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  1. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    thumbs up for this server! Good luck, i suggest it!
  2. hello, can you share the error here?
  3. Brut steal me 200 euros

    you shoould use pastebin or similar czuse looks like spam. We will wait a few time for brut to reply. if he dont then he will be banned in 24 hours.
  4. EN One question

    You should follow this link:
  5. but why tho

    what browser you are using? i got logs triggering spam defence.
  6. kalispera,sto sticky dialegis xroma i ine to idio gia olous?

  7. Images randomly don't load

    It seems there is a limit of connections per IP. l will contact my hoster .
  8. Images randomly don't load

    can you check again now? i already know that.
  9. In this area you can provide or request support only for downloads section area here Rules for files : 1. You can upload maximum 50mb of total files per upload. 2. You must include at least 1 screenshot of what you are selling. (maximum size 800x600 2MB) 3. Topics are auto created in this area for each download you make. 4. You can buy or sell files only with paypal. 5. You agree that your files may be tested and downloaded by administrator (Maxtor) and only at anytime. Credits link : 1. You can deposit minimum 1€ via paypal. 2. You can have maximum 1000€ balance at your credit. 3. You can use your credits for maxcheaters advertisements too. Withdrawals: 1. You can withdraw your money any time.Fees may apply (10%). 2. Minimum withdrawal is 1€. 3. Maximum withdrawal is 100€ per day. 4. Withdraw requests are approved manually by administrator. It may take up to 2-3 days or sometimes almost instantly.
  10. SSL Certificate for installed successfully! Now more to come soon....
  11. In this topic you can suggest anyone which you believe is capable for staffer at Dont forget to include your thoughts / opinion for your suggestions. Do not spam.
  12. EX-Romanics Spam Team memberlist Raule Cedry2k Chr.Trance Sido PwNNNz0r.^ twinkie Ioane Nervos DominiQue SoRa Rules Υοu are only allowed to speak in Romanian. If you can't do that, do not post. Non Romanian Posts will have their posters warned at first and then smitted. Flaming or Insulting (in any way) in here is will not be tolerated. If you flame, get ready to get smitten or banned. These rules have been written by Coyote. Changing or Removing them will lead to the lock of the topic. Spamming with nonsense words like "dsadsadasad", "spam", "1456", "spam amre" or so is not allowed. Such posts will be removed.* Any rule in the topic can change without notice so make sure you check it daily, before posting. * If we notice that it happens continuously, the user will get warned at first and then punished. Feel free to Spam in Romanian (ONLY), as long as you follow these simple rules. Thanks, MaxCheaters Staff.