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    Good Evening MxC Community, I would like to introduce you my latest update Interface remaked/reworked based on my own gameplay style. Why im showing you this? simply im open in any suggestions to improve it. Ill try to update as fast i can. My own FA version.:v4.7.11. dont bother to ask for it, i wont share it yet. Main Screenshot: Commands in game: ALT+Q Insta kick from game. ALT+Right click on party member switch up/down positions. Ctrl+ALT+Click to Delete Insta any Item. ALT+Z to Open/Close Auto Assist. Shift+Ctrl+Right click #1stMA. Shift+Ctrl+Left click #2ndMA. Shift+Ctrl+ H to enable Hold Target Shift+Ctrl+ I to enable Ignore Target Shift+Ctrl+Click on Buff to Copy as Saved buff (if you get cancel it shows you in seperate line as canceled) 5 shortcut bar: Hide shortcut Numbers On/Off Option: Invisible Shortcut On/Off Option: Auto Spam Buff/Nuke Skills Bar: Hide & On/Off Option: 3/6/9 Macro Bar: Show POV Skill Reuse Time: Noble/Hero Status Mark: Class Symbol & PvP/PK Counter: 20Lvl:Rogue 40Lvl:Hawkeye 76Lvl:Sagittarius Fully Custom Mini Map: Macro Pannel: Auto Toggle Macro Skills: Summoner Interface: Skills Enchant: Auto Augment System: Auto Enchant System: Auto Assist System & Colors on 1st and 2nd MA: Show HP Bar On Players & Mobs: Self & Party Buff Option System: Buff System: Lines: 1:Attack/Defense 2:Ressist 3:Songs 4:Dances 5:Chosen ones 16Pixel 20Pixel 24 Pixel Debuffs & Party Debuff in Separate Line + Timer: Shows Canceled Buff in Separate Line: Clan Pannel & Activity in Main Screen: Channel Command Pannel: Classic Effect System: Heal, Cp, Damage, Exp. Critical Dmg, Magic Crit Dmg. Custom Casting Skill Bar With Colors: Built-In Bot Pannel: Custom Class POV Icons: Auto Potions: Monument of Heroes: Store: Private Store: Exchange: Quest Pannel: Iventory: Status Panne: Symbol Drawing Panne: Interface Options Pannel: Red Screen when HP goes to low:
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    Inventory Skillbar & ACP & Auto Use Skills Auto Macros Custom Party look & Display Noblesse New EXP Bar + Menu bar Auto Enchant / Auto Augment etc. PVP/PK Count and much more to see debuffs on party you should press alt + F and alt + F to disable this version has not a lot stuff not even Classic Damage on screen removed because people requested so it's clean without this such stuff also contains skillgrp for people who have weak comptuers Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Dear, Cheaters today i would love to share with you a detailed interface i've fixed a lot of bugs and changed a lot of things since me & Iordanov are 6 years Friends he told me share it clean w/o bugs the reason we do this is because a Brazilian person T3ddy & Moshpit selling on black market the current version but they are kinda stupid since interface not work on 80% of servers with smartguard people pming me to fix their thing but since they bought it from other hands i no offer any support to them lets start Note: we are not responsible if interface not works on some protected servers you want bypass? buy it and we can disccus about it. Some Screens.. Shows in different Row Domi/WC/Ressists/simple buffs Shows Debuffs in Seperate Row Options: Party Classes / & New Party Icons Auto Assist 1st Ma 2nd Ma Classic Mini Map: KeyBinds: Invite/Dismiss/Changepartyleader/trade Shows Enemy casted skills Skill Gauge Debuffs & Timer Olympiad Damage Calculator Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    1st way: 20083 - ID LineageMonster.stone_golem - patch to script. LineageMonsters.stone_golem_m00 - patch to model. LineageMonstersTex.stone_golem_t00 - patch to 1st texturel. LineageMonstersTex.stone_golem_t01 - patch to 2nd texturel. Decrypt original *.ukx & *.utx files ( for example LineageMonsters.ukx & LineageMonstersTex.utx ) and get the model + textures of your NPC / mob. Next: import all content to Unreal and use this box to change scale ( how to import you can read in Client Dev section ): 1.000000 - original scale ( 100% ). 2.000000 - scale ( 200% of original size ) Save with your name and change patch to model & textures in npcgrp.dat 2nd way: As you know what LineageMonster.stone_golem = patch to script. stone_golem script: In npcgrp.dat you can see examples of patch to script with prefix _20_bi & _30_bi or _10_sm Let we see text of script with prefix _20_b ( for example banshee_20_bi ): We can see new line. DrawScale = 1.20 ( 1.00 = 100% of size ). Your npc will be 20% bigger. You can use LineageMonster.banshee_20_bi to your NPC ( patch to script ) and not LineageMonster.stone_golem => your gremlin will be 20% bigger => _20_bi = _20%_big New example: LineageMonster.blade_stakato_soldier_10_sm => your NPC will be 10% smaller. In total, you can edit only patch to script, but be careful.
