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  1. Hello, just attached the CachedExt.dll and IlExt.dll to the C4 PP Release and it seems to be working great. But, once I try to log in the server it automatically disconnects me. Also, there are no signs of any error on the L2Server, therefore, is there any way to debug it? I think there must be something wrong with the Networking which must be changed to C4 method on the Extender's sources.
  2. I am wrong with some accessories for c4 some normal handle other gets this go in the accessory someone can help
  3. Hello...anyone work on c4 project...i need some help...im newbie about this...i need someone who can guide me...
  4. Who remember the old l2Tritan with the custom weapons c4 style before years..For me it was the first l2 server..Before 9.5 years ONE VIDEO YOU MAY REMEMBER AND ONE OF THE BEST SIEGES ON LINEAGE 2 HISTORY EVER ENJOY
  5. Interlude: ( last) Price for 1 key = free The release-pack includes everything necessary for server seamlessly work. ----------- Chronicle 4: (extender based in 746 protocol support c4 \ IL client) Price for 1 key = free The release-pack includes everything necessary for server seamlessly work. Skype: madocter
  6. Hi, I'm willing to start a new C4 OFF server with accumulative subclasses (and skills) like this: main + 1st subclass + 2nd subclass + 3rd subclass I would like to buy server files with geodata and scripts to approach what I'm looking for. Regards.
  7. Hello and welcome to our preview topic, L2-R is a c4 project that lacks from gameplay knowdays. Our goal is to bring back the old "Lineage2" meaning , with a little more relaxed features and not so intense farm combining some fancy appereance. So lets start about what the project offers: ========== Rates ========== Experience: 35 Skill Points : 35 Drop Items: 5 Adena : 200 Raid Drop : 1 Spoil : 5 ========== Enchant ========== Safe : 3 Max : Unlimited Chance of Normal : Retail (58%) Chance of Blessed : Retail (58%) ========== General ========== 24 Buff Slots + 10 Debuff slots Olympiad is retail like just classed based participation is 10 players and non classed 2 Auto Pickup Enabled No Dualbox rules Skill working decently 1st / 2nd / 3rd classes are free ========== NPCs ========== Player Shop - https://ibb.co/jh6rJQ Anything you will need , Making S/A to your S grades, Unseal S grade Equipment etc. No worries or waiting for mammon spawns. Gatekeeper - Retail Gatekeeper with a small modification of a new option [Main Areas & Hunting Grounds ] Only the critical areas are imported like , home Towns and Boosted Exp - Farm Areas Jepetto - L2Revenge Special Trader Exchange your raid tokens for the almighty Titanium Armor or give your adenas for the Revenge weapons [see more details on custom section] Town Buffer [ Only basic buffs + Ressists Included ] - There is no cov/renewal/siren etc. ========== Custom ========== Titanium Armor : Heavy:CON+3, STR+3 ,P. Def. +22%, maximum HP +1000 ,Atk. Spd. / P.Atk. +6%, M. Def. +25% Light: Maximum HP +1500 Maximum MP +500 Atk. Spd. / P.Atk. +12% P. Def. +10% DEX +3 STR +3 Robe: Maximum MP +1000 Casting Spd. +20% M. Atk. + 20% P. Def. +18% M. Def. +15% INT +2 MEN -2 Each part will cost 2 Raid Tokens droppable from several bosses 76lvl+ on the map and Titanium Ores + Armor Tokens Titanium Ores can be found via Raids or Craft Epic - Dynasty Weapons: they are Kamael Weapons [Classic Dynasty with hero effect and color glow) and they have retail hellbound stats] Tattoo: Giving just some stats... For example Soul gives +20 Atk Speed and avadon +25 casting speed cost 5 million adena each ========== Boosted Areas ========== DVC - Boosted Exp and 25% to get Armor Token from Monsters [spoil will have 40% Chance for Armor Tokens] Varka - Ketra Boosted Adena Drop and 40% to get Armor Token from Monsters [spoil will have 50% Chance for Armor Tokens] Forge of the Gods only boosted Adena *Boosted