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  1. He made a refund on paypal
  2. Be careful of this scumbag! This is his profile on skype, he's Brazilian or something. He owns the Brazilian Servers: L2Destiny, L2America (NOT L2Amerika), L2Masterkill, L2Gold and some others Paypal Name: Ezequiel Calderon E-mail: ezequiel_aca2017@outlook.com
  3. Hello Maxcheaters! I would like to share some Patched Systems and File Editors. [Hidden Content]
  4. Dear Maxcheaters Community, My name is Strain and I'm providing my services as a Designer and here's the list of the stuff I can design: Fully coded Websites Banners (Animated or not) Logos (Transparent or not) Signatures Cover images Forums (SMF/IPB) Wallpapers Avatars Contact me by sending a Personal Message here or you can also add me on skype: frstrain Payment Methods: paysafecard / Paypal - (Verified) / Skrill In order to watch previews, click on the Links below & they will redirect you to my DeviantArt. Website Previews: Click Here ~/~ Lineage II Logo Previews: Click Here ~/~ Other Logo Previews: Click Here ~/~ Facebook Cover Previews: Click Here