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    So I was bored again... L2jRest is a RESTful API for L2j It is created for latest aCis but you should be able to adapt it is you wanna use it for other projects. L2jRest is an open source project licensed under MIT. You can find the source here: https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jRest Why use it? You can use the data of your server in your website You can create an account control panel with it You can expose data to your community to allow them to make third party apps Technical stuff It is written in Kotlin. It is using the Ktor framework. Ktor is using coroutines to achieve asynchronous request handling. It is very efficient and very fast. It is using Netty as the underlying server. It is written in a CQRS manner with query handlers for get endpoints and command handlers for post, put, patch, delete etc. It is using Koin as the IoC framework. How to setup Download and install Intellij IDEA Git clone the project and open it with Intellij Run the build Gradle task. It is configured to create a fat jar with all the dependencies included Paste the jar in your project, add it in your classpath and add the following line at the bottom of your Gameserver.java: L2jRestApi.INSTANCE.start(); Running the gameserver will also run the api. It is running under port 6969 How to extend it All you need to do if you wanna add more endpoints is to add a new handler and then add the Get, Post etc annotation depending on what endpoint you want this to be. Current endpoints: http://localhost:6969/api/players http://localhost:6969/api/players/{id} A couple of endpoint examples Endpoints: http://localhost:6969/api/players Response: { players: [ { "id": 268480927, "name": "Test", "level": 1, "isOnline": false, "pvpKills": 0, "pkKills": 0, "isNobless": false }, { "id": 268480924, "name": "Test2", "level": 1, "isOnline": true, "pvpKills": 0, "pkKills": 0, "isNobless": false } ] } Endpoint: http://localhost:6969/api/players/268480927 Response: { "id": 268480927, "name": "Test", "level": 1, "isOnline": false, "pvpKills": 0, "pkKills": 0, "isNobless": false } Currently it just supports two endpoints and no authentication. I am planning to add more endpoints and ApiKey based auth tomorrow. If you can't be arsed to build the project yourself but you wanna take a look anyway you can download the jar here
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    You are wrong. To be an L2J Developer in 2k19 very profitable. Money rowing by shovel. I already bought b#tches and villa in the Bahamas. I can transfer for you my staffer status if you need money. I am not greedy. Trust me. I talking trully truth.
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    Hello maxcheaters ! I'm looking forward to having great time with you guys
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    Hello, i would like to introduce my Vray Event Engine which is a completely new engine. There will be new updates every week and new features such as Title & Achievement System Vray will be a standard high quality choice for all owners of any type project (L2J, Frozen, aCis, Mobius e.t.c) Current version: 1.1 (Last Build 7/22/2019) Updates: 1.0 - Engine released. 1.1 - Added split team type configuration. You can split teams like: Shuffle, None, PvP's, Healers 1.2 - Added new Event: TvT Fornite Style (TFN) Features of engine: 1. Map System (You're able to create different map for each event. Upon start the event picks a random map) 2. Reconnect System (If config allow reconnect for the specific event, upon disconnect your info will be stored. When you get back online, server asks you if you want to rejoin the event) 3. Scheduler (Using the scheduler you can set hour, minute even day for events. You can schedule event holder without id and scheduler will categorize it as a random event. You can also as i mentioned pick day. By default every event is Daily. The events will start exactly the hour and minute you set without waiting. If for instance you set CTF to start at 15:00 it will start exactly at 15:00 without any delay) 4. Simultaneously (One or more events can run at the same time. This mean you can set at the same time CTF & TvT to start. Players will be able to pick which event they want to participate to) 5. Observers (Each event can have observers depend on the configuration. Upon event start on observers tab of the Manager, the event will appear with the time remaining of the event and the number of players. Players outside event can enter as observers and view the event). 