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  1. this is using JDA, your work doesn't worth more than 20 euros, GL on your sales for those interested https://github.com/DV8FromTheWorld/JDA this is the API fully free to use
  2. Trust me the last person in the forum I would approach with a trolling attitude is you, even if I am not a contributor to acis due to the fact that I don't like retail, my server files are aCis 180 upgraded to H5 client (wouldn't dump them even for a chronicle upgrade) so in a sense I owe a solid amount of resect to your name and project. And indeed good job for your work and it is much appreciated, although its another fact that Java is not a scripting language and should not be used as such, in aCis you don't need it since there are no plans for chronicle upgrade and quests will rema
  3. Your example is out of context, and also looks bad. Do you have any plans of moving to a different chronicle? The answer is No so perhaps you don't need any kind of scripting since quests are static with your Interlude implementation (thus should be compiled in the source code)
  4. good job, but Java is not a scripting language
  5. yeah, I am wondering what a stupid post by stupid people still exists with no moderation "I crack anything for free except my boyfriend who gave me shit for free" common, this forum sucks and doen't dissapoint doing it even 10 years later, I had to hear such lines back from the kindergarden
  6. what about sunrise? its a nonfactor project, those poor developers just adapt whatever they find shared or leaked from L2JBRAZIL, and there's NOT A SINGLE quality server out there running on that project with success, just a playground project for wannabe scriptkid admins and thats all
  7. ti idiot re paniblaka? pou 10 xronia grafeis ta idia skata kai exeis to thrasos na me kaneis kai quote
  8. stay away, dont it, being there a big pain in the ass with masterrace coding, java, debugger and l2j skills
  9. Hello people, I am trying to edit .u files with PE but the client refuses to open if L2PE saves the file. I am trying to edit engine.u Actor to get rid of Player Collision (NOCLIP) Client H5. THANKS
  10. fere to thl ths katerinas twra kai anevazw ixografisi