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  1. Is there only this one? Someone?
  2. any c4 project, public or private, l2java or l2off?
  3. Really, I didn't think straight, it was just to edit the first reply with the other videos. Sad that I don't have the option to delete those last two and edit / add them all in the first reply.
  4. The best of the Latin community is back. Warn your friends, challenge your enemies and come make history, as this is our legacy!
  5. BETA completed, get ready for grand opening!
  6. OPEN BETA April 5, 2020 at 12:00 Our BETA will start on April 5th at 12:00 pm. It will be 2 days for you to know the characteristics of the server and prepare for our grand opening. Any questions we will be available in our: Email, Facebook and Forum.
  7. L2Free Interlude 50x Farm Grand opening April 12, 2020 Rates Experience (XP) x50. Skill Potion (SP) x50. Adena x50. Spoil x1. Sealstones x3. Enchant Safe Enchant +4. Max. Enchant +16. Enchant Rate 65% (decreasing 5% on every enchant). Blessed Rate 75% (decreasing 5% on every enchant). Augmentation Skills chance NG 5% | MID 15% | HIGH 30% | TOP 45%. No augmentation glow chance. Skills status are retail. Skills deleted on change weapon. Buffer Duration time 2 hours. Max. 20 + 4 slots (auto divine inspiration). Full Npc Buffer and Macro. Gameplay Server Timezone (UTC -3). Auto loot (not for RB). Auto learn skills. 1st, 2nd and 3rd occupation free. Subclass without quest. Noblesse quest retail. Spawn protection 30 seconds. Limited access - 3 sessions per hwid. Wedding system - Npc located in the temple of giran. Offline trade/craft system - Open the store and exit game. Achievements system - Complete achievements and receive rewards. Pvp & PK color system (name & title) - 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 7500 10000 Tyrannosaurus have 25% chance drop Top-Grade Life Stone: Level 76. Automatic server restart at 07:00. Game Shop Equipments up to A grade by adena. Equipments S grade by farm. Equipments custom obtained by drop or exchange shop. All consumables are available in the global shop. Exchange Shop Exchange s-grade items for custom items and boss jewelry, remaining their status. The exchange system requires pollen to operate. Pollens can be obtained in farm zones or Raid bosses. Drop chance in farm zones is very low. Drop chance in Raid bosses 30% and Epic bosses 100%. Farm Zones Click here for more detailed information. Commands .adena - Turns gold bar into adena. .goldbar - Turns adena into gold bar. .expon - Allow exp/sp gain. .expoff - Block exp/sp gain. .ontime - How many hours of play you have. .checkontime - How many hours of play the target have. .time - Displays the server time. Clan & Alliance Penalties disabled. Max. 40 Members. (main clan) Royals and Knights are disabled. Max. 2 clans per alliance. Level 8 and skills free. Olympiads & Hero Period ends on 1st and 15th. Start/End time 20:00 ~ 00:00. Class based games disabled. Min. 9 registered players to run the games. Min. 9 matches to be come a Hero. Hero status and skills retail. Hero crown with custom status. (same as accessories) Castle Siege Always on Sundays. Start/End time 18:00 ~ 20:00. Max. 10 registered clans. (attacker/defender) 1 character per hwid in the war zone. Lord's crown with custom status. (same as accessories) Winner reward on donation coins. Events We have 3 classic events running automatically on every 2 hours to provide more fun. Team vs Team - The team that scores the highest number of kills wins. Capture the Flag - The team that captures the most flags wins. Death Match - The player with the most kills wins. There may be more than one winner. Raid Bosses Flame of Splendor Barakiel - Respawn time 4 ~ 6 hours. Queen Ant - Respawn time 1 ~ 2 days. Core - Respawn time 1 ~ 2 days. Orfen - Respawn time 1 ~ 2 days. Zaken - Respawn time 2 ~ 3 days. Frintezza - Respawn time 2 ~ 3 days. Baium - Respawn time 5 ~ 7 days. Antharas - Respawn time 7 ~ 9 days. Valakas - Respawn time 8 ~ 10 days. All Epic bosses respawn time between 18 and 00 hours. All Raid bosses 85+ level have custom status/drops, are in Chaotic zones and allowed 1 character per hwid. Contact & Support
  8. ⚠️ Update ⚠️ To provide a better gaming experience, we've made some modifications! ✅ Added Titanium (TT) set. ✅ Christmas schedule started. (coming soon + news) ✅ Upgraded stores: pvp shop, epic shop, donation shop.
  9. Our opening is at 19:00 GMT -3 (3 hours left) Sign up, download our patch and get ready! The adventure will begin!