6. Point System (Each event give an amount of points that is visible on the registration page for each player. You can use this point system for your server for exchanges e.t.c). 7. Reload Config (You can reload event configuration and scheduler using admin command live) Current Events 1. CTF (Capture the flag) 2. DM (Deathmatch) 3. KOTH (King of the hill) 4. LUCKY (Lucky Chest) 5. MUTANT (Mutant zombie) 6. SIMON (Simon Says) 7. TvT (Team vs Team) 8. TvTFornite (Team vs Team Fornite Style) Note: Those event's are implemented by default. V-ray engine will have new event in the next version. Some of them are listed bellow Vray Events(Update) 1. RACE (Racing) 2. STP (Save The Princess) Reconnect System: A Sample event [KOTH]: People who gonna buy the engine will get the new events for free in the next update. Please contact me here (PM) if you're interest to buy my engine or ask further information with your skype. New Event (TvT Fornite Style) Preview: Price: 50e Payments: Paypal, Western Union, E-banking
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    so its terribly looking, 70clics to scroll, but it at least updates itself saving you from 1 manual click LUL edit: what about use cases of that, who would actually stare on self updated rank list which takes 70% of screen? i would say majority gives it a quick glance after pvp and close right after, doubt anyone would even notice something changed midway :D
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    - Functions - Exclusive Layout - Programming in PHP PDO - Anti Inject - Rankings Standards - User panel page with donations & unlock function char - Server Status - Script - Players Online - Register account - Recover password - Pages stylized and configured - Majority of information is within the connect / conect.php - Required SQL statements within the site - PSDS the logo editable - Visual Site V.1.0 the site was built intended to be objective and organized, so is a light and elegant site - Account Register The website has a whole record done in PDO, with email and SSN, for those who do not remember SSN is a code that the system generates, is used to recover the password if you lose it... - Password Recovery The system uses login, email and SSN for password recovery, only with all the information the player will be able to modify the password. - Ranking System The main rankings are: 1. PVP 2. PK 3. HEROES 4. CASTLE SIEGE 5. RAID BOSSES Download:[Hidden Content] Credits: Upug
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    Μα τ παναγια αυτο κοιταζα τωρα, ημουν ετοιμος να ποσταρω αυτο το πραγμα αλλα λεω ασε γιατι θα πεσει δραμα παλι. + votaline variable ετσι να ειναι σιγουρος για τo synchronization :'( Υ.Γ synchronized(VoteManager.class) εγω θα κανω synchronized(5+5) για να κανω τις προσθεσεις μου απο εδω κ περα :'(
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    Hallo guys i want to share files Grand Crusade, i can't give information about it, but you can try this file or you can use it to your server for fix something No Backdoor , is a CLEAN FILE !! enjoyed Download : https://mega.nz/#!6dYWUKjZ System Grand Crusade Protocol EU Clean : https://mega.nz/#!OcJQUYzL!8u1aMIpJL7uv5fEb225_yJgiXfSN_FJg3yOX2B3BrLs Password Mega Keys : [Hidden Content]
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    Hello, Guys today i gonna share you my interface which got stolen from some of brazilian guys the reason i share it is they trying to sell it to other people and they ofcrouse saying to people that dont have idea that this interface and features made by them as we all know people diying for money so i would like to share the current version with the community members all features will be listed below i hope you will like it enjoy it Features: Costumized Mini map From Higher Chronicles Creator Neophron Costumized Skill bars up to 5 Auto Skills Spam Auto Buffs Auto Use Potions Elixir/CP/MP Auto Use Potions Magic Pot/Haste Pot/Attack Pot Casting Skill Bar Critical Damage / Ressisted on Screen Hold Target / Ignore Agression Buff sizes x24 to x16 Debuff + time Custom HP/CP/MP Status Bar copied from Author Savo Custom Macro system auto spaming Macros with right click if u press on it Customized Darkdelux HP/CP/MP Bar Preview: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant and much more this is the oldest version of the interface TIP: dont get scammed by these two people T3ddy / DM Moshpit those brazilian people was trying to sell the interface for a huge amount of money but mostly people got informed already Credits: Neophron Elfen Darkdelux Savo Download Link: [Hidden Content] Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    mmo-gold.com < LINK HERE!░░░░ ░░░░░ONLY BEST PRICES AND OFFERS !!!