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  1. Hi, folks. Is it possible to make the function "gg::Announce("something")" visible to everyone and not just to the GMs? I found that function apart from Shout() and Say() but I saw that only the builders can see the message. I want to make the raid send a message by Announcement in X moment, can you do it with gg::Announce or is it always for the GMs only? And another thing, apart from using the OUT_OF_TERRITORY handler there is another way in which you could make a raidboss return to its original place when it's moved too far or for too long?
  2. Hello guys. I was looking for a way to add new effects to items through abnormal_visual_effect and i got stucked. I can add them in the client (C4 client) but i got a lot of criticals then googling I saw that I also have to modify the engine.dll. I unpacked it but but I haven't been lucky yet, I'm a little lost honestly. I want to do something like this: https://forum.zone-game.info/showthread.php?p=381585&langid=1. Add new effects to items, new ones and/or existing ones like the Anakim "glow". I think the only thing I'm missing is editing that dll. Has any
  3. guys, so i dont create a new thread, someone know which is the command to add a drop to a mob ingame? same C4off done, //giveitem
  4. @Blitzkrieg that was exactly what i was looking for, I don't know how I didn't see it before. Thank you very much.
  5. Hello people, i have a small noob-doubt. How do I know what passive skill is giving by X item? or how do I know what item has by passive X skill? For example I have the skill id 4444, 4445, etc etc which is a passive that is given by a certain item. How can I know which item gives that passive skill? Where can I look for the relation? In resume i want to search the item by the skill id, especially the not_used buffs. Thanks in advance.
  6. yeah i tried with duel, pvp_counter, duel_counter and many more variables before posting here... nothing worked :D. apparently I'll have to wait for him lmao, I'll post here if it was through the command or not
  7. yeah that's why I asked maybe someone knows, btw I know it's the depmax extender friend changed the pvps in my face without even relogin the char and told me it was through setparam but he won't tell me the code yet because thinks its funny when i can't figure out someting lol.. thats why i wanted to investigate on my own. So, I don't know, maybe it's possible with this extender but I can't figure it out yet
  8. Oh well, that would demonstrate that it is not possible apparently. Although a guy just changed the pvps in my face without disconnecting the character and told me it was through the command. Another thing, when giving hero with //set_hero to me does nothing but to someone else it works. For myself I must use ///hero (with 3 slash) but it goes off when I change the weapon or do something. Is there any way i can get perma hero without touching the DB nor asking another GM to make me hero with //set_hero?
  9. Hello guys, guys, i have a little question. What code is used to change PVPs counter with the //setparam cmd? For PKs code is PK_Counter but for PVPs i really dont know but i know that is possible, I googled hours and I didn't find anything. //edit I remembered something else that idk and I didn't find anything either: What is the command to add items in the drop of X mob? and is there a way to see characters/accounts connected of a specific user/IP ingame? Does anyone know? It's for a c4 off. Thanks in advance.
  10. Ohh, that explains why I hadn't found anything so far. Thanks guys.
  11. Hello guys. I would like you to help me resolve a question. Is there any way to somehow remove the video when Antharas and Valakas die in a C4 client? I was looking for the client to find clues and googling for hours but I didn't find anything about it, I guess it's not possible but I'm not sure. Did someone do it? It's possible? Thanks in advance.