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  1. L2PTS Files High Five: 273 Mega.nz Link: [Hidden Content]
  2. HF AI Source https://mega.nz/#!rWJy2QpI!rUaf4_A5RkxVN3YHQKEFMmBjl7hupw1J9WBt9vHOadY
  3. Features: Costumized Mini map From Higher Chronicles Creator Neophron Costumized Skill bars up to 5 Auto Skills Spam Auto Buffs Auto Use Potions Elixir/CP/MP Auto Use Potions Magic Pot/Haste Pot/Attack Pot Casting Skill Bar Critical Damage / Ressisted on Screen Hold Target / Ignore Agression Buff sizes x24 to x16 Debuff + time Custom HP/CP/MP Status Bar copied from Author Savo Custom Macro system auto spaming Macros with right click if u press on it Customized Darkdelux HP/CP/MP Bar Preview: Auto Augment Auto Enchant Auto Skill Enchant and much more this is the oldest version of the interface TIP: dont get scammed by these two people T3ddy / DM Moshpit those brazilian people was trying to sell the interface for a huge amount of money but mostly people got informed already Credits: Neophron Elfen Darkdelux Savo Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  4. 1- we need to download "NWindow.dll" from Download Here Credit For Spoken 2- extracted "NWindow.dll" to your system folder 3- open l2.ini, then add "IsL2pawnviewer=true" under "URL" section Sample Video Thanks
  5. DenArt Designs Donate Panel V4 FREE Partner program Payment methods Paypal Stripe accepts credit cards, debit cards, ACH transfers, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, and various local payment methods from around the world. Payeer accepts BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, USD, EUR, RUB wallets Partner concept (FREE use) Donate Panel V4 uses a partner concept: this model offers all the features of a licensed panel with a the difference that there is 20% chance the player's payment through paypal will go to me. What this means: this partner model means that you can use the panel for free and you automatically make me 20% your patner. Licensed concept Donate Panel V4 removes the partner concept: this model will remove the partner program and is normally working for you only. The payment for this concept is one time and thats it, the activation will be binded on the website name (that means if you need to change domain name will cost you a new license key). License can be bought from here License activation can be done here Download Download at https://mega.nz/folder/6oxUyaIJ#qQDUXeoXlPvBjbPMDYzu-g Password: denart DEMO https://shop.denart-designs.com/donatev4/ Login: test Virustotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/110c8795bc26434ca794141fd9d9f8c7ba4338e28bb657e0116e8f260c9cdda2/details False positives are found because the obfuscation this means you will need a host without antivirus Hosting the files Some of the hosts recommended is https://hostchefs.eu/ https://thegigahost.com/ On any other host the panel will 99% not work! Q: Why? A: Obfuscated code means closed code and most hosting providers have antiviruses that might detect the files as malicious and block/remove files. Q: Why this hosts? A: They know and allow the files. Q: Why you obfuscated the files? A: Because there are some people who might try to make profit from. Q: Can I change styles A: Yes css are not obfuscated, structure is. Q: Do you sell source? A: No. Q: License period? A: Lifetime. Q: How many payments will go to me and you? A: The code will direct user in my paypal with chance of 20% if (random_int(0, 4) == 1) (0, 1, 2, 3, 4) Q: How much the license cost A: 100€ lifetime Q: What the license does? A: Remove me from your patrner and 100% of the payments goes to you only. Q: Whats the difference between the V2 panel? A: Less payment methods and free use. Don't lecture me about obfuscation and antivirus and backdoor shit, you whitelisted themida "virus" from l2.exe for many years now. For me its a simple win-win situation where you make money I get also some of them. Does 20% sounds much? well you can buy a license one time or keep me as your partner is simple (I prefer to keep me as partner). Note: Case if this model work there will be more payment methods in future with more quality and functionality. Note: I don't need trusted and skilled posts just say hi to keep up the topic. Issues or questions that are not answered here will be answered in my discord. Discord: discord.gg/3TAApxh
  6. Description L2J-Robot is an emulator of the client of Lineage2 Interlude that aims to provide the user certain comforts and tools such as artificial intelligence for the automation of the acquisition of experience and elements of the game among other features that are in development. Screen Shots Login Main Systems * System to view inventory and items equipped. * System to see passive and active skills. * System to see the stats of the character. * System to read and write in the chat. * System to move around the map and interact with the different objects of the game. * Ai system customized by classes (in development) Project https://sourceforge.net/projects/l2j-robot/ Forum https://l2devsadmins.net/fissban/index.php
