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  1. 😎 Do you want to start in the best possible way? 💥 New characters will gain 48-hour VIP status. ⏰ Event started today (07/04) until Sunday (11/04). 👉 Don't waste any more time and take advantage of this opportunity! 🌐 https://L2Free.org/
  2. New season coming, begins on April 3, 2021 at 6PM. (UTC -3)



  3. New season coming, begins on April 3, 2021 at 6PM. Server information updated in the first post.
  4. We have reached the end of another MEMORABLE season. It was just over 5 months of a lot of PvP and fun. We made a compilation with some of the videos that were not posted (as there were many), for you to remember a little of everything that happened this year. (other videos have already been published on Facebook, as well as on our Instagram and Youtube) We thank all of you who participated and made this, "the best server of the year", once again! As there are many requests for a new season, we leave the following question: Do you want a 2nd season? Or should we only return next year / 2021? Comment!
  5. Is there only this one? Someone?
  6. any c4 project, public or private, l2java or l2off?
  7. Really, I didn't think straight, it was just to edit the first reply with the other videos. Sad that I don't have the option to delete those last two and edit / add them all in the first reply.
  8. The best of the Latin community is back. Warn your friends, challenge your enemies and come make history, as this is our legacy! www.l2free.org
  9. BETA completed, get ready for grand opening!
  10. OPEN BETA April 5, 2020 at 12:00 Our BETA will start on April 5th at 12:00 pm. It will be 2 days for you to know the characteristics of the server and prepare for our grand opening. Any questions we will be available in our: Email, Facebook and Forum.