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  1. You really compare Adobe After Effects with Photoshop CC? Yeah both are from adobe, but i think they are way different, anyway this is my opinion. For you may they are the same. And yes, you wrong if it was only merged png's. However everyone have opinion so you are free to judge me, hate and whatever you like.
  2. Make something better and post it here dear GOD.
  3. Locked. П.С- Ако имаш други проблеми ми пиши на лично.
  4. I don't have problems with "Destroying" pixels. All of my loading screens are make like that. If you want to check one of them live, pm me to send you link.
  5. What you think? One more version If someone like them i can sell it for low price. Just PM ME.
  6. In photoshop save as .dds DTX3, NoMipmaps, then in unreal engine select Masked and Generate Mipmaps, and choose dtx3, then right click on icon then properties > go to surface and turn on bAplhaTexture to true.