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  1. SSL Certificate for installed successfully! Now more to come soon....
  2. xDrac banned or nay?

    yes thats is true.
  3. ◄√i®uS► demoted to VIP Member . Reason: Inactive (19 November 2017) l2scripts demoted to VIP Member. Reason: Inactive (19 November 2017) `Sanctus demoted to VIP Member. Reason: Inactive (19 November 2017) MeVsYou demoted to Gold Member. Reason: Inactive (19 November 2017) SweeTs promoted to Global Moderator. Reason: Active (19 November 2017) PaRaNoiC* demoted to VIP Member. Reason: Inactive (19 November 2017) melron promoted to L2J Developer. Reason: Active (19 November 2017) SamDev-Coder promoted to Gold Member. Reason: Active (19 November 2017) Reborn12 promoted to L2Moderator. Reason: Active (19 November 2017) Designatix promoted to GFX Moderator. Reason: Active (21 November 2017)
  4. In this topic you can suggest anyone which you believe is capable for staffer at Dont forget to include your thoughts / opinion for your suggestions. Do not spam.
  5. Report xDrac

    relax. user xdrac banned since we got no replies. topic locked.
  6. Report xDrac

    I think we should wait from other side.. Waiting for xdrac excuses.. until taking any measurements.
  7. forum is bad

    checking now
  8. forum is bad

    1) profil fixed 2) country flags ok 3) back to top fixed
  9. forum is bad

    Everything needs some knowledge, and since some fixes cant be done by ips support then you need probably someone else to fix them.
  10. forum is bad

    pm me if you can help . also anyone else whos willing to help pm here or at skype.
  11. High Five L2Maxcheaters

    Can you show me ?
  12. High Five L2Maxcheaters

    For everyone information , this server is using brand name ,and its a cooporation between l2tales and maxcheaters, which i dont have any rights on GM or forum or domain of Original Maxtor is only answering here.