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  1. That's not entirely true, since they provide you the wallet, I assume you are attached to their policies. They can simply ban you from the platform if they "don't want to work with you anymore", crypto or not it still being paypal. But what I don't know is about the money. I don't think they can freeze the money like they do in FIAT payments. About this, South America can use Paypal for payment as any other country, in terms of withdrawing money, we have to use middleman companies, since you can't get money out of paypal to your bank account.
  2. Well that's mostly what happens when any crypto wallet is stolen. There's no way to take the money back. I assume paypal will have the same business policy.
  3. I personally decided to go full crypto and alternative payment methods. Even though most people use PayPal, they will be able to buy crypto using the new paypal wallet (it's currently working in the US and I think it will work everywhere soon https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/crypto). One thing is for sure, they can ban me all the times they want, I will keep working anyway.
  4. If the script uses things like packet handling or other new features, you simply can't. The best solution is to open it in official adrenaline. A while ago you could ask for a test key and if you liked the product you could buy it but I'm not sure if that's possible nowadays.
  5. Post has been updated with some new info
  6. Tutorials / Guides for Devs. I can contribute in blockchain smart contracts dev topics. Soon virtual coin based games will migrate towards that direction, I'm working on it at the moment so I like the idea.
  7. Hello, we are planning to open our server in December and we decided to start the ad campaigns from now. The features are not fully ready yet, because we are waiting for our Web Designer to prepare the new Website. For now we will post the basic features, which we will update every couple of days. We would suggest you to join our Discord and take part in our Events, which have amazing rewards. 📌Our Links 🌐Website: www.la2best.com 🌐Discord: https://discord.gg/NaApHykTdm 🌐Facebook: https://bit.ly/39j6JiF GRAND OPENING: 10/12/21 We will have some really unique and amazing features, which will be explained in the next days.
  8. Hi guys, thanks for answering and sorry for my delay in replying. I found all your comments super useful. Since it seems to be a patent problem as @zemaitis said, I think we can sum up everything commented in this 3 things: 1st- Keeping "Lineage II" as far as possible and clarify that this is a learning emulator, or something similar, avoiding trademark issues 2nd- Removing the "Donation" concept from everywhere, and explain that this is a sellable product. Even start making invoices to back it up. 3rd- Pray, and add crypto just in case. Thank you all!.
  9. Hi guys, how are you?. I don't know if this is the right forum category but if it's not please move it. I'd like to ask if someone else is getting paypal issues while running a private server. I got permabanned from 2 paypal accs within 2 months. Even company account got banned. I called and they just say that you can't work with them anymore due to policy violation but they don't say what's going on exactly. I would really appreciate your feedback, I'm kinda lost and I'm not sure of how to receive donations without paypal. Thanks!
  10. This guy is more than just a "known person", he's a fucking top level marketing professional. 100% recommended.
  11. Hi guys! I'm looking for a cracked version of adrenaline (or any other bot you recommend me to use), and my main goal is to bypass Sguard. I'm also looking for a phx download link, and tutorial. It's going to be used on interlude. What I need to accomplish is: - autores myself. (I think adrenaline will do it) - captcha detection (Adrenaline?) - duplicate items (Phx?) - safe enchant (Phx?) - take castle without being targeted (Donnow, this is a bug that a guy in my server is using, but I actually don't know how he does it, he just casts from another place and he's untargetable.) Thanks a lot!
  12. Hi all!, how are you? I'm playing an interlude server, and it has Smartguard as protection. What I need to do, is to be able to autores myself, and avoid captchas also. I don't know if Adrenaline can perform that functionallity, but it would be great. The thing is that I don't know where and which adrenaline version to get, and also I don't know how to bypass sguard. Thanks a lot, and sorry if this was already posted.
  13. Hi all!. My name is Ezequiel and I'm a software developer from Argentina. I'm a big fan of L2 since I was a kid, and I'm really looking forward to learn about l2 client development, so I can develop interfaces, or modify current ones. What do you recommend me guys to do? Let's say that I don't know anything about L2 files specifically, but I've been a software developer all my life. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read and response, and please tell me if this is not the right section to post this topic, I'm new in the forum. Cheers! Btw: Is it possible to auto-accept resurrection? I'm kinda sure it's not because there's no macro command for that, but I wanted to make sure. If it is, you know any interface or bot able to do that?
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