning 21.03.2016 At 18.00 UTC+02:00 Website will be open to public the last week before opening.(Monday 14/3/16) http://www.lineageofheroes.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LineageOfHeroes Small brief about the server: No custom weapons/armors or skills inside. 1 Custom Island (Island of souls from kamael. We didn't want to mess with the rest towns) We tried to keep it as simple as possible. x30 EXP/SP rates, x160 Adena. Many things are very close
  10. Lineage II NEDA Mid-Rate,Non-custom,Interlude Server Preview and server's information OPENING DATE : 18 MARCH, FRIDAY, 18:00 GMT +2 . Client: Interlude, Chronicle 6 -Rates- Exp: x35 Sp: x35 Drop Rate: x15 Adena Drop Rate From Mob: x70% ADENA : x15 SEALSTONE : x8 Drop Spoil: x15 Quest drop: x5 Quest reward: x2 Manor: x2 QuestDrop and Quest Rewards Rates are not applied for all quests Ketra's/Varka's Alliances Q Drop : x8 -Raid Bosses Rates- RB drop: chance x15; quantity x1 Grand Bosses Drop: x1 Grand
  11. WWW.L2EVRIKA.COM WWW.L2EVRIKA.RO forum.l2evrika.ro - Xp : 45x - Sp : 45x - Adena : 15x - Party Xp : 1.5x - Party Sp : 1.5x - Drop Items : 10x - Raid Drop Items : 1x - Drop Spoil : 11x - Drop Manor : 7x - Karma Exp Lost : 5x - Siege Guards Price : 1x - Extractable : 1x
  12. Server has opened yesterday November 21 and already hit 1500 online. You most know RaidFight project from its High Five server which may be the longest lasting java server out there, without donations which affect gameplay (hats and masks) and without corruption. RaidFight also was one of the first servers with enterprise level antibot system when at the same time most servers allowed bots on purpose. We took our successful recipe and applied it over retail server files. People appreciated the result and server is running smoothly. We don't need to prove we are the best but we formed a strong
  13. L2BotOlympics is the server where you can show off your botting skills, both in PvE and PvP! Botting is heavily encouraged to anyone who joins this server, and there is no limit to the amount of clients/bots you can log in. Bot protection is disabled and you won’t ever banned for botting, as it is the main playstyle of the server. Gameplay H5P5 Everything not stated as custom has retail settings Rates Everything x1 Custom Starting level 40 Free C Grade Teleports cost no adena Auto-learn skills Auto-learn Forgotten Scrolls Auto-learn Divine Inspiration Free subcla
  14. L2 Legend Server Previews Rates XP x75 SP x75 Adena x15 Spoil x10 Information Server with out custom , no donates , no buffer ( buffer stay for 1 month ). Only one gm and he is the developer. Join now: http://l2-legend.ucoz.com Contact Gmail: l2team.legend@gmail.com Contact Skype: l2teamlegend We are in developing stage for site and forum , stay here ! Thank you, the team of "L2Legend".
  15. Heya Maxcheaters, I'm planning to open an IL server based on L2J ( since theres no knowlegde in l2off). All the infos will be below. Therefore some things may change from time to time . So without further or do lets begin this. ^^ *Server Rates: -RateExp:x15 -RatePartyExp:x1.5 -RateSP:x15 -DropRate:x10 -DropSpoil:x10 -AdenaDrop:x20 -QuestDrop:x3 -RaidDrop:x4 -EpicRaidDrop:x2(EpicJewelsDrop:x1) -ManorDrop:x5 *Enchant Rates: -SafeEnchant: 3 Enchant rate lowers each time you make a successfull enchant. Starting from 90% to +4 and lowers by 4% *Augment and l
  16. Today opens new server retail-like x20. http://pvp.l2nofear.com Freya High Five Server Mid-Pvp x20 Opens April 17th 2015 18:00 GMT+1 Exp/Sp/Adena: x20 DropItems/DropSpoil: x10 QuestRate/Raid/CommonItems/Fish: x5 RateManor/QuestReward: x3 DualBox: 3 clients max. More info: http://pvp.l2nofear.com/forum/showthread.php/1-Server-Info
  17. ATLANTIS 25X SERVER LIVE FROM 31.12.2014! http://l2atlantis.com Rates: XP 25X; SP 25X; Adena 20X; Quest Reward Drop 6X; Raid 3X Buff Limit 24+4, Dance / Song 12, Debuff Limit 8, Trigger Limit 12 Safe Enchant +4, Max Enchant +16, Normal Scroll Chance 60%, Blessed 75% Attribute Stone Chance 50%, Attribute Crystal Chance 40% Special Goddess of Destruction Cloaks Protection against hack programs and defense from DDoS Attacks Maximum number of slots for Private Store: Dwarf 40, Other 20 The maximum level for subclass is up to level 85 Multiple commands with advanced options, see the
