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  1. Do not change anything about the style of your server.. It is your style and it suits you.Are you gonna get judged? Of course you are.You are gonna get judged for every single thing , do not let this affect your style and the way you think about certain things. Personally I do like it that way , simple and not heavily edited to suit the stereotypes..This is how L2 started and this is how you present it.Is it because you lack knowledge? Is it because you want it to be that way? It doesn't even matter. Just do you and present it..If it fails then you got another chance , and then another one and it keeps going that way. You are not being controlled by anyone in this particular "business/hobby". Good luck and have fun with everything you do! (2k18 people will come here and they will be like: It's 2k18, bla bla bla..you should do this , you should do that, and that and that.. WHO CARES??!1!?)
  2. This is the bypass to start Augmentation: [npc_%objectId%_Augment 1|Start Augmenting.] And this is to Cancel it: [npc_%objectId%_Augment 2|Start Augmenting.]
  3. It shows you the path inside that html. For example , [npc_%objectId%_Link common/augmentation_01.htm|Augment an Item.] Go to folder "common" and find augmentation_01.htm Then you can see the bypass used for that action.
  4. Δεν γινεται αυτο απ'οτι ξερω..Το μονο που εχεις να αντικαταστησεις ειναι 1 αρχειο μονο μετα το compile , δεν χρειαζεται να κανεις αντικατασταση ολα τα αρχεια.
  5. You need a button that is going to return you to the main page? If you have the htmls then you can use them as redirecting.. For example you open your chat-11.htm and you want to go back to chat-10.htm Add chat-10 to the back button: action= "bypass -h npc_%objectId%_Chat 10"
  6. Έχετε παρεξηγηθεί απο μόνοι σας παίδες , είναι ενα σπαμ τοπικ με σαρκαστικό/χιουμοριστικό ήθος. Δεν ειναι καποιο παραπονο. Σπαμ τοπικ ειναι, σπαραμω λοιπον , ποσταρω οτι 'νανε απλα για να γινει συζητηση. Πολυ απλα ειπα οτι δεν μου αρεσει ο τροπος που φαινεται η εικονα προφιλ..Δεν υπαρχει λογος να πιανεστε απο κατι τοσο μικρο ενω ολοι ξερουμε οτι αυτο ειναι προσωρινο ( και να μην ηταν προσωρινο - τραχανας που χυθηκε ). Μην δινεται δικαιωματα και μην δικαιολογειστε. Δουλεια σας ειναι , εσεις ξερετε καλυτερα τι κανετε..Απο εκει και περα , τσιλ & αστο να περασει, ολα καλα ολα ωραια :)
  7. I don't get it , I've posted this in a Greek spam section and y'all are slamming me with your english skills..I'm just having a conversation with you all..I don't mind the new theme , It's not up to me to decide wether I like it or not.. I was just being goofy and sarcastic. Do not feel the need to explain to me why this is the way it is.. It's ok , we're good :)
  8. It's inside l2jnetwork project , maybe you can find it there. If not, send me a pm I'll check my files and if it still exists at my workspace I'll give it to you.
  9. Exclusive New Website Design - YOU CAN EASILY GET THIS. What is included? Logo PSD Banners (extra banners are available for order) Icon Set Scripts (PVP, PK , etc) Delivery & Offers Fast - Direct Delivery Discounts will be announced Support Minor changes before purchasing are available Customer Support
  10. Den einai ligo gtp to pws fainete h fwtografia profil mas? Ektos autou xalaei kai thn poiothta otan thn anevazeis , ase pou to max file size einai 50kb alla ti na kanoume , exei o 8eos. (Don't come for me smartakides, chill - okurr). 8elw ligo pisw to palio theme tou forum , euxaristw.
  11. Vres to ID apo ena hero weapon kai anoi3e me to FileEdit to weapongrp-e.dat. Vres to line pou einai gia ta effects-aura kai kanto copy paste se auto to weapon pou 8es esu, epishs exei kai ektos apo tis aures sta dipla line tis ru8miseis ths auras gia ka8e weapon (p.x an einai bow , sword ,etc ... frontise na pareis kai auta). An 8umamai kala einai sto weapongrp , mporei kai na me gelaei h mnhmh mou kiolas.
  12. It's shared , you can do a quick search and I'm sure you'll find it.
  13. I don't have any knowledge as far as it concerns java but maybe you should change this? int levelMobMin = 0; + for (int i = 1; i < 81; i++)