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  1. any stage a customer wish. If you live in a 3rd world country for sure 20euro is too much for you.
  2. Selling HWID function for any client/source. You don't have to buy an expensive useless anti-bot just for hwid. - includes a dll file in your client with your server name. - installation support is provied for free. Price : 20€
  3. every month a new season from those retards
  4. economy and balance of this server is a total zero. dead with 5 players online
  5. Dead from start. Another failure
  6. This so called protection is dead Adrenaline works 100% Hwid spoofer works 100%
  7. Those market bot protections are useless Adrenaline works on all of them. Private bots works on all of them. Hwid spoofer works on all of them.
  8. Keep dreaming for money on an empty server with phantoms farming Everybody know how this server work. Fake votes, fake twitch views, bots, fake players in towns, fake players farming
  9. Fake votes fake twitch views fake players post more shits server dead
  10. Failed, fake players all over
  11. Once again this retard coming up with a new server every 3 weeks