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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
B0MB B0MB 06/17/2019 Trusted! sorrowful sorrowful
iOllie iOllie 03/21/2019 Trusted and kind person. Have done a lot of trades with him! Designatix Designatix
kofolaAS kofolaAS 03/17/2019 Amazing seller, everything delivered in less than 30 seconds Pony Pony
PUFA PUFA 03/11/2019 fast delivery and very helpfull i will buy again from him k0D k0D
Kara` Kara` 03/09/2019 Trusted seller, very good in coding, came with nice ideas, i recommand him vickers vickers
litchi litchi 03/07/2019 the guy is a scammer. Pony Pony
Kara` Kara` 03/01/2019 gooood GLO GLO
Synerge Synerge 02/26/2019 Quick and simple transaction. Perfect at what he is doing. Elfocrash Elfocrash
AncientCore AncientCore 02/09/2019 Trusted seller, quick response and fast delivery luki133 luki133
Reborn12 Reborn12 02/06/2019 Trusted,SKILLED,friendly,very good understanding!Highly recommended! Observer™ Observer™
Celestine Celestine 02/06/2019 Trusted guy! Designatix Designatix
fAkeN fAkeN 01/26/2019 Always online to give an answer to any problems. Fast, trusted and most importantly professional at what he does. Totally, recommended to choose as your adrenalin key supplier. Software Software
liakourakos2 liakourakos2 01/14/2019 Trusted person, i can vouch for him at 100% Pony Pony
eatmydust eatmydust 01/10/2019 Trusted! I bought a BD from him and transaction was very smooth and professional. X70 X70
Vilmis Vilmis 01/08/2019 Good pack ! Friendly guy skilled and helpfull! poytsomaxias poytsomaxias
Designatix Designatix 01/08/2019 HE IS AWESOME ! DukeAwesome DukeAwesome
boghian boghian 12/27/2018 I bought adena and everything went smoothly, trusted X70 X70
Erector Erector 12/26/2018 Very, very fast delivery cdutchy cdutchy
Designatix Designatix 12/16/2018 <3 , so fast like flash ! done everything i wanted , exactly like i wanted. With very good price. Such a talended guy , very helpfull and friendly But best quallity services. he is a lifesaver !!! AryaStark AryaStark
Tazafane Tazafane 12/09/2018 v fast trade ++++ Misha_sh Misha_sh
fAkeN fAkeN 12/03/2018 The problem with Faken fixed, its all good now and i would like to update my feedback. Mr.Reese Mr.Reese
Thierry Thierry 11/29/2018 Guy is pretending to be Thierry from Giran NA Server, was talking with real one he dont have such SKype accounts nor were talking iwth me. Dont buy from thisguy Misha_sh Misha_sh
Kara` Kara` 11/28/2018 Fast & furious, straight to the point, skilled and very reliable!! I totally recommend!!! L2Gaia L2Gaia
Morenna Morenna 11/27/2018 trying to scam at skype with paypal invoice changing to paid status! GODJKA GODJKA
Weksagenpro Weksagenpro 11/22/2018 Used as middleman...was very fast, smooth and easy. Thanks! cdutchy cdutchy