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  1. This is one of the best tips/guides that i have seen and tested and made my self really pleased. It really works good if you check everything and see what's overpowered or not. Thank you very much! Also if anyone wants to see all the values that can be used here's a shared guide. Check it out!
  2. You guys , that was so confusing :S . I had to test ALLLLLL my npcs, and right when i thought that this job was done. Thank you though. This was the problem.
  3. 2020.3.25 18:17:15 OS : Windows Vista 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU : AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 3395 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video : Radeon RX 580 Series (19000) General protection fault! History: TestReach <- UObject::GetFullName <- UStruct::SerializeBin <- (Class Engine.ShadowBitmapMaterial ShadowActor[0]) <- UObject::Serialize <- (ShadowBitmapMaterial Transient.ShadowBitmapMaterial209) <- TestReach <- (ShadowBitmapMaterial Transient.ShadowBitmapMaterial209) <- UStruct::SerializeBin <- (Class Engine.ShadowProjector ShadowTexture[0]) <- UObject::Serialize <- (ShadowProjector 22_22.ShadowProjector409) <- AActor::Serialize <- TestReach <- (ShadowProjector 22_22.ShadowProjector409) <- ULevelBase::Serialize <- ULevel::Serialize <- TestReach <- (Level 22_22.myLevel) <- UStruct::SerializeBin <- (Class Engine.GameEngine GLevel[0]) <- UObject::Serialize <- (GameEngine Transient.GameEngine0) <- UGameEngine::Serialize <- (GameEngine Transient.GameEngine0) <- UGameEngine::Serialize <- (GameEngine Transient.GameEngine0) <- TestReach <- (GameEngine Transient.GameEngine0) <- TArray<< <- UGameEngine::L2SerializeRootSet <- UGameEngine::L2CollectGarbage <- UGameEngine::DetachLevel <- UGameEngine::CheckPurgeLevel <- Level_was_loaded <- UGameEngine::L2_Teleport <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop **Hello guys , when i teleport sometimes i get dc. For example. I log in, i teleport to Coliseum and then back to Giran. I will get dced when i tp to giran but not when i tp to coli. My 1st teleport is ok, the 2nd one gets critical..If i dont move while i tp i am ok, if i move and then tp i get dc too. Is it just map 22_22? Is giran map 22_22? Any opinions?
  4. Thank you so much for your kind words @xFranky. I am a man of the same thought too. I get so much imagination and knowledge by just watching how someone created something and then I try to improve it to fit my own style and preferences. I love sharing my work. Some things are just for sharing.
  5. Thank you @Tryskell . I think this might be the reason why that error appear on gs console. I did that while server was still running.
  6. ah because i had many custom npc's added manually i thought i had this ID too and i didn't even bother to check npcgrp.. Although i really appreciate you for taking the time to help me. You made me see the only thing that i couldnt see :D
  7. Does anyone know why this problem occurs? broadcastPacket(new NpcSay(getObjectId(), Say2.ALL, getNpcId(), "Goodbye Traveler!")); broadcastNpcSay("Goodbye Traveler!"); this.broadcastPacket(new NpcSay(this.getObjectId(), 0, this.getNpcId(),"Hello World!")); I've checked client side too. Edit npcname-e.dat but still nothing. I thought it might be that. <npc id="50024" name="Mystery Prize" title="Explore Me!"> <set name="usingServerSideName" val="true"/> <set name="usingServerSideTitle" val="true"/>
  8. Nah bro , it was an 1 time error. It didn't happen again. I don't think there is something that i did wrong.
  9. Hi all! I came up something! My loginserver is running whereas gameserver is not running. If i try to log in i get this error on loginserver console...Even if the gameserver is running but "still running - not registered yet" i still get the same error. Any ideas?Imagine 50-100-500 people trying to log in. free big pictures
  10. Put it over there, if (_activeSoulShots.contains(itemId)) { removeAutoSoulShot(itemId); sendPacket(new ExAutoSoulShot(itemId, 0)); sendPacket(SystemMessage.getSystemMessage(SystemMessageId.AUTO_USE_OF_S1_CANCELLED).addItemName(itemId)); return true; } + if (isAutoPot(728)) + { + sendPacket(new ExAutoSoulShot(728, 0)); + setAutoPot(728, null, false); + } + if (isAutoPot(1539)) + { + sendPacket(new ExAutoSoulShot(1539, 0)); + setAutoPot(1539, null, false); + } + if (isAutoPot(5592)) + { + sendPacket(new ExAutoSoulShot(5592, 0)); + setAutoPot(5592, null, false); + } + return false; }
  11. they must've been a secret for you all. they finally came out.
  12. Using getPlayers instead of getAllPlayersCount shows all the players name online for example: .online -> Player(s): [player test1, player test2, player test3] Online Acis rev370-> How to make it read and count the number of the players instead of the names?
  13. @'Baggos' my name feels bad for itself :/ proto*** * I just added the buffer and did some major html changes. @'Baggos' i gotta give it to you, it's one hell of a buffer. Nice one bro!
  14. Try closing the <button> value attribute. </button> before </td>