░░░░░░░░ ░WTB/WTS ADENA / CHARACTERS / ITEMS on SERVERS: ░░░ (!) ask in the web chat things you are <mmo-gold,com> ░░░ ░░░ interested in (sets,weapons, epic, talismans) ░░░ ░░░ we can help you in the search <mmo-gold.com> ░░░ ░░░ talkin island giran aden gludio skelth chronos naia zaken freya ░░░ ░░░ core+ramona tiat gamecoast l2classic.club l2elixir rpg club ░░░ ░░░ e-global l2dragon l2pandora l2warland l2devil l2world l2dex ░░░ (!) if you do not find your server in the list let us know we will find suppliers and add it to the list ↓↓↓↓if u want sell offers on ↓↓↓↓ https://mmo-gold.com/want-to-sell/ PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL WEBMONEY VISA MASTERCARD SKRILL BITCOIN QIWI YANDEX.MONEY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    WTS Coins (COL) 0.50e each, server is selling them for 1e each, atm 1 coin costs 17m adena in game. So it's 1e = 34m adena. Find me on skype Soil231 or message me here, using only paypal.
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    Hello, Guys since i saw many people have fps issues and they have bad computers i gonna share today with u one patch this patch is totally clean without many edits better fps in mass fights less lag :) Download Link: [Hidden Content] Password: Hool1ganFCDD in order to download the patch you have to reply on this topic NOTE: Spam replies will be deleted and the member will be warned Author Hool1gan
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    eu https://en.aion.gameforge.com/website/ na https://www.aiononline.com/ dokimase eu
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    http://L2shop.info - always available and at a good price! -ADENA (Need supplier on all servers!!!) -PWLVL available TI from 1 to 76 * Giran from 1 to 76 * Aden from 1 to 80 CHARACTERS -ITEMS -EPICS -Passage of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd profession (class trasfering quests) ON THE ALL NA/EU/RU/FREE SERVER Top servers: Talking Island GIRAN ADEN GLUDIO L2Elixir.com x3 L2E-Global Interlude Final x7 [Skelth] / [L2E-Global.com Interlude Final x7] / [GameCoast.net x5 FENRIR] / L2Era x50] / [L2E-Global.com GvE] / [KetraWars x1] / [L2ERA x25] / [L2lionna x15] /[L2Classic.Club x3] / [ GameCoast x3] / [GameCoast x10] / [Asterios.tm x7] / [Beyond.lt x3] / [KetraWars.net x1] / [Naia] / [Core] / [Chronos] / [Paagrio] / [Gran Kain] / [Shillien] / [Einhasad] and many others - FAST! QUALITY! SAFE! Ask all the questions you can via live chat on our website - http://L2shop.info!
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    Hello I'm sharing something that made some simple changes and build some parts of a clean and well written system of an event. Initial Messages: Search for commandname-e in your system and add at the end of it 115 114 register 116 115 unregister Code : https://pastebin.com/YRaCbU9T Author for the new event Williams Author of the original code DnR
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    I dont know if im in right section . im lookiing for some one to create me a good clan crest + ally. High quality . pm me or leave your skype in commends
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    Yeah i know that sh*t... They request something and then they forgot to continue posting their requests...
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    @V-Ray next time i see something related against someones nationality or origin, I'll call a Super Moderator. Watch your mouth. Warned.
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    He doesn't even added me, so why should i post a crest? I dont know any informations about it.
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    he probably choose wrong l2.exe to stream, we all know they are corrupted
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    Η αμηχανη στιγμη που τα γυαλια ειναι πιο εξυπνα απο τον @Designatix :'(
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    Hello guys, this is one of my first interlude GM Shop, and i want to share it with you. To download click HERE
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    Top RaidBoss for all chronicles. Sounds. Effects. Skills attacks. Unique animations. Your server logo: YES. Write me: Skype: Support_La2-Pro ICQ: 634 024 371 Personal messages. + available for sale:
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    Nice quality, great support :)
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    Amazing work Elfo, i didn't know you wree working on another engine until i read all the comments, i was adapting l2jroboto to work with low server rates, just for testing and was working great on acis 370.
