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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
JustMero JustMero 01/03/2021 A while back he wanted me to work for him and so we started to do business. For almost 2 months, he paid me correctly after a 2 week period. Now, Im waiting for a payment since the day 15th. And after the day 25 of december he stopped answering me in dms, discord and even whatsapp but keeps coming online on whatsapp and even here too. HyperBlown HyperBlown
BruT BruT 12/19/2020 Guys just not wasting his time!!! i need him to work for me!!!! Very nice guy and very helpful. i suggest him 200%! L2Dex.com L2Dex.com
Ave Ave 11/27/2020 Top updater perfect design, fast transaction and fast response. Dragic Dragic
Asuki Asuki 11/12/2020 The best Client Developer in Lineage 2! L2Etina L2Etina
L2-Evanthe L2-Evanthe 11/09/2020 Evanthe Is Excellent Developer He Has Performed With Great Customer Service, Has Excellent L2 Knowledge And Very Clean Code. Dev Evanthe Is An Excellent Asset To Have For Any L2j Project. Thank You Dev Evanthe For Your Continued Service You Have Made My Innovative Ideas Come To Life! :) hfe618 hfe618
Celestine Celestine 11/04/2020 Trusted Seller Dragic Dragic
Dragic Dragic 11/04/2020 Trusted! Celestine Celestine
L2-Evanthe L2-Evanthe 10/20/2020 I used his service. Everything is perfect from the price to the way he code directly through Teamviewer to help me out. Everyone please trust him like me alibabank alibabank
NevesOma NevesOma 10/20/2020 Trusted person. delivered on time. Very talented & supportive person, I totally recommend him. Definitely I will work with him in future. Metab Metab
iMini iMini 10/13/2020 Good seller - he gave adena 1st - thnx for business Sellers andFriends Sellers andFriends
Metab Metab 10/10/2020 Good buyer, paid much more than expected. BruT BruT
BruT BruT 10/07/2020 This man is Genius. Trusted, talented and he know what he is doing. I am impressed by his talents.. Not the first time I work with him and it will not be the last for sure. Metab Metab
BruT BruT 09/23/2020 Great dev, trusted , very skilled .. jus trust him everything will be ok IRS IRS
Ugleethyn Ugleethyn 09/18/2020 Trusted!!! FreakbuZz FreakbuZz
Ugleethyn Ugleethyn 09/16/2020 Trusted & reliable. InTheEndॐ InTheEndॐ
InTheEndॐ InTheEndॐ 09/16/2020 Trusted person. Being working with him for a while now! Recommended for sure! Psyancy Psyancy
InTheEndॐ InTheEndॐ 09/16/2020 Fast and trusted guy Ugleethyn Ugleethyn
inventus inventus 08/23/2020 All went smooth and fast - he went 1st - thnx! Sellers andFriends Sellers andFriends
NevesOma NevesOma 08/16/2020 100% trusted! Please give this man more attention! HyperBlown HyperBlown
LordPanic LordPanic 08/01/2020 trusted,polite , he show me the project before i buy it :) FastCow FastCow
citygamer citygamer 07/11/2020 trusted 100% MegaDed MegaDed
MegaDed MegaDed 07/11/2020 good trader citygamer citygamer
BruT BruT 07/07/2020 Great services and prices. Flawless work. Will do business in the future as well. Highly recommended. ExTrEmEDwarf ExTrEmEDwarf
bronkerz bronkerz 07/06/2020 good guy nice trade citygamer citygamer
Devlin Devlin 06/03/2020 Fast & trusted SickJacken SickJacken