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  1. Hello , any shared client l2classic 2.8 and system. ty
  2. I am looking for a developer for an interlude server based on java or stable source to develop midrates-craft-pvp project.
  3. i have this error on putty when start my gameserver. I was busy for a while ./GameServer_loop.sh: line 10: log / stdout.log: No space left on the device any idea
  4. Need fuctions for community board: Class Master Subclass manager Siege manager Enchant skill Clan manager. Pme
  5. I'm not going to talk about this again "accessdenied". Maybe it's not an error, it's the same case that when you change genres to a player, you need to restart. This is what happens to me when the player is changed gender when entering a singlezone and dies. What you see in the image.