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  1. Well, I currently have an online server with JFrozen 1132 and have many players. But I have a small problem that I can't change. When the player uses a skill being of the type buff (dash, rapid shot, rapid fire, etc ...) or attack skills he stops attacking after using the skill. This for a PVP server is very complicated, the daggers cry a lot.I was wondering how do I disable or change this part of the code. I know it can be in L2Characters.java because I remove a part of the code and now the skills of the active type (vicious stance, accuracy, etc ...) do not interfere in the action of the cha
  2. Could someone help me get this glow out of the NPC using L2Pe? I know it's possible because GLO took it from me once from another npc.
  3. Oh my God, there is no better person than you. Thanks for making the NPC fixed download available and for telling me how to fix the error, I believe it will help many who have the same issues on another NPC.
  4. to adjust this is only in the UE? or can I do it on L2Pe?
  5. Ok mate, np I wait for your reply tomorrow.
  6. Hello friends, I have a big problem on the NPC I downloaded, unfortunately the author did not provide the height and radius of it. But the error is as follows, I managed to fit it to the floor but unfortunately the server side (npc name) is at his feet, and I can't fix it, can anyone help me? Is there any program that gives me this information about this npc?
  7. Hello, does anyone have this NPC? I need to download it and the links are off.
  8. I did the same thing as you did, exactly the same, but I saved the UKX, I put it in the Animation folder and I take a critical error, the same error that occurred with the "custome guide" you did. It seems like something is missing.