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  1. You are the most stupid person in this forum. No matter how I try to like you, you always deserve more and more hate and justice and I am here to give it to you. Don't ever talk about Mobius because you will never do even 1% of his total contribution to the L2J scene. This guy is truly the spirit of L2J since the new-era L2Jserver rats claimed the boat. You will never comprehend what this guy has contributed to the community, under the hood with his patience and love for the project since you are here just to flex your stupid arrogance and sell 5 euro codes. Please don't ever use his name or talk about him in your dumb posts. Unlike you this guy patience and real love for L2J, Mobius is a project that gave life to L2J. I can't understand why people can't understand this. If Mobius never created his project then L2JServer new-era RATS would monopolize everything and would continue to create private forks like L2JUnity without any contribution to the open source project, L2JServer that is for their personal gain using reports and contributions of the "free-dead" L2Jserver. So get your facts straight retards. Now Kara, I won't talk about you, you really don't deserve a more detailed hate from me, you know what I can say about you and how badly I can ruin your arrogance and fame you've built on sand while me and the few other veteran developers are too busy in real life. So shut up and sell your 5 euro code to private server retard admins that can't understand that you are just ruining their crap servers. I am done with you. Last but not least, @Mobius you get my love and my thanks, and my support of course for trying to keep your project real, don't ever let these retards ruin it for you.
  2. are you delusional ? why do servers have to connect their donate currency ? what do you think the private l2 server scene is, the Steam store? Its out of this world to believe that we really need a common donate currency for all servers, let alone it will be a centralized mxc crypto, lets get real friend
  3. I've spend hundrends of hours trying to reverse .u and .dll files and I never achieved to dissable collisions with NPC
  4. and why should I as a server owner allow a 3rd party currency to be traded and shift money and player community flow from my server to another? what an absurd idea
  5. centralized mxc token, with mxc middleman, no benefits for the public, no trasparency no safety no guarantees. A nice crypto !
  6. can't authenticate discord through gameserver. maybe some discord dll hooks which is out of scope
  7. doesn't necessarly have to be an "int" it can be a String, which imho is much better than int, or even better the same WorldInstance class
  8. lmao why use this CopyOnWriteTrash when his code doesn't seem to have concurrency issues? ArrayList is the way to go for casual codes like this his list rarely ever gets populated
  9. A dumb question, why use pride shitpack base when he has the skills to make these?
  10. You are 10 years late its not going to work People can't afford to take advice from an inreliable source, there are lots of reputable forums out there already you should stick to L2
  11. my canClassIdJoin has more lines which I removed for the sake of this example
  12. I would really love to let you live your eternal life in arrogant delusion my goddess but nobody care's about your arrogant/fanboism opinion. L2Scripts is a scam project since its release a decade ago, overpriced garbage
  13. Mobius is the best project your money can buy right now. Ignore what haters tell you JORG is based on mobious leaks of the non premium version, Mobius is the most trusted and stable since when Scripts is quality ? I suppose you don't know what you are talking about and you should probably stick to client mods and let the developers have an opinion here. thanks
  14. not really. its not as messy as it seems reuse canClassIdJoin on: L2PcInstance@addSubClass L2PcInstance@modifySubClass L2PcInstance@setActiveClass The above codes are battle tested on my live server, you can thank me later 🙂
  15. Java 10 introduced the "var" keyword which works similarly to the c++'s keyword "auto" for compile-time variable declaration So the answer is to either upgrade Java version to 10 or above or adapt the code
  16. xdem

    Abusive Mod

    clown is a flame ? it seems to make you kinda butthurt but its excactly my opinion about you when you threat forum users in an abusive manner. I've called you a clown because you indeed made me laugh with the stupidity of such behaviour , is our opinion supressed in this forum ? Why the hell should I respect you even a little bit ? what excactly did you do to earn your respect and reputation? All I've seen is a new random - irrelevant blue guy threating members for personal reasons. Warn me all you can if that makes you feel strong little guy, I was banned before many times in this forum but my name still stands, I earn my reputation based on hard work and skills that nobody has in the forums and I am an active contributor for everyone that slides in my DMs. You need to work your ass off for many years to earn the respect of guys like me. You are going to be a nobody once the administration finds no use on you and dumps you in the trashcan, you will remember my words when the day comes. So don't get this as disrespect, take it as a challange for self improvement because till now trust me you are the irrelevant here. This photo you post right here should be a reason for a shameful instant demote on all forums in the world. Yet you bring it as a proof ? like come on dude how blind can you be? You said "on me" and "to me" 2 times in just two small lines, how butthurt did this guy make you and why are you using your Mod powers as a vengeful attack for personal reasons ? PS: There will not be a third time. One was enough to finish you off, you are completely irrelevant I am not going to waste another second of my precious time for irrelevants like you. Cheers mate
  17. crypto is not air, cryptos have many pros and cons, among them is decentralization. you are essentially trading with cryptocurrency without a middleman (banks, customs, taxations, goverments) directly to your electronic wallet. securely and with full privacy. Given that the trend of this era is that there's no privacy and taxes apply everywhere, decentralized cryptos make a massive hit and turn the tables. Yes their value is volatile but, dollar, euros and all fiat currencies are also volatile !
  18. I declared my opinion about his abusive behaviour and I get this Well, first of all learn English when you represent a forum. "Disrepsecting Staff for multiple times" It should be "Disrespecting Staff multiple times" "Talking and behaving not very polite." It should be "Violate forum's code of contract" "Next time, it will be a chat ban for a week" It should be "Acording to the forum rules, a penalty of one week chat ban will be applied" I suggest @Maxtor to make his staff be more polite to the community of the forum especially veterans who contribute with precious knowledge this forum. This guy is not suitted to be a Moderator, not to mention a Global Moderator as he acts personally and vengenfully abusing his power in a way that it reflects his extremely low self esteem, the forum is already dead and you need to take actions to revive it, Moderators like this little guy here contribute to a worse forum. Also regarding my warning, I would like to see the rules I violated of which result as a warning for a 1 week chat ban. Cheers
  19. I really wonder how much effort you've guys put into representing the server, this is very time consuming. The detail and effort looks crazy and looks very promising for a server even for 2021. It really looks unique. Although let me express some concerns that you may answer or not: All these features would suit a server of much higher chronicle, Salvation perhaps ? A server is only mature and worths a player's time only when its battle tested over years/mistakes and failures. With my experience I don't expect this to be perfect on its first opening so it really makes me wonder why you don't open it with less features to give a test ?
  20. Its possible but even with 100,000 cpus running the miner 24/7 the gains from mining are nigible in 2021 because mining is nowadays done with ASIC miners and HUGE dedicated farms PS: nigible I am talking about less than 1,000$ for every 100,000 users or more huge risk if you ask me
  21. you can delete posts tho ! You can't change that? I've labaled you a clown with a single abusive chat you wrote I don't know who you are at all and I know nothing about you but that was enough I won't take seriously a reply from a bot. Moderators should respect the members especially when the forum has more mods than users. Cheers
  22. Auto farming is the new era ! It will definetely revive L2 a little bit, I am fully supportive on it and I will include a state of art auto farm on all my upcomming servers. Theres no reason to play fully manually and grind for hours today, let the autofarm do the dirty job! Still manual players will have much greater advantage over mechanics and speed
  23. This one is private and would not come cheap, if you need to see it live DM at discord Blizzard#7187
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