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  1. 1) Download L2Editor by lordofdest: 2) Open any retail package you want like LineageEffectsTextures.utx you mentioned (remember that custom servers might have their files encrypted with various software like smartcrypt, so if you can't open them it's normal because you have to decrypt first.) 3) After you open find the texture you wish to change and just upload your new texture by giving it same name, package and group with old one. 4) Save it and encrypt using mxencdec tool. 5) Done. Package = the name of the package (in your case LineageEffectsTexture is the name) Group = is just for organization and have no impact in game. However if you're editing a retail texture, be sure to use its group name when you import your new texture. Name = is the name of your texture which is used by the item, html etc. you're editing. Note: Take a look at some guides like this: they will help you starting.
  2. Thanks for the share, but it looks bad in game (at least for me)
  3. Thanks for the share, however there are some small glitches under title: Maybe it's limitation of Interlude's engine, would be nice if we had an editor for .gly files in order to try to fix them.
  4. Why do you wanna decompile them? I think they are already shared
  5. Arrows disappear too? If yes, then it's your compiler problem.
  6. Why would I do that? I just reported you an issue related to your share, in order for you to fix it or delete your topic.
  7. The file you uploaded contains only Localization.ini which changes nothing. You have to upload the fonts as well: English_Font=L2Font-r.SmallFont-r English_Glyph=SmallFont-r.gly English_Font2=L2Font-r.SmallFont-r English_Glyph2=SmallFont-r.gly
  8. Trusted guy, +1 from me. He fixed a php issue i had on my website.
  9. Greetings everyone, I am looking for an experienced PHP coder who can help me fix some issues on my website. Please let me know by replying below or PM. Thank you
  10. Of course it is possible. PM me with your file.
  11. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ek7nttt1h44no8/weapongrp.dat?dl=0
  12. I think something is broken in your UT2003.ini (or w/e your configs ini is), try to restore the default one and see if that fixes the issue.
  13. Thank you for your suggestion I might try it if nobody knows the command already.
  14. Hey guys, i would like to use file editor in order to mass export my .dat files into .txt. As I can see file editor already has this feature but it can be used with one file at a time, anyone knows the cmd command for it? Thank you