Receiver Date Comment Sender  
VelroseGame VelroseGame 12/10/2019 Pretend to sell fandc files - he is not the owner - is not my customer - probably is a scammer. real file at or skype: duma.c claww claww
NevesOma NevesOma 12/09/2019 He Helped me with some criticall errors.Thanks malahie malahie
l2obscura l2obscura 11/28/2019 He is a good Observer XD malahie malahie 10/25/2019 Fast and trusted seller! DukeAwesome DukeAwesome
BruT BruT 10/16/2019 Great developer, knows what he is doing and works overtime on a odd schedule (suited for me). In one week we managed to fix many bugs and now we have a great working classic pack which can be valued even higher than l2scripts. Thanks to him and his reasonable prices and great work ethic. GLO GLO
Kara` Kara` 10/11/2019 gg Zacapa Zacapa
AncientForEveR AncientForEveR 09/16/2019 Trusted and fast DukeAwesome DukeAwesome
Strain Strain 09/07/2019 This guy is realy skilled and trusted, friendly and nice person ! Dragic Dragic
Dragic Dragic 08/30/2019 Really good buyer, always on time with the payments, glad to do business with him Strain Strain
L2TechSup L2TechSup 08/30/2019 Trusted person, very cheap prices and great support! Psyancy Designs Psyancy Designs
DenArt Designs DenArt Designs 08/15/2019 trusted fast exchange! Dragic Dragic
PUFA PUFA 08/15/2019 Trusted person. Recommended! Psyancy Designs Psyancy Designs
Stuopisg Stuopisg 08/11/2019 Good seller, thanks. ftreal ftreal
sorrowful sorrowful 08/09/2019 Easy trade and good price. ftreal ftreal
V-Ray V-Ray 08/07/2019 V-ray Engine (Event System) chillout chillout
V-Ray V-Ray 07/24/2019 gg Zacapa Zacapa
Elfs1 Elfs1 07/19/2019 nice trade ty) citygamer citygamer
V-Ray V-Ray 07/10/2019 gi0o0o0o0o0ood GLO GLO
DukeAwesome DukeAwesome 07/08/2019 Trusted buyer, friendly guy. Psyancy Designs Psyancy Designs
Psyancy Designs Psyancy Designs 07/08/2019 Designatix the Great! DukeAwesome DukeAwesome
StinkyMadness StinkyMadness 06/24/2019 Trusted and Skilled malahie malahie
B0MB B0MB 06/17/2019 Trusted! sorrowful sorrowful
iOllie iOllie 03/21/2019 Trusted and kind person. Have done a lot of trades with him! Psyancy Designs Psyancy Designs
kofolaAS kofolaAS 03/17/2019 Amazing seller, everything delivered in less than 30 seconds Pony Pony
PUFA PUFA 03/11/2019 fast delivery and very helpfull i will buy again from him k0D k0D