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  1. i don't have the files anymore, do you have any link? can send me link for download? I have a lot of work to do and my unreal doesn't work anymore. Please help me if you have any link
  2. Anyone know why this error happened? I woke up with this error without doing anything https://im.ge/i/tEZy
  3. Can someone help me or explain me how to make when event start to send to all register invitation like party invite?
  4. It is possible to remove action lock on iphone 11? The phone is not marked as lost or stolen, it is simple linked to the 1st owner icloud account.
  5. This "Pigasos" guy scammed also one guy i know, Pigasos is selling shared stuff and claim is his work, like he is selling and reselling old l2eola files and some l2-scripts packs shared in russian forums and in some other forums like athena projects and l2jbrasil. He scammed l2top.co owner and bought his site files in exchange of shared files, l2top.co owner told me but he had nothing else to do, because nobody care. Now l2top.co owner is Pigasos.
  6. I am looking for a partner, would be nice to have developing skills, so we can work together and share ideeas and features
  7. Hello friends, I am searching for a serious partner for open a Lineage2 Project. Contact me here in forum. I offer perfect working files 100% stable great features perfect working geodata and geoengine good website design I need a guy willing to pay host and advertising for server. We will manage the server together and we will split donations 50/50
  8. i open l2.exe , i see the splash and than nothing
  9. We had some issues, looks like someone try to take us down, but is all ok now we did handle the problem and fixed. We are back online.
  10. We wait for everyone of you to give us a try and have fun while playing on our events! 30 minutes remaining!
  11. I want to thank everyone of you for your support, we are doing our best and trying to give the audience what they asked for, we took ideeas and concepts we considered worth to have and be played inside a Lineage2 private server, we listen to our community and we always ofer them what they ask for.
  12. Launch: 24 April 2020 PTS L2OFF FILES We from Playinnova are proud to present to you our brand new Interlude 100x server called: New Horizon that will launch 24 April 2020 at 18:00 GMT+2. Our community our community intends to gather all Lineage2 players from all over the world and with your help to form together an unstoppable team where we will have fun and spend time together participating in various events that we will organize according to your liking and desire. And we would love to see you be part of it. It is always been one of Playinnova's priorities to serve q