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  1. Hello, this is a second MLO presenting a BottleShop Interior it is a simple MLO considered as "Basic Scale" MLO and the use of this one it could be a job of selling wines whiskey or any kind of drink. It contains 2x Rooms at the front and a small office at the back. What the MLO contains? All the necessity files of the current MLO. Instructions (.txt file). You need to place the files I'm giving you in the resources folder. At your server.cfg ensure (Name of interior). I can provide slight support if you face any kind of prob
  2. Add prices on what you sell. Read the rules before you post.
  3. It looks perfect and clean. Good job with this one.
  4. Third time with this man and all went fine. Recommended 1000%.
  5. Add prices on what you sell. Read the rules before you post.
  6. English if it's possible. Good luck with your server!
  7. Add prices listed for each char/item you sell or an overall price. Read the rules before you post.
  8. I strongly advise you to use OVH for Server Hosting because is the best company and cheap. I'm using OVH more than 4 years they have the best Anti-DDoS Protection or earth in my opinion. As about web hosting I have no experience in this part.
  9. Add your website. Good luck with your server!
  10. Good luck with your server!