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  1. https://ibb.co/iZUvMF https://ibb.co/ji3pgF https://ibb.co/cvs4Fa https://ibb.co/dhw9gF
  2. Hello community I want to report user: Nevermore - l2jsunrise owner I don't know if it's scam or not, i will let the community and the admins decide what it is... Report false promises and broken server files I have purchased l2jsunrise project on 18 march 2017 I asked nevermore if server work good and if everything completted he said quests work perfect also for instances and everything...ok I purchased the server and i found a lot of bugs in: geodata ( players cannot play olympiad because of bug geodata, cast cancel all time if player hide upon a wall, even if cast is on 99% )
  3. need help for make adrenaline script autologin if client is crashed/DC or not responding to login same account. Anybody can help ? Thank You. :D :D :D :D
  4. LF raidboss spawn alyready times , zone , etc