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  1. Dont really think this is worth as for the fact that Black Ops 4 is pretty dead on PC. But well gl.
  2. What about this? Launcher -> Start L2.exe with extra parameter (a token) -> L2.exe starts only if received that parameter -> User types in login info -> Server check login info and token id. If user, pass and token id is valid can login
  3. Heya, I'm a little bit doodoo on this topic but is it possible to make a custom L2.exe or a .dll that prevents L2.exe being run manually? So when you click on L2.exe it says "Please run the game through the launcher". So you need to run Lineage through a launcher and running it manually, (clicking on L2.exe) wont work. And if its possible, who can do that? Or is there any tutorial for this. I'm ready to pay.
  4. How is he a racist when he don't even know ur nationality?
  5. I think Scryde files are crypted and unfortunately impossible to decrypt unless you have the original program for it which originally encrypted the files. This method is commonly used to prevent other people steal their work. @Celestine correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Nice web, despite the fact that's its somewhat ripped off from Essence xD I like it, gj.
  7. Hey, another share, and again, something I never used and designed for fun. This can be used as a standalone application or on your website. Depends on, what u wanna use it for. Preview Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rbdll9j1wb45rkx/server+store.psd/file
  8. Hello, I want to release my first ever made web design which was originally designed for my lineage 2 server. But because my server newer went live, and the design just laying around on my hard drive and a lot people been asking for it, I finally decided to release it for free. Preview: Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/voec3jwopv844va/l2clepto+template.rar/file
  9. splicho


    I probably should donate them a lecture on how to learn English because they obviously don't know how to read.
  10. splicho


    Its not about that, it was about the comment on the template. Strains has replied to me on that topic and then he deleted his reply. Right after that I was demoted by maxtor, look at my profile visits. It happened right after the comment. Its just quiet unfair and childish behavior he demotes me without even talking to me before, because they both Strain and Maxtor obviously misunderstood what I said.