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    What is: Another Perfect Interface for H5 Infinitely zoom + when clicking the scroll wheel does not reset the camera When u targeting someone shows the class -2 Additional panels Unique Character creation menu Inventory and other things Lobby looks like Freya style Author : Savo read the readme before installing The author recommends to put on monitors with Full HD resolution. Download : Part 1 - PatchSavoMovie.part1.rar Part 2 - PatchSavoMovie.part2.rar If you need to systemchat \ macros \ socket Interface.rar I'm Sharing it because many people looking for those unique things Also if you will face any problem with this interface let me know so i can contact the author
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    In September yes. Close the topic. big thanks to NevesOma
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    Hello again cheaters. - An simple limit zone for the raidbosses. (Works as "Anti-Take-Away" the Raidbosses) - You can use the @melron code to create easy that zones (Code Here ). - I know can be done with just the boss spawn location and threadpool but i prefer use zone for it. Code : [Hidden Content]
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    this guide will go over how to adapt effects and skills from higher chronicles and import them through interlude [Hidden Content] try and delete EditPackages=UnrealEd EditPackages=IpDrv EditPackages=UWeb EditPackages=GamePlay EditPackages=GUI EditPackages=Runtime EditPackages=RTInterface
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    You're such a fangirl. Just because something was good back in the day doesn't mean it's still good. But you are still using SAP so there is not much to expect from you anyway. Fun fact. I am the developer of 2 of the biggest interlude servers right now and I have been for the past 2 years. Guess what? In both servers we have really fancy UI and really good UX. You know why? Because people love it. PS: When everybody is telling you the same thing then it's most likely that you're the wrong one not the rest of the world.
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    Hello Maxcheaters! I would like to share some Patched Systems and File Editors. [Hidden Content]
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    Fast, trusted and good services, I had a problem but it was on my side, so I apologize to SGuard company.
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    Great and original work! Personally, I loved the camel one. Gl with your sales
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    Honestly, I'm still waiting for a decent, cosmetic+QoL donation only, low rate Classic server. The official servers suck ass, and there's a good amount of players looking for a good project to invest some time in. Classic.club is still going strong even after all these years and they manage to keep people while still only having 2.0 patch. This does look a bit different then all the other cookie-cutter x15 classic servers. But honestly, after logging in and seeing how many game breaking bugs exist in your files, I don't know how you plan to deliver a good server in 3 weeks.
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    bro, your friends are shit programmers and you're a shit sys admin then. db setup for all l2off which exists; step 1 create db lin2db create db lin2world create db lin2log (if you plan on using log server) ignore all other dbs cuz no one uses them and comm server is insecure step 2 run lin2db sql script run lin2world sql script run lin2log sql script (if you plan on using log server) step 3 create odbc file dsn for lin2db (can skip this step if using hAuthD) create odbc file dsn for lin2world create odbc file dsn for lin2log (if you plan on using log server) step 4 run the fucking server and type in your dsn names and user/pass jesus fuck man how the fuck can you not do that in 10 min? you come here with your dumbass dick measuring "I HAVE A TEAM OF HIGH END PROGRAMMERS" "I WAS PART OF ONE OF THE FIRST L2 SERVERS EVER <inserts name of server no one's heard of>" "IM A SYS ADMIN AND CANT DO IT" fucking get over yourself, you are not looking to play with a few buddies and neither is any retard around here who says they are, they all want to make $$$ and think they can get a free meal ticket to it EVEN WHEN THERE'S FREE SHIT ALL AROUND YOU this is a fucking topic with the SOURCE FUCKING CODE of an amazing fully working almost bug free fucking extender and that's STILL not enough??? FOR YOUR TEAM OF HIGH END PROGRAMMERS??? THEY CAN'T HIT A FUCKIN BUILD BUTTON IN VISUAL STUDIO?? give me a fuckin break guys what the fuck, talkin shit about "wahwahwah the games gonna die if u dont give me free files" inside a fucking topic with free fucking files in it what on earth is wrong with people and i dont even like advext or their team but that whiney ass shit just annoys the fuck out of me, and @Remorseadmin advext is fuckin expensive, i'm not saying they're not allowed to be it's their product they can set whatever price they want but lol @ "skilled and not expensive"
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