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  1. Hello MaxCheaters, Recently i tried to make new addition to my server, but i once again need your help to get there. I've been searching a lot into client files, about how to change the Grade Icon, or add one to items that doesn't have (ex. Adena) and i found out they are variables into grp files located in system folder. They vary from 1 till 5 as each number represents different grade. 1. D 2.C 3.B 4.A 5.S What i need is , HOW to add new grade ? I don't want to edit the ones that already exist. (I don't need it to be updated into database, where u set item grade so it can be enchanted) so it could work only through client as for the grades i`m gonna use ain't gonna be enchantable items. There's a file symbolname-e that contains numbers/ID's from 101 till 105 for every grade as well as pointed path to its texture / ex. symbol.grade_s / , but that doesn't help me to just add new and change the numbers into grp files. Why? Because at symbolname, ID is 101 and into grp is number from 1-5.... and i`m stuck. Please if u have clue about it, let me know.