  7. Hey everyone! You may or may not know about L2Homage, but I've spent a fair bit of time developing it these past years. You can check out the previous posts here. L2Homage was originally developed for Epilogue, but I always wanted it to work for High Five. When the H5 files were finally public, I decided to upgrade L2Homage to fit the new data structure. I also spent a lot of time improving performance and the interaction design to make the whole experience of modding L2 as smooth as possible. I dare say that most people will now be able to create an awesome, custom experience in Lineage 2, and I really hope I see some projects come to life. Join us on Discord! As promised, the entire source is open. You can check it and a pretty comprehensive documentation out here: https://github.com/ClaessicsGit/L2Homage Requires .Net 4.8, grab it here: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=2088631 You can download the newest version here: https://github.com/ClaessicsGit/L2Homage/releases/tag/v1.0.0 The server files that fit with this tool was shared here: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/239312-l2pts-files-high-five-273/ Server install guide here: https://bitbucket.org/Bumblemumps/l2homage/wiki/Home L2H data packs: Worldmap Image Pack AI Pack Script Folder System Folder Image Pack (Full 5.13 GB) or download the split image pack if you have trouble with the big one: Image Pack (Full) Part 1 Image Pack (Full) Part 2 Image Pack (Full) Part 3 Image Pack (Full) Part 4 Image Pack (Full) Part 5 None of the data in the data packs are from me, it's stuff that's already shared here at MxC. Thanks everyone, and good luck! -B
  8. View File Freya Throne - Effects, Sounds, Skills for Interlud Queen Freya ( throne version ) with all the actions, with all the sounds and effects. + 2 unique skills to everything, you can use them both for Queen Freya ( for her attacks ), as well as skills for ordinary characters. Skills also have sounds. Submitter NevesOma Submitted 12/24/2020 Category Npcs
  9. Simple Lineage II bot that uses Computer Vision to find possible targets and monitor HP/MP/CP. Written to learn C++ basics, but can be useful for someone. Download: https://github.com/madyanov/l2-cv-bot/releases Features NPC detection HP/MP/CP monitoring Mouse and keyboard emulation Stuck resolving TTS alarm subsystem (captcha, low HP, CP decreasing, etc.) Custom behavior support (LUA scripts) Buffs/debuffs monitoring How to use Interception driver is required for mouse and keyboard emulation. Install Interception driver (start `cmd.exe` as Administrator, then run `install-interception.exe /install`) and reboot Run Lineage II client, select character and teleport to any exp/farm location Run `run.bat "<title of the Lineage II client window>"` HP/CP/MP bars must be 100% at the moment of bot start, but if not, you should wait until they will be 100% and then press Space to reset bars position To stop press ESC or move mouse Customization Current version developed and tested using Windows 10 and Gracia Epilogue client, so with another Windows or Lineage II client it may not work. Edit `run.bat` file to customize CV for another client. Note that for colors used HSV and BGR color models Edit `Brain.cpp` to customize bot behavior. Custom runtime behavior scripts are not supported OS related stuff placed in these files: `Window.cpp`, `Capture.cpp`, `Input.cpp`, `Intercept.cpp`
  10. Hello the files are these Don't buy them now they are free from me. I bought them but he didn't want to fix the issues so I'm sharing them. The source code has some problems fix them and you will have something. [Hidden Content] I had forgotten to upload the html etc. https://mega.nz/#P!AgGBjzNYEIF1xlY-Vox-DvNmop5t1B75jxnPHD0MmGeQoS2I6P1QAVF54EBlSMcF2bhRZFXRQny4Zh9XYEXg7BTcLM-2pIp-uAlJxBGxpp3Uv91cbSBJQtO_4ZiUqc9hCc-23k74GHU Password: [Hidden Content]
  11. Fixes Quest % high Tested Mods Protection I do not know, my extender no have Skill Sets passive skill any fixes Custom NPCs Drop All raid boss coin Event medal Spawn npc All town Event Coliseum Event custom raid boss teleport giram, is not 100% Ai.obj % Cleaning Bugs Report Raid boss = Locks 2 second Geodata-nextDev no 100% Skill Fades away restart cached Duration spent to do 1 year 6 months 6 hours per day In game http://i.imgur.com/M2hPQqD.jpg http://i.imgur.com/9cRzuM3.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4Ncrqxt.jpg Start in windows server 2003,2008 or 7 No have backdoor Download Servidor Donator $ Paypal for pm email
  12. GRACIA FINAL WIN10 [ MULTILANG_RU+ENG ] $Revision: 87 $ [patched] ( NOGG) off game guard L2.exe/engine.dll/nwindow.dll/unpacked works on windows 10 you can switch between English and Russian languages download > https://www.mediafire.com/file/6knr9wfjxmq1y9g/system.7z/file credits; Descartes - unpacked all files AlisaCodeDragon - customization R.C-TEAM PATCH DEVELOPER
  13. This has been shared on other rusian forums and ragezone so it will come here eventually aniway so here it is. Enjoy [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Credits: nexten
  14. Hello, Guys today i would like to share you something unique i know many people was looking for free good H5 Community boards since on community there are few shared and old i will share you this unique L2Dorn Community Board includes it's not my work it's shared for mxc users - PSD + all scripts Server Side & Client Side If you need to change default logo to your - write me in skype Support_La2-Pro Previews Download: Link = DOWNLOAD to get the password of the archive Like my 1st post send me pm and reply in topic..
