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  1. Old disk with Homunculus... Did not even take the time to scramble the order of projects as he mentions them... Well, here we go... You can get those leaker's "older version" of files (his words) for 50 euros, or get L2jMobius subscription with all 24 projects, including Sylph and Return of the Queen Ant, with 1 month updates for 120 euros. https://l2jmobius.org/forum/index.php?topic=3230 Have a great day.
  2. This is older than the current free version.
  3. To ask that, you do not comprehend the changes that make each version different. The changes between different versions are beyond idiotic level. (I call that NC level) Take it from someone that supports 20 different branches and counting. The only thing you can achive by something like that, is make your server extensively use resources for no reason. The best solution for this: - Multiple simultaneous projects on same Eclipse environment. - SVN for simultaneous commits and easy branch comparison using Eclipse. - Keep code compatible betwe
  4. You can use any of my free versions as a base, but I recommend to wait until Easter, when a new proper free version will be shared. The whole code had been cleaned and improved line by line, even Interlude. Some game breaking bugs that came from L2jFrozen have been fixed as well. Currently I do not have support for fuctions in Interlude. If you add your system, I can adapt to private version and be ready for the next free release. Other branches have Faction System already build in. Epilogue is my current jewel branch, the free version is a mere
  5. Σε οποιοδήποτε project L2jMobius εκτός από τα παλιά branch όπως C1 και C6. Config\Custom\FactionSystem.ini EnableFactionSystem = True
  6. I do not want to disapoint you, but Factions system has been on L2jMobius for at least four years and as far as I know noone uses it. On any L2jMobius project except old branches like C1 and C6. Config\Custom\FactionSystem.ini EnableFactionSystem = True
  7. Time to break my sillence. I see at least three accounts here related to L2Scripts talking shit. Let me tell you some facts about L2Scripts. A current subscriber of mine used their test server to find that nothing worked. The only thing they bothered to say to him was "Do not buy L2jMobius, our files are a lot better". (As if he ever mentioned L2jMobius.) We talked for missing content that was clients behind. NPCs with empty dialogs, unusable admin menu etc. Everything glued up with paperclips and gum in order to work. When he told them about the missing things, t
  8. The only thing this topic has proven, is that there are so many non subscribers with access to my files, but I am the thief.
  9. People should digest that L2j is an emulator. We are not the company that made the real thing and we will never be able to read it's actual sources.
  10. 1. How have they proven that? By making hate posts on my thread on how bad I am for over two years? 2. Newsflash! There is no leeching involved with a project, when its authors have shared their code for free. 3. Not only you have no horse. You have no idea on the full L2jMobius story.
  11. DEV|Supreme you changed from L2jMobius to L2jUnity because you are nothing more than an opportunist and at that time L2jUnity claimed to be the best. Being a fanboy ever since, there is nothing you can say to tickle my ears. *real*savormix you are correct, even if you left something out of the box. You know I am not wrong. I am bored explaining myself on this forum. Last time I posted detailed information, that conflidicted with L2jUnity, my post was deleted. And each time I rightfully explain myself, there are more L2jUnity members spamming my thread wit
  12. 4vcore? I would start testing on an actual machine.