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  1. Continue buddy! The project is good!
  2. Chronicle: Interlude Download link: Click Here Credits: Raccoon
  3. Images working good lol .. fix your cache or re-install browser.
  4. LF Code/Script for forum news

    Thanks i will see this. Im using phpbb3 and ips. Anyway thank you!
  5. Im looking for code / script that takes the last topics from the forum, and to show in the forum news / latest discussions Like this > (right side > LATEST DISCUSSIONS <)
  6. Follow this steps: 1. Download the program - 2. Install 3. Go in internet like a website 4. Open Httrack > Press "NEXT", then on project name write whatever you want "for example: my1stRIP". Then press again NEXT Then on WEB ADDRESS: URL, put the link to the website that you want to RIP. Then press NEXT and wait. 5. Have a nice day * RIPPING Web's ;]
  7. Good job buddy!
  8. Discussion Template l2era

    Pm me.
  9. Request Antibot captca

    Ah sorry, i forgot about this option :/ .. Im really sorry!
  10. Request Antibot captca

    You cant stop l2 adrenaline with simple captcha.
  11. Replace the files, login in server, use the effects?
  12. What chronicle is your server? This on the pic is GF.
  13. It wont work on GF, the only thing you can do is to make inside design. Like buttons banners etc.
  14. Its working, i have test it in my server.
  15. Did you restart the server when you change the value, or just reload?