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  1. https://ibb.co/iZUvMF https://ibb.co/ji3pgF https://ibb.co/cvs4Fa https://ibb.co/dhw9gF
  2. Hello community I want to report user: Nevermore - l2jsunrise owner I don't know if it's scam or not, i will let the community and the admins decide what it is... Report false promises and broken server files I have purchased l2jsunrise project on 18 march 2017 I asked nevermore if server work good and if everything completted he said quests work perfect also for instances and everything...ok I purchased the server and i found a lot of bugs in: geodata ( players cannot play olympiad because of bug geodata, cast cancel all time if player hide upon a wall, even if cast is on 99% ) zones xml ( i had to fix myself ) - for example one of the bugs... players can flag in middle of coliseum and even pk other players Jack Sagee npc not implemented skills formula are very bad (he said are perfect) grand boss not work ( hell knows why , maybe he gave me bugged source intentionately ) hellbound spawn is all missing ( looks like an empty continent ) Ok now my complains... He said he will support me for free after i buy and he will help me everytime with everything I said all good and i payd... After i payd i recived source and everything I messed arround with the server and configs to see how it works he helped me a little with basic things which i never really needed, i am not that dumb i had l2j before I satrted to ask him for help he ignored me 3 days in a row Before pay he told me he will help me transfer database from my old server to his server l2jsunrise and he ignored me totally ( never helped ) I found several bugs and ignored again After i saw he is not helping me and not even try to answer me, i got really mad and i wanted my money back because the server was worst then the l2jserver i was using before. I never got my money back and my account in l2jsunrise is banned I give him 2 options: 1. Unban my account and help me with the server as he promissed me before i buy from him ( because now everything looks like it was all a trick to make me pay for his files ). And fix the bugs i found, because is his job, not mine... I payd for something and i get nothing or 2. Refund my money back so i can buy a serious and working project ( i wasted my money for nothing, project is worst then l2jserver, the one i used before )
  3. need help for make adrenaline script autologin if client is crashed/DC or not responding to login same account. Anybody can help ? Thank You. :D :D :D :D
  4. LF raidboss spawn alyready times , zone , etc