  15. Hello Folks, I'm Sharing Essence Based Interface which is made from a Brasilian Guy called "Ona" The person copied from other projects features and started selling it as his own , claiming that everything has been made by him. So i've removed every possible protection from his interface and i would like to share it with everyone. Do not waste anymore your money for stolen projects Download: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] if you have issues with installing the interface or missing any textures pm me back In order to get download link you have to react & reply. Credits: Sanyol
  16. ArgentinaExt - Extender Free ##################################### Fix in general (All in ext y .ini) System Service in game (skin, race, color nick/title, karma/pk) Fix Hair Slot Fix Auction (In progress) Fix TvT agregados (looser reward, kill title, announce) System Announce (login hero,lord castle,top pvp/pk - enchant ) Fix Show Level Mob & Flags Clan Fix Custom drop para MOBS & BOSS Sistema Achievement BETA (In progress) NPC TEST: //summon test_server_helper Admin panel: //admin And a couple more things that I'm sure I forgot. TRY IT AND TELL ME THE SUPPORT IS TOTALLY FREE! Discord Grupo: https://discord.gg/Jh4KvAMb3m Descarga: https://bit.ly/ArgentinaExt
  17. Tanatos Theme full in html for lineage 2 Donwload link: [Hidden Content]
  18. Community Board h5+Board Elysian High Five Client 1 html page interface.xdat & CB.u Textures Edit logo board Free Pm me Skype: Cerenus.1 Download Files
  19. L2Server H5 decompilation process not total, only to facilitate the creation of extensions. Define all C-Style / Unicode string in .rdata section: OK Rename all functions according to the guard system: Next step 2641/10653 Create the entire structure of structures as specified in the .data section. Create all VTables. Create as many Enums as possible. Set types to all functions. Find the sizes of each structure and insert each one its size as _BYTE [xxxx]; Start manual decompilation in pseudocode. Organize variables within each structure. Finish manual decompilation of functions. I defined almost all the C-Style / Unicode string variables in the .rdata section, I also made some preparations to later create all the structures. This will not be achieved overnight, but little by little I will be adding updates. Anyone who wants to collaborate will be welcome. IDA 7.5: https://www.mediafire.com/file/m1zl3b7n6yye3q6/ProDA75.7z/file IDA Database 03-03-2021: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ikfvxt0xqgh8lpp/L2Server.exe_03-03-2021.rar/file
  20. Dear administrators, During our 12 years of hard work, we have accomplished many interesting goals. One of those is creating numerous count of websites all over the years. From simple designs to complex and unique designs. Most of the servers that we created those websites are no longer exist in the l2 world. That's why we decided to post some of our previous works on sale. You have large amount of options how to buy your future web design, either the PSD only, PSD + redesign, layout, turn-key project etc. Due high amount of websites I posting here a link to our portfolio, you may find it here. Don't forget that we also provide a great ACP (Master Account/Account Control Panel) for your server. We support all chronicles and packs (including PTS or Advext) Please, be respectful to our work as we are being respectful to yours. Thank you!
  21. Skin Frozen Yo Sarada - YouTube Skin Click L2jfrozen (Inter….7z (13,51 MB) - uploaded.net Credits by Yo_Sarada
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