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  1. well man like NevesOsma say, you can't get experience in one day, month, o year, is a investigate, play with tools and read documents, one thing you still don't know saying is a java code when unreal scripts are based in C++, so pay attention in all and begin read before post a comment, you can´t absorve all knowledge in one time.
  2. here we go.
  3. search a guide from LauQ in that forum or out, the best guide can help to play with glows.
  4. yes you can do as Finn say or too via database.
  5. sure the weapons are edited with a LineageEffect line so if try search that line and no load, it give error, thats simple.
  6. as far remember you can try change a value in additionaleffectgrp but don't remember which one it's, a guide are in forum as far remember long time ago.
  7. you can't, sure this was encrypted with LameCrypter, SmartCrypt or any of this tool around net, only good programmer or with own exe tool can reverse it.
  8. check this out.
  9. ahahha very nice package, like how reduce size buff icons, damn how change all this years l2.
  10. great work dude, thanks a lot for the wonderful share.
  11. you can overwrite lines with new files of Ant Queen. @Asukivery nice work dude, the Ant Queen look more detailed ofc.