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  1. I'm creating a percentage config for VIP I want them to have 30% discount for teleport but what would be the option in java for integers? For example final int price = 10000 getVip() ? price % 10 : price result = 0 when debugging my value is 0 but it should be 1000
  2. I have 2 GS on 2 separate servers. They are both running the same Hi5p5 and They both show up in the Login. The problem is that the Login server only creates an account on one of the servers (the one on the same machine as one of the GS). Anyone able to walk me through how to get the SQL to talk to each other? Or just how to get login to create accounts on both of the DB. Any help would be appreciated I figured it out, all the guides say to change GS port on 2nd machine but when I change to different port other than what is set on first machine it will not login, just hangs.
  3. How do I update java version from a revision. Currently the one I have is java 8 and I would like to update it to java 11 or newer.
  4. Hi Everyvone! I want loading ClanWar clan list in server the task is that if someone is in a clan war with the other, then they do not get PK points. but I don't know how to check it. public class ClanWar { private final static Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ClanWar.class); private static ClanWar _instance; private Map<Integer, Integer> clanwars = new FastMap<Integer, Integer>().shared(); public static ClanWar getInstance() { if (_instance == null) { _instance = new ClanWar(); } return _instance; } private ClanWar() { clanwars = new FastMap<>(); loadData(); } private void loadData() { Connection con = null; try { con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(); final PreparedStatement statement = con.prepareStatement("select clan1,clan2 FROM clan_wars"); final ResultSet rset = statement.executeQuery(); while (rset.next()) { int clan1 = rset.getInt("clan1"); int clan2 = rset.getInt("clan2"); clanwars.put(clan1, clan2); } LOG.info("ClanWars: Loaded: " + clanwars.size()); DatabaseUtils.close(rset); DatabaseUtils.close(statement); } catch (final Exception e) { LOG.error("Clanwars: error loaded", e); } finally { CloseUtil.close(con); } } public int getClanWar(final int clan1, final int clan2) { return 0; } }
  5. Hello there guys, preparing a server, did a lot of work on it, now checking the exp/sp and I realized that some lvls are weird (39 to 40 needs 1.2m exp, 40 to 41 needs 376k exp, also this is for 50, 60 etc). I tried to change the exp scale from files but ain't working, any idea someone? Thanks in advance
  6. I'm creating a setting to remove glow from players' weapons but I run into a problem when I turn off my weapon glow other players keep glowing which pack can I modify? UserInfo and charInfo are just for my character and what will the other players pack be? https://i.imgur.com/2sWXoxU.mp4
  7. This is the map of the English client, I want to change this map to another language, Client MasterClass
  8. EX: <set name="affectLimit" val="5-12" /> What are the values 5 and 12 for? seem to have an effect on the number of targets the skill hits.. what I don't understand is why has 2 values? Is one for minimum and one for maximum? or does it serve to divide the damage caused??? someone help me!
  9. I have changed the Soul dagger to dynasty dagger, so the dynasty dual daggers will be the same but the enchant glow and aura on the soul separator remains the same, how can i change it so it'll be the same as the dynasty?
  10. I don't know if I did it wrong but when I obfuscate my jar I break it all.
  11. Hello guys, from the beginning I would like to say , that I'm new to this thing and some things I would ask/say could sound silly to you :D I noticed, that many servers looks the same so I'm guessing they most of them are using the same server files. I'm thinking about making multiskill server (more likely High Five or Classic for autofarm). I don't have much knowledge with java, but have some experience with mysql/navicat/html. I would like to create some zones, make shops, change mob stats, maybe add some custom items. Is there any decent free server pack with multiskill feature and maybe some other stuff like TVT. Or is it not even worth starting with a free pack. If not maybe there is a cheaper option , because I don't need a pack with all instances working, 0 bugs, etc , for this kind of server. I'm not thinking about making a "Huge" project, more like experimental :D Thank you, for honest opinions and answers:D
  12. Device is famous for having the 6 years streak where he placed at least top5 in HLTV's yearly rankings. Which are the following: 2015 - top3 / 2016 - top5 / 2017 - top3 / 2018 - top2 / 2019 - top3 / 2020 - top3 At the moment, s1mple is about to have a 5 years streak but with better placings (considering the first half of the 2020 season) 2018 - top1 / 2019 - top2 / 2020 - top2 / 2021 - top1 / 2022 - top1 (so far) Also, if we add 2016, he was top4 (which adds for 6 years), and according to some analysts, he was a top5 player in 2017 as well (which extends to 7 years with overall better placings) Device does have a placing in 2014 (top20), but he fell off in 2021 outside of the top10, and obviously, he is not going to make it in 2022. Thoughts?
  13. Hello guys. I have one question and i hope its easy one for you... I would like to have option in my buffer that directly saves current player's buffs. Not like this "Start record -> add buff -> Save" Example : Hit Profile 1 and save current buffs you have. I hope you understand what i mean and you can help me. Thanks for your time. <td><button width=100 height=18 action="bypass -h scripts_services.Buffer:act ask=-100&reply=0" back="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF_Down" fore="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF" value="Start Record"></td> <td><button width=100 height=18 action="bypass -h scripts_services.Buffer:act reply=999" back="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF_Down" fore="L2UI_CT1.Button_DF" value="Save Record"></td>
  14. Hello Guys i want to ask. me and some friends we plan to open a interlude mid rate server so i want to ask 1 Best Pack for Interlude in this days? 2 Use Official Interlude Client or Classic Client ? if is better to use a classic client which version is better for a interlude project ? what is the main reason to be better a classic client? better performance, no DC etc sorry for all of this question, is first time to try open a own server thank you !
