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  1. sure you write wrong lines of npc, check information before add new line in grp, if files are not in correspondient folders give criticalerror.
  2. have fun, begin analyze unreal scripts, resources are here.
  3. check a tutorials, study how it works scripts, is not necessary edit engine.dll, you can do via script parts.
  4. here are tools you need to make it work.
  5. so my question is why post something is already shared, what is the fact, anyway no matter just ask.
  6. tutorial not but you can and learn with l2smr tool.
  7. is not only add letters, you need add function to engine as far know, RE is necessary.
  8. sure if can't open is because have extra protection like lamecrypter or something else.
  9. you can try yourself all interfaces posted before, if not work just gl with antibot.
  10. is a possibility but as far remember if encrypted why let see inside of file? is rare.
  11. you can get 10000000000000 icons in google and make own utx or use your imagination bro to make what you need.
  12. well normally if they are cryped with own tool or buyed one is hard to get them but not impossible, anyway if still need it PM.