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  1. Buy now! Geo-engine for your Java server


  2. I'm offering the new unique geo-engine for Java servers Tired of the fact that players constantly stick / get stuck / fail? Are the areas that do not have to be shot through (and vice versa) to the location? Underwater locations and movement in them gives players inconvenience? Problems with the doors ?! THERE IS A SOLUTION! BUY NEW UNIQUE GEO-ENGINE (GEOENGINE INCLUDE): 1. Geoengine itself 2. Created from zero system of movement for characters 3. Created from scratch system for processing characters under the water 4. Completely created from zero door system for processing doors (no one else can leak through them even with the client's hacks) 5. Redesigned system of following one character after another 6. Redesigned pets "pathfinding" system 7. Minimized sending of packages Quality is guaranteed (developed with my scrupulous support and testing) !!! The best geoengine on the market of L2 Java servers, for any chronicles. more info in skype: demev.ukraine
  3. Buy now! Moba Arena:


  4. Buy today! Castle vs. Castle:


  5. i will not do it for you cuz you decided to change something. this map shared as is, and nothing more or less.
  6. only if you rebuild whole map. because shadows from static meshes is baked inside lightmaps in map.
  7. IO Lobby:


  8. Castle vs. Castle:


    1. Herlitz


      Damn man you really are a genius... Shame you aren't NCsoft dev.

  9. Hardin Lobby:


  10. Hardin Instance (updated):


  11. JS | CoinMiner.F Nod32 treat this as virus and delete file :D