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    Hello, Guys today i gonna share you my interface which got stolen from some of brazilian guys the reason i share it is they trying to sell it to other people and they ofcrouse saying to people that dont have idea that this interface and features made by them as we all know people diying for money so i would like to share the current version with the community members all features will be listed below i hope you will like it enjoy it Features: Costumized Mini map From Higher Chronicles Creator Neophron Costumized Skill bars up to 5 Auto Skills Spam Auto Buffs Auto Use Potions Elixir/CP/MP Auto Use Potions Magic Pot/Haste Pot/Attack Pot Casting Skill Bar Critical Damage / Ressisted on Screen Hold Target / Ignore Agression Buff sizes x24 to x16 Debuff + time Custom HP/CP/MP Status Bar copied from Author Savo Custom Macro system auto spaming Macros with right click if u press on it Customized Darkdelux HP/CP/MP Bar Preview: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant and much more this is the oldest version of the interface TIP: dont get scammed by these two people T3ddy / DM Moshpit those brazilian people was trying to sell the interface for a huge amount of money but mostly people got informed already Credits: Neophron Elfen Darkdelux Savo Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    Dear, Users since many people requested for this version trought pms i wanna just share it here it's been a long time i was getting to many pms so here you are now.. Download Link: [Hidden Content] Full interface description: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ktmz9kueQOTmlhUElNVS1DN1U/view Update 2.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MBKWtJSGiIoJl5zjfEf_OltTRzmeZ0tg/view Promo- video: https://bymerc.xyz/deadz DEADZ OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Reply to see the Download Links replies like Ty,Wow,good,cool will be deleted and you will be warned without any warning.
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    Hello, Guys today i would like to share you something unique i know many people was looking for free good H5 Community boards since on community there are few shared and old i will share you this unique L2Dorn Community Board includes it's not my work it's shared for mxc users - PSD + all scripts Server Side & Client Side If you need to change default logo to your - write me in skype Support_La2-Pro Previews Download: Link = DOWNLOAD to get the password of the archive Like my 1st post send me pm and reply in topic..
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    L2Tower PvP Suite all the scripts (Auto Enchant, auto argumento, auto quest, auto join olys , auto pvp, auto cleance, auto ress, auto assist, auto pk and much more) Use //cfg or /cfg ou .cfg for normal menu Use /p for suite menu Download: [Hidden Content] To use the bot, it is not necessary to update it only from an account in the l2tower forum, I will leave a server where the bot works perfectly: L2Lords 100x
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    Dear, Cheaters today i would love to share with you a detailed interface i've fixed a lot of bugs and changed a lot of things since me & Iordanov are 6 years Friends he told me share it clean w/o bugs the reason we do this is because a Brazilian person T3ddy & Moshpit selling on black market the current version but they are kinda stupid since interface not work on 80% of servers with smartguard people pming me to fix their thing but since they bought it from other hands i no offer any support to them lets start Note: we are not responsible if interface not works on some protected servers you want bypass? buy it and we can disccus about it. Some Screens.. Shows in different Row Domi/WC/Ressists/simple buffs Shows Debuffs in Seperate Row Options: Party Classes / & New Party Icons Auto Assist 1st Ma 2nd Ma Classic Mini Map: KeyBinds: Invite/Dismiss/Changepartyleader/trade Shows Enemy casted skills Skill Gauge Debuffs & Timer Olympiad Damage Calculator Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    yaw, Guys im back Again and this time i bring you V Interface with full Functions because many people have big mouth and talking a lot i would prove them that i can do anything i like since they prove me wrong so lets start some pictures Infos: Every feature working perfect without any problems lets see who gonna get mad after this good luck using it guys hf Features: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant Auto Macros Usage Fast Items Deletion trought Inventory Auto Farm = Bot Debuffs & Timer Olympiad Damage Calculator and much more what are you waiting for? Try it now! [Hidden Content] Information: d3c.dll file was a bypass to work on protected servers since it's not working anymore just delete it and good to go few antiviruses may dedect it as a virus u can avoid it and just delete that file Cheers
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    - Functions - Exclusive Layout - Programming in PHP PDO - Anti Inject - Rankings Standards - User panel page with donations & unlock function char - Server Status - Script - Players Online - Register account - Recover password - Pages stylized and configured - Majority of information is within the connect / conect.php - Required SQL statements within the site - PSDS the logo editable - Visual Site V.1.0 the site was built intended to be objective and organized, so is a light and elegant site - Account Register The website has a whole record done in PDO, with email and SSN, for those who do not remember SSN is a code that the system generates, is used to recover the password if you lose it... - Password Recovery The system uses login, email and SSN for password recovery, only with all the information the player will be able to modify the password. - Ranking System The main rankings are: 1. PVP 2. PK 3. HEROES 4. CASTLE SIEGE 5. RAID BOSSES Download:[Hidden Content] Credits: Upug
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    Hello strangers i share a simple community board for lucera 2 with PSD files and the editing textures programms for do your changes with one simple guide, for use it in another interlude server files you have to make the bypass or put your owns for that i am giving you PSD files for do your changes and put your own scripts mods. Preview: Download Link 1 : 4Shared Download Link 2 : MediaFire P.S For get the password you have to send me a private messege and please do not spam the topic.
