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  1. And as always unity fanclub spreading trash for Mobius. Where's your project? I hear that you stopped since there is no interest for L2 anymore in your team so why you kee talking about L2jmobius?
  2. I tried those .. Mobius Classic files is way better. Goodluck with your project
  3. I wanna make a test.. I m going to leave this here and count till 10. Let's see how many posts you are going to do in order to hide this proof of access to Mobius svn.
  4. In case you trying to hide this post by posting shit all over the place. I leave this here as a proof of L2JUnity members having access to mobius svn (paid one). Just for those who still believe unity doesn't steal others work.
  5. Are you still talking about "Author" ? Wtf ? Are you blind or you just copy paste what you need before read ? http://prntscr.com/jhcy24
  6. Why you need access to another project that you said he is stealing from you ? Maybe cause he corrects your fBugs and you use his fix in your project ? Just sayin .. I really get bored to look again in Sunrise files cause you used a part of his code but I didn't kept timestamp.
  7. This post came just the time Mobius commited L2ClientDat on Private section. That's a total proof of you, stealing his job all these years. Good luck with your "self made project".
  8. That's what I said. You get mobius work and you blame him that he is leaching your files... blah blah blah That's a proof of access and probably use Mobius work to your "closed, hidden, SuperDuper Project" If you don't have time to spend we can adapt our work to Unity. Blah blah blah .. You can make 20000 posts after that, Now we all know the truth behind "Mobius stealing other's job".