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  1. Hi i want to sell one or two chars full donation (cloak , belt, pendant, hat, premium), all skills and some drops. mail to: ultimomojicano@gmail.com
  2. Hi im looking for a wallhack, help pls
  3. Hi i want to sell a char from a private server & i already coment or post 10+ and still cannot start a topic on market place, any help? thanks
  4. Dude you're like a private server. Get a website and put everything in there. No one will read you're immature top/down features. Basic logic. When you ask the question: Would you play this game? Everyone is expecting to watch an in-game video or a trailer at least... Not a top/down feature list on mxc. You say you're trying to make an MMORPG when i could introduce my c/p java flappy bird and get all your players. FFS. ---------------------------------------------------------------- yes that's true
  5. From october till march best months
  6. High rate custom, just chilling for 1 month