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    Hello, Cheaters! once again im gonna share something good for the community Clan Icons: Party Icons: Auto Assist: New & Old All Functions: Auto Assist Self Target Pressing "C" Auto Use Skills Auto Macros Auto Noblesse/Arcane Power etc Damage on Screen Classic Damage Ressisted HP MP CP Auto Potions CP/HP/MP/Elixirs Classic Casting Bar Buff Size 16-20-24-30 and much more.. Credits for Damage on screen OpalSnow Download Link: [Hidden Content]
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    with "/loc" on the server you can see coords L2smr: https://mega.nz/file/58dFwIqD#HUvF7i6yRiro1R4lf1gDqCcPGzf9vrdeA2P_LrZUlmw by acmi Effects: https://mega.nz/file/ElMQWAhK#8NzPBvQr-ZcZBqMphxg00sIjjGXCZET9D9NhbEcsORA by me 1Efectos.Jewel_simboll1s 1Efectos.Jewel_simboll 1Efectos.O_E_symbol_001s 1Efectos.O_E_symbol_002s 1Efectos.O_E_symbol_003s 1Efectos.Weapon_symbol 1Efectos.Shield_symbol clientdev command used: "slomo 33" super speed "slomo 1" normal speed "open 17_20" load map "settime" do at night
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    Hello, i want to share this tool for L2J servers Not my work, It was made by tReXpert It's a tool for make multisell. You can: - drag and drop items - choose how many items needed for - save and more.. Some screens: Virus Total: Virus Total Link: [Hidden Content]
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    Hello there.. Here is my buffer from my old server.. (Main html made by protoftw) What's inside? Mage | Fighter set [config] Buffs/Dance/Song/Extra etc one by one Special buffs + Malaria Vote buff [If you want it, you can enable it, config] Scheme Buffer Code Preview > [Hidden Content] Code/HTML/XML > [Hidden Content]
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    how out of touch someone has to be to call it fake? basic biology education teaches about viruses and bacteria we had hundreds of these in human history and new will come after this one. It didn't had to be created in the lab (but ofc could), viruses mutate/evolve in the wild just like anything other than rock, it really doesn't take a lot for something non-harmful become deadly in few mutation cycles. Conspiracy theories are mostly spread by lack of education.
