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  1. Could someone post the compiled review please? I'm not able to compile it in eclipse
  2. now will it work? ok with protocol 216? Thank you
  3. Good morning, great job, files seem to be sensational. Thank you for sharing with the MxC Community. Could you give me the Freya protocol 216 client link please?
  4. Good afternoon, how are you? could you tell me and teach, how did you create the file StarGameServer.Bat because if I can connect it, I try to solve the problem of the table, trinity_live.characters beauty?
  5. could post the final thank you client, and the server patcher?
  6. so then, but why did you ban Brazilians? now I can't move the frozen anymore
  7. Good evening, brothers, how are you? could someone post the latest compiled revision please, as it changed to java11, i installed java11 but still don't want to compile, the error!
  8. yes it is pc configuration, so i'm asking for your help if possible, because i move in a java8 project and the frozen one that is java11, how do i leave both java enabled? to continue working on both projects