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  1. 1. I can prove you wrong. 2. Does that make you feel less of a thief?
  2. The only thing this topic has proven, is that there are so many non subscribers with access to my files, but I am the thief.
  3. People should digest that L2j is an emulator. We are not the company that made the real thing and we will never be able to read it's actual sources.
  4. 1. How have they proven that? By making hate posts on my thread on how bad I am for over two years? 2. Newsflash! There is no leeching involved with a project, when its authors have shared their code for free. 3. Not only you have no horse. You have no idea on the full L2jMobius story.
  5. DEV|Supreme you changed from L2jMobius to L2jUnity because you are nothing more than an opportunist and at that time L2jUnity claimed to be the best. Being a fanboy ever since, there is nothing you can say to tickle my ears. *real*savormix you are correct, even if you left something out of the box. You know I am not wrong. I am bored explaining myself on this forum. Last time I posted detailed information, that conflidicted with L2jUnity, my post was deleted. And each time I rightfully explain myself, there are more L2jUnity members spamming my thread without consequences. Lock my topic. I am over with this crap.
  6. 4vcore? I would start testing on an actual machine.
  7. Kara you are a dummy and do not comprehend what you say, or how things work on L2j. If anything does not work properly, is because it is inherited like that from a parent project. What I do with my project, other than emulating retail content, is fixing those inherited issues with the help of people that actually report them before running a server in blind. How do you call a guy that... rushed launching a server the moment he got his hands on my files, by spending, doubtfuly, 800 euros on advertising, using the latest client branch, with at least 3 major bug reports for that branch on the forum, without being familiar on how the project works, without any coding knowledge whatsoever, without testing, ignoring a sticky private forum post which warns not to use that branch, and ignoring personal warnings that it is not ready and needs work to be done? ...I would call him at least careless. Sdw you additionally make me wonder how many people closed their servers for using, well... any project. I should not complain tho. Thank you for that. As for any hate post, my answer remains the same. Sour grapes. Thank you for bumping my post. As much as your hate army wants to discriminate my project, noone is that blind. I dare anyone using L2jServer or L2jUnity and reply how much better their projects are on any matter. Hint. Over 4700 revisions. On all major bug reports the related code had author an L2jUnity member. You better start using retail videos as a reference, instead of misinterpreting what OFF files actually do. As for the people that actually care to learn the latest project news visit my forum. Download the latest compiled version and have fun.
  8. Since January 1st 2019 we stopped accepting any new private members. The project is still active, but private members are not be able to buy their way in. Private access can be granted to active members that can help with the development. Members that actively share their work in the shares section and know what they are doing. Do not contact private members asking for access. If you worth it, we will contact you. Free versions will continue to have casual updates.
  9. This guide was shared years ago. I am not the original author. This is the only guide ever shared to generate geodata from the client. Tools needed. Stazis L2 Geo Converter (GeoConv) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/irzey5hk0tyywub/GeoConv_v93b.zip G16ed (A heightmap editor that works directly with the UEd3 G16 format (16-bit greyscale.)) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2v2288vlbq6n2bk/G16ed.zip UTPackage (extract) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vuddpqsd5ik9g3c/UTPackage.zip Unreal Engine 2 Editor (Create UTX) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yx53pt73a5e6yk3/UE2Runtime-22261903.zip L2J-GeoEditor (Convert to L2J format and create the PathNode) Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1j5lhll1mn1uy2x/l2j-GeoEditor-v17.zip HEX Editor - (I use UEStudio or Ultraedit) Download: Find it on the web :P Important: In this example I will use the map T_22_19, but applies the same procedure for any map. First we need to extract heightmap images from UTX files (T_22_19.UTX, T_22_20.UTX etc.) * Put this file T_22_19.UTX in UTPackage/Textures and execute "unpack.bat" * Open UTPackage/RAW folder and find the file 22_19.raw * Open this file with Ultraedit and search (Ctrl + f) for "40 80 10", the first byte after this string is the start of the heightmap image. * Copy this address, in this case is 107h * Open the windows calculator and switch to "Scientific" mode, select "Hex" and input "107", select "Dec" and now you have "263". * Open G16ed, go to "File -> Import -> RAW data, search for 22_19.raw and in the field "Data start offset" input "263" and click in Input, Ok, Ok. * Go to "File -> Save (Ctrl + S)" and use the name of the map for your new image (22_19.BMP). Now you have a perfect G16 heightmap image. Now we need to create an UTX file with the image that we have saved. * Open UnrealEd and in the windows "Textures" go to "File -> New" and complete the fields. Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19, Class: Raw Material Properties -> MaterialClass: Class"Engine.Texture" (Select Texture from drop-down) * Go to "File -> Import" and select the image 22_19.BMP and ensure that the fields are correct. Info -> Package: T_22_19, Group: Height, Name: 22_19 Options -> Masked: uncheck, Generate MipMaps: uncheck, Detail Hack?: uncheck, Compression: none * Go to "File -> Save" and save this file as T_22_19.utx. Now we can create our Geodata using Stazis L2 Geo Converter (GeoConv) * Navigate to the Textures folder in the game, rename your original T_22_19.utx to T_22_19_O.utx and put in this folder our new T_22_19.utx * Open GeoConv and change this params. Min Plane Angle to XY: 20, Stairs Height: 10, Optimization Different: 80 * Click "Open Packages" and select 22_19.unr in "Lineage II/MAPS", allow the process to finish and now you have your GEO 22_19_conv.dat in the folder "Lineage II/MAPS". * Convert this GEO to L2J format and create the PathNode with L2j GeoEditor or HDGE. Known Issues * Some geodata are not correctly generated or can't be generated. * Using "Stairs Height: 10" can cause problems with the stairs (If you use "8" check all the stairs in the map for correct NSEW).