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    Some of my clients asked me for this password verify <?php // get user's password $login_password = 'test'; // get database stored password $database_hash = '$2a$10$jt2cDlmJyE3odEBX.AC4LeKlCx.KddbwOBOadXfFRzcj.UKiAJ7TW'; // compare values and proceed if (password_verify($login_password, $database_hash)) { // on success echo 'pass ok, login the user here'; } else { // on failure echo 'pass fail, do another action'; } password hash <?php // password coming from a form $register_password = "test"; // generate hash password $hashed_password = password_hash($register_password, PASSWORD_DEFAULT); // proceed to store into database .. ?> credits @Nightw0lf
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    I'm offering L2J services, you can contact with me if you want something you have in mind or ask me anything. I'm working only for Interlude (Java, Database, HTML, Client). Here its one list with ready add-ons for Interlude and prices: - API VoteManager : Preview (Price : 30€) Note : Personal Vote Manager for : (L2Topzone, L2Hopzone, L2Network, L2Top.co, MMOTop.eu, L2.TopGameServer.net & L2TopServers.com) - Augment System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : You can add any augment skill on any level. - Skill Enchant System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Codex Mastery : On failed keep the enchant value | Codex Donate 100% success. - Champion Level System : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Each time you kill an champion monster it will level up on next spawn. On the final level you can setup to spawn any Raidboss (or random from list). - Timed Farming Zone : Preview (Price : 15€) Note : Setup monster of your farming zone to spawn on spesific time's of the day for your duration time of your wish. - ClanHall Contract System : Preview (Price : 30€) Note : If you are owner of a clanhall you can trade it with other players for anything. - Achievement System : Preview (Price : 35€) Note : Current list have 52 different achievements with unlimited stage each Flexible to add your own achievement. Contact: Skype : StinkyMadness11 Discord : StinkyMadness#6783 MaxCheaters : Private Message Payment Methods: Paypal, Skrill
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    Inventory Skillbar & ACP & Auto Use Skills Auto Macros Custom Party look & Display Noblesse New EXP Bar + Menu bar Auto Enchant / Auto Augment etc. PVP/PK Count and much more to see debuffs on party you should press alt + F and alt + F to disable this version has not a lot stuff not even Classic Damage on screen removed because people requested so it's clean without this such stuff also contains skillgrp for people who have weak comptuers Download: [Hidden Content]
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    Hey guys if you are doing a project from the scratch and looking for a way to connect community board with the htmls i think this is a good way to do it even though there are many ways! I am just giving the idea here so please don't flame with better codes and stuff :) I will do this in l2j mobious H5, i think it works mostly in all packs but let me know if it does not. 1) So you basically you are gonna create a new custom script that will extend Quest, in this case I named it CBnpcs.java (scripts/custom/CommunityNpcs/CBnpcs.java) 2) Set the ids of our custom npcs 3) You have to add them on firsttalk , talk, startnpc each one separately just like bellow 4) Then the link where you have stored your htmls 5) So if you want to create more npcs connecting them to CB you can simply copy and paste the else ifs and set more ids 6) Some packs i think require the scripts to be registered on scripts.cfg so do that as well if you own such pack package custom.CommunityNpcs; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.cache.HtmCache; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.handler.CommunityBoardHandler; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.L2Npc; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.actor.instance.L2PcInstance; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.model.quest.Quest; import com.l2jmobius.gameserver.network.serverpackets.NpcHtmlMessage; /** * @author -Invoke */ public class CBnpcs extends Quest { private static final int Merchant = 36621; private static final int Gatekeeper = 36622; public CBnpcs(int questId) { super(questId); addFirstTalkId(Merchant); addFirstTalkId(Gatekeeper); // addTalkId(Merchant); addTalkId(Gatekeeper); // addStartNpc(Merchant); addStartNpc(Gatekeeper); } @Override public String onFirstTalk(L2Npc npc, L2PcInstance player) { final int npcId = npc.getId(); String mainhtml = HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/main.html"); if (npcId == Merchant) { String html = HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/merchant/main.html"); CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(html, player); } else if (npcId == Gatekeeper) { String html = HtmCache.getInstance().getHtm(player, "data/html/CommunityBoard/Custom/gatekeeper/main.html"); CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(html, player); } CommunityBoardHandler.separateAndSend(mainhtml, player); return ""; } public static void main(final String[] args) { new CBnpcs(-1); LOGGER.info("COMMYNITY NPCS LOADED"); } }