Exp wont give you levels early that means you get a little more Experience than usual on that zone, that means that you can get better Exp on better zones ========== Raidbosses and Droplist ========== Ocean Flame Ashakiel [Retail like respawn ] x3 Raid Tokens Fire of Wrath Shuriel [Retail like respawn ] x3 Raid Tokens Last Lesser Giant Glaki [Retail like respawn] x4 Raid Tokens x2 Titanium Ore Hestia, Guardian of Deity of Hot Springs [Retail like respawn] x4 Raid Tokens x2 Titanium Ore Longhorn Golgoda [Retail like respawn] x6 Raid tokens x1 Titanium Ore Cherub Galaxia [Retail like respawn] x10 Raid Tokens x3 Titanium Ore All Ketra/Varka Raidbosses [Retail like respawn] x10 Raid Tokens x1 Titanium Ore ========== GrandBosses =========== All grandbosses time will be retail like [Giving only the Epics] ========= Subclass ========= Reagent pouch quest item on shop. ========== Nobless ========== Ring and necklace quest items on shop that is it for now. More to come... site will be www.l2r-server.com , will be up in the upcoming weeks
  8. Hi guys! Selling ready c4 l2off servers 2007-2010 with patch and web Pvp-world L2FURY BattleCore OnPulse Price per server - 30$ web + server - 50$ Skype - rising2107
  9. Hello, I am using C4 server with some custom zones, I would like to be able to add these zones in zonename-and I did not understand the logic to add new zones. Example: In C4 Primeval Isle does not exist, therefore in zonename also not, however in the server that I play this area is a custom zone available.
  10. Hello community: I am a new user in this forum, and I'm looking for help from those who know the most, please, it's of the utmost importance. Since I'm new to the topic of creating lineage 2 servers and I'm starting out as a beginner, excuse my bad way of speaking in englis, is that I'm writing and translating everything ... My problem is this: How can I being ADM or GM to provide a clan hall to a clan or get the clan hall to a clan, because of its bad form of administration ... is to evade problems in my future server of lineage 2 C4. chronicle 4. Greetings Atte. PS: I'm new to forums, forgive me if I have any problems.
  11. L2Osiris Gold Like Server Official Opening Date: 30 September 2016 20:00 GMT+2 General Information: We have setup our server based on real L2-Gold Files. The server running under L2OFF Server. Actually it is a C4 Server on Interlude client. We hope to enjoy your stay with old l2gold features. Rates: Experience (XP): x45 Skill Points (SP): x50 Drop (Adena): x50 Enchant System: Enchant rate is retail. Safe Enchant Armor amount: +3 Safe Enchant Weapon amount: +3 Safe Enchant Jewels amount: +3 Safe Enchant Full Armor(body) amount: +4 Enchant rate for fighter weapons from +4 to +15 = 70% Chance from +15 = 35% Chance. Enchant rate for mage weapons from +4 to 15 = 40% Chance from +15 = 20% Chance. Custom Items: Apella Armors - can be upgraded from S grade armors by using Refining System. L2Weapons Weapons - can be dropped from the raid bosses. L2Weapons Shields - can be dropped from the raid bosses. L2Weapons Jewels - can be dropped from the raid bosses. Custom Areas: Aden Castle Town - Main Server Town Giants Cave - Solo & Party Farm Heine - Olympiad Zone Giran Harbour - Shop Zone Bandits Stronghold - Clan hall/castle owners can buy there cool stuff. Boosted Classes: Sword Singer: have 2nd Songs with boosted stats, Fatal Strike, Rush of Doom, boosted Aggro. Spectral Dancer: have 2nd Dances with boosted stats, Triple Slash, boosted Aggro. Hierophant: Pof buff can heal, 2nd buffs with boosted stats. Eva Saint: Party recall to towns/hunting zones/siege area. Shillien Saint: Powind buff can heal, CP Battle Heal, Clan CP Heal, Group CP Heal, 2nd buffs with boosted stats. Summoner's: have boosted buffs for pets. Tyrant: Fist Fury & Totems working with all weapons. Destroyer: Frenzy working with all weapons. Dreadnought: Thrill Fight working