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  5. you can use L2Editor by lordoffest or something like that, is shared here around forum.
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  11. ok first take care how you talk, I see in all topics you come with agressive post about credits, first the credits are added into the post and stop make spam in them, and what is the fact if taken from russian forum? a lot content was taken from different authors and don't post proper credits so calm down, in fact and in the end, all is property of ncsoft corporation.
  12. Updated and Added fix to links to located better with file name Updated -Daedric Helmet [CT2.3] -Desert Eagle Helmet [CT2.3] -Desert Eagle Wings [CT2.3] -Despair Jewels [CT2.3] -Helmet Glad [CT2.3] Updated -Dyansty Helm [CT2.3] -Dyes +5-0 [CT2.3] -Dynasty Mask [CT2.3] -Helmet Tamplier [CT2.3] -Hood and Helmet [CT2.3]
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