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    Good Evening MxC Community, I would like to introduce you my latest update Interface remaked/reworked based on my own gameplay style. Why im showing you this? simply im open in any suggestions to improve it. Ill try to update as fast i can. My own FA version.:v4.7.11. dont bother to ask for it, i wont share it yet. Main Screenshot: Commands in game: ALT+Q Insta kick from game. ALT+Right click on party member switch up/down positions. Ctrl+ALT+Click to Delete Insta any Item. ALT+Z to Open/Close Auto Assist. Shift+Ctrl+Right click #1stMA. Shift+Ctrl+Left click #2ndMA. Shift+Ctrl+ H to enable Hold Target Shift+Ctrl+ I to enable Ignore Target Shift+Ctrl+Click on Buff to Copy as Saved buff (if you get cancel it shows you in seperate line as canceled) 5 shortcut bar: Hide shortcut Numbers On/Off Option: Invisible Shortcut On/Off Option: Auto Spam Buff/Nuke Skills Bar: Hide & On/Off Option: 3/6/9 Macro Bar: Show POV Skill Reuse Time: Noble/Hero Status Mark: Class Symbol & PvP/PK Counter: 20Lvl:Rogue 40Lvl:Hawkeye 76Lvl:Sagittarius Fully Custom Mini Map: Macro Pannel: Auto Toggle Macro Skills: Summoner Interface: Skills Enchant: Auto Augment System: Auto Enchant System: Auto Assist System & Colors on 1st and 2nd MA: Show HP Bar On Players & Mobs: Self & Party Buff Option System: Buff System: Lines: 1:Attack/Defense 2:Ressist 3:Songs 4:Dances 5:Chosen ones 16Pixel 20Pixel 24 Pixel Debuffs & Party Debuff in Separate Line + Timer: Shows Canceled Buff in Separate Line: Clan Pannel & Activity in Main Screen: Channel Command Pannel: Classic Effect System: Heal, Cp, Damage, Exp. Critical Dmg, Magic Crit Dmg. Custom Casting Skill Bar With Colors: Built-In Bot Pannel: Custom Class POV Icons: Auto Potions: Monument of Heroes: Store: Private Store: Exchange: Quest Pannel: Iventory: Status Panne: Symbol Drawing Panne: Interface Options Pannel: Red Screen when HP goes to low:
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    Two Factions , An Endless War. Which Side Will You Choose? Koofs Vs Noobs - CoronaVirus Version (GvE Style) Since Coronavirus is spreading around the globe all of us have to do our best and stay inside to avoid the virus spread. Staying inside is boring for all of us, but its a must in this situation. In order to make our time in house more joyfull we will open the Koofs Vs Noobs CoronaVirus Version. A good vs evil like server with fast progress in order to provide a fun and not so hard gameplay to all of us. All players will start with the top armors and weapons and all rates will be 100%. Server progress will be unlimited but the more you progress the harder will get! And Also Castle Siege Events With 300 Euro Payouts For The Victorious Clan! 24 hours pvp , no farm , fascinating rotating pvp zones! Koofs vs Noobs will fight each other day and night in order to gain their lost respect! Are you ready to feel the excitement? 20 March 2020 Website: https://www.L2Mafia.net Koofs vs Noobs CoronaVirus Version Info: https://www.l2mafia.net/kvn-coronavirus/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/L2mafia.net/
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    That for Complete this source : 1. Mods Files + RPS : Here 2. Forum Files using SMF Community alt + b : Here 3. Pages Files Community Board for Complete the Action : Here 4. And more you can PM me for it if you want using this source for Live Server and this gameserverjar : Here Woalaaa no missing html / event / etc for this source ..
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    Links: Forum: http://l2jhellas.com/ New Svn: https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/src/master/ New Timeline: https://bitbucket.org/NickAbsolutePower/l2jhellas/commits/ Old Timeline: https://www.assembla.com/spaces/l2hellas/subversion/commits/list How can you help? Everyone can become a part of the project! The first step is to register in our forum(links above) and give us feedback(Suggestions,ideas). Bug reports and custom patches from users are welcomed as well. That way you will help us grow stronger and keep providing you a stable and free interlude pack.
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    Topic moved! If you want to create a topic at marketplace you have to be more specific with what you want to buy... Also before you buy something try to do good market research!
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    Hello Guys!! As the title said, here are the screenshot of this server (who failed twice this year) and links: So basically this pack is almost the same as L2Ava, but this server have some other stuff added like Auto cp, hp... etc. Here are the links: Enjoy it!! Updated: Added .sh files for gameserver on Compiled pack and sources pack.
