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  1. He simply don't care. He will make new acc and join. Maxcheater is 0 to him. He just spend his time.
  2. Are you f kidding me now? If that is true then he is banned already. Post proofs that he sell it for 750 euro plz
  3. Yes and he made them so cool that you feel forced to buy it. Just look this PRO html design!
  4. Ultimate_L2J don't continue this conversation cause i can get you banned by tomorrow and its waste for your VIP status. Reselling a project and pretend you bough it while is shared. Also you did triple post in less than 10 minute. This only deserves chat ban
  5. Isn't there any free template to use? It's shame to pay just for a blog.
  6. Don't mind Achy. He is good guy but he is like Lord of the rings: the return of the kings ending. He never stop
  7. @melron Βγαλε μου το +1 γιατι ανοιγεις πολεμο και θα σου παταω +1 σε οτι σχολιο γραφεις Ναστε καλα που το εκτιματε γιατι υπαρχουν κ αλλοι που δεν εκτιμανε τιποτα. Υπαρχει ατομο που εχει γυρισει και μου εχει πει σε tutorials που εκανα 8 χρονια πριν οτι τα αρχεια δεν υπαρχουν πια (επειδη το l2j ειχε κλεισει) και ντροπη μου που δεν τα εκανα update
  8. What the guy said above x 2 You really enter a forum to describe a software you saw when you were 8 years old and let us find us as if we are catcheye.com ? NO-IP is the solution and it's not free anymore cause it was too good to be free.
  9. 1. If item is stackable then is fine else it need client modification too along with xml adjustement. 2. Xml items <item isDroppable="true /> (or in armors,weapons,etcitem in SQL if you have old pack) 3. Forget it you need client adjustement and it sux. Java part is easy but giving directions from client like required items, locations, npc to talk is bleh. 4. Google it.. jesus 5. How to what? You mean allow players to hit without control like coliseum? You need java adjustement cause a zone that is not handled by zones.xml is by default a "normal" zone which mean if you want to attack you need press control or play must have pk or flag. i'm the maxcheater's sensei. but i can't share my 'knoleedge' cause i don't know what this is. Do i have to buy this skill?
  10. Νταξει θα μαθεις. Εδω ο melron ειναι l2j mod και δεν ξερει να γραψει 2 γραμμες κωδικα. :'3 @melron #FindAny()orFindFirst(), #ThugAndJava #AtonicIntegerSync #KaraHate2018
  11. You didn't even google once a? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2030434/eclipse-no-java-jre-jdk-no-virtual-machine
  12. Not exactly i've added wrong boots ID in config and they wear like D grade or C grade boots. Is this only what you noticed? The enemy team were all +0 while my team all +100 enchant. None of us died. The next video i hope it will include Summoners/Daggers Daggers AI will do checks like dash if need to move for long distance or blink and if enemy has back to do backstabs e.t.c or bluff or dagger e.t.c Summoners AI will summon their PET, heal it, buff it and cast sleep or debuff to enemy.