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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
datotula datotula 06/21/2018 He was not able to read properly the instructions of sunrise installation, and he started blaming and trash talking over the internet for no reason. Our project stability and professionalism had been proven over the years. `NeverMore `NeverMore
Gigaset Gigaset 06/07/2018 Fast, clean, honest. Wish all people were like this. maze maze
L2GVirus L2GVirus 06/02/2018 He is just a scammer, don't work with him. Kara` Kara`
saberwolfz saberwolfz 06/02/2018 He purchased items/adena on L2rise. Fast and secure Beastlike Beastlike
InTheEndॐ InTheEndॐ 05/09/2018 Had patience with the setup of the files sold, tested, and paid the amount promised. Good trader on MXC DEV_Law DEV_Law
Wagner Josef Wagner Josef 05/07/2018 nice and fast trader Evil_skelth Evil_skelth
Voldoman Voldoman 05/05/2018 Cool Guy :) all went smooth and easy. Thank you for using our service - Pleasure doing business with u! Sellers andFriends Sellers andFriends
citygamer citygamer 04/25/2018 trusted+ Qua Qua
Gigaset Gigaset 04/13/2018 Legit, no problems. Herlitz Herlitz
Designatix Designatix 04/11/2018 Trusted and Skilled Perfect Services. VARTOLU VARTOLU
Evil_skelth Evil_skelth 04/08/2018 Cool guy, good english, all went smooth and clean. Recomend Sellers andFriends Sellers andFriends
huntingrabbits huntingrabbits 04/04/2018 Trusted and fast buy. ftreal ftreal
l2jpack l2jpack 03/30/2018 He scammed for 20 euro Kara` Kara`
Kara` Kara` 03/28/2018 One of Best Develepor!! Trusted and Skilled! Crytek ™ Crytek ™
Kara` Kara` 03/26/2018 I Recomand 100% and is good !!! l2jpack l2jpack
Kara` Kara` 03/19/2018 good guy, a bit kinky, but nevermind. do not hesitate to work with him JohnBoy13 JohnBoy13
Korin8ios Korin8ios 03/18/2018 He are scammer. Ban him. He scammed me. ArchDevil ArchDevil
Kara` Kara` 03/06/2018 Very fast and skilled. Reccomended! Zacapa Zacapa
Snoopi Snoopi 03/02/2018 Scam,I prepaid his service, almost the whole amount, and he is not replying for last 6 months VoteZone VoteZone
Blackbeard17 Blackbeard17 02/27/2018 I am waited him from 2018/02/22 for exchange money.He used codes,and won't sended me money. ArchDevil ArchDevil
ManUtdAdena ManUtdAdena 02/20/2018 Everything is fine with this guy! Ch@os Ch@os
Blackbeard17 Blackbeard17 02/17/2018 Exchanged 20 euro. Kara` Kara`
◄√i®uS► ◄√i®uS► 02/16/2018 Recommended :) - Quick work, received npc within hour iPlay.GG - KromBacher iPlay.GG - KromBacher
Ch@os Ch@os 02/10/2018 Trusted seller!! B0MB B0MB
rpg-sales rpg-sales 02/04/2018 Bought adena. All went smooth. Pir0 Pir0