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  1. Κλαψε :' αστους αυτους ειναι φτωχομπινεδες κ κλεβουν τα νετ. Εμεις οι λεφταδες τα δινουμε
  2. Σκεψου ομως κ αυτους που θελουν να πληρωσουν τ ρευμα κριμα δεν ειναι? Συχναζα και εγω σε νετ πολλα χρονια και δεν μ περναγε απο το μυαλο γιατι τα παιδια τα ηξερα εκει μεσα και ηξερα ποσο ζορι τραβανε ολα τα νετ ποσο ρευμα καινε κλπ Αμα τωρα σε χρεωνει 5 ευρω για 1 ωρα ε καλα το δρομο αλλα αν ειναι πακετα οπως 5ε οι 3.5 ωρες τοτε ειναι κομπλε οπως ειχαν εμας.
  3. maybe he mean he want bypass no the code.
  4. Κανε κ αλλα για να εχω λογο να γραψω στο abuse reputation οταν θα φας chat ban
  5. @MarGaZeaS χααα εθιξα την γυφτια σου και μ πετας -1 Ευχαριστω που το κανεις confirm :'(
  6. E Ολοι οι gipsy τα ιδια κανουν Να μην πας νετ τοτε, να βαλεις σπιτι σου. Οι ανθρωποι εκει δεν ειναι μαλακες που δουλευουν και πληρωνουν 2500 ρευμα για να πηγαινει το καθε 15χρονο να "χακαρι" το process να παιρνει free internet.
  7. Kara`

    GR V for Valid

    Retard stupid kiddo who comment on 2018 comment. Nice job retard Learn how to make a proper composite on a video in 2k19 and then comment on other's opinions.
  8. To API den xreiazetai na diabasei to SITE. Cleary o kwdikas tou dn pernei respond apo to API pou tou edose to topzone anti8etos diabazei olo to site kai apla pernei to number twn votes (opos itan klasika palia). To API etsi opos to ennoei autos ine to link pou bazi to server url. @skizor2017 2019 k usaris omadiko vote? Skotoma einai.
  9. Euxaristw, gelasa arketa simera. Mathe prwta ti einai to API prin peis "exw idi" xwris na psaxeis i na googlaris ligo k ela pes mou xana.
  10. Come on let's all be honest and no lick each other we are in 2019. Nobody wants to learn anymore they just want ready to go stuff. I asked for a hint elfocrash yesterday for my phantom code and he suggested me. Thats help. Giving code its not help. Especialy when the code is full and they also ask u if it will work for aCis LOL PS. i would love to provide help to someone who want help and no ready code.
  11. @baksteen Because the community is tragic, they don't want to learn either take help. They want to grab and open server and if they can use you, they will. You can't imagine how many times i've got tricked by idiots who spend 5 hours of my life telling that they wanted services and close a deal for tomorrow and in the end of conversation they just say they want help setup e.t.c and after the next day they don't respond. Maxcheaters is not a forum that provide free codes, even stackoverflow don't do that. Maxcheaters offer either paid content or help. Now giving help does not mean give them full code cause 1.full code won't help 2. they will keep asking for more and its never ending 3.they just want to use you and no learn just take as i said. They don't even respect you at all. From my side just by today i have 2 people who added me, gave their codes and asked for fix - or ask for setup server and when i said i don't do anything free they obviously responded but why should i pay? So conslusion? majority are spoiled useless idiots behind a cheap PC who want to open frozen server and make money. Why should we help those? Whoever want to learn he just ask for advice or suggestion, no ask for full code. SweeT's is right and in my opinion he shouldn't even respond, he should drop the topic. This is HELP section no REQUEST full code until i make my server for free
  12. You undig 2009-2010 topics and its not allowed, are you serious or retard? Glitch from 2009 work in 2019?
  13. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Usually 5 minute after purchace you get mail