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  1. could post the final thank you client, and the server patcher?
  2. so then, but why did you ban Brazilians? now I can't move the frozen anymore
  3. Good evening, brothers, how are you? could someone post the latest compiled revision please, as it changed to java11, i installed java11 but still don't want to compile, the error!
  4. yes it is pc configuration, so i'm asking for your help if possible, because i move in a java8 project and the frozen one that is java11, how do i leave both java enabled? to continue working on both projects
  5. in the case here in my cmd, points the java 1.8, but if I take java 1.8, I will not be able to compile other projects I have and not move them, would you use both java I always enable one and disable another?
  6. Good afternoon Reynald0, all right brother? Next, I installed Java JDK11 and even then when I compile the revision, it says that it is using java 1.8, could you please help me?
  7. Good afternoon, how are you? Could you give me a download link where I can download only one large pack of custons for C6 and H5, please? OBS: I called you here because I can not send MP
  8. someone could re-upload this file, I can not download nor from the main post, says I do not have permission, because it will?