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  1. Since January 1st 2019 we stopped accepting any new private members. The project is still active, but private members are not be able to buy their way in. Private access can be granted to active members that can help with the development. Members that actively share their work in the shares section and know what they are doing. Do not contact private members asking for access. If you worth it, we will contact you. Free versions will continue to have casual updates.
  2. What does that even supposed to imply? That I did not put any effort to make what I wrote above work? Whatever makes you feel happy, it's christmas. :D FYI all my other projects are made under the same code and when I fix something. I apply to all branches. Somewhat of what L2jFree tried with the genesis project but never saw the light of day. Why is Interlude based on L2jFrozen? Because it took me a spleen to make HighFive hardly work as the others. No point remaking something that works as expected. Not to mention I am out of slpeens. :D
  3. I did not mention my pack here, because the original author said +sources. All I see tho is private packs mentioned. So... here you go... http://l2jmobius.com/get/ Based on L2jFrozen, don't aCis me... Why? Because it works and does not miss anything essential. Cleaned up and improved code with several bug fixes. Also updated core to be compatible with later L2jServer versions. Unified XML data, except NPCs, because reasons... Used aCis goodies like, geoengine (modified), fishing tournament, scripts with retail htmls, community board (modified). Movement improvements based on my latest projects. A glorified L2jFrozen / aCis / L2jServer project to do what needs to be done. Any bugs? Probably yes.
  4. I do not use the hex editor you use. And your screenshot does not show all the window.
  5. I do use modified version of aCis geoengine. As far as I know, it is based on HorridoJoho's work.
  6. Breaking news for you. If you use any L2j server based or RU based project you probably use lots of my code. :D
  7. Since when my project uses that? Not even the old russian based pack doesn't have it.
  8. For the people asking where to download the free compiled versions. Go to my forum an click the Download FREE! link on top left of the screen, or just use this link http://l2jmobius.com/get/
  9. Undoubtedly L2jMobius Lindvior is closest to what you look for and the latest representative of that era. But I would recommend to go a client further and download my Ertheia version. It is my oldest supported branch, but still keep updating it. http://l2jmobius.com/get/ Anything else would be older L2jMobius older versions. :D
  10. This guide was shared years ago. I am not the original author. This is the only guide ever shared to generate geodata from the client. Tools needed. Stazis L2 Geo Converter (GeoConv) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/irzey5hk0tyywub/GeoConv_v93b.zip G16ed (A heightmap editor that works directly with the UEd3 G16 format (16-bit greyscale.)) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2v2288vlbq6n2bk/G16ed.zip UTPackage (extract) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vuddpqsd5ik9g3c/UTPackage.zip Unreal Engine 2 Editor (Create UTX) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yx53pt73a5e6yk3/UE2Runtime-22261903.zip L2J-GeoEditor (Convert to L2J format and create the PathNode) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1j5lhll1mn1uy2x/l2j-GeoEditor-v17.zip HEX Editor - (I use UEStudio or Ultraedit) Download: Find it on the web :P Important: In this example I will use the map T_22_19, but applies the same procedure for any map. First we need to extract heightmap images from UTX files (T_22_19.UTX, T_22_20.UTX etc.) * Put this file T_22_19.UTX in UTPackage/Textures and execute "unpack.bat" * Open UTPackage/RAW folder and find the file 22_19.raw * Open this file with Ultraedit and search (Ctrl + f) for "40 80 10", the first byte after this string is the start of the heightmap image. * Copy this address, in this case is 107h * Open the windows calculator and switch to "Scientific" mode, select "Hex" and input "107", select "Dec" and now you have "263". * Open G16ed, go to "File -> Import -> RAW data, search for 22_19.raw and in the field "Data start offset" input "263" and click in Input, Ok, Ok. * Go to "File -> Save (Ctrl + S)" and use the name of the map for your new image (22_19.BMP). Now you have a perfect G16 heightmap image. Now we need to create an UTX file with the image that we have saved. * Open UnrealEd and in the windows "Textures" go to "File -> New" and complete the fields. Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19, Class: Raw Material Properties -> MaterialClass: Class"Engine.Texture" (Select Texture from drop-down) * Go to "File -> Import" and select the image 22_19.BMP and ensure that the fields are correct. Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19 Options -> Masked: uncheck, Generate MipMaps: uncheck, Detail Hack?: uncheck, Compression: none * Go to "File -> Save" and save this file as T_22_19.utx. Now we can create our Geodata using Stazis L2 Geo Converter (GeoConv) * Navigate to the Textures folder in the game, rename your original T_22_19.utx to T_22_19_O.utx and put in this folder our new T_22_19.utx * Open GeoConv and change this params. Min Plane Angle to XY: 20, Stairs Height: 10, Optimization Different: 80 * Click "Open Packages" and select 22_19.unr in "Lineage II/MAPS", allow the process to finish and now you have your GEO 22_19_conv.dat in the folder "Lineage II/MAPS". * Convert this GEO to L2J format and create the PathNode with L2j GeoEditor or HDGE. Known Issues * Some geodata are not correctly generated or can't be generated. * Using "Stairs Height: 10" can cause problems with the stairs (If you use "8" check all the stairs in the map for correct NSEW).
  11. L2J-Mobius The Start As a teenager I wanted to make my own game. Back on year 2000...something, game engines cost insane amount of money. Unlucky for me, L2jserver claimed to be legal, if you made no client modifications. I thought it would be a great to use Lineage 2 as a client and customize the server. So I joined L2jServer as Pandragon, later invited as an advanced member. Work with L2jServer At that time trying to launch a live server was devastating. Major reworks where never finished and official information was interpreted wrong. Fixes for these problems either took months to be committed, or if shared by non inner team members, denied even as tempfixes. Also even under GPLv3 license, they would not commit work of fork projects (see L2DC, aCis etc). Supposely to be open source and unlike other emulator projects, many things where kept and still are strictly available only to inner circle members. (See Hellbound committed after years and GeoData tools that still are private.) Goddess of Destruction After some time I saw many packs, selling for hundreds of euros, that actually was L2j plus my free shared implementations shared on L2jServer forum that was never committed. So I decided to share all my work for free as a new project based on russian forks. In fact, I was the first person that shared freely Goddess of Destruction files. L2jUnity Relationship For two years I worked with russian forks, but at the same time I worked with L2jServer as well. So I tried to make a GoD based L2jServer, at that point L2j did not have an Ertheia branch. Right after making that, L2jServer inner team decided to make an Ertheia branch. Since I already worked with L2jServer and it was open source I used it and made a new branch. Right after making that, L2jServer team (except Zoey) decided to leave L2j and make L2jUnity private. Since then L2jServer is essentially a dead project and their inner team is now known as L2jUnity. A year later when they released a free version, I used it, mainly for their reworked skill system. Since then I am blamed to use their, essentially free and shared work, as if I stole it. Main reason that lead making the project private in order to find serious people to work with. Project Progress Merged most of the work made while working with russian forks. Hundreds of commits fixing severe L2jUnity inherited issues. Made Interlude and HighFive branches following my way of working. Reworked many core features noone dared to touch to match retail behaviour. Fixed hundreds of bug reports made by people that had live servers. Added several custom features requested by people that had live servers. Followed all game updates from Ertheia to Salvation and Classic. Project Future Recently I decided to stop accepting subscribers on 1/1/2019. I do not agree on how things are done on L2j projects. Download FREE compiled versions. http://l2jmobius.com/get/ Register to my forum for more news. http://www.l2jmobius.com/