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  1. Do you have access to the source? If yes you can check the encryption style though java. If not you can write here. I have access in all Scripts sources i can paste you the part where it encrypt/decrypt the password.
  2. You basically ask me to describe/code you a whole system. Before you code something you need to think of a hierarchy, means how your code will look like. Ex. each guard belong to a flag and maybe flags belong to a bases. So guards are children of flags and flags are children of bases. So we start from the top to the bottom, we move from the parents to the children. Let's say we have a Flag class, we want upon spawn to spawn guards around it and upon delete or capture to delete guards. So basically this flag will own a List with the spawned guards.
  3. I see well wait for some CDeveloper to respond. My knowledge is limited to UTX editing.
  4. I don't know exactly the location of it but it's texture so i guess somewhere inside SysTextures. L2Font-e.utx maybe? You can download this (L2Tool.jar) and open easily with 1 click any UTX file and view it's files in real time (even export and re-import).
  5. Your whole structure is wrong and this is java before VM was a thing. First of all your code can be all in 1 line. You haven't understand what a MAP is and how to use it base on this code i just saw: MAP.getOrDefault("key", Collections.emptyList()).forEach(s -> s.doDie(s)); But again this is not the best perspective. The proper one is to bind the guards on the flag itself. Either create a method on the FlagInstance.java you created such as: public void addSpawn(final L2Spawn spawn) { GUARD_SPAWN.computeIfAbsent("key", k -> n
  6. Ah alright then, i didn't know. For sure you should upgrade to java 8 since scripting engine is still supported and java 8 has some future proof features and it's the current stable java version. I don't see the reason why you stick with Java 7 in 2021. Saying you're lazy and you spend 10 minutes writing in this topic while updating java only take 5. So vouch for java 8 !
  7. Consider this is just the way i write java. Clear and short. It doesn't mean you have to use it. But for sure you can experiment. (Also i believe it require java 10+)
  8. I wrote you a more organized and 1 line code. (Consider i just giving you a different perspective of java). The code the other guy gave you it's good and java proof for sure but it's very messy. L2World.getInstance().getPlayers().stream().filter(s -> Objects.nonNull(s.getClient().getConnection())).collect(Collectors.toCollection(() -> new TreeSet<>(Comparator.comparing(s -> s.getClient().getConnection().getInetAddress().getHostAddress())))).forEach(s -> s.addItem(getClass().getSimpleName(), 57, 100, s, true)); It check for offline shops (since offline pla
  9. He is a fine person in case anyone is interest in, he does no fishy things.
  10. Sounds like protection to avoid attacking Baium without being allowed within the zone by its script or teleporter.
  11. Ouch ! The code you've given is like... Java had a head on collision on Autobahn while a meteor in size of earth fall on it at the same time. Let's just mention few of the "abnormalities". 1. if (command.startsWith("toppk")) This part is not required because you have only 1 String inside the array hence the only time this method is called only when a voice command matches the given String 2. Why the if check exists anyway? It doesn't do anything. Remove it completely 3. player.getPkkills(); Why this code exists? It does nothing. It won't pa