  15. Hi, i have a problem with 9999_NPCBuffer, when i start the game server i got this: importing custom data ... failed to import quest : 9999_NPCBuffer can someone help?
  16. WTB a bot/exploit method/bug/addon that allows the LFG ads without being muted or perma-banned in WoW Shadowlands. What we have right now: a couple of competitors who know a method that allows them to stay in the LFG without being muted or banned for several days in a row (up to 7). Most likely it's some relog system combined with LUA or with some bug that makes their accounts immune to reports and auto-bans. DM me with your offers and prices. If you are a cheat/bot developer who has some ideas - you're also welcome! Discord: boost#6201
  17. 2022.7.31 16:29:26 OS : Windows Vista 6.2 (Build: 9200) CPU : GenuineIntel PentiumPro-class processor @ 2909 MHz with 2047MB RAM Video : Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630 (1273) General protection fault! History: User::GetPcTexName <- MeshSlot9 index0 ID0 face7536720 <- User::SetPawnResource <- UNetworkHandler::Tick <- Function Name=CIPacket <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop Does anyone know why this is wrong when I teleport to Field of Whispers
  18. Good night (day) I have a source vanganth , and there is a silly lack in the visual armor part, I equip the visual armor, save it normally in the user_data->Visual_armor_id sql table, so restarting the character, even unequipping the va_unequip "clear visual armor" bypass always returns equipped with a visual. Someone help me, because I'm forgetting something but I don't know where
  19. hello, i just make a new interface for my server. And i get error when i want to open l2 "file interface.u is corrupted. How i can fix it? Chronicle : interlude interface: silent Thanks for help, and sorry for my english
  20. HI all, how i can make a npc or a command which a list skills from player and he can have option to delete a skill? server l2jsunrise
  21. var Figth_Flag:boolean; Item: TL2Item; Npc: TL2Npc; Obj: TL2Buff; IdBuff: integer; Buffs:TL2Buff; var L2Skill: TL2Skill; procedure toVillage; begin Delay(100); if (User.HP=0) then begin Delay(2000); Engine.GoHome; Engine.Facecontrol(0,False); Buff; end; end; //REBUFF procedure buff; begin Delay (2000); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome'); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbs_buffer'); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbs_buffer_scheme;use; Player ; PvP'); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbs_buffer_action;use;1; Player'); RunTo; end; //TELEPORT procedure RunTo; begin Engine.BypassToServer('_bbshome'); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbs_link;gk/teleport.htm'); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbs_link;gk/townarea/aden.htm'); delay(1500); Engine.BypassToServer('_bbs_goto;376'); delay(1500); Fight; end; //CHECK procedure toBuff; begin IdBuff:= 268 ; //Check BUFF while not User.Buffs.ById(IdBuff,obj) do begin Print('Song of Wind'); Engine.UseItem(736); //Scroll Escape Delay(20000); Engine.Facecontrol(0,False); buff; end; end; //SPOT procedure Fight; begin Print('Fight zone'); Engine.MoveTo(171472, 56201, -5504); delay(1000); Engine.MoveTo(172042, 56543, -5680); delay(1000); Engine.MoveTo(172860, 56696, -5865); delay(1000); Engine.MoveTo(174000, 56768, -5920); delay(1000); Engine.LoadConfig('Player'); Engine.LoadZone('sv.zmap'); Print('Done'); toVillage; Engine.Facecontrol(0,True); end; //----------------------------------------------------------------------------- begin //REPEAT Print('repeat again'); repeat toBuff; toVillage; until Engine.Status = lsOffline; Delay(5000); end. this is my script check/rebuff, back on spot... i want to add refill for soushot and mana potions help please
  22. hello I have a doubt I'm creating a configuration to limit casting speed for each class but if the value of a class is different from the other I have the value of the last configuration. I created a loop to map all configuration: int val = (int) calcStat(Stats.MAGIC_ATTACK_SPEED, base, null, null); for (String className : Config.LIMIT_CASTING_SPEED.keySet()) { if (Config.LIMIT_CASTING_SPEED.containsKey(_actor.getClassId().toString()) && val > Config.LIMIT_CASTING_SPEED.get(className)) val = Config.LIMIT_CASTING_SPEED.get(className); } Cardinal-1000;Arcana Lord-1300 let's say if the value is like this I get 1300 for all. Fixed I used the java 17 documentation to understand a little about Maps Map (Java SE 17 & JDK 17) (oracle.com)
  23. Hello guys, Is there any guide on how to add custom buffer on l2j/l2acis implementation? From my own research , i have succeeded to add the npc on /data/xml/npc but i cant associate the type (e.g type=PlayerBuffer) with the java file. (PlayerBuffer.java) I would really appreciate any guidance on this. Thank you.
  24. Hello, i want to ask how i can get the real rate from players? I have something like this https://prnt.sc/RbWjkLJzrk0- But this is getting the rate of server, and i want to get individual rates of exp sp and drop from players. For each player. What methods i have to create? Thank you ! Project: High Five ( L2jSunrise )
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