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  1. 386 means that he might have 32bit java but not windows 32 bit.
  2. έβγαλα τα εξής warnings, version
  3. You can start then, buy an svn, host, domain name, setup a forum for communication, ddos protection, setup a dedicated for the test server of the team, start giving access, buy client protection so it will be ready to install and tested, start developing. lets say you have a head and specific style writing... who will agree non-paid to have somebody above his head, besides acis that already did that, for what a GvE Cons - Customs everywhere - Free time - Developers = Banned or Life - No reason - No earnings - Invest Pros - edit: using acis means + 10 euro and somebody to install all versions manually when a new update is out
  4. έχουμε 2020 πλέων, σταμάτησα να περιμένω
  5. you allow in firewall port of l2cached to be allowed ONLY by the ip of your hosting simple as that. for testing (open l2cached) go to and test the port if is open and listening.
  6. this panel for example has payment methods such as paygol (it has payments with paysafecard) in order to be enabled in paygol to use the method paysafe you need to be reviewed (your website donation panel) by paygol with a test user after contacting them and tell them how to use it and how to login and explain the porpuse of the donation panel and if you pass then you will be checked by paysafe if you own the terms "donation" if you do you are cancelled because they do not allow any donation term to exist you must have terms as shop, buy, purchase etc.. that said your link must also not be but (all this in order to be accepted for method paysafe) you must also have terms (the panel in the link i gave has the necessary terms to be accepted by paysafe its tested by changing any "donate" to "purchase" and then roll-back changes) PS: after the final review from paysafe you can change donation link and terms to donation or you are pay-to-play and you mess with ncsoft or w/e (technically you use illegal software to begin with but you are closer to fuckup your self) PS2: you need to own LTD company papers in order to be accepted in paygol (payout 200euro) in 30-40 days +fees) NOTE: about g2apay it applies the same as paygol but requires extra terms + extra your personal info publically displayed on your website NOTE: paynext is for russian community and then there is paypal easy fast disputable but most commonly used. in conclusion the more you go into deep the more money you make but you flirt with more consequences, you just need the info on how to make it happen. 1) own company 2) show false data with terms of "purchase" 3) change to donation 4) enjoy money
  7. @Kara` is still noob on html tho (but he advances) nope he is not
  8. κάνοντας spawn δεν είναι η λύση σε αυτό που ψάχνεις... το μόνο σίγουρο βρές άλλο πάκ για αρχή
  9. κάνε ποστ το κώδικα απο το build.xml να στο φτιάξω για να φύγει το έρρορ απο το version κάνε με tag για να απαντήσω
  10. midget, thief, cookies ring a bell? you see quality > quantity if you want customs take frozen or any other discontinued pack to play with, if you want serious project you pick l2j and fix it so guess who is who and what is what.