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  1. Here is your “informations”: If you do it for profit, please stop and get a job. Don’t even bother, because you also sound that you don’t have a clue. No offense
  2. There aren’t any problems or “secondary” effects by using an extender if it’s done/made right. Client side is one limitation I guess and then main server functionality like sharedfactory limits and stuff like that
  3. Why is this in shares? And also a guide? How hard and crazy did you search for 2 months without finding nothing ? It’s all over the place. And also if you can’t remove they key from the sources then consider NOT to open a server. Vang is out since 2016 or so
  4. I’m not sure for hi5, but in gf you have to have premium server running, enable it in the .ini file and also enable the button to show in l2.ini at client side
  5. It’s garbage, don’t even bother ( it was useful when dawid fixed it back in the day and it’s main purpose was to extend client functionality, like auto potions. Antibot became popular and bypassed quickly)
  6. Lineage2 is almost 17 years old. And it doesn’t look like it is dead, but definitely not where it was a decade ago. I’m not going to mention the official servers, because I stopped playing there on gracia final update in 2009. What is happening is normal as the time goes by. Players know how to play, what to do how to rush to end game where they believe the game starts, and then it is boring because there is no extra content. But in my case this is not true. Playing lineage2 is about the feeling, your fellow friends that they will help you gather all the key materials needed to craft a blue wo
  7. No difference, he’s looking for a way to make money quick
  8. Where did you see the share ? Because all I see is a nonsense request for l2j crap who’s short on “development” time!
  9. There is no development on your end since AdvExt64’s devs did everything. Now if you want to call it project management service it’s another story. (but still not worth the extra $775 of my Garcia final example. This is just me) From what he said, if you are looking for somebody to take your project from nothing to opening and you are willing to pay the tons of extra money they are asking for, then it’s up to you. But you can always do your research and save. They don’t look like they are going to get your money and disappear if that’s what your are afraid of. You can contact hi