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  1. Ι will check some guides in order to get any idea about this, and try to fix. Also, I will check the revision later and if it's 372 I would like to check your rework. But if someone have any other code & html files for aCis buffer feel free to post it here.
  2. Any other code & html files for other buffer? (except Tryskell)
  3. When i paste it in eclipse/java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/actor/instance/PlayerBuffer I see this Java file with a red X. May is something wrong ;
  4. Hello , i download this buffer for l2 acis https://maxcheaters.com/topic/223485-npc-player-buffer-acis/?tab=comments#comment-2688248 The only that i did is to make a folder in gameserver/data/html/mods/buffer and i paste the html files there, then i create a new npc in xml. After that i spawn buffer, i can see the Index of buffer ( buffs,heal,fighter set,mage set, etc) but i cant get buffs from this npc. No any message showed up on my screen. Any idea on how can i fix the problem above? ( if yes, be specific at comments ) Thnx in advance
  5. Thnx I will try it later , lock it.
  6. Thnx, and about the code I will change html file or l2 bufferinstance in eclipse?
  7. I mean if I have the code(this code for example in the link that I post), how I will add the npc in the server? I add other npc like gk etc, but I can't add buffer. I need steps like 1) add npc in xml folder 2) add html file in html folder etc.
  8. Hi, Im looking for any tutorial or any helpful post with steps(and photos) in order to add a buffer in l2 acis (for example this buffer https://maxcheaters.com/topic/223485-npc-player-buffer-acis/) . Thnx in advance.
  9. Can u explain me step by step how I can add this buffer in a server plz;
  10. Upload please with steps how can I add a buffer in l2 acis.
  11. Hello. I found files for a buffer on acis. These files are html and a Java file. Is there someone who knows and he can show me step by step how to add a npc (buffer for example) to acis?
  12. I create my own buffer but is very simple, I was looking for something better. Lock this topic.
  13. Second question solved, only number 1 is remaining. Thnx
  14. I found solution for the 2nd problem, I also posted this question on l2j forum. U can lock this topic. Thnx