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  1. Hello! My name is Gregory, am from Poland and i have right now 27 years old, but soon will be 28 (exactly 30 march) As thread topic say i looking for serious project to be GM or EGM. I have much experience in this both role started from C4 finishing on H5. Please be serious and don't try waste my time, if you have on mind open something for a while, thanks. People who love this game, wanting to develop it further, please contact me at Discord: Fr1sK#2088
  2. server fail at grand opening ?
  3. It is JVM ( Java Virtual Machine ) When you make settings configuration MYSQL you have a choice of three options " Developer Default ", " Server only ", " Client only " This mean which version you use... Newest version can have four or five options more like " Full " or " Custom " If you have in plan open a live server choose ( server only ) there you can configure all what you want but here can be exception sometime in file .bat in your source files you can configure of ram ussage of server parameter. Thats all :)
  4. Tell us what you doing before these errors comming ( Which zone you want to check if it is a zone )
  5. Put full error log from console or line where errors appears.
  6. Experiment, and you will found answer for your own question ( like i few years ago do )
  7. This problem just should be of server or client delay. Serioulsy never meet same problem as you ( most of pack i used )
  8. Just make a GoD server and add npc with GoD buffs, then import npc with standard buffs from interlude client and check them yourself :)
  9. Well, I agree with your opinion but there are still open source projects even every x free revision :/
  10. Onix


    As Reborn12 and Tessa said look at code and experiment :)