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  1. go for debian mate, ur sure that no updates are gonna ruin your configuration whatsoever
  2. 100 at opening means 10 next week
  3. yea 1 was kinda stupid actually, gonna use a 10 by default, the color is the actual name color the player has at the moment included purple / red while on flag / karma
  4. elfo codes for the 2 biggest c6 servers
  5. as I said on the main post, the community board is streamed while the user is looking at it, and stops when its closed, this means you have a real time view of all PvPs/Etc listed on the toplists. for the sake of this example, PvPs increase by 100 each time. The design is simple to make the above functionality viable with minimal latency Now imagine a server with 100 people PvPing for the first ranks, isn't this toplist doing its job? Myself, I can't wait to see it on the live server
  6. okay, you got my answers. is it over yet? btw, tell me more on how chrome, mozzila look awkward and shit with the tabs inside the title-bar :D and how a professional tool like Excel used by hundreds of thousands of companies that make lots of money, needs more eye-candies
  7. yeah I really need font of size 10 to make the retards understand their rankings, are you serious? these two toplists are completely different, mine maximizes competitiveness, whereas the other sacrifices all the practicality and features. You compare apples to oranges, and you are wasting my time with your shit again PS: at least bomb me with actual negetive feedback, not bullshit, I've countered all of them
  8. Like really ? tab highlighting is a thing of textures, not wasting my time texturing scrollbars can't address 10000 players because HTML has limited size therefor making it impossible to use the scrollbar. pages? oh common class icons are configurable, really u noticed this? clan crest is a pain in the ass to be correctly placed on the html who cares for the toplist guy's ally ? title 400px, WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW is a valid tittle too there is zero db usage, its all in memory, but htmls are not cached because they are dynamic, they are built with the cached data
  9. again, this is a toplist kids, its not meant or designed to be fancy for the average retard
  10. you have a big fantasy for a guy with minimal technical knowledge fuck off fam, who fucks the looks, this is a board to check the toplist on a competitive level, not eyecandy for kids that play 1 week servers
  11. ena me zebra grid thelw, na ksexorizei tis grammes, stis diastaseis pou tha sou pw. PS: pou ti thimithikes afth
  12. tha mou ftiakseis HQ bacgkround image giannakh mou? giati den to pernei me html