with all weapons. NPC Buffer & Buffs: NPC Buffs: 1 Hour Pet Buffs: 2 Minutes 3rd Class Buffs: 5 Minutes Ressist Buffs: 20 Minutes Class Change: As soon as your character is lvl20/lvl40/lvl76 or above, you are able to do the 1st/2nd and 3rd occupation change. This can be done at the NPC job changer “Carola” who stands next to the church entrance in Aden & Giran Castle Towns. Craftable S Grade SA: Special Abilities on S grade weapons can be obtained through craft. The recipes you need are dropped from mobs in Giants Cave. You will need a Warsmith/Maestro lvl 78 with create lvl 8 in order to use the recipes. Custom Nobless System: - Death Lord Hallate - Kernon - Longhorn Golkonda - Shilen’s Messenger Cabrio Once you’ve collected all the items and your character is lvl78, you can go to the Noblesse NPC “Eddy Wally” who's located on the stairs in Aden Town, and become a Noblesse. Olympiad: Olympiad time: 19:00-20:00 GMT+2 Olympiad period: 7 days (Weekly) Olympiad is non class based. A Grade Items No limit enchant Boosted Hero Weapons Custom NPC's: - Weapon Shop - Armor Shop - Misc. Shop - Event Shop - Class Changer - Mantra Manager - Rebirth Manager - AIO Buffer - Custom Gatekeeper (Belladona) - Nobless Manager Raidbosses: All raid bosses are with custom drops: L2Osiris Weapons-Shields-Jewels, S grade weapons, S grade weapons w/SA, materials, Blessed enchant scrolls, Books of Giants, Event Medals Epic Raid Bosses are in Chaotic zones with more boosted drops & Chance. Raid bosses cannot be moved from spawn more then 9k range. Epic Raid Bosses Valakas Respawn: 168hour Random: 1hour Antharas Respawn: 72hour Random: 1 hour Baium Respawn: 72hour Random: 1hour Zaken Respawn: 42hour Random: 1hour Queen Respawn: 72hour Random: 1hour Core Respawn: 42hour Random: 1hour Orfen Respawn: 42hour Random: 1hour Highrate Raid Bosses Anakim Respawn: 20min Lilith Respawn: 20min Noblesse Raid Bosses Domb Death Cabrio Respawn: 3hour Random: 1hour Golkonda Longhorn Respawn: 3hour Random: 1hour Hallate The Death Lord Respawn: 3hour Random: 1hour Kernon Respawn: 3hour Random: 1hour Raid Bosses Antaras Cloe Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Beastlord Behemoth Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Bloody Empress Decarbia Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Bloody Tree Vermilion Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Cherub Garacsia Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Demonic Agent Falston Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Gargoyle Lord Tiphon Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Geyser Guardian Hestia Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Hope Immortality Mardil Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Ipos The Death Lord Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Ketra Chief Brakki Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Ketra Commander Tayr Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Ketra Hero Hekaton Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Last Lesser Glaki Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Last Lesser Olkuth Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Palibati Queen Themis Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Raid Boss Von Helman Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Shuriel Fire Of Wrath Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Storm Winged Naga Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Vanor Chief Kandra Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Varka Chief Horuth Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Varka Commnder Mos Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Varka Hero Shadith Respawn: 6hour Random: 1hour Custom Events: High Rate Events Raidboss Events Team Vs Team Events DeathMatch Events Server Website: http://www.l2osiris.com Server Forums: http://www.l2osiris.com/forum Skype: l2osiriscom Join us Now!
