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  1. It's 5 sec to remove it lol For its ugly gk .. but its good to share staff some ppl maybe like it
  2. Without a source its useless.. For all newbies .. don't forget that
  3. otan melos tou staff dexete report gia scam .. p o kafe kara na min kanei 243423 account gia na klevi averta xd
  4. Υπάρχουν άπειροι τρόποι να τα πάρεις πίσω αν έχεις την συνομιλία
  5. Για δοκίμασε αν είναι λιγότεροι από 5 και βάλε ακόμα is inside in party zone Δεν ξέρω από κώδικες .. ρωτα τον xdemm αυτός θα σου πει τι λείπει
  6. Yes Do think and try to find a similar idea... this is l2 .. custom means tons of hours of work
  7. Δηλαδή αν κάποιος φάει dc πάει εξω το πάρτι.. πρόσεχε τι κάνεις..
  8. Logo of Gold style servers can BE same .. since all gold copy servers use by 80% features... copy the logo its not nothing serius .. its like u say .. u copy logo of Interlude xd my opinion xd
  9. They working for private servers .. since now wanna play that star wars shit Totally crap
  10. We are focusing the Gameplay on the retail experience L2Devil Remastered <-- ? wat?