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  1. 1. Just don't buy vps/dedi from Africa xD 2.https://contabo.com/?show=vps 3. Just don't buy less than 100Mbps
  2. If the dedi have SSD, and good CPU (4 or more cores) and network more than 500mb/s It's perfect. He ask for ram so i answer.
  3. Thank you for the suggestion, we will fix the information to be more accurate and easy for understand! About the order it will take some time. Thank you for choosing us!
  4. We will check this problem. Soon i will answer you. Thank you!
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  7. L2 Night Tales Chronicle: Interlude Website: www.l2nighttales.com Forum: www.l2nighttales.com/forum Server Rates EXP: x500 SP: x500 Adena: x1 Drop: x1 Party Exp: x2 Party SP: x2 General Information Starting level: 1 Starting adena: 1 000 000 Buff Slots: 69 GM Shop till B grade Main Towns: Giran, Elven Village Custom farm zones Extreme pvp zone Epic Rb's: Flag Zone Character protection pin code before login. Auto loot for monsters only Max Subclass: 3 Subclass Quest: No Teleport Protection: 10s Augment rate: 12% (TOP Lifestone) Augment weapons can be dropped Enchant Rates Save enchant +3 Max Enchant +16 (normal & blessed scrolls) [WEAPONS] Max Enchant +10 (normal & blessed scrolls) [ARMOR & JEWS] Max Enchant +20 (crystal scrolls) [WEAPONS] Max Enchant +12 (crystal scrolls) [ARMOR & JEWS] Enchant rate [NORMAL] scrolls: +1/2/3 : 100% +4: 95% +5: 95% +6: 90% +7: 85% +8: 80% +9: 80% +10: 80% +11: 75% +12: 70% +13: 65% +14:60% +15: 55% +16: 40% Enchant rate [BLESSED] scrolls: (break will back to +3) +1/2/3 : 100% +4: 95% +5: 95% +6: 90% +7: 85% +8: 80% +9: 80% +10: 80% +11: 75% +12: 70% +13: 65% +14:60% +15: 55% +16: 40% Enchant rate [CRYSTAL] scrolls: +16: 100% +17: 100% +18: 100% +19: 100% +20: 100% Commands .achiv - Get your daily coin from here. .en - Change language to EN .ru - Change language to RU .relog / . restart - Restart Game Special Features PvP Weapons: Special ability [SLOW 50%Chance] 8 Suits for dressme Mage Tattoo: Increase MP/HP/CP, cast.speed, m.atk by 5% Fighter Tattoo: Increase MP/HP/CP, atk.speed, p.atk by 5% Donate Tattoo: Increase MP/HP/CP, atk.speed, cast.speed, p.atk, m.atk, speed by 10% PvP Reward: PvP Adena for each pvp PvP Protection Server NPC's GM Shop Custom Shop Special Ability Shop Custom Buffer Gatekeeper Kamaloka Teleporter Ranking Npc Donate Shop Sub-class Manager: MAX 3 Sub-classes Warehouse Farm Zones Farm zone - Coins Farm zone - Life Stones Party Farm In party farm the mobs are with increasing level. Max level is 6. Each monster will give bigger drop, also it will be harder to kill. (Bishop is needed) Bigger drop's if the party if is full (9 ppl) Game Play We have special coins for making your weapon SA (Special ability). You can find the special coins from farm or from Grand raid bosses. We have special zone for life stones. Each mob will drop life stones from different level. For example: 72. 74,76 lvl. When you collect for example: 10 life stones [72 lvl] you can exchange them for 1 TOP Life stone 76 lvl. You can get special PvP Adena (Coin) from pvp's. With this coin you can buy your PvP Weapon which have special ability power. Special Ability: (Slow chance 50% for 3 seconds) All items are farmable: tattoos, costumes, pvp weapons. You can not farm RB Jews. You can find them only from the EPIC RAIDS! Epic raids respawn time: 12h+-2/3h We have daily online system. You need to stay online for atleast 2h to earn the Daily Coin. When you collect Daily Coins, you can exchange them for any goods that are in the Reward Manager. Custom Suit cost: 21 Daily Coins 1 Donate Coin cost: 5 Daily Coins Crystal Scroll cost: 3 Daily Coins 5 000 CP Potions cost: 1 Daily Coin Custom Shield cost: 4 Daily Coins Custom Dusk Shield cost: 4 Daily Coins Dressme Coin: cost: 1 Daily Coin Events Teave vs Team Group vs Group ( 6 vs 6 ) Max Groups: 20 Olympiad Competition time: 1 week Start at 20:00 end in 00:00 +2GMT Retail with S grade armor / jews/ weapons New Heroes every Sunday Allowed spectating Time of the competition Olympiad: 5 min Preparation time before moving to the Olympiad stadium : 45s IP Protection Announce victory streaks
  8. P.S. - if you want download L2ViewUtx and check all the icons.
  9. It depend what Icon.utx u use old or the new one.
  10. skill0164 skill4116_new skill4276_new skill4461