  12. We invite you to our c4 (Scions of destiny) Server, which is Stuck sub (Base+3) And mid rate category, which has Around 200 Online Daily and growing!! Server Features: Chronicle 4 (Scions of Destiny) OFF And Bug-free. -Stuck Sub system (Base+3) -Rates: Exp:x25/Adena:x25/Drop:x5/Spoil:1(Extra bonus on adena until Lv40) -Subclass system Via web -Third Class available( Only in your last subclass) -Third class for free, it requires to be Full sub. -Third class skills available (Only in your last subclass) -Basic buffer with 1hr buff on all Cities.(Dances and Songs are included on weekends and as event too) -Heroic valor skill added.->Currently on poll status. -Infinity Weapons. (Retail like stats, nothing custom added) -Gm shop with C to S grade gear, Consumables, Boss Jewels and more. -Soulshots & Blessed Spiritshots on Luxor shop(Gmshop) -Clan hall Buffer with buff, songs CoV & PoW (Water) 1hr, Available on siege halls aswell. -Sieges enabled for Castles and Clan halls -Autopickup System -Auto clean drop system(Every 20 Min.) -Medals event enabled (Louie the cat) -Seven signs working -Restricted Selling zones on towns. -Quests 100% working -PvP Reward system(Each won pvp gives a Luxor Blue coin, which can be traded at GmShop for important various rewards) -B grade gear at a low adena Cost -Common Buffs, Dances/songs and Summon buffs duration is 20 mins. -Monthly Olympiads with feed protection system -PvP reward System, protected against Lv, Subclass number and IP aswell -Balanced Classes -Active Staff, Events very often with Very important rewards, such as donation coins, weapons ++ and more. -Noblesse via quest enabled (Quest items purchased via Luxor Blue pvp coins) Or 1kkk (1Billion) Adena -Dedicated connection, stable and ZERO lag. -Donations only for Adena Web: l2luxor.com Facebook: l2luxor
  13. Hello guys! I'm sorry because I've made this post but I was trying to search over the forum and all over the google to find some websites sources that I can use for an Lineage 2 C4 Scions of Destiny server. All the results came back dissapointing.... I know for sure that long time ago on this forum there were like couple of topics with dozens of websites sources from where you could've choose and edit the right one for you. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thank you!
  14. Lineage Of Heroes - C4 (New Server) _______________________________________________________ Grand Openning 21.03.2016 At 18.00 UTC+02:00 Website will be open to public the last week before opening.(Monday 14/3/16) http://www.lineageofheroes.com Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LineageOfHeroes Small brief about the server: No custom weapons/armors or skills inside. 1 Custom Island (Island of souls from kamael. We didn't want to mess with the rest towns) We tried to keep it as simple as possible. x30 EXP/SP rates, x160 Adena. Many things are very close to retail. Unchanged drops/shops/skills/quests Gameplay details: __________________ Custom Areas (On the island): - New Main Town (Town Of Heroes) - Farming Zones for adena and seal stones (Solo Areas) - Cave of Heroes Raiding for S grade weapons, Enchant armor scrolls A & S grade (Solo/Party Area) Sub Class and Nobless System: - Do the quest Enchanting: - Safe +3 - Max +25 - Enchant rates are retail Server Features: - PK Guards - Global Gatekeeper (some locations are not included. Such as valakas lair/TOI8-13 etc.) - NPC Buffer (with very low level prophet buffs and few songs and dances) - NPC Buffer in all towns. - 1 Hour buffs (except some 3rd class buffs which are retail. COV/POF etc.) - Class Manager. - Mammons permanantely spawned in Town Of Heroes. - Tattoos give pdef and Cloacks give mdef (not sold in shops) Custom Shops: - Weapon Shop (till A grade with no SA) - Armor Shop (till S grade sealed) - Jewls Shop (till S grade sealed. No boss jewls) - Misc Shop (consumables, pots, ss/bss etc) Olympiad & Heroes - Olympiad is from 20:00 to 02:00 GMT+3 everyday. - olympiad period lasts 1 month. Events: - Custom TVT Event every 2 hours. *NPC will spawn in Town Of Heroes. - Coliseum Arena. Donating: - Server do have donate. The machine won't pay the bills by itself. - Donate is not obligatory - Donators won't have any priviledges over non donators. - Donation rewards are very limited to keep the game balanced and to avoid "super" players. - AIO Buffers [with specific names(e.x. AIOBUFFER_1) with no healing skills and very low stats.They are practicaly only for buffs, nothing more.Can't enter olympiad either.] GM's: - GM's are not interfering with the game in any way. - Occasionally we will give some rewards in TvT events or during holidays. - Active in forums to solve any ingame problems. - There are only two admins in our community(teka,sl1m) that won't ask anything from you.(be alarmed for account thieves) Our server runs on a Dedicated Server with: - AMD Opteron - 16GB DDR3 - 2x250GB SSD - 1Gbit/s Connection Here is a little video about the server: https://youtu.be/j8aTt2qjL1s Hope you like our server. See you in game. teka,sl1m
  15. Hey guys, usually I tend not to ask for stuff but in this case im kinda stuck. I am searching for old C3-C4 l2off files that would work under windows 7. I got the usual shared stuff lke l2off c3 pack that everyone can find on google and so on, as for C4 i got the DSLucifer pack, PP-IRC + L2Storm thingy, so far thats the only one I could run in my computer under windows 7. If there is any files that im not aware of, would be nice if someone could share or let me know how to. Im not interested in opening a server or such thing, but want to have a nce base to work on and have fun, and I realy don't know if the ones I have are good enough even for that. Of course I did try many packs thanks to Outlaw, Ericvini and so on for Interlude and Gracia Final but...kinda old school lover... Thanks anyway.
