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  1. bro as i first saw this file it contains new textures or animations. am i right?
  2. can you give me an example cause i am newbie in java
  3. i pass everything in eclipse without error i cant understand why nothing happened
  4. nah bro i tried that too and nothing happpened
  5. hi guys i pass this code for .menu command. i dont have any red lines in eclipse but the problem is on server side? when i wrote .menu nothing happened. did i miss something?
  6. i pass it on frozen datapack and it didnt work? maybe someone can help?
  7. how can line + if (activeChar.isInSiege()) change in l2jfrozen?
  8. bro kalo 8a htan na baleis photo apo npc gia na to doun ta members :) . GG omws synexise etsi :)