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Designatix Designatix 12/16/2018 <3 , so fast like flash ! done everything i wanted , exactly like i wanted. With very good price. Such a talended guy , very helpfull and friendly But best quallity services. he is a lifesaver !!! AryaStark AryaStark
Tazafane Tazafane 12/09/2018 v fast trade ++++ Misha_sh Misha_sh
fAkeN fAkeN 12/03/2018 The problem with Faken fixed, its all good now and i would like to update my feedback. Mr.Reese Mr.Reese
Thierry Thierry 11/29/2018 Guy is pretending to be Thierry from Giran NA Server, was talking with real one he dont have such SKype accounts nor were talking iwth me. Dont buy from thisguy Misha_sh Misha_sh
Kara` Kara` 11/28/2018 Fast & furious, straight to the point, skilled and very reliable!! I totally recommend!!! L2Gaia L2Gaia
Morenna Morenna 11/27/2018 trying to scam at skype with paypal invoice changing to paid status! GODJKA GODJKA
Weksagenpro Weksagenpro 11/22/2018 Used as middleman...was very fast, smooth and easy. Thanks! cdutchy cdutchy
Morenna Morenna 11/20/2018 trying to scam sellers via Paypal Invoice payment Feroxious Feroxious
SGuard SGuard 11/09/2018 Recomended , professional team irsdev irsdev
Kara` Kara` 11/02/2018 Well: Professional person on right place . Helpfull Trusted and so damn good in his things :) If u want save time and money Definitely Hire Kara. He made my dreams Come true vaio19 vaio19
claww claww 11/02/2018 careful with this man !! fandc are sh1t code, if you want build just use L2J , do not use FANDC !! irsdev irsdev
Kara` Kara` 11/01/2018 The best developer on MXC . Very skilled and trusted . He created unique features for me from scratch . Well Done! Malossi Malossi
Asuki Asuki 10/31/2018 trusted seller , yeah great irsdev irsdev
shepk shepk 10/28/2018 nice seller citygamer citygamer
Kara` Kara` 10/25/2018 You are very Skilled man damn !! , nice !! irsdev irsdev
JunkyFunky JunkyFunky 10/18/2018 Trusted and helpfull vaio19 vaio19
Lineage2Master Lineage2Master 09/20/2018 100% trusted seller, helpt out alot during the trade slitz slitz
Zacapa Zacapa 09/16/2018 best guy! Kara` Kara`
L2jPDT L2jPDT 09/12/2018 Decent project, trusted and helpful seller. Designatix Designatix
Kara` Kara` 09/10/2018 trusted, skilled, cute, sexy, adorable developer maxtor should give him moderator right MairWeb MairWeb
gatos22 gatos22 09/07/2018 All went smooth! Pleasure doing business with this guy! Cool to talk with! Best regards! Sellers andFriends Sellers andFriends
Formoza Formoza 09/04/2018 Cool guy. Pleasure doing business with him! All went smooth as butter. Sellers andFriends Sellers andFriends
Sinister Smile Sinister Smile 08/22/2018 Do not hesitate to work with him. Good guy fast delivery. JohnBoy13 JohnBoy13
Kara` Kara` 08/15/2018 Very fast service, professional and very helpful VoteZone VoteZone
Reborn12 Reborn12 08/12/2018 Trusted & Skilled Great work VARTOLU VARTOLU