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  1. Download Link: Credits: Virus Chronicle: Interlude Included Hoods Costume Pack#2 Chronicle: High Five Download link:
  2. Needed programs; Photoshop (any version) Plug-ins for photoshop L2Tool L2ViewUTX L2Decrypt L2Encdec i will give a link for L2Tool, L2ViewUTX, Plug-ins for photoshop, L2Decrypt and L2Endec. before you begin do this > > Make a new flolder called (however you want bla bla blaaaa) > Download & Extract the files from the download rar file Now lets begin .. follow this steps. P.S - You will find L2Font-e.utx in the rar. Steps Before to start all this steps make sure that you have made your background 1. Open L2ViewrUTX 2. Open L2Font-e.utx and choose loading02-e then click on save texture 3. When you save it you will get file named > Loading02-e.dds 4. Open the file VIA Photoshop (first install the plugins for photoshop, otherwise you will get ERROR) 5. Then you will get this Click me. 6. Then copy your loading screen (that you made in Photoshop, or Paint :D :D ) 7. Now just replace the original image with yours (keep in mind that you should follow the lanes) DO NOT RESIZE THE ORIGINAL PICTURE!!!! 8. When you are done, click FILE > Save AS ... > and choose .dds 9. Next go to the Flolder and Drag L2Font-e.utx and drop it over the L2Decrypt.exe and wait few seconds 10. Now you will get file named " L2Font-e.clear.utx 11. Now Open L2 Tool 12. You will get this > Click me slowly 13. Now click on the second box and add the L2Font-e.clear.utx (see where to click HERE SOFYLY) 14. Then choose the first box and add the loading02-e.dds 15. Then press SIMPLY press SET 16.Now drag the L2Font-e.clear.utx to L2Decrypt.exe and wait few seconds 17.Now delete L2Fond-e.utx and L2Font-e.clear.utx and rename L2Font-e.crypt.utx to L2Font-e.utx 18. Copy the file and paste in your systextures THATS IT !!! Now you have a new backgroud! If you have any questions, problems and whatever other bug, write in the topic i will help. DOWNLOADS: Files that you need : Click here Download l2 TOOL from here > Click Me P.S - Dont use the L2 TOOL from my RAR ( its making bugs )! And don't forget to open the read.txt file, or i will be very very sad.