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  1. Gz, nice idea!! Topic locked! Thank all of you for helping our community 😊
  2. Wow, well done! that looks pretty cool ! Now you have to work with your "Old school" logo too 😄😄😄😄 On topic: Thank you for your share those little fixies can upgrade a server!
  3. Dear members, We are glad to announce you that we are in a transitional period. We have some new updates that we want to inform you about and some future goals that we want to implement next days. 😍 1️⃣ New MaxCheaters member group is now available! We decided to merge the following ranks: - VIP Members - Donator Members - Verified Traders Premium Member Benefits: -Disable Advertisements -Unhide premium links -Get access in Premium Zone -Enable Feedback System -Allow Public Status Updates -Allow profile customization -Reaction Limit up to 10/daily -Signature size 700×150 -2 number of links in signature -Can edit own content anytime -Can lock and unlock own content -Can create Clubs -Change Display Nickname (every 90 days) -Make topics at Lineage 2 Marketplaces -Bump up your topics up to 3 times per day If you are VIP or Donator member you will get Premium Membership for free (12 and 6 months depends on your existing member group) 👑 Please update your account because old paid member groups will be disabled soon enough! ⚠️ Follow the link to get more information. ⬇️ https://maxcheaters.com/topic/240878-new-rank-for-maxcheaters-premium-member 2️⃣Bump button will be again available for our marketplace. 🔼 3️⃣ New payment options please follow the link 💵 ⬇️ https://maxcheaters.com/topic/240874-new-payment-options-for-maxcheaterscom-advertisements 4️⃣More secure marketplace Only premium member groups of MaxCheaters will be allowed to post at Marketplaces. We are doing this since we want to ensure our members against scammers. And provide better benefits for those who want to be verified. 🔒 Future goals includes discord synchronization, new benefits for premium members to our discord channel and more. If you want to suggest something you are more than welcome to start a topic at our suggestions section https://maxcheaters.com/forum/323-suggestionsfeedback-board and we will be happy to discuss it with you. Thank you, MaxCheaters.com team wish you the best.
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  9. Hello, we are sorry to hear that you lose your money, xNemes1Sx is PERMANLTY banned since we respect our community and their money we DON'T give second chances to scammers!
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  11. What else will you share re malaka? Thank you again! 🙏
  12. I agree with you in most of those, I never said that's only you that being unacceptable or that it is your fault. As you can see I deleted his post also, that one who called someone with that bad word. You can answer him without underestimate his intelligence and this goes for both of you. If someone becomes toxic that doesn't mean that you have to be toxic too, you can avoid him mentally or use our ignore system if he makes you enraged. Anyway I think that all of these are out of topic and I apologize for that.
  13. I don't think that xdem has low IQ since I know him as developer (I would say he wants look like a diva :D ) and please do not refer to other people in this way. His post is already hidden, this behavior is not acceptable by anyone
  14. Since Kara is approving it what else to say Thank you for sharing this with us mate!