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  1. LF Video editing services

    Moved to proper section.
  2. Hello, no it's not for sale I'm sorry. *NOTICE: I will be unavailable on Thursday 7th of December to 14th of December!
  3. *NOTICE: I will be unavailable on Thursday 7th of December to 14th of December!
  4. This is just PSD version, its not coded
  5. Added - New Cover Preview *Click to see the video version
  6. Added - New Community Board Design Preview
  7. Added - New Website Preview -
  8. [L2J] L2iFeel

    Damn, good luck with your project!
  9. [L2J] L2Raven

    Seems interesting, good luck with your project!
  10. WTB BUY webs site

  11. WTB Buy Webs Site

    What he said is that may be a scam OR selling shared websites, not both at the same time. 1: Scam - There have been cases the people got the money and never delivered the websites So yes you must be careful of them 2: Shared Website - Selling someone else's work You should also be careful of them as well. What I do not understand is why are - you - offended in all this? There's a saying "If there's smoke, there's fire"
  12. [Report] L2MyDreams ->Onlin

    I've worked with him, everything went smoothly.
  13. Hello Maxcheaters! I would like to share some Patched Systems and File Editors. ** You can download them by pressing on the images bellow **