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  1. tales project, aka fake zeus aka fake elixir. last server with ""4K ON"" = 350 online? is dead now. best java pack in the world = decompiled lucera? known team for corruption, they still tryhard to milk some money, close and open new project
  2. full fake comments but nice to see new gve server popping up as ovc is trash
  3. thumbs up for this server, got big online
  4. gw is based on l2jserver and is probably the most reworked folk. it's better than l2jserver
  5. retarded prices for l2mythras sources with few mods, not to mention ur java knowledge as you are not even a developer just getting codes changing few lines and done. Low quality project, not recommended.
  6. stop using this shit for your servers or players should stop joining servers with smart-guard. smart-guard can have access on all your files so if you're one of their target, you are boomed. use strix or sguard instead, at lease is more safe and less pricely. adrenaline works on any protection so anything you get is the same.
  7. I've seen this protection on few servers and in conclusion all of them was offline for days.
  8. replies between both of you is so fake
  9. online of this server is satisfying, regardess of the retarded files this server is the most populated
  10. rename this server to bugland
  11. As a team part of big upcoming interlude,classic projects, I'm looking for people to join the team as gms & forum support. You must have social skills, communicate with players. Be online few hours a day. You will get paid during each project. Contacts mesage me on forum skype : tie@usa.com