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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Gigaset Gigaset 04/13/2018 Legit, no problems. Herlitz Herlitz
Designatix Designatix 04/11/2018 Trusted and Skilled Perfect Services. VARTOLU VARTOLU
Evil_skelth Evil_skelth 04/08/2018 Cool guy, good english, all went smooth and clean. Recomend Sellers andFriends Sellers andFriends
huntingrabbits huntingrabbits 04/04/2018 Trusted and fast buy. ftreal ftreal
l2jpack l2jpack 03/30/2018 He scammed for 20 euro Evie Frye Evie Frye
Evie Frye Evie Frye 03/28/2018 One of Best Develepor!! Trusted and Skilled! Crytek ™ Crytek ™
Evie Frye Evie Frye 03/26/2018 I Recomand 100% and is good !!! l2jpack l2jpack
Evie Frye Evie Frye 03/19/2018 good guy, a bit kinky, but nevermind. do not hesitate to work with him JohnBoy13 JohnBoy13
Korin8ios Korin8ios 03/18/2018 He are scammer. Ban him. He scammed me. ArchDevil ArchDevil
Evie Frye Evie Frye 03/06/2018 Very fast and skilled. Reccomended! Zacapa Zacapa
Snoopi Snoopi 03/02/2018 Scam,I prepaid his service, almost the whole amount, and he is not replying for last 6 months VoteZone VoteZone
Blackbeard17 Blackbeard17 02/27/2018 I am waited him from 2018/02/22 for exchange money.He used codes,and won't sended me money. ArchDevil ArchDevil
ManUtdAdena ManUtdAdena 02/20/2018 Everything is fine with this guy! Ch@os Ch@os
Blackbeard17 Blackbeard17 02/17/2018 Exchanged 20 euro. Evie Frye Evie Frye
◄√i®uS► ◄√i®uS► 02/16/2018 Recommended :) - Quick work, received npc within hour iPlay.GG - KromBacher iPlay.GG - KromBacher
Ch@os Ch@os 02/10/2018 Trusted seller!! B0MB B0MB
rpg-sales rpg-sales 02/04/2018 Bought adena. All went smooth. Pir0 Pir0
AncientForEveR AncientForEveR 02/01/2018 Bought adr keys several times, its everything OK! Ch@os Ch@os
AltoCheater AltoCheater 02/01/2018 Huge ++ Vouch for this guy! I bought his Phoenix Knight for a friend and the trade was smooth and fast. Hope to deal with him again soon! Beastlike Beastlike
B0MB B0MB 01/16/2018 101% Secure! Ch@os Ch@os
prodavalnik prodavalnik 01/13/2018 Everything is awesome with him! Ch@os Ch@os
iPlay.GG - KromBacher iPlay.GG - KromBacher 01/10/2018 Awesome buyer. Fast payment, good communication, always expecting quality work. Recommended! ∽Ave∽ ∽Ave∽
∽Ave∽ ∽Ave∽ 01/10/2018 Works with passion, I told him what I don't like ( 2-3 words of description), showed him what I like - and guy just nailed it, sensible fella, friendly, on time. iPlay.GG - KromBacher iPlay.GG - KromBacher
zavior zavior 01/09/2018 http://www.l2jmaster.com/ we use profesional Datapack. I see it quite difficult because we are a new server with unique features, we only give RB information for that image because we have all the information ingame, Thanks for trying to discredit the work of 2 programmers of l2java, we invite you to enter the server and check what that is a serious and well-mounted server, we challenge you to find a bug in our Data. yelopy yelopy
BruT BruT 01/02/2018 Spport, good price and skilled 100 %recommended. MaKasTreRo MaKasTreRo