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  1. Sometimes we do ask in public while we are working on something. Ex stackoverflow to get an advice on how to improve our code or get a tip how to re-write it easier or bypass a mistake we did and we cannot solve. Yours is completely different. Help section seems like a request section. Hire a developer to solve your problem.
  2. Provide some information of what you share. It's against the rules. (Just for members to know what they download or so)
  3. A wise man mentioned that the protein tubes are carrying ions slower than an arraylist is adding an element. But the same wise man said STOP RECYCLE THIS CONVERSATION more than 2.500.000 times every damn week -.-
  4. No the idea of this forum is 1. To learn how to post properly and not open a discussion in [SHARE] section. 2. To avoid duplicated threads over and over like stackoverflow. Also this subject as i said is recycled more than the zeptoseconds inside a millisecond (Google it) As my beloved minions of this forum already answered, use search and you see a massive number of topics with the same subject, same people answering the same things. I gave you a straight to the point solution. Hire a dev and start working.
  5. My suggestion is stop opening these kind of topic every 2 days since 2008 since there is no other pack other than lucera, frozen and aCis, pick one that fit your style and your taste and start working with it. You can't code it your self? Pay a developer. You don't have time to develop it? Lineage 2 is time consuming, don't bother. I don't get why we have to recycle the same object over and over.
  6. Lucera... the project without source and you still guys conversate about this trash project.
  7. The bypass for the tutorial window is like <button action="link something_else" />
  8. Kara

    EN hmmm?

    Nobody but even if we play along with your trash topic L2Client would. Java developers simply create an emulator. It's their code. L2Client developers modify the files given by NCSOFT.
  9. Hi, please respect our rules and be nice with the members.
  10. Finally, i was tired of seeing valhalla-age advertisement over youtube while i was sitting during night on my TV.
  11. Check out my new Code (Auto Farm) Check out my new Code (Captcha - Antibot) - Available only for higher chronicles than Interlude
  12. Hi sweety. There is no escape now you came.