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  1. @Celestine Κανε κατι σωστο εκτος απο το να τρως φιστικια ολη μερα με τη δικια σου και βαλε μου το Youtuber Rank. Εχω κ εγω καναλι 😢
  2. On scale 1 - 10 how good is he? I'm lookin for a guy who know how to edit .DLL in client for my community.
  3. Your problem is here: if (_cha.isInZone(_zone)) { _cha.startPvPFlag(null); } else { _checkTask.cancel(true); _checkTask = null; } Either the _cha is null which i doubt or the _checkTask future task is null. Do a debug in those 2 variables.
  4. Επειδη αγορασα στον L2Elite πριν 4 χρονια AM-AC +25 κοστιζει 200-300 ευρω το λιγοτερο μην περιμενεις πιο κατω για +26. Επισης ο L2Elite ειναι οτι καλυτερο υπαρχει εδω και 15+ χρονια αρα καλυτερα να δωσεις ενα 450αρι να παρεις και Elite Armor και Valakas να το ευχαριστηθεις.
  5. https://www.l2jbrasil.com/topic/136958-acis-380-381382-com-trunk-atualizada-e-nova-geodata/
  6. Didnt you read? Its not completed. Image write this code and remove element while is reading
  7. Ok let's start. 1. You're doing an iteration over private final List<Npc> _boxList = new ArrayList<>(); which mean ArrayList<> is not the proper type. Use CopyOnWriteArrayList for thread safety reasons. 2. This is completely useless, also you're doing double "setTarget" if(this.isDead()) { player.setTarget(player); player.setTarget(null); return; } (Also this is needless) 3. Why initialize a variable using 0 and then add the value again? Why no do it directly? int chanceToDie = 0; chanceToDie = Rnd.get(100); 4. Why this check exists in both then and else case? LuckyChests.getInstance().removeluckyBox(this.getObjectId());
  8. Your real question is "I want open a server, how much it cost?" Because opening a server is 15 minute work. You need money to support and add codes. Empty server is useless.
  9. He indeed wrote some code in L2J but his contribution is zero compared to others like Zoey. If you check the whole timeline of Mobius and check L2J core also you see he even copy paste their fixes name. The only thing i admire this guy is how he can do this for 15 project everytime. He must never leave house or so. Ok George. I apologize 🐱
  10. Stop this goddess thing, it's a joke. People laugh. Thank you.
  11. Maybe pm directly to @NevesOma?
  12. Since when you have opinion over java software when youre only doing system RE edits? Please show me a basic code you made, im curious "goddess". You have no idea. L2j is the base project of all java projects. Even mobius is just leeching their fixes and apply to all his projects. L2j is way ahead of any project.
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