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    We can discuss this in private , not Its many things against Strain. I didnt have any other option rather than demoting you.
  2. not available to vip members, only to premium. You can upgrade here
  3. Maxtor

    GR Covid Vaccine

    That is true. We should not include these Covid related topics in our forum. Before i lock it, if you ask my opinion, is that i suggest everyone to get the Covid19 vaccine . Locked.
  4. You can report maxcheaters theme bugs/fixes here. do not spam it.
  5. We decided to merge the following ranks and make one better. In detail we merge: - VIP Members - Donator Members - Verified Traders (Secondary Paid Subscription) And made one new "Premium Members" Rank check here with the following benefits: Premium Member Benefits: - Disable Advertisements - Unhide premium links. - Get access in Premium Zone. - Enable Feedback System. - Allow Public Status Updates. - Allow profile customization. - Reaction Limit up to 10/daily. - Signature size 700x150 - 2 number of links in signature. - Can edit own content anytime. - Can lock and unlock own content. - Can create Clubs . - Change Display Nickname (every 90 days) - Make topics at Lineage 2 Marketplaces - Bump up your topics up to 3 times per day. (*will be enabled again) If you are VIP Member you can change your account for 1€ click HERE If you are Donator Member you can change your account for 1€ click HERE Donator Membership will expire at 20.12.2021 automatically. VIP Membership will expire at 20.06.2022 automatically.
  6. We currently do not support Paypal anymore as payment option for Advertisements and Special groups .
  7. Which rates would you prefer for new MaxCheaters.com H5 server? Please vote with your comments , suggestions, and how you imagine the perfect H5 server.
  8. Antiscam trade protection® by MaxCheaters.com We are proud to announce our new verification process for making safer and valid trades through our Middleman Services by MaxCheaters.com® . How you are protected: - All trades and converations are made through our Messaging System - You can ask us if you want your payment to be made through our System with a small fee %, How it works: - 1. Click Messages at the top of any MaxCheaters.com pages. - 2. Click "Compose New" . - 3. Write your buyer/seller username and add it from list. - 4. Add "Antiscam" (Gold Member Rank) username or any of our current Global Moderators at your conversation. - 5. Now start chatting and negotiating for fair price. - 6. For safer trading, ask for "Antiscam" representative to join your conversation.( We will let you know if there is possiblity of scam depends on Seller/Buyer reputation and other fact,if you dont get a reply from us then protection is considered as none .) (Dont forget to mention payment options,and add a screenshot of transaction) - 6. Trade is done and recorded. Where we dont protect you: - If a trade is made through Discord/Skype or any other instant messenger. - If a trade has done partially through our conversation system and parts are missing. - If a chargeback occur between buyer and seller its PayPal responsibility to review it. User Agreement: - By using this services, you agree that your conversation can be seen by our Team (staffers) , Adminitrator of - MaxCheaters.com and can be used for verification or any violation. - MaxCheaters.com is not responsible for any other trades are made outiside our Protection System. - This system is made mainly for logging, evaluate members, report scammers , and express our opinion ONLY. - We cannot 100% protect you, and if something goes wrong , compensation responsibility is between Buyer/Seller. - Sharing your instant messenger (Skype/Discord/Facebook) or any other kind of contact information in protected converation is not allowed.
  9. If you still fail to reset your password , or you havent recieved your confirmation email, or your registered email doesnt exist any more please send us your information at admin@maxcheaters.com : Your username: Your last username (if changed in the past): Your last account email which is registered here: Your last IP logged in: Additional information regarding your account: Be aware that: We DO NOT request any password, DO NOT share your password to anyone. Only Administrator is authorized to reset your password.
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  11. We are proud to announce that from now on we accept: Stripe (Visa/Mastercard) AliPay Giropay Apple Pay Google Pay Revolut Cryptocurrency: BTC Dogecoin Ethereum Litecoin Monero Cardano ..and many more
  12. mirror link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Y7vVHb_-LtIJ94m7f4CwEzbEa_HpqsVU/view?usp=sharing