  16. Hello, I've intalled the kamael bundle in my C4 server but I have some issues. From client side the maps work great. I added in zones.xml Kamael Village with NPoly to make it a peaceful zone and added respawn locations just like the other villages or towns. Here are the custom lines for kamael village I added. (I also added the NPoly locations in navicat) <zone id="16191" type="Town" shape="NPoly" minZ="250" maxZ="2250"> <stat name="name" val="Kamael Village"/> <stat name="townId" val="20"/> <stat name="taxById" val="5"/> <spawn X="-115797" Y="46826" Z="501"/> <spawn X="-115497" Y="45814" Z="501"/> <spawn X="-115705" Y="45011" Z="501"/> <spawn X="-116843" Y="47174" Z="443"/> <spawn X="-117060" Y="46659" Z="367"/> <spawn X="-116750" Y="45955" Z="367"/> <spawn X="-116736" Y="45449" Z="367"/> <spawn X="-117476" Y="45233" Z="367"/> <spawn X="-118043" Y="45016" Z="366"/> <spawn X="-118675" Y="45226" Z="366"/> <spawn X="-119623" Y="44991" Z="367"/> <spawn X="-119561" Y="47419" Z="389"/> <spawn X="-119485" Y="53320" Z="-1167" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="17699" Y="170153" Z="-3451" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-120976" Y="51959" Z="-1138" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-119623" Y="55483" Z="-1546" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-122266" Y="43070" Z="857" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-122431" Y="43698" Z="998" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-122849" Y="41810" Z="1016" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-123490" Y="44004" Z="890" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-110812" Y="47694" Z="-994" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-109123" Y="45716" Z="-1468" isChaotic="true"/> <spawn X="-109745" Y="47407" Z="-1221" isChaotic="true"/> </zone> Peaceful zone works just fine but when I am on the Island and I use Scroll of escape etc. server does not understand the custom map and it teleports me to the nearest village which is dark elven village. Can I add it somehow in the server side as a town so that any soe,death or unstuck would teleport me back to the kamael village or is it client side edit? It would also be great if I could make the server read the Village name (in zonename.dat from client) rather than neutral waterways. ^^ I think that those two are connected but I don't know what to edit. My pack is L2JLisvus. Hope for your help. Thanks
  17. WWW.LINEAGE2-C4.COM SOON GUYS!!!! Андрей Server: C4 server played Client. Retail server with custom modifications. Gameplay: No weight limit, buffs 1h, subclasses dyes , rebirth system, no class change quests and increased movement speed on all classes. Exp x40/Sp x40/Spoil x1/Drop x1 Rebirth System When a character becomes level 78, he can go to the rebirth manager located in Aden and Giran. If you click on the rebirth manager and choose to rebirth then your character will be reset to level 1, with this you will also lose your normal skills (not your gained rebirth skills). When you have done a rebirth, you will receive a Book of Rebirth. To gain a rebirth skill you must visit your skill trainer witch can be found in most towns. The skill trainer will take 1 Rebirth Book per chosen skill. Be careful when choosing your rebirth skills because once chosen they cannot be changed! You can only rebirth 3 times! Noblesse quest Sub-Class Quest Offline Shops With this function its possible to create a priviate store and leave 48 hours without leaving the computer on. To use it is very easy, just create the private store and press exit game. After pressing the button it will close your game and your shop/private store will remain online until the moment you login to your account again. You can set your shop/private store only in Giran Harbor! AIO NPC Buffer There is a support buffer spawned in every important town. The buffs last for 1hour and are free of charge. Third Job Change As soon as your character is lvl76 or above, you are able to do the 3rd occupation change. This can be done at the NPC job changer ''Carola'' who stands