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  1. Hello, please post your proofs at Report Section and someone will take care of it
  2. I think that you are out of topic.. Please stay on topic and don't fight for who is the greatest pvper...
  3. I have try strix guardand they installed everything for me.. Anyway i think that the most of protections are useless :P
  4. Greetings , i am here to provide you a new Discord Channel. This channel is for everyone that deals with Lineage 2 from the Admin to the casual player. In this discord channel you can advertise your Private Server for free if you are an Admin or a GM. Also you can show us how your cp is beating others or you can sell / buy stuff in any server. If you are a Streamer we have a special rank and category to promote your link. Moreover you can recruit people to your Clan-CP-Alliance by making a post to our unique channels. We hope people's response will be in a level of which the services we provide will be inproved. Thank you for reading, Enjoy !
  5. Mate come on, i just told you to post proofs if you call someone as scammer.. I didn't tell you to spend your money wtf...
  6. Μόνο με ξύλο λύνονται τέτοια μπερδέματα ..!
  7. Hello! I found those 2 tools that saved me a lot of time with the cleaning up of my groups... This can clean up posts / images etc from your Facebook groups Download And this can Decline all pending posts that exists to your group Download
  8. 1. Lucera 2. 3. 4. What do you mean? :D
  9. Please post your proofs at Report Section and mods will take care
  10. Πρέπει να πας στα ΚΕΠ της περιοχής σου