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  1. Try closing the <button> value attribute. </button> before </td>
  2. It's so fulfilling and respectful to see that people still share their hard work. The hours that they have spent writing,editing,testing their "baby" are nothing in front of just a simple action. You get more by doing that than working on it. I and the whole community, hopefully, appreciate that. Thank you @NevesOma, Keep on sharing fam.
  3. Give access to port 80 or 8080 too. If that does not work , then try giving access to your ports through your computer settings.
  4. that looks pretty awesome , thanks for sharing it buddy :)
  5. Kante ena follow an thelete paides mou, 8a to ektimousa <3 love u all. spam spam spam spam
  6. Kante ena follow an thelete paides mou, 8a to ektimousa <3 love u all.
  7. Depressive kids hunting my ass, I dash and lineage seems so fast. Giran to Aden and all the way back, you can't touch me, so hush!
  8. You clearly did. Read again if necessary. You keep judging , I have nothing else to say to you. Have fun and keep creating.
  9. You can still code and you can still sell it but it's still ILLEGAL. Obviously you don't get that. If i buy a product or anything else with value then I am the owner of this item, whatever the item is. The transaction is not valid and not legit. He can't be the handholder of the copyrights , and in general in this "business" no one can. You need to understand that and stop judging. See the whole image and don't be close minded. Crying over some files that you worked on is not the best decision to make. You legit created the code , but you sold it without any contract or sth that would give you the power of being the handholder of it. So, in this world , on the internet as you say, it's all illegal , non-legit and disgusting to see behaviours like that. Holding your thoughts and your dignity from that word makes me understand a lot. Being sarcastic and trying to prove me that the internet is not the safest-trusting place is useless. It's known since forever. I talked about copyrights,licences and ownership only because he refered to his work as his own. It's not his own work and you can't take that for serious.Selling a shared pack with 3-4-5 even 6! modified/original codes does not make you the copyright holder of the whole source.So, he is wrong about the whole thing and you should take that into consideration. Yeah, I will code custom feature and sell it as a diff or whatever. Then, I sell it to you and you decide to share it just bcs you want so. You simply destroy someones 'business' doing so and that shows how 'disgusting' person you are. So you are talking about destroying someone's business by sharing his work and then ironically you post an image showing how the internet is not a safe place and that you can't trust anyone.I think you are confused to be honest. Summing up , rules exists for a reason and laws to guide them. Nothing can work without them and we are not who will decide what's best , what's wrong or right.I'm not the one who needs a lecture here , post your gifs somewhere else.Being sarcastic doesn't get this anywhere.Don't see yourself as the one who's above, do not minoritize , do not discriminate and someday you will see what I see.
  10. Such a disgusting and wrong answer , I already hate this. You cannot decided if this is right or wrong, that's why rules and laws exist. If you want to be right then you have to follow those rules/laws. If you want to be right only because you think this is right then I'm sorry but your judgement is wrong. Everyone who does anything should at least have some knowledge around the work he does.When someone is trying to make money from something that is not his OWN then you can't protect him only because you think it's right.Those money are illegal and we both know it.
  11. There's no such license in his case..He can't license an already licensed source..Let's be realistic. I might have given a wrong example , I should have said that, what I'm talking about is just for this case. He is not the owner of a legit company and he does not own any rights/licenses uppon the work he does..It's all illegal.
  12. Απαγορεύεται η δημοσιοποίηση Προσωπικών Πληροφοριών: Well personal information is not the same thing as personal files.Personal info is your address,mobile phone,fullname, etc. You both had an argument/fight/hate on a public forum and you exposed yourselves.Being sarcastic and pushing limits can cause such behaviours.Try to get a more healthy mindset on how to treat people and you might be able to have a more trust worthy client list.He supports his opinion on paying for that & after that fight he posted the files online, which after all is his choice.When I pay for something , I own it and I can do whatever I want with it. In the other scenario, even if he didn't pay for those files somehow he got them and he managed to post them. As far as it concers copyrights: The process of creating copyrights is simple, If you have ever written,drawn, or otherwise created anything, you already own copyrights to your creation.This is because copyrights get created automatically, as long as you meet TWO BASIC REQUIREMENTS: 1.You create an ORIGINAL WORK. As long as your work is your OWN, you own copyrights to it immediately upon its creation. For example, if you write a code for a game, you are the copyright holder of that code as soon as you write it. You don't need to register anywhere,sell , mail, or take any other actions to own copyrights for the work. Copyright law says that your work is copyrighted as soon as you CREATE IT. *In your case, you do not meet the above criteria for obvious reasons. 2.You affix,attach, or place the creation on a medium. You cannot copyright an IDEA, and your ORIGINAL IDEA isn't protected by copyright until you affix it in some tangible or physical medium.The medium can be almost anything, from HANDWRITTEN words on paper to digitally created drawings or designs.As long your idea exists in something other than your HEAD, it's COPYRIGHTED. *Lineage 2 Java sources are already copyrighted, and with you taking action and RE-editing those files & RE-selling them is already ILLEGAL..Not only for you but for everyone else aswell.