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  1. You boring read and understand how a simple skill works Guys don't spend your time for such ppl Pathetic
  2. find a skill that activate with chance without animation change it and fix the chances , so when u auto attack spoil will be enabled , u can make it and with cast also no reaoson to hard code it while u can do it izi
  3. some ppl sell this ... https://www.mediafire.com/file/h53v2eacgup43jo/l2clientdat-306.zip/file
  4. FOR REAL THEY GIVE U FREE STAFF AND YOU WANNA MORE WTF WHAT YOU THINK ? @devme BORN WITH SKILLS TO CREATE GEODATA AND MAPS? There are tools here in forum , use them learn how to create geodata
  5. Yes Find the methods that stop player move in global search then find when is skill is casting and u will understand if u change this player will move and cast skills .. will be ugly
  6. GsL


    by the way i report about the guy who use x3 different websites for 1 server .. and they did nothing but they focus to demote you trash ppl as told u
  7. GsL


    this forum is full of retards and pathetic ppl ignore them @splicho
  8. These 3 servers are same.. look the discord names 😁😁 No veritas*
  9. 3 different websites 1 server wtf delete these craps 3 last c6 servers same exactly features
  10. you will come back to pride dude .. u shouldnt sell such work ... good luck with sales.. i dont know if u are trusted*
  11. Edit , its not only this error .. there are many .. i did replace just this file to see if the compile is complete and i got another file with error.. and i changed about 10 files .. and always appear new one 😕 this must be the previus protocol .. name Salvation , and not Salvation : Etinas fate