Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Devlin Devlin 06/03/2020 Fast & trusted SickJacken SickJacken
deMEV deMEV 05/29/2020 Super friendly seller, +rep, recommend HyperBlown HyperBlown
Frank Frank 05/28/2020 + good person, fast worker! Much Thanks HyperBlown HyperBlown
Zake Zake 05/22/2020 Fast and smooth DukeAwesome DukeAwesome
vRouxy vRouxy 05/21/2020 Untrusted, not professional, support takes very long time. Makes promises and then doesn't keep promise. Ignores. Doesn't test his own work, doesn't test textures, he just send you files and doesn't care. He doesn't care so you need to call him 10 times and be rude so he would finish what he started. I had to integrate java side myself, fix his bugs myself and in the end he can't even send me missing textures (I'm getting critical errors or skin parts/hats are missing). zemaitis zemaitis
BruT BruT 05/05/2020 Very good dev and person! Brado Brado
Burt Gummer Burt Gummer 05/03/2020 a.k.a Kara is complety scammer , dont trust this guys just mentioned it VelroseGame VelroseGame
StinkyMadness StinkyMadness 04/29/2020 Great developer! Fast and smooth DukeAwesome DukeAwesome
Burt Gummer Burt Gummer 04/28/2020 He is Kara'....he scammed me 50 Euro's last year and many other ppl so guys don't trust him he is very bad DEV and he will scam you!!! localbitcoin localbitcoin
Burt Gummer Burt Gummer 04/26/2020 Bought multiple features from him. Premade and custom order. You can tell he's been doing this for a while. Mantosh Mantosh
Burt Gummer Burt Gummer 04/26/2020 bought API integration for in java after minutes was ready DenArt Designs DenArt Designs
Freakazoid Freakazoid 04/21/2020 He PMed me about the job and said that he would reply in 2-3 days with some progress of it. 5 days after, I messaged him and he said he can't do it because he doesn't have free time. I can't call him a scammer, but he is definitely a time waster and probably a kid. Frank Frank
StinkyMadness StinkyMadness 04/20/2020 perfect , faster hand , skilled , trusted , friendly , good guy , ALL IN ONE !!! you will not regret using service this guy ,, VelroseGame VelroseGame
VelroseGame VelroseGame 04/17/2020 Good Guy He is sharing allot of free stuffs that Duma its selling for money localbitcoin localbitcoin
L2 TokTil L2 TokTil 04/13/2020 trusted TreVor TreVor
StinkyMadness StinkyMadness 04/02/2020 Trusted and Skilled DJwejas DJwejas
StinkyMadness StinkyMadness 03/29/2020 Trusted seller, helpful and very skileld! Designatix Designatix
Skepticism Skepticism 03/27/2020 He knows his way around the source. Fast on delivery. Great communication skills. So far Skepticism did 2 features for us - works great. Mantosh Mantosh
AgeOfExcuse AgeOfExcuse 01/30/2020 Scammer , bought pp and se from him no chars no answers after payment just went offline, Da7z Da7z
claww claww 01/30/2020 if you want to buy this pack, claw will Fast Response even he will respon every minute , but after you already payment the service claww will be low respon, if you need him , he will have reason like " sorry i'm not on my desk " or "sorry this weekend" or "sorry this my holiday" and the last one is " sorry i'm on vocation " so save your money from this scammer carefull VelroseGame VelroseGame
Pigasos-Dev Pigasos-Dev 01/03/2020 This guy buyed a Automatic Donation Panel from me just to re-sell it, after asked him to remove it he just removed the images from his online shop, not trusted for anything check also report section for more info. DenArt Designs DenArt Designs
VelroseGame VelroseGame 12/10/2019 Pretend to sell fandc files - he is not the owner - is not my customer - probably is a scammer. real file at or skype: duma.c claww claww
NevesOma NevesOma 12/09/2019 He Helped me with some criticall errors.Thanks localbitcoin localbitcoin
l2obscura l2obscura 11/28/2019 He is a good Observer XD localbitcoin localbitcoin 10/25/2019 Fast and trusted seller! DukeAwesome DukeAwesome