  18. L2jMoon High Five Project L2jMoon High Five emulator is based on Java 8. Download Test Version: Download HERE What we offer: * FULLY retail like pack with customs mods and some useful features. * Stable core up to 5000 players without problem! * Datapack works are retail! * Retail formulas! * All static data moved from SQL to XML part! * Professional editor XML files IN GAME ! NO MORE using notepad and reloading commads ! * Good support on skype and email, fast answers and communications ! * REALLY, really working multilang system for all langs in the world. Examples: Br, Ru, Cn
  19. "Five months of work, all wrapped up, superior gameplay, no corruption, limited donation, retail-like environment, we present to you L2Cosmic" http://l2cosmic.com | http://l2cosmic.com/forum | http://facebook.com/l2cosmic | https://twitter.com/l2cosmic | l2cosmicGM@gmail.com HIGH FIVE CHRONICLE * Pack by L2-Scripts.ru * L2J Assembly * Retail Dynamic XP: 20x-4x SP: 20x-4x AA/Adena: 8x Drops: 5x RB Drop: 5x Quest: 1x Spoil: 5x Manor: 2x Fishing: 5x Weight: 1x Enchant: 60% Blessed: 65% Subclass max: 80 Element stone: 50% Element crystal: 35% safe enchant:
  20. BETA TEST : 15. January. 2015 Royal x20 Server Status: Maintenance Rates • Exp: x20 • Sp:x20 • Adena: x15 • Drop: x10 • Spoil: x10 • Quest items: 4x ( may some quests will have different rates - list will be posted soon ) • Knight Epaulette: 3x Server Features • Max-subclasses: 3 - Max level 85 • 24 buff slots,12 dances/songs • Totally classic and retail gameplay. • Anti-DDoS ant anti-bot systems. • Autoloot adenas/herbs • Offline trade enabled • Offline sell buffs • Auto learn skills • Vitality system - improved rates • Olympiad: 2 week • Masterwork items work • Glo
  21. Hello, As you can see I'd like to sell a blessed specter retributer +7 empower + acumen 300 on Naia retail server. I accept middleman too. contact skype : fergusson1978
  22. L2Spring www.l2spring.com Hello, we are independent developers who move ahead classic L2J server. Our history goes back to the past year, when we decided to run own server. Unfortunately it did not work because of a server error and there were many players that use. After this experience, we decided to make our own developer project, which will be available to the public. Now we have a big enough lead to other development teams. Our core has undergone a great change from the basics to the most detailed changes. We focus on a server that has been optimized as much as possible and
  23. Well, after almost 6 years of development, I have decided to put on sale my Freya server Just to make it short for the people that doesn't know it, its an almost complete Freya server, with 95% of the things implemented with retail data, completely reworked, and I mean completely, just like 25% of the server remains like l2j Besides the server itself, it must be the one with most non-invasive custom addons and systems of all servers. As you may saw before with the Auction House and Server Ranking, there are dozens of those available, all of them completely unique Its absolute
  24. Lineage 2 Chronicle 4 Scions of Destiny http://hades.playlineage2.com/ Rates: EXP x15 - ADENA x15 - SP x30 - ITEM x15 - SPOIL x15 - PARTY x1.2 Subclass Acumulativas: Principal + 3 Subclass (Leer Guia) Sistema L2 OFF Files - No JAVA Sin items custom, donaciones solo por adena (Leer Guia) Grado S Nivel 67 Aprende skilles automaticamente (Menos los de tercera) (Leer Guia) Con skilles de tercera profesion en la ultima sub 1°, 2° y 3° Cambio de clase por NPC en Giran Event Medals Habilitado Sistema OffLine Habilitado (Leer Guia) Mana Potion por Event Medal (retail Roy The Cat) T
  25. Grand Opening: 31/8/2014 - 19:00 We are a branch new and fresh Lineage 2 Interlude project. L2Artemis is what Interlude should be, retail, relaxed and stable gameplay even if you play solo or party. Our main currency is adena, you can farm for adena or get some from PvPs. Rates: XP: x1000 SP: x1000 Adena: x1000 Safe: +5 Max: +16 Normal Scroll Chance: 85% Blessed Scroll Chance: 95% Features: Vote System Lifestones/BOG Farm Zone Adena Farm Zone Blessed Scroll Farm Zone PvP Zone Weekly: Olympiads/Sieges Full Buffer NPC Shop NPC Gatekeep