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  1. [L2J] L2Reality

    so much old school...
  2. [L2J] L2Reality

    So whats the purpose of skills? Just F1 and CP pots..
  3. [L2J] L2Reality

    +30 enchant level, gl summoners ah wait, i forgot thats not old school
  4. [bg] Браво! [bg]
  5. I don't want to ruin your topic, but who will spend 250 euro on compile?
  6. EN Spoiler: Upcoming server Feature [Innovative]

    If that is true, then its not the L2 that is dead, its the community.
  7. EN Spoiler: Upcoming server Feature [Innovative]

    Its fine, let him have his pride. As non-developer i can see what kind of developer he is, seeing the function and saying its just client side when its 90% server side and only 10% client edit.
  8. EN Spoiler: Upcoming server Feature [Innovative]

    Every train has passengers.
  9. EN Spoiler: Upcoming server Feature [Innovative]

    Interlude This feature contain as much programming as client editing. The whole augmentation function has to be rewritten, every single life stone has to be modified to give exact ability rather full set of variables (+ stats). Beside, augmentation only GIVES, where my "Infusion" MODIFIES already existing abilities which makes it even harder due to all possible ways to be abused in order to destroy the game. What i want to achieve with this, is the very same lineage but with new way to progress your character possibilities, giving you hundreds of possible builds, where your strategies overwhelm F1,F2+Dash. Thanks for correcting my misspelling. <3 Yes, all my features are modification of already existing components in the game. My next feature is replacement of all Jewelries,Accessories and Tattoos, with Charms,Glyphs,Marks,Emblems,Symbols,Relics,Totems... wearable items that modify, or add new abilities to your character. [NON-QUOTED] ^ Yes ... but,
  10. Its an upcoming feature for my future project. Still under heavy development. Feel free to commit your impressions or ideas. [NOTE: Not all of these components are yet coded, but under development.]
  11. Some detail about skills

    Nothing that is CC/Curse/Debuff can be cast on a peace character (non-karma,pvp flag). Everything DAMAGE related, can be cast by holding CTRL, independent on target status (Karma,PvP Flag)
  12. START > run > cmd ipconfig /all on IPv4 Address if you see 192.168.1.* (1-10) you won't be able to let people connect to you. But if u see ur ip (142.59.55.**) please let us know for further investigation. PPC : Oh and btw, hide ur last digits on your IP. You might not want to show them in public.