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    Hello dear users and future customers. So as composition our team slightly changed, I decided to personally create topic. Many know our team, someone heard, someone else does not know :) We would like to present our updated emulator High Five part 5! And also to offer favorable conditions for purchase of our emulator and further cooperation! Development has resumed and is already quite a long time. A huge number of global changes have been made to core itself, geoengine, AI, scripts, packages and much more. You can see changes [ timeline ] on our forums. ---> For all questions you can contact: ICQ - 397086629 / Skype <--- Main advantages of our emulator and team: -> Stable core, no lags and freezes with minimal resource requirements. -> Availability to configure server for any rates due to the large number of configs. [ Download configs ] -> Easy to adapt add-ons. -> Informative community board with a large number of services. -> Emulator is adapted for Strix-Guard; -> Emulator is adapted for CMS. -> Prompt technical support, problem solving up to 24 hours*! -> Adequacy, integrity and friendliness. A broader description can be found on our forum [RU] and [ENG] Prices / Conditions: -> [ View options ] Writing scripts / mods / add-ons for any source and any chronicles (according to your technical task): -> Writing scripts [ from 10 Euro/hour ] -> Mods and add-ons: [ negotiated personally ] -> Adaptation of protection mods: Free for [ Expanded ] and [ All Inclusive ] options Bonuses / Promotions / Loyalty: If you have already become our customer -> Provide [ 10% discount ] on interfaces from EMU-DEV command -> Provide [ 10% discount ] on protection Strix-Platform for your server -> Provide [ 10% discount ] for services to scripting -> Provide [ 50% discount ] when global update on "Standart" option All information, prices and conditions are current at the time of publication. Detailed information can be found on our forum https://l2jeternity.com *Additional time may be required to test/validate/recreate error.
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    Lineage II Lineage 2 High Five $Revision: #268 $ LANG: EUROPE download - https://clck.ru/Mo49C <<< L2.exe + Engine.dll + Core.dll unpacked themida ( NOGG) off game guard [ [patched] rsa ] unpacked - AlisaCodeDragon Gamehacklab-Developer / REVERSECODE-TEAM
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    Hello, there i had many pms about sharing something totally clean by Owners/Players so i decided share Interface Clean w/o any modifications like Auto Augment Enchant etc.. Previews: ACP Damage On Screen Miss/Ressisted etc. Heal/CP Display.. EXP Download: [Hidden Content] if you have Download Problems Reply so i can update my Links Credits: OpalSnow for the Damage on Screen Job Enjoy!
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    Bring to you the full version of the best available l2 encyclopedia...info about recipes mats monsters raids quests anything you want and only 11mb! Regards NS [Hidden Content]
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    14 years in business, 9 years on maxcheaters, buy from trusted! WTS Adena on Official server Lineage Essence EU Blue + Red LEGIT ADENA NO ASI WIN NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 1KK = 0,28Eur Current stock: 125KK - BLUE Current stock: 44KK - RED Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1 WTS Adena on Interlude x3 server RaidFight.eu LEGIT ADENA NO ADRENALINE!! Sell Price: 1KK = 0,5Eur Current stock: 100KK Skype: asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1
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    +1 for xzone, he atleast clearn his website from trash servers
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    mi kaneis teleport me ton admin, 50 euro. pio poles leptomeries opws pas sto giatro kai les simptwmata px den tou les eisai arwstos xairw poli... ti pack exeis kai genikotera ti npc einai auto kapoion kwdika kapio video kapio error log
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    Καλησπέρα σε όλους. Τι γίνετε εδώ μέσα πολλές αλλαγές βλέπω . ΥΓ: Σε rank εννοώ .
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    Im creating a new event/contest, so 2 winners will have the opportunity to get gold membership at Maxcheaters.com We are going to make a huge forum cleanup , and we need your help! What you should do to be a part on this: (any of these) Report wrong section topics. Report outdated/dead Stickies and suggest new updated stickies in any section. (Or update them and pm any staffer to replace them with your name) Report spam posts to be removed. Report insults, swears and any forum violation topics/posts to be removed. Report wrong bumbs to be removed. Report members/scammers to be banned or punished. Update or add any rule you think is missing and pm any staffer to add/replace our forum rules. Report topics that need to be locked. Report Outdated topics ((and or pm any staffer with updated contents to be updated). Report dead links , (and or pm any staffer with updated links to be updated). All these reports AND ONLY for this event MUST be posted --> HERE <---- with links. Give us massive links! Depending on your reports/efford , we will decide the finals gold team for our staffers! Event will end in 10/05/2020.
