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  1. Tested and working, good job. Keep up with more good shares!
  2. If you have any other problem feel free to ask me.
  3. You should encrypt it like "l2encdec -e 121 myutx.utx" not 413
  4. https://maxcheaters.com/forum/41-client-development-discussion/ here have 168 pages but its not only for interlude.
  5. The words that pro_ject use is really bad, also i think he is a little guy with little knowledge about these things that he requests. However im with you Nightw0lf, he deserves a punishment.
  6. Welcome icekompres have a nice stay here :)
  7. Sweets, im not fully agree with you, yes its not good to see that someone is sharing your "codes", "work". But imagine that you sell to a stranger a shared pack with some custom codes (pro written), and you spend like 1/2 days to put them, then you ask for big amount of money for it, but the guy have trust on you and say ok, i will pay to SweeTs he is trusted. And boom, you give a pack with tons of problems, the pack is not good and bla bla, and the guy feels like he throws the money out of the window for nothing. So in the end of the story, my opinion is not everyone is perfect but .. you cant just scam someone like this. Because this what Kara do is scam to me if all the story up is true.