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  1. I am looking a way like lineage he is not asking this for Lineage since he know very well how to do it at l2 :P
  2. Ελπίζω να μιλάς για τον σωστό δικέφαλο και να μην έκανα τσάμπα Like...
  3. Title updated! Please read our rules
  4. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php You shoud try aCis
  5. Wow, it looks great..!! Good luck!
  6. Spam is not allowed!! If you want to push your topic on top you can do it by pressing the "Bump Button" on the top of your thread every 24 hours! Please read and follow forum's rules!
  7. Well you can't find nothing as you want it.. You have to work hard to build a stable pack..
  8. Since i think that you are new at Lineage 2 as Admin or what ever i'm suggesting you to try a free pack to see how it's working etc ,or if you want something more clean you can try a pack of L2j-aCis project
  9. @Secret16 If you want to report someone feel free to post proofs at Report Section
  10. Please post proofs at our Report Section