next to the church entrance in Aden Castle Town and Giran Castle Town. Now you can change even your 1st and 2nd class. Low lvl Protectors All the low lvl zones up to lvl60 are protected by our low lvl zone guards. These guards kill red players in order to give new and low lvl players a fair chance to train up to a decent lvl. Olympiad The olympiad system is retail like, except item restriction, you can join with s-grade armor +6 weapon +10 max. All the npcs are located in Rune Castle Town Misc Shop Armor & Jewelry Shop Weapon Shop C Grade SA C grade weapons with Special Ability have been added to the Blacksmit In order to put an SA on the desired weapon you need Soul Crystal Sell in Gm Shop 5-12 lvl S Grade SA Special Abilities on S grade weapons can be obtained crystal 13 lvl you need make Mini Start Quest Npc in town! Materials by Spoil Materials, adenas and mantras are now also collectable through spoil. Mantra Drops Mantras are needed for weapons/armors A grade and above and for . These mantra drops are now categorized by mob levels. GM NPC's The gm shops and teleporters are custom modded with an easy layout, S-grade can be obtained at the GMshop. Event Shop Events prize are Event Medals Raid Bosses A lot of raid bosses have been added! These can be found at their original spawn points. Keep in mind that only the raid bosses of lvl76 and above have been added (Apart from the Ant Queen, Core and Orfen). Custom L2Gold Items There is some custom Boss jewels that you can collect from the corresponding Boss. There is also custom Weapons and Shields. L2Gold Weapons and Shields can be dropped by different Raidbosses! S Grade Weapons and Special Abilities There is several ways of getting S Grade Weapons. You can either kill Raidbosses or you can farm Fire mantras. All Raidbosses drop S Grade Weapons with special ability. One place, of several, to farm Fire mantras i
  18. Classic 1.0 - Talking Island x3 Official Website My own invitation to server: Invitation Thank You for click! The first international Classic 1.0 private server; Talking Island x3 will be free to play and will run on L2OFF platform not L2J. On 15.05.2015 at 20:00 GMT+1 we invite you to witness the true form of Lineage 2 together with thousands of other players from all around the world! Talking Island Classic 1.0 XP: x3 SP: x3 ADENA: x3 (amount) DROP: x3 (chance) SPOIL: x2 (chance) QUEST: x2 (xp / adena) Bonus Start Talking Island Everyone can access the bonus start by creating a game account before 15.05.2015. Ring of Heir - HP regeneration + 5%, Accuracy +1, 5000 the weight limit. Agathion Uthanka - Bracelet that summons an Agathion - Uthanka Adventurer Hat - Adventurer hat commemorating the 1st character creation. Uses 2 hair accessory slots. FAQ Frequently asked question Q: Can we play on Talking Island for free? A: Yes, everyone can join us in-game for free on 15.05.2015 at 20:00 GMT+1. Q: Will there be donation stop? A: No, we will not have a donation shop. Q: Is this the Korean/Russian new Classic 1.0 client? A: Yes, Talking Island will run on the latest Lineage 2 client. Q: Will you continue the development to Classic 2.0...? A: Yes, if that is what our community wants. Q: Will we be able to dual box? A: No dual boxing, only for premium account. Q: How will you prevent bots? A: Custom bot protection, report bot button and 24/7 active staff. Best regards, Classic Team
  19. We are an EU based Clan who will be playing Lineage 2 Classic on this server - Lineage 2 Classic Classic is a Prelude-c4 themed Lineage with a 2015 Client (Official Classic servers in Russia and Korea) You can follow the link to learn more, download files, sign up to their forum and make a game account! We will strive to work together, steadily grow and carve out our place on this server. Our emblem and names will be recognised, we'll be known serverwide; like minded players will then be attracted to us and we'll grow: let's see where it takes us. Please refer to our website for full details - Home And our Application form - Apply Here! Looking forward to reading your application, Googleboon.
