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  1. As title say, it's L2Scripts VaNguard 362 sourcecode. DOWNLOAD
  2. Hi MXC Community. I'm just going to leave those files here because I saw some people selling this files as their "Own Work". So lets take a look what this pack have: Those screenshots is just part of the MODs of this pack have, also this pack was used for L2Ava project in 2015. So here are the links: Enjoy it..!!! Cheers
  3. Hello Guys!! As the title said, here are the screenshot of this server (who failed twice this year) and links: So basically this pack is almost the same as L2Ava, but this server have some other stuff added like Auto cp, hp... etc. Here are the links: Enjoy it!! Updated: Added .sh files for gameserver on Compiled pack and sources pack.
  4. Probably the best share on this forum ever, this project doesn't deserve to be shared at all but something GREAT happened to me today and I want to share my positiveness with all of you! Features: Auto Targeting PvE/PvP Auto Targeting Party Assist Using Skills (Up to 9) Range Presets Range / Location Rendering Custom Panels (More Options) Drop Tracker Target Filter Extensions Panel (toggle on/off) More Panels ... Extensions (Custom extra behavior that can be turned on/off) Pressing To Village, Teleporting back to farm zone Custom enchanted PvP/PvE behaviors More Extensions ... Time based Credit System Very Lightweight (Able to handle thousands of players without lag) Run on its own ThreadPools (Configurable Core size and Ticks count) Range Rendering: Inertia (older version) unofficial video tutorial made by the community. credits: TheSlayer @ L2Trinity https://tinyurl.com/inertiax New feature: Path Editor Players can create up to 10 Paths Each path can contain up to 12 lines Runs through Geodata validation Full source: Github I would appreciate contributions / new extensions and stars on the github page
  5. Long story short, I recently shared the Autobots engine and many people were very quick to message me to help them set it up. I am not really doing that sort of thing, paid or otherwise and I'm leaving it to the leeches to scam them for shared code. That being said, the biggest issue I had selling Autobots was that I had to adapt it to so many projects. L2jTesla was originally a private project that I've been working on for over a year now. This public version is a blank slate of the project based on aCis 382. I will slowly start migrating some of the "cool" features of the private Tesla to the public one. The private one is NOT for sale so don't even ask. DO NOT EXPECT ME TO ACTIVELY WORK ON THE PROJECT. I WON'T GitHub repo: https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jTesla There is currently nothing special in the project except for: Migrated to Java 14 and also running Kotlin interop shadowJar (Fat jar) compilation Autobots engine bcrypt with an option for SHA1 for backwards compatibility purposes Uses HikariCP instead of c3p0 I will be adding more things as I go and every share I do in the future will be added in this single project. This saves me a lot of time cherrypicking code when I share. How to build (Will create a simple video too): Open in Intellij IDEA. Don't use Eclipse, it's not 2011 anymore. Download it here Make sure you have git bash installed and run "git clone https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jTesla" or simply checkout the repo via the Open dialog in Intellij This is a monorepo so you need to copy the folders in a single repo. You can install SQL via the tools folder as you would do normally config data The contents of "dist" To build the project simply run the "shadowJar" task in the gradle window. It will create a single l2jtesla.jar that you can drop at the top level of the folder you moved the other files to I might add a single gradle task at some point to automate all this. You can easily run this through Intellij by simple clicking the Run or Debug (if you wanna debug) button in the LoginServer.java or Gameserver.java The code is licensed under GPL v3, not because I wanted it to be but because l2j is GPL v3 and you can't sublicense that. Tk and whoever else is doing sublicensing over GPL v3 is actually breaking open source licensing law. Anyway, that's it.
