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  1. You can edit the .xdat files with the XDAT Editor tool. Here is a link for you:
  2. Greetings Maxcheaters! I am looking for someone who can translate English to Russian or Brazilian. Contact me for more info! Thanks
  3. Hello, I am hiring a client developer for my client interface. Reply with your contact info or PM me. Thank you
  4. L2 valhalla server, wts homu acumen +16. Better than am+3 Selling also characters 60+ of any kind
  5. Trusted user, I vouch for him! Good luck with your sales OP!
  6. Even if he is using shared templates he is investing time and creativity on those videos since he has to modify them and make them fit to customer needs so we all must give him that. So even if I am not a fan of your promos, I wish you good luck with your services.
  7. Thank you for trashing my topic, is there any mod to clean this up or?
  8. Looking for an experienced developer: 


  9. Hello, I am looking for an experienced/HQ developer (Java mostly) for a very unique and hard coded project. We can work in 2 ways, either a fixed payment for your job or a partnership (if you like my ideas). Non serious, newbies, kids will be ignored, so please provide a few things about yourself once you contact me to save time. Thanks
  10. Now you act like 10y old kid who lost his ball. If you don't care then why you opened this topic? Don't claim that you wanna show the community how bad those mods are cause no one cares. Everybody is here for a reason and I doubt that even 1% of this community really cares for everyone's problems with mods etc. So just find your own reasons to stay around and inside forum rules lines or logout and never come back.
  11. Well you might have to be less offensive as well in order to survive and be inside "rule's lines". In this specific case you are not the one with the greater share of responsibility, however your general image might deserve a chat ban or a warning and that's why they are monitoring you and waiting until you say a bad word or smth and then punish you. Maybe you could try changing your general image in this forum and see how it goes.
  12. Added. It's 2018 and L2 population is smaller than ever. 1) How are you going to attract players in your very good concept, skilled, balanced and amazing project without money? 2) How are you going to host your project in a stable and well protected machine without money? 3) How are you going to make an attractive website without money? Money won't make your project good, but they will help you save time and also introduce it to L2 community.