  20. Hi anyone) Share your files for me please) Preferably the buffer with animacia!)
  21. Come play the best l2 stack sub pvp c4! 30x xp NO GRIND! Free Stack sub @ lv78 All working features c4 Ingame GM events! NPC Buffers Special money shop NO DONATE! Mana potions New L2 Private server 2015! Now open! JOIN! http://rapturepvp.com/play-now NEW SERVER JUST OPENED!
  22. U hating the whole new Stuff of l2 ? Then we have something for U http://2old2play.eu/index.html This isnt H5....This isnt Interlude THIS IS... Lineage 2 Full C4 L2OFF Server Grand Opening 05.09.2014 Forget about all those bugged L2j Cores. U will find a full working L2 OFF Core Working Clan halls Working Geodata Working Newbie Buffers Working Seven Signs Working Olympiad System Working Manor Working Castle Sieges without invisible Walls Full Working C4 Skills Woking Subclass AutoShots And here we go with the rates: EXP: 8x SP: 9x Adena: 8x Spoil: 4x Qty: 2x Quest rate: 8x Party EXP retail-like Enchant safe : +3 Enchant chance : retail-like Buffs Songs/Dances: retail-like IMPORTANT: NO GM BUFFER NO GM SHOP Hope to see u there http://2old2play.eu/index.html
  23. Hello mxc members, I really miss old times. I'm not asking for help to find a server, I'm asking for a new project. That's why I'm requesting l2 community (specially l2 developers) to work on a c4, scions of destiny chronicle. I know that c4 is full of bugs but you have to admit it, it was one of the best chronicles! features would be ideal for me: xp 30-150x gm shop (up to B if xp 30-50x, up to S if xp would be 100+) no custom zones. maybe 1 custom armor mana pots for sure C4 servers exist now are not international, that's really sad. I'm sure if there will be a good project a lot of ppl will try out for sure! See you around, Seasoned
  24. The only High Rate C4 server available. www.l2cg.eu - Experience : 4000x - Adena : 5000x - Raid Drop : 3x - Safe Enchanting : +5 - Max Enchanting : +20 - Enchant Rate : 65% - Blessed Enchant : 85% - C1/C2/C3/C4 Features Support - Retail Like Grand/Raid Bosses - Global Gatekeeper, GmShop, NpcBuffer - 25 Buff Slots - 5 Hours buffs - Good Balancing between Classes - Skills Are Auto-Learn - No Clan Penalties - Castle Sieges - 5 Sub-Classes - Auto-Noblessse - Geodata W/o Bugs - Gold Bar System - No Custom Items - PK killer - Karma Drop - Olympiad Games - Farming Zones - Auto-Events www.l2cg.eu
  25. Premiere day 15/10/2014 On Beta 10/10/2014 * Exp: 20x * SP: 20x * Party exp: 5x * Party SP: 1x * Adena: 100x * Drop: 2x * Spoil: 15x * Raid: 7x * Manor: 7x * Pet exp: 25x * Quest: 1x * Buff duration 1 Hour * Buff slots 20 + 4 * Retail noble quest * Retail subclass * Increased private store slots * Increased inventory slots * Increased crafting slots * Weight limit x4 * Deep blue monsters rule disabled * Dropping items on ground disabled * Enchant rates 60% * Safe enchant +3 (+4 for full body armors) * Max enchant +16 * Augment skill chances decreased * Auto learn skills (excluding divine inspiration) * Auto loot (excluding raid bosses and herbs) * Only HP/MP herbs are enabled * Akumu commerical geodata * Offline shops * Mana potions (not useable during PvP) * New players start with top no-grade equipment * Unstuck 15seconds * PvP/PK announce with locations NPC: * There will be no AIOX or npc buff * GM shop * Global Gatekeeper * Class changer (free 1st/2nd class change, 3rd) Olympiad: * Daily cemption period is 4 hours * Cycle: 2 weeks * Rewards reduced by half * Class-based matches disabled * Minimum players needed to start a match: 3 * Time left announcement when player logs in Events: * TvT http://l2tarrask.com/ (Brazilian Server)
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