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  1. the most complete is lucera or downgrade from h5 yourself and get data from lucera / painteam the rest projects are just incomplete including acis and so on
  2. completely useless for l2, not to mention servers are all dead
  3. last srv from this corrupted team failed from first day. saga behind the project aka l2saga,l2kings,l2centos,l2varka unlimited wipes to milk money
  4. lol ur srv is fucking trash, dead from day 2 and wipe every 3 weeks.
  5. you guys both tryhard but server is dead
  6. Copy paste of https://ketrawars.net/page/x1200 One of the most corrupted server
  7. It's funny when people help someone fixing something and suddenly they found out it's easy task. You paid for something you dont know, no matter if it's 1 line or 10k lines.
  8. hi playinera after so many fails u decide to make another fail on interlude
  9. last time u closed server and site within few days cuz it was dead. copying is bad.
  10. did you put that fake player engine cuz ur server is dead since last 30 wipes.
  11. any stage a customer wish. If you live in a 3rd world country for sure 20euro is too much for you.
  12. Selling HWID function for any client/source. You don't have to buy an expensive useless anti-bot just for hwid. - includes a dll file in your client with your server name. - installation support is provied for free. Price : 20€
  13. every month a new season from those retards