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  1. It really depends on the project and how every server owner wants to deal with it. That’s not the issue. And also both game and web based vote systems work just fine.
  2. You got a point there, but as far as I know, coins in game aren’t tradable for most projects I offered my services (free of course) neither the items you can buy with those coins as well. I don’t have a clue about l2j crap, but you can abuse everything and take advantage of almost any “protection” out there. Web based vote system can get the work done nice and easy .
  3. Is it for l2off? If you give me your api tokens from voting sites and you are not in a rush I’ll fix you a vote system for free. Take a look
  4. Hey, add what to the register page? Terms & Conditions?
  5. Yeah I got the same messages too. My bad because I checked with hauthd and not nc authd. You nailed it though! I’m not there yet!
  6. For both pay_stat and block_flag2 (GF) msg is "The account has been banned."
  7. Useful, but phpinfo() is always your friend
  8. I think it can be done only if you use hauthd as auth server
  9. When I started this project, I used bootstrap 3.3.4 and php 5.4 was installed at that moment. When I’m done with all the features I’ll be updating to the latest version of bootstrap and php. Db transactions are done with active record from CI, so I don’t have to change literally anything from the code. It doesn’t use mssql function which is deprecated at the latest version. Thanks for your feedback !
  10. I don't have the files in front of me atm, but I think there isn't. I take a look and ill send you a pm!