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  1. i can login even i try 192.168.xxx.xxx or the actual problem is that the others cant login in my server. i ve speak on phone with my network provider and they told me that they seems to be ok. the ports i ve opened is 2106 9014 and 7777. i post my error in acis discord server too and they told me to use this code: but as i can see i dont have the problem in log in but my friends...
  2. yes i understand but in which properties of them. hostname included in both of them
  3. you mean gameserver right? @Tryskell can you please give me the solution. i try everything but i cant understand what is wrong
  4. Hi i want to ask a question. if you want to open an acis server what changes you have to do in case you want to put a no-ip? gameserver is like this: # ================================================================ # Gameserver setting # ================================================================ # This is transmitted to the clients, so it has to be an IP or resolvable hostname. If this ip is resolvable by Login just leave * Hostname = * # Bind ip of the gameserver, use * to bind on all available IPs. GameserverHostname = * GameserverPort = 7777 # The Loginserver host and port. LoginHost = LoginPort = 9014 and loginserver is like this: #============================================================= # Loginserver #============================================================= # This is transmitted to the clients, so it has to be an IP or resolvable hostname Hostname = localhost # Bind ip of the LoginServer, use * to bind on all available IPs LoginserverHostname = * LoginserverPort = 2106 # The Loginserver host and port. LoginHostname = * LoginPort = 9014
  5. nono @Zake i know what it means but when i try to add this it has a lot of red lines i found some changes but not all of them. this is why i ask for help. @iTopZ i want to limit the attack speed/casting speed of all classes to 2k for example . this is why i need this code
  6. hi members as i am looking aroud i found a code for limited attack speed and casting but i need a help in adaption for 382. Here is the code i found: P.ATK/M.ATK SPEED LIMITE - Pastebin.com
  7. but you havent included the htm part of the code as i can see
  8. Hi members. As i am looking on forum, i didnt find a ranking npc adapted in the latest l2jacis free revision, so i will share with you one that i found from l2jnetwork. As you understand the credits goes to Baggos (he is the creator of this datapack). Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kress4d5v95ja2h/top+pvp+pk+npc+for+acis.rar/file P.S : If you have any questions fell free to pm in this post. Have a nice day ! 😀
  9. for some reason the id was the problem. i ve put another id and the problem solved. so please lock it 😀
  10. guys i ve passed the ids in weapongrp. as i saw the items have an icon cause i put em in the npcs html. if i buy the items i can see them with their normal icon but the problem is just in the npc in which they appeared as black icons
  11. guys i have an issue with xml or l2jacis multisell. when i pass the item i can buy it without problem but in npc the item appears with a black icon. how can i fix this?