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  1. Windows server 2008 and also sql server 2008. What files are you planning on using?
  2. I haven’t used Knex.js ,so I can’t help you here. But like every other query builder it should have its own documentation
  3. I had the same issue with frameworks and query builders and so on. This is how I managed to insert the encrypted password. The encrypted password from L2Crypt.js should look like this: 0x256891DE63C270EDD8416767AA301616 . Then you insert this using CONVERT inside user_auth CONVERT(BINARY(16), '$pass', 1) And for the answers of the security questions (answer1 & answer2 inside user_auth) CONVERT(BINARY(32), '$answer1', 1)
  4. You have to decompile ai.obj and check the quest there.
  5. I don’t think you can find the original formula unless you dig enough with IDA, or get an idea from C1 since @MasterToma has already his own c1 sources
  6. You do it while we are on skype, I’ll set it up later when I go to my office. If you are successful you get your reward. Don’t worry
  7. It’s not. You started it by talking about exploits while you don’t even have the knowledge to reproduce them. It hasn’t been touched for 6 years. Of course it’s old and not safe to use. For testing purposes is perfect and especially for this guy right here. End of discussion for me.
  8. No, you did not. Can you exploit it? If yes, you show me how, you get $. If you can't then I'm waisting my time with you.
  9. Can you do it? Chances are 99.99% you can't. So have a nice day.
  10. Again, you don't get it. I know all this. Can you reproduce any of those? Can you provide a working XSS? Can you exploit an old mssql function? Can you inject sql ? Can you exploit the "critical system vulnerability" you mentioned? Because the average lineage2 or MxC user can't. If you exploit one of the above I send you reward.
  11. It doesn't have to do with being "old user". It has to do with common sense. Code is old, yes I said that, but please take advantage of one exploit or hack it and i'll send you reward. If you can't, then stop talking nonsense.
  12. Hey, No offense. This guy just installed his server. He doesn't have (yet?) the knowledge required to create his own php script and also doesn't have the funds available to buy one. I offered something free and fairly easy to install and use. I know it is old since I made it almost 6 years ago. Poorly written you can say that if you want. But so far a lot of people have used it and they still do. Nobody complaint about its performance or its security. As I said send me proof of hack and I send reward asap. Nobody hacked or found an exploit as far as I know. Now as Anarchy said you are more than welcome to make a better one and share it for people to use. Thanks