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  1. stay away, dont it, being there a big pain in the ass with masterrace coding, java, debugger and l2j skills
  2. Hello people, I am trying to edit .u files with PE but the client refuses to open if L2PE saves the file. I am trying to edit engine.u Actor to get rid of Player Collision (NOCLIP) Client H5. THANKS
  3. fere to thl ths katerinas twra kai anevazw ixografisi
  4. to irony einai oti exei tsakothei ME OLOUS osous exoun parei promo, isws exei ftiaksei scriptaki na tous vazei aftomata stin hate list tou
  5. ooooooootan aniksei kala perases?
  6. klasikos koblexikos OVA wannabe EPOP loipon, nothing to see here
  7. private static void trySetName(final L2PcInstance player, final String name) { if (name.length() > 23) { player.sendMessage("Name lenght cannot exceed 23 characters. Try again!"); return; } if (name.length() < 2) { player.sendMessage("Name lenght must be at least 2 characters. Try again!"); return; } if (!Util.isValidPlayerName(name)) { player.sendMessage("Your new name must not contain special characters. Try again!"); return; } synchronized (CharNameTable.getInstance()) { if (CharNameTable.doesCharNameExist(name)) { player.sendMessage("Name already exists. Try again!"); return; } } if (!player.destroyItemByItemId("FunctionName", 9604, 1, player, true)) return; player.setName(name); player.sendMessage("You new name is " + name + "."); player.broadcastUserInfo(); } tested on live server
  8. bullshit. The only bottleneck here is the L2Client itself, no matter the optimization you do server side you will never bypass the client limits. Want numbers? a well implemented l2 java server will handle 20k+ players at ease, the client will struggle to render more than 100 in a single area
  9. to paidi einai o orismos tou katestramenou ilithiou