  6. Mods Balanceamento PvP | Olly Class_x_Class Skills_chance por Config Vote New PvP Zone Protection Anti-Bot | Hacker Enchant System Anti-Zerg Zone Limit Newbie System Manager Player in Mode Offline Drop Jewels Enchanted Infinity SoulShot and Arrows Vip System Aio System Painel Skin | Skin Item Boss respawn random ou Fixo Announce ID FlagZone | BossZone Hwid Limit DualBox Hwid - IP Events Raid Event Capture the Fleg Team vs Team Tournament Mission Daily reward Pc bang Party Farm PvP Event PvP In 24 hrs Phantom Players System Phantom Town Phantom PvP Phantom TvT Phantom Raid Event Basead on aCis files. I found it for free on the internet. It seems to be a complete package. the only description i have is above! "Use it at your own risk" L2JMEGA 2022 (mediafire.com) L2JMEGA 2022 (mediafire.com) L2JMEGA 2022 (mediafire.com)
  7. Lucera 1.7 source + assembly Interlude Interlude Build + Source Download Link: [Hidden Content]
  8. Sites atualstudio free here > Download links and images are here https://mega.nz/folder/60oE3bwa#NWipYOXZt6sTmBuVy3v18Q original share by @leonardoll174 Info This is a re-pack from original share without the nulled IPB files (for obvious reasons) Some of the sites are for l2off and some for java Contains 21 websites/ucps/admin (copy pasted I guess) + 1 panel in main folder, some of the sites contain subfolders with more copies Use at your own risk I will not be responsible if your server gets destroyed by any kind of hacks using this files There is a security risk on payments its 100% that somebody can take 5000 donate coins inside your server for fun, ..and more. Personal Note: I felt sorry for those who paid for such sites with so many security risks. PS in case you want to use this websites without the donations it seems good from a quick review, altho its shared and you shouldnt trust it. PS You got more sites? send me to upload! for anything else regarding this share contact me at discord Donate Panel: DenArt Designs Top gaming site: iTopZ
  9. This project is discontinued Please find the new Autobots commercial engine below _____________________________________________________________________________________________ L2j Roboto So as I've already said i would share the fake player engine that i started working on. It is WIP so DO NOT use it on any production environment. I only share it cuz someone might be interested in giving a hand. Features Features implemented: Only attack logic for bots to bots (plan to make it configurable even ingame) Task auto scaling logic in order to have less iterations in more tasks Buff bots with auto rebuff Soulshots/Spiritshots with auto refill Arrows/Bones with auto refill One AI per class (Only a few implemented for now) Random attack picked with probability Commands //fakes - opens the fake player dashboard (will probably change to //roboto) //spawnrandom - spawns a random bot with default AI How to install L2jRoboto has minimal dependencies Find the patch.diff folder under the dist folder Github repo: https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2jRoboto Please star the project is you can. The project is licensed under MIT so take it and do whatever you want with it. Have fun
  10. Hello and welcome to L2ACP L2ACP is both an Account control panel but also an Admin control panel. Every action in the system is INSTANT. No more "you have to logout first" messages and such non-sense. How does it work? The gameserver will now also run a lightweight restful API which will handle the site requests. The website which is hosted on my end handles and processes the user's actions and if they are valid it sends them to the server for further processing. This enables use of the native l2j method calls and the use of the existing infrastructure. This also enhances security as there are no database exposure anymore. Reasons for sharing To get a solid acp out there which is free for everyone To see if people are interested in contributing Nobody would buy this if i just hosted it myself To show the competition that opensource projects can offer value Feature list For Players Register l2 account Change ingame password Check player stats/info/inventory Buy ingame items with donate points Buy services with donate points (Change name, set nobless, reset pks, change sex) Statistics (Top PVP, Top Pk, Top Online) Donate with Paypal for Donate points For Admins Set the items sold in the store Give items to players Punish players (acc ban, char ban, jail, chat ban, kick) Announce test Live map of the players The ability to spawn monsters anywhere in the map The ACP is in active development and way more features are coming. The site is fully responsive giving the user a great tablet or mobile experience. L2ACP Preview Lucky Wheel addition Private stores Server with private stores showcase a server set up with a great economy system However it can be really hectic when a server is populated. Players tend to look forever to find the item whey want. Well the new L2ACP feature solves all that. The user is able to buy and sell items from the ACP no matter if he is online or not. You can also use the search functionality to search for the item that you want. Here is a video preview: Security L2ACP uses symmetric encryption for the payloads and an api key validation. As long as they are changed you will have no problem with security. If you want to be 100% secure, make the server accept requests only from the ip that the site is hosted. If you want to be 101% secure, then