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  1. you should change the tag to discussion or project
  3. we can agree you are true cancer to the community. thats final post you keep using excuses for the next victims you are lucky I dont have proofs this time, of deleted posts that ware stating what I said. since they let you in this forum (cause in ru you got ban) its none of my buisness I have already stated my position about the report but you keep having attitude i leave this to staff
  4. I asked you to tell me the rules i violated beside the report and you say this... i already aswered the question with an answer if the forum keeps logs of deleted posts we can see the truth. I got all this - Spamming, flaming - Rudeness, insulting posts or purposeless inflammatory posts aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand since you read the conversation and you are interested i am sure you read that yes no? this topic should be locked and I sould reporting him but I will not fall to this level.
  5. so after what you got you go on his side now and out of nowhere you got interested on that spesific topic did he tell you that you get free job if you do that? can you name the violations I did, beside the report itself... the way he talk to me is on rules for you? and as i said if the logs of the forum exist what i said might be exist on the removed posts. and how can i have photos of removed posts i know what is said before but i cant prove it that does not mean its have not happent but he wanted so much to report me and cry
  6. watch your language and your manners you are the one that reported me remember? whats your story here?
  7. watch your language whats your story here?
  8. the posts that was told was on your topic and they have been cleaned up if there are any kind of logs on the IPS forum what I said might be real but why you rage so much i told you what you say to your customers a "sorry" why you are so pissed and whats the deal with this images?
  9. i said if i remember whats the big deal there i am sorry about it as you are sorry for the delay of 1 month for your customers we are equals now there you are
  10. I cant read your language and I thing you already talked for spreading false informations and you do the very same thing for me in second person you're telling that I called you scammer but your clients did not me.
  11. the if statement indicates that you may say what is and whats not real, plus you need manners "NightW0lf - telling bullshits and spreading false informations" for a title shows manners low level dont forget i am not the one that reported so many times with money on the line as you are AGAIN here: and many other times that posts removed and you know it, i will not talk about your topics that are beign cleaned up for the very same reasons for me messing with peoples time and then find an excuse and say sorry should be punishable. learn to talk first learn some manners and then report me
  12. aVVe has dissapeared with money

    he cant accept truth he cant argue with truth Grandiose delusions if i remember correctly he had told in 2 customers that 2 of his family members died once... and some times that he was in hospital this time he just didnt say maybe excuses ended :|