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  1. You say, the damage is too high by default (IL), correct? So, we reduced it for the skills be used. All in perfect balance. As I said, feel free to test.
  2. skills have not had their damage reduced. You cited dagger class as an example, so, dagger skills do more damage than physical attacks.
  3. Dagger dmg is higher with skills.
  4. Here, Forum, Facebook...
  5. I have a whole balancing system. can test at ease.
  6. Registration and download released. Get ready, grand opening today at 6pm! (UTC-3)
  7. L2Free - Interlude Private Server Grand Opening August 10th - 18:00 (UTC -3) https://l2free.org/ Rates Experience x50. Skill points x50. Adena x100. Seal stones x5. Quest x1. Enchants Safe +4. Max. Armor +12. Max. Weapon +16. Normal rate 65%. (-5% at each level) Blessed rate 75%. (-5% at each level) Augmentation Skill chance: 0/10/20/30. Glow chance: 0/10/20/30. Deleted skill when changing weapons. Skills retail. (not edited) Buffs Npc buff & schemes - All buffs. All buffs time - 2 hours. Max. slots 20 + 4 (divine inspiration free) Self-skills not count slots. Gameplay Server time (utc -3). Auto loot. (not for boss) Auto learn skills. 1st, 2nd, 3rd job free. Subclass free. Nobless quest. Limited access - 3 sessions per HWID. Farm zone - Only 1 character per HWID. Offline shop - Open store and exit game. Wedding system - Npc located in Giran Temple. Champion system - Drops x5 and Mid-Grade Lifestone. Vote system - Vote every day and exchange your votes for rewards. Achievement system - Complete the achievements and earn rewards. Color system - 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 10000. Auto restart - 07:00 hours. (utc -3) Clan & Alliance Clan level 8, skills and reputation free. Clan penalty disabled. Clan max. 40 members. (royals and knights disabled) Alliance max. 1 clan. (only for larger flag) Server Economy Equipments up to B-Grade - on sale by adenas. Equipments A-Grade - on sale by farm. Equipments S-Grade - obtained by drop. (farm zones & bosses) Soul crystal info's CLICK HERE. Primeval Isle - An Pvp Zone with drop of Top-Grade Lifestone and up soul crystal stage's 11-12 on Tyrannosaurus. Unique craft system - Collect pollens to create rare items, visit the Merchant of Mammon and see the list. Pollens can be dropped by Raidbosses level 85+ (25% chance) or Grandbosses (100% chance). Commands .bank - Tells how to operate the banking system. .expon - Enables the gain of experience. .expoff - Disables the gain of experience. .time - Displays the server time. Events Capture the Flag - automatic system, every 2 hours. Death Match - automatic system, every 2 hours. Team vs Team - automatic system, every 2 hours. Olympiads Starts August 16th. Oly period ends - days 1 and 15. Battle time - 20h ~ 00h. Battles per base class disabled. Number of registration to start - 5 players. S-Grade item not allowed. Sieges Siege period - 3 castles every Sunday. Battle time - 18h ~ 20h. Max. 10 registered clans. Only 1 character per HWID. Siege with prizes on Donation Tickets. Gludio, Dion, Oren, Innadril and Schuttgart - 60 Donation Tickets. Giran, Goddard and Rune - 80 Donation Tickets. Aden - 100 Donation Tickets. The clan leader must be online at the end of the siege to receive the prize (mandatory), the ticket delivery is made automatically. If the leader is not online, he will lose the reward. Raid Bosses Flame of Splendor Barakiel - respawn time 4h ~ 6h. All Raid bosses - respawn time 12h ~ 24h. All Raid bosses flag when attacked. All Raid bosses level 85+ have custom drops and up Soul Crystal 13. (one party random) Epic Bosses Core - respawn time 1 ~ 2 days Orfen - respawn time 1 ~ 2 days Queen Ant - respawn time 1 ~ 2 days Zaken - respawn time 2 ~ 3 days Frintezza - respawn time 2 ~ 3 days Baium - respawn time 5 ~ 9 days Antharas - respawn time 8 ~ 14 days Valakas - respawn time 8 ~ 14 days All Epic bosses respawn time between 18 and 00 hours. All Epic bosses are level 85+, jewelry drop 100% and up Soul Crystal 13. (full party) All Epic bosses zones are chaotic and allow only 1 character per HWID. Contacts Email: admin@l2free.org Facebook: https://facebook.com/l2free