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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
BruT BruT 05/03/2023 Professional , would recommend ! Kenobi Kenobi
BruT BruT 04/11/2023 Very trusted, skilled I recommend his services DLDL DLDL
BruT BruT 03/28/2023 Cool guy! Cheap, Fast, Skilled, Trusted! Good luck with your services! ERROR501 ERROR501
@IcathiaLord @IcathiaLord 12/20/2022 100% trusted and nice work! Thankless Thankless
etc etc 12/19/2022 Was a middleman for someone else that guy instant sent the money trusted & nice totally rec him! Celestine Celestine
Strain Strain 12/19/2022 Experienced Designer and always on time when you need him!!!! Keep it up bro!!!!! You Deserve it :) Destorion Destorion
NevesOma NevesOma 11/01/2022 Skilled, friendly, fast and cheap. Recommended 1000% Ugleethyn Ugleethyn
Kara Kara 08/20/2022 One of Best Develepor!! Trusted and Skilled! VisaGriaunantis VisaGriaunantis
Guytis2 Guytis2 08/12/2022 He is trash :( We feel sorry for him! Kara Kara
MTJ MTJ 06/25/2022 Great customer, serious about transactions. I advise! Psygrammator Psygrammator
Psygrammator Psygrammator 06/24/2022 Best developer I've ever hired. MTJ MTJ
PUFA PUFA 05/23/2022 It's cool when you're not afraid about your money... Fast and smooth Ugleethyn Ugleethyn
Psygrammator Psygrammator 05/20/2022 the best programmer and person, fast and very smooth recommended 10000% !!!!!!!!!! Thomas212212 Thomas212212
Kara Kara 05/16/2022 Bough a very nice voting system for my project. Delivered super fast! Skilled and trusted person (pssst, join discord to get discounts!) Miamistar Miamistar
ShadowNetwork ShadowNetwork 05/10/2022 a great and polite buyer BAN_L2JDev BAN_L2JDev
demzyraggaa demzyraggaa 05/10/2022 Trusted buyer and good person Kara Kara
demzyraggaa demzyraggaa 05/10/2022 First I want to thank all the people who believe in willpower, then this super honest member who will always be my brother. The sale was a success and the support is always done by answering all the doubts and requests made by the user. By BAN - L2JDEV BAN_L2JDev BAN_L2JDev
BAN_L2JDev BAN_L2JDev 05/09/2022 A reliable seller, I made a purchase and received constant help, very nice.... I will continue to update my files and try again with him again. demzyraggaa demzyraggaa
BAN_L2JDev BAN_L2JDev 05/09/2022 Trusted guy good friend and seller Celestine Celestine
Corason Corason 04/24/2022 all ok Amenadiel Amenadiel
Kara Kara 04/17/2022 I bought several mods, all of which worked 100%, I hope to hire a new service, I am very satisfied with your delivery. demzyraggaa demzyraggaa
NevesOma NevesOma 03/27/2022 Bought several effects from him, outstanding work! Fast delivery and even gave me discount, what a nice guy. Every time again <3 Eldamar Eldamar
Kara Kara 03/24/2022 Bought a java mod from him, fast delivery, nice communication.. would buy again :) Eldamar Eldamar
Kara Kara 03/15/2022 trusted and the best! KingJK KingJK
BruT BruT 03/04/2022 Great DEV! Cheap, Fast, Skilled, Trusted! Really nice guy to work with! I just recommend him for everyone. Thank you Brut ;) Good luck! Celsas Celsas

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