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  1. Send me your discord in PM even tho i'm full just to introduce you to my community
  2. It's your problem for trust compiled and ready to go source. If you're a serious person you wouldn't choose such source 2nd you would find and trust a developer to work with him using some type of monthly payment as i do with my clients. This ready-to-go projects and random developers every 2 day messing and adding random codes to a project is for 10 years old. Vilmins is known to be amateur boy who adding shared codes to his frozen project.
  3. You're just jealous that he is handsome project leader while you can't even code a proper System.out
  4. I wanted do that in my H5 project and i was like meh i'm lazy i'll do it tomorrow. And i see it now.
  5. You're rap*ng Java like 99% of the forum. You simply don't even read a single line from what i wrote in my last comment that intended for you. Experience and laziness are different things. If you don't care of improving your self, go ahead use that s*t code.
  6. Tryskell would just rename Premium to PremiumType and commit. Disclaimer: This was a joke, do not carpet bomb me.
  7. Let's start with basic Java things. Enum has build in ordinal that act as ID. So all this: public enum PremiumLevel { NONE(0), BRONZE(1), SILVER(2), GOLD(3); public static final PremiumLevel[] VALUES = values(); private final int _id; private PremiumLevel(int id) { _id = id; } public int getId() { return _id; } public boolean isGreater(PremiumLevel premiumLevel) { return getId() > premiumLevel.getId(); } public boolean isLesser(PremiumLevel premiumLevel) { return getId() < premiumLevel.getId(); } } is pointless since you can
  8. flip() method which is missing, is introduced in JDK-8. This mean your project is not using JDK-8 version. Remove completely any installed java you have on your machine and install JDK-8. Also make sure to edit all project properties to show JDK-8 including edit the build.xml and eclipse's settings.
  9. Setting the enchant of skill can be done by setting a skill's enchant to higher level than it accept. At the same time each route give different attributes. You need experiment your self to check those. For example you can give your self Empower Lv 115 and it will be Cost +15.
  10. NPC name can be displayed by system or server depend on the xml configuration you've set. In case it's from system it's because npcname-e.dat has some corrupted data. Ex. if you have duplicated ID's it stop reading from that moment and on so every item or npc will display noNameItem or noNameNpc. Replace this file with a retail one and check again.
  11. You don't provide any information regarding what project you're using hence you won't find any solution. Simple as that.
  12. Τι πακ εχεις ετοιμο που δεν εχει buffer. Υ.Γ. αμα θες στειλε μου το discord αλλα αυτα τα πραγματα που ζητατε σερβερ για να μπουν οι φιλοι σας ειναι περιεργα.
  13. 1. If you're working with Java 15+ this public class MerchantSay +{ + private final int _npcId; + private final String _text; + private final SayType _type; + private final boolean _effect; + + public MerchantSay(int npcId, String text, SayType type, boolean effect) + { + _npcId = npcId; + _text = text; + _type = type; + _effect = effect; + } + + public int getNpcId() + { + return _npcId; + } + + public String getText() + { + return _text; + } + + public SayType getType() + { + return _type; + } + + public boolean isEffects() + { + return _effect; + } +} Can b
  14. 50 $ per like and we have a deal. I'll tell my minions and the whole forum to like your topic.