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  1. my files ares 100% real to online server, if dont know you can understand, more than 100 server do with that files, only little configs to get the server that you like
  2. that parameter never work, only if added with extender
  3. http://l2off.online/ free files, mini tutorial but spanish, if only see video will understand
  4. ⚔️ HARDCORE ⚔️ ℹ️ Server C4 x1 - 100% Retail. ℹ️ Without Third Skill's. ℹ️ Without additional Customs. ℹ️ Without Npc. ℹ️ No Donations. ℹ️ Vote Reward Active. ℹ️ All quest and 100% Functional systems. ℹ️ International Host paid 3 years. ℹ️ Free of any Bot, Bug, Attacks Ddos. Web: http://hardcore.l2c4.online/ Really HardCore server to the old school as they say, as was the officer more than 15 years ago.
  5. Free video start up a server off https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYcLMQhs2eozP_Ot-VGWjdw Programs: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9l9m3w1kt75fbk8/1.__Programas.rar/file Files: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0ku79cpjuk72jk9/2._Pack.rar/file All work 100% without bugs.
  6. I know it's possible to do it, the only thing I need is an aid or a little knowledge of how to do it. If need any program, any new compilation, etc.
  7. HI, i want to know that how to change name process l2server.exe , why? if you run 2 servers, the second says that l2server.exe its running and cant open, if the process name change, that not apeared and can execute 2 server y 1 machine. i try with some programs but stil working bad, i know that in depmax old with source it more easy to compiled.
  8. OnPulse C4 Best International PvP Server Open Beta Time : 25/5/2019 Time : 18:00 GMT-3 Close Beta Time : 28/5/2019 Time : 20:00 GMT-3 Grand Opening Date at : 31/5/2019 Time : 21:00 GMT-3 Website : http://l2c4.online Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/l2c4.online #GENERAL RATES# Exp/SP: x3333 Adena: x3333 Drop: chance x20 Spoil: chance x20 RB drop: chance х5 Epic drop: chance х1 #ENCHANT# Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant: +99 Retail Enchant Chance #GAMEPLAY CONFIGURATION# Master Class - Yes 1° ,2° ,3° ,C
  9. correct, i know that some devs are working with vangarth files extender. i talk with advext but they dont have any idea and his extender have less things than vangarth. a few month a friend buy to a people a pack, and activate but no, this guy dont apeared, he has the pack but he change de hwid host and need new key.