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  1. For what? Some info? Payment e.t.c?
  2. Thank you for supporting this idea. Its my favorite chronicle. But people prefer the interlude one or the H5 so there are no freya servers online right now. This is the reason i wanted to open a freya and the reason i will open soon (I just delay with my partner due to some personal issue)
  3. Just an info to the owner. Lineage 2 never meant to be balance game. It's class has its weakness e.t.c The only "balance" you can do is by adjusting the formulas of the skills rather than just sit and adjust each skill seperately. (Just to avoid anchor chance 1/5000 or 100% silence on someone who has big magic resistance for example)
  4. Hi, may i ask what kind of video graphics? Cause there are plenty shared template out there. I'm the best in VFX and 3D design in this forum but still i want to know why dont u choose a template? Cause whoever add you he will sell you a template.
  5. Thank you. ---------------------------------------- Added: Vote API system Added: Twitch Stream Reward
  6. Glad to see people like Freya. In my opinion is the most stable chronicle.
  7. The day you left my heart broke. I want dedicate a song to you. The forum its not the same as it used to be :'( without ya :'( Also, its not lupus.
  8. So java is around lineage; still he trashtalk 5 days now about licences as if anyone care.
  9. Like you don't do criticism :D What an unskilled "dev" with a big mouth.
  10. Don't encourage them to fight. Humanity is already done. Even SweeTs opened server.