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  1. 99% of the work is to create the client side, the server side is joke easy. usually you should reuse existing packets and override the values if you want to make something custom
  2. have you done it? you think its possible or easy?
  3. if u want something professional with a single DLL and no client modifications, drop me a PM
  4. faswma sto afti glwsa mesa mexri na ftaseis sto keri, an den xisei min me lene xdem
  5. zero knowledge, lots of trashtalk in one post
  6. Are you a developer son? or just a hobbist kid? how can you prove something with statistics and tests only? Can you provide proofs that it is 10% and not 11? or 11.2% ? You can't. Simple fact. What if its actually a logarithmic generated exponential distribution like? You can prove it? Can you reverse engineer l2off code and copy the actual behavior? No? then shup up and keep emulating kiddo
  7. you don't need to compare 0 with 0 in C, just use if (!_wcsmp(wstr, L"yourtext"))
  8. the correct answer is that nobody really knows how it works on official, everything is just a guess. and this is why l2j is called an emulator, it emulates the behavior based on guesses, the 10% thing is a guess obviously and I really doubt it works this way on official. So there goes your answer, you will obviously not find something that emulates official better, than what the l2j developers did many years ago before you
  9. Hello, as some of you may already know, I am the founder and current administrator of L2AEPvP. A short introduction: L2AEPvP was found in 2011, in response to L2Pride's rapid decline. The goal of the project was to bring back the legacy C6 gameplay of L2Pride on a much more feature-rich and modern environment. The project is based on beta aCis revisions ( rev 140 or 160 ), the development is active since 2011 meaning that LOTS of things are changed. Due to lack of time administrating and managing the server the last years all L2AEPvP openings where handled by 3rd party people I personally trusted, but this didn't always meant that they did a good job, therefor I made this topic to find new motivated people to help me fulfill this project's goal. What I am looking for: People that have some sort of influence on L2Pride community. Decision making skills, leadership, honesty. Non-greedy. At least some basic understand on how L2 servers work on the back end. I am not interested in: Game Masters and anything related to ingame. Developers, Core or DP Changing my project's scope or target ( the server remains pridelike) People that never played L2Pride or L2AEPvP Sponsorship of any kind. What we currently have on the project: Stable server files that are able Best L2J, Interface and client coder. (me :p) Overpowered DP developer that can handle any complicated XML A VERY lazy but talented client developer ( VERY VERY ) Linux Dedicated Server Huge loyal community Server Discord : https://discord.gg/f2c5TkZ
  10. would never ever recommend using android source code except common utilities for another core java project anyway
  11. merging hardware ids together is not practical for obvious reasons on my server this is a hardware ID struct, printed in human readable form on the logfiles I will ban one of each or all, if I combine them simply changing one bypasses my system
  12. hardware ID is not a thing, it can be composed by various things like serials numbers, unique identifiers and stuff, what you propose is a VolumeID changer not a "hardware ID changer" and it will obviously not work
  13. for randomness I would go with a jackpot-like random generator pool, feel free to use my code https://pastebin.com/SZq07PZy your jackpot weight should be an inversion of current zone hits