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  1. wipe every single month the same l2jfrozen pack
  2. it's good to see new top lists even the design is just a copy & paste, monopoly with topzone / hopzone is bad as they're both money hungry. advertise ur website, pay populated servers to use your toplist so you can go big with their traffic
  3. he probably choose wrong l2.exe to stream, we all know they are corrupted
  4. ovh protection can be bypassed and will always be that way. Hyperfilter is good until you get a large attack, they will null your ip. in term of protection they're both bad if you go big you've to search for something else any project can run for months without a need to restart, you just have to optimize it. acis have probably done already the most work for you
  5. this trash again with another wipe. aren't you tired to wipe every month?
  6. AchYlek is right about ur srv. You lie about online count while we can see ur real online. you came back to showoff community screenshots while u gather all ur online players in 1 place to reward them and also spawn many ghost/phantoms players u brag so much about your server meanwhile it's a failure
  7. the corruption on those so called toplists is insane, i've seen the same server on top of the rank over 2 years now while it's competely empty i'm not sure whats ur thoughts on it
  8. it's funny when u came with some random fake numbers
  9. server used to do such thing since when private servers started. you're so retared all u know is that corrupted tales server
  10. this trash wipes every month. It's dead