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    WTS DDos Server without any script or mod or patch modification. VPS - max 1500 Players Online 4 Core CPU (4 x 2.20 GHz) 8 GB RAM 40 GB SSD 10 Gbps bandwidth with unlimited network traffic 1000% Guarantee DDos Protection. 100% Money back guarantee Free test available! Price 200 Euro
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    Hey man, we get it, you are a real pro, and I genuinely envy your skills in this matter. So here's a suggestion - why not just do the work you've complained MasterToma is doing wrong and stfu? You'll show the world who's the boss and we won't need to ignore your whining. Win-win.
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    Just to make this super clear. - I only do projects that people publicly share the download link - I will only do this when I feel like it
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    Hello strangers, today i decided to share with you for free my custom community board for interlude with custom frame that i was selling in marketplace before. This version including editing Tools, PSD for edit Community Board texture [ BoardWnd.board_back2 ], a simple custom interface with damage on screen, xml boardwnd if you are using your own interface you have to compile your interface with my boardwnd you will find inside Editing Textures folder all tools that you need. + boardwnd.xml Location [ Editing Textures\xdat\target\xml\window ]. PREVIEW HOW TO ADD YOUR SERVER INFORMATION TO L2UI_CH3 TEXTURE 1) Open " PSD " Folder open " BoardWnd.board_back2.psd ". 2) Add your own LOGO and server information. 3) Save it as BoardWnd.board_back2.DDS file type and then DXT3. 4) Open L2tool that you will find inside Folder "Editing Textures". 5) Import to [ utx ] '" L2UI_CH3.utx " that you will find inside client folder Client/Systextures. 6) Import to [ img ] BoardWnd.board_back2.DDS. 7) And then Press [ set ] DOWNLOAD LINKS: MediaFire | 4Shared For get the password you have to send me a private message.
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    I'll give you definitions for each project: aCis: Stands for - A Constant Irritating Splooge, is the project that renamed more classes and methods than the sum of each individual star in our galaxy. Although its pretty good and close to retail like unlike other projects, does not provide any custom and the owner who is a french cuteness slut applies a freemium system which mean you have to buy for few buck to gain access in latest version else you will be 10 revs back (no that you care much cause the next 10 rev will be just renames). Frozen: Did you ever have a girl in high-school that was average speaking of body and no smart but good in sex? Frozen is the same scenario here. Full of problems and bugs frozen leads community since 2011 with shitty, 2 hours homemade servers who have 100% anti-ddos, 100% balance and 100% zone that change every 1 hour. The only advantage you enjoy is the mess of customizations even tho 90% of them does not work and the splitted configurations which will make your cerebellar cortex to commit suicide. Hellas: Consider i paused Jim Carrey's movie cause i found this project funnier. Hellas was a project developed by Boorinio and a guy who sell shared packs in L2Topzone and they only cared for custom content. Event Engine and other stuff were nicely done but many problems occured. It's not suggested for live server and the developed has stopped years now. JServer: If you have a friend who constantly sit in a corner avoiding speaking while you and your friends talk for girls and cars yet he is smart, thats the thing with this project. Quite yet strong. That was the base of all project's above. Developed by L2J team, it was the first emulator ever existed in Lineage 2. Lower chronicle such as Interlude and Gracia were stopped pretty early and missing 90% of content such as Scripts, AI e.t.c. So its not the best option you can go for.. Especially when we talking for Interlude. I mean it does not even have a single GrandBoss AI inside. Still with a good developer it would be the a decent option. Thank you for reading my preview. Please subscribe like and share my content! Thanks a lot.
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    A new category should be implemented not only for php. Generally about web development . For example , Guides/Tutorials and ready codes/scripts about: Joomla Bootstrap DreamWeaver jQuery JavaScript even AJAX... I know many of them are kinda old ... but the question is.. why not?...
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    Simply query the db to save it on characters table. You have also to know the title and name colors are enforced based on AccessLevel informations.
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    TP data: -114776 250280 -1744 -114968 244216 -7968 -114728 247992 -7872 p.s. don't wait the WOW effect on Interlude client :D dont forget to press "green up arrow to add +1 to rep :D" pm if you find some gray textured objects. Map created using L2DOWN
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    here you are: https://mega.nz/#!lsNwTSIA!osOtmxhMbhApQiSsA7XJVJJyHQjEWI89asQM6fYE458

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