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  1. Does completely removing ClientStats has a negative effect? if yes, what's that?
  2. -Nothing custom yet , ONLY 2 mobs npcs xml. -not using any guard now. -Droping ClientStats will have any negative effect? Will it make the problem dissapear?
  3. Okay it is just strange because some stucks happened when even not hitting mobs. What are the reccomendations for fixing the problem? (completely)
  4. I hit mobs in localhost more than 15 minutes and nothing happened. Propably it's ok on local (even i am not sure, its so hard ) @Tryskell should i test it local , vps or it doesnt matter? what should i see? PS: maybe movement is a part of this bug? because a friend stucked without even hitting a mob before some minutes. random stuck while running. (same bug , ctrl+alt+delete only way to exit)
  5. Ok i am going to do it now and I will give a feedback. What should I see? if problem is happening (or not) in localhost?
  6. Server is hosted on VPS machine with excellent connection speed , so this is not the problem. So it is already on different computer. It was from the beginning. Packet loss yes maybe(?) but how can I test this to see wtf is going on?
  7. Just checked it and no it's normal , immediately loot normal. It is so strange and important as well. The bad is that I cannot test it because I don't even know when will I stuck , itslike random. I tried a "debugging" now to see if character is movementDisabled or null , but I don't think so. I try everything , cant' come with a solution :(
  8. Hello , I have a serious problem that needs fixing but it's hard because it is a problem without any error in my gamserver console. So, many times (random) when a character (tested with mage if that makes any sense) kills mobs , he gets stucked. What that means? He can see mobs moving and other characters. He can't write anything or do any action. Other players can see him (or kill him,etc). The only way to unstuck is CTRL+ALT+DELETE. No errors on gameserver , that's the worst. version: 368 Any help please , to what can be the problem?
  9. thank you all , waiting for some more answers to give a final desision. I am between OVH and l2jguard till now.
  10. I would like to know if these VPS here are ok to host an L2Server : https://www.ovh.co.uk/vps/vps-cloud-ram.xml OVH has also gameservers but with way higher budget. Are these VPS ddos protected? If not , any suggestion on other hosting provider on budget ?