host them together and don't expose the api port. License Both L2ACP projects are licensed under GPLv2. Here is a tldr of what that means. Github repositories - (Please star the projects if you like them, it means a lot) Gameserver Api written for aCis - https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2ACP-api Website - https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2ACP-Web Test erver - http://test.l2acp.com Contributions I don't claim to be an expert java developer, not even close. The api side of things has definitely many things to be improved. Pull requests are always welcome. I will update this with more info soon. Thanks Guides How to build L2ACP API: Already published 1677ad687d5ad5f6eb7ef421213d5276cf5f18e1 version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/gahbhk5o7b84hzd/L2ACPPublished.rar How to host .NET Core project on IIS: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/publishing/iis How to host .NET Core project on Linux with Nginix: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/publishing/linuxproduction How to host .NET Core project on Linux with Apache: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/publishing/apache-proxy
  11. Links aCis forums aCis facebook page crappy YouTube channel Freemium concept explanations Blackbird PTS informations Introduction aCis (acronym for "another CRAPPY interlude server") is a Java emulator, based on L2J work, focusing on Interlude chronicle. Project leader is named Tryskell. The project begun around december 2010, after the end of L2JArchid. At this moment, none European L2JIL pack was maintained. Particularities We focus about retailness ; a big emphasis is done to reproduce the good aspects of L2OFF behavior, using all informations we still have. The customs are dropped when not needed. It allows you to make WHAT YOU REALLY WANT, avoiding any conflict. The time saved not developing customs is fully used to enhance retail behavior. The pack is under a freemium concept, which mean you can contribute with money or with code, and get rewarded with latest sources access. Read the dedicated thread to understand the whole concept. Achievements Countless reworks have been done, but the biggest could be named as: XMLization of all static tables. Completion of quests under Java, with drop rates and behaviors checked using L2OFF. Rewritten AIs using L2OFF behavior. Numerous reworked systems : movement, duel, knownlist, retail-like spawn manager, admincommands,... 800+ reported bugfixes - without counting my own edits/fixes. Types of groups FREE USER Public branch is updated every year. The stability state isn't guaranteed - it is delivered "as it". Free users can access to the Discord channel to get support. Free users, even based on outdated branch, can contribute to project, and be rewarded for their work (see "Contribution" section). DONATOR You will be registered into the private Gitlab, for the time of your subscription. You will have access to specific forums boards, such as "custom" && "FAQ". I will give support for any retail issue you report, based on my own IRL timelapse / project handling. I don't busy about customs. If you contribute to project, you can be rewarded for your work (see "Contribution" section). SUPPORTER Free users, as Donators, can reach that status sharing enough bugfixes or contributing enough to the pack they're declared "essential". Main contributors are rewarded by "Supporter" status, they got a direct access to sources, to all boards and don't pay any fee. That access is maintained until they stop to contribute or contribution amount becomes too low. Contribution Added to monetary support, we believe about cooperation and so your CONTRIBUTIONS (bugfixes) can be used instead of money. Contribution normally can't pay the joining fee, but under specific circumstances (big rework, event reward etc) I can reward people with such access. Contribution is taken in consideration when your work is COMMITED, and is based on the complexity of the report/bugfix. The contribution system is visible on forums. A specific field, named "Cookies" was added. All reports and shares are now counted into this value. This value is based on changeset nomination (ty for report / ty for fix). This value begins to be counted at the first revision of the new system, aka rev 400. When you reach 100 cookies, you are actually set as Donator for one month (as if you paid the initial 100€ fee). When you reach 10 cookies and are already Donator, you win a free month (as if you paid the monthly 10€ fee). When you got too much cookies, you become a Supporter. As Supporter, cookies can be translated as money reward. Ratios are as following : Report : 2 to 10 cookies, depending about the severity Bugfix : from 2 to 100+ cookies (from typos fix to complete reworks) Price JOINING / REJOINING DONATION : 100€ This fee has to be paid if you are joining or rejoining aCis project. Next month, and all other months, you will have to donate only basic monthly donation. The "rejoin" definition is basically if you failed to pay the monthly fee at time (you got the entire month to pay) and got at least one unpaid month between your 2 last payments. MONTHLY DONATION : 10€ This fee has to be paid every month. In case you fail to deliver it at time, you will be considered "re-joining" the project. Blackbird PTS aCis got its own Public Test Server, named Blackbird ! Be sure to check it if you want to test aCis latest functionalities !
