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  2. @EhoqDo not downvote because you didn't like an answer. This tool it's not supposed to work like that.
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  4. Welcome mate, I hope you will find plenty of things such as (shares, guides) to help you move even further. Have a nice stay.
  5. Χρήστο μας κούρασε xd
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  7. Αυτοί οι τρεις νομίζω κάνουν αυτό που θες επικοινώνησε μαζι τους.
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  12. Hello, this is 8th MLO I've made presenting a nice Bar called "Baraki" MLO for a job of selling drinks like wines/whiskey and what ever you like. It contains a Front Area for sitting and chilling. It's considered a low sized MLO it's not so big but it's beautiful. What the MLO contains? All the necessity files of the current MLO. Instructions (.txt file). You need to place the files I'm giving you in the resources folder. At your server.cfg ensure (Name of interior). I can provide slight support if you face any kind of problem. Download it HERE Video: https://streamable.com/dbqxnx Credits: Vision