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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
HyperBlown HyperBlown 07/26/2021 1000000% Friendly 100000000000% Fast Response even he are busy 1000000000000000000% He never Leave his job, and very Responsible Not cheap but he have quality ​​​​​​​ IRS IRS
L2TeamVE L2TeamVE 07/23/2021 Very good sevice I recomend xxDunno xxDunno
Kara Kara 07/22/2021 Excellent professional, good service. Pedra Pedra
Sidereal Day Sidereal Day 07/05/2021 He fixed a PHP issue I had on my website. Fast and helpful! Frank Frank
PUFA PUFA 07/02/2021 Trusted seller fast delivery thank you. :) Dragic Dragic
Frank Frank 05/30/2021 Amazing Person & Great Decrypting Services Celestine Celestine
Kara Kara 05/22/2021 Kara traded with me a lot of codes Java from his side and PHP from my side over many years to present, he is always try to teach me Java but I refuse to learn since I have him to do the job, aside that, the "vote share topic" with a global and individual vote system was done thanks to his main code and guidelines he gave, the java structure is all his work, that I extended and replicated the original code. He writted the source code in front of me in my computer through teamviewer in like 10min Nightw0lf Nightw0lf
MasterToma MasterToma 05/17/2021 Purchased some files I needed successfully! Sukinae Sukinae
HyperBlown HyperBlown 05/15/2021 Excellent programmer. He knows what he does and lovingly solved the whole problem I had. I recommend it to everyone in the community ProtoSSMG ProtoSSMG
Kara Kara 04/08/2021 trusted and faster! [Hao] [Hao]
TheDeyu TheDeyu 04/07/2021 Trade went smooth, awesome customer alexxx alexxx
aLzhite aLzhite 03/24/2021 Trusted person and a good friend u can trust him 100% Celestine Celestine
MrPro* MrPro* 03/20/2021 I've done some trades with him, trusted and very fast! Recommended for sure!! Psyancy Psyancy
HeadHunter HeadHunter 03/12/2021 Trusted & Fast! Celestine Celestine
Kara Kara 03/07/2021 very trusted seller, good coder, good products vickers vickers
Relative Relative 03/06/2021 Third time was sucess with this man. He is very resultive in what he does. Recommend him 100%. Vision Vision
Kara Kara 03/01/2021 Interesting engine :slight_smile: I recommend working with kara Been working with him for java services for the past few months He does quick, and qualitative codes. He makes them with love. Kappa MTJ MTJ
Vision Vision 02/28/2021 Trusted person. Never had any problems with him. Relative Relative
Relative Relative 02/28/2021 Second Time I had transaction with guy he is good and he is efficient. Recommend him! Vision Vision
Briann Briann 02/25/2021 If you hire him, prepare to check his work because if you don't check he will just resend you old screenshots as proof. Hes a lier with bad english who will do anything to get money from you. zemaitis zemaitis
Vision Vision 02/22/2021 Serious buyer, everything was smooth and fast. + Relative Relative
Kara Kara 02/20/2021 The Most Trusted Seller I ever meet, thank you, and keep up please make MXC Great Again! ~ILAWJUNIOR~ ~ILAWJUNIOR~
Relative Relative 02/11/2021 Communicating well getting done what we agreed. Vision Vision
Kara Kara 02/02/2021 Super good coder! Trustworthy and does his job very quickly. Would advice everyone to work with him! Lovedrunk Lovedrunk
HyperBlown HyperBlown 01/24/2021 Nice, fast, and clean codes. Will keep renting his time. Very skilled freelancer Harmony Harmony