  12. L2JOrion r17 : 22.13 MB file on MEGA L2JOrion r21 : 23.51 MB file on MEGA GeoData : 102.21 MB file on MEGA L2JOrion - Source: 199,29 MB file on Mediafire CLEAN UP - L2jguard,Strix-Guard and L2jOrion Guard Removed ADDED - System hwid "Use it at your own risk" Thanks to RootZerO
  13. Mybe you want test some file and want to explore more, you can make it on your Localhost No IP Bind/No Online Limit Revision : 40466/16269 More Info : Click Here (L2S) Link Download : [Hidden Content] Link Download Client and System : Client : EU: https://fex.net/s/n3x0dnl System : EU: https://fex.net/s/yldlypp
  14. Revision 8508 allowed to use EXTERNAL F*cking ip without need to pay anything :) Soon as the last version got leaked and shared i will crack it again :) Enjoy the it! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?0u54336orj1gv76 JAR Only for who are getting troubles using the full pack. http://www.mediafire.com/download/51y1hy4w349i4fq/gameserver.jar
  15. nothing special interlude acis based on public sources , working on protocol 216 Datapack : https://disk.yandex.com/d/58hEKe8uSqcPbw Client C6 with textures : https://mega.nz/file/DQpSXbbZ#KtoUzMou9LO_FJaCFLMjnR4Hez9EYRulpN2YsvDGTAk or https://disk.yandex.com/d/wYiIm7iuO2pEHg Source : [Hidden Content] this is my first post sharing something, I am not a professional just a person with curiosity who learns every day something new, here I leave the result of playing with the protocols. regards. Mikado.-
  16. https://subversion.assembla.com/svn/L2JLisvus/ java 11 mysql xampp navicat 11 o superior
  17. welcome all I found that the majority want to sell files and not help others for free So I want to buy the game files Anyone one install a copy of the game with the server he have a clean, modern and easy-to-develop version Call me for understanding
  18. https://www.mediafire.com/file/5bk00cwcbhy9r99/l2boyard_source.rar/file This is very old source , not recommend for live server. It contains many custom mods. PvPColor System Offline Shop && Craft TVT , Deathmatch , Capture the flag Event Engine Vote System Anti-farm PVP Custom Starting Spawn Location New Char Hat Voiced Command Settings (online , auto pots , password change , menu , view npc drops , banking system , gold bar trade) PVP Reward System PVP Announcements Captcha Antibot View Boss Status Auto Restart Many custom item handlers like noblesse/hero item VIP System And many more! There are not much c6 sources at this section , i hope you find it useful and learn from this.
  19. As Title says Download Here [Hidden Content] *ReShare, Credit By DeiversonDeveloP
  20. L2Fandc, latest source with facebook share, twitch, phantom. DOWNLOAD Enjoy it guys!! P.D.: If is something missing, just drop you question here, I might have it because when I got this pack, it was missing a lot stuff and I have been fixing it a lot. also this pack is not ready to go for a live server. Use this pack to take the Addons and Codes for you personal pack. P.D.2: I have never understand why FandC (Claw) customers never complain and report him in this forum. Seriously this pack its a really piece of Sh.....t. Some html missing: Location: \html-en\mods\Vote\ Index.htm Reward.htm
  21. Hallo guys i want to share files Grand Crusade, i can't give information about it, but you can try this file or you can use it to your server for fix something No Backdoor , is a CLEAN FILE !! enjoyed Download : https://mega.nz/#!6dYWUKjZ System Grand Crusade Protocol EU Clean : https://mega.nz/#!OcJQUYzL!8u1aMIpJL7uv5fEb225_yJgiXfSN_FJg3yOX2B3BrLs Password Mega Keys : [Hidden Content]
  22. Hello, I have been searching for a long time. I don't know how it is called substack or dual class. for example, a character will have the skills of the th-pp classes. I'm looking for this for an interlude project. I currently have a farm server on the l2lucera project. I don't know if we can add it on this server. If we can't add, I'm looking for a source such as a new project, all bugs fix tasks, skiller fix and farm server between x1-x5. Can anyone with knowledge inform me?
  23. Hello, I needed to add different title colors (and levels if needed (for all L2Monster)) for aggro mobs, and it's only way to do that is to edit npcname-e.dat file at Lineage2 Interlude system folder. It will take too much time if your change it manually. So i made java code for it. Maybe someone need it too. Just download it, import to Eclipse, open generate.java, edit configs by your own and launch generate.java and it will generate generated_npcname-e.txt file with updated continent. P.S. Before launching generate.java decode your own npcname-e.dat file and paste all continent to npcname-e.txt P.S.S. All info about mobs is taken from gameserver MySQL database. So if your server pack using xml or etc, your need adapt code for it.
  24. Hello everyone! I am sharing with all Pride Style lovers server files of L2Trinity v3- Pride Style Gracia Final. Server Files Patch Files Have fun with the pack
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