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  1. There aren't any configs in the cfg files that will allow you to do that. You will have to implement methods in the source code and create config lines in the .cfg files.
  2. i did, it was successful but nothing was deleted, anyway i did it my method with notepad++
  3. I can give u another "grandma" noob method to do ur job. 1: Dump ur droplist sql table on ur desktop 2: Make a separate copy of it. 3: Open it with Notepad++ 4: Open Find menu (CTRL+F) 5: Navigate to "Mark" tab 6: Type '57' in the search field and check Bookmark line square 7: Press "Mark all" and u will see little dots appearing on the left side of all records containing the id '57' 8: Close search/find menu and navigate to Search tab in notepad++ 9: Go to Bookmark tab from the falling menu 10: Click "Inverse Bookmark" 11: Then go again to Bookmark and press "Remove bookmarked lines" 12: This will delete all the records beside the ones that have the id 57 13: Then save the SQL, empty the "droplist" table u already have in ur navicat and execute the SQL u just modified. 14: All records with only Adena in them will be set in the droplist and u have the thing u wanted. Hope that helped. Its not important how u made it, its important that u managed to do it!
  4. delete from droplist what? there's no point-out what exactly to delete, just condition :?
  5. RACE SUPREMACY OMG <333333333333333333333
  6. then i have something really special for you, dm me if you want :P
  7. The whole feeling came from factions being separated in good and evil (human - dark elf etc) and their representative buffs on use. Felt like real lineage history! Choosing is like boring All Pick mode.
  8. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH, THANK YOU @.Elfocrash <3 I won 50$ bet, that if anyone is going to introduce the Battle Royal mode in Lineage 2 that would be Elfo xd
  9. I miss the old GvE where Humans, Elves, F.Dwarves were GOOD, and D.Elves,Orcs,M.Dwarves were Evil and weapon was enchanted +1 after etc amount of kills, buffs were permanent, with only D.Elf,Orc ones for evil, and human,elves for good. Anyway, Gl with your project!
  10. Thank you for your reply, but i don't think you understand what i need.
  11. Oh ;( i thought this is the original GvE from 2006... anyway gl with your project.