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  1. No matter how cheap SSD is u can't use it as an HD. So 10 GB on ssd IS OUT of question unless you never heard how they work or you don't care for the 200-250e u gave and u want it to die without any warning
  2. What SSD has to do with download? Even tho you have cheap ssd you barely know how it works. Go ahead write 10 GB on your SSD and check its lifespawn.
  3. I won't use it, i don't even check the link but you made the topic really nice so +1
  4. What chronicle do you work on, aCis-H5 ?
  5. The funny thing is that 3 clients of mine who own me 80-115-100e are watching the topic (i won't say names but they know) for like 2-3 months now. @francina You're so lul and not really the best person. I have several scam attempts from you as others say. Gipsy BR
  6. xd xd xd. 30 years old guy with xd xd xd respond
  7. Since when u develop servers? 1 year ago u were asking for help
  8. Glad ur server is doin fine. I ll send u in few days when i get available.
  9. I'll call my self anything i want, you're just an internet pixel nothing more. I'm better than you, smarter than you. I'm not the one who come in flame in other's topics and call them stupid. Also true nobody can defeat you cause your stupidy is high as fuck. :)