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  1. This is dangerous each website visitor will open a server connection, in case of website DDOS your server is good as dead.
  2. time to learn from mistakes and move on, decompile is the only way but if you dont remember or dont want to search, i recommend to be careful next time and use other project for god sake. :) PS: happens to all of us. PS: keep regular backups and use local git or private github repositories.
  3. i believe that this project should be here too
  4. you try to connect from other computer? explain what you do if you want help. and yes in detail.
  5. check the thread that returns the player's status to normal and make it only if not inside the zone
  6. είσαι παλιό μέλος στο φόρουμ θα έπρεπε να γνωρίζεις τι είναι το dig...
  7. η 80 και η 9014 δεν χρειάζεται. και αμα δεν έχεις κάποιο script που να θέλει την βάση του σέρβερ στην σελίδα σου ούτε η 3306.
  8. επίσης, καθε χρόνο δικαιούσε (λίγοι το ξέρουν) νέο ρούτερ δωρεάν, επιστρέφεις το παλιό, αν δεν σου κάνει πάνε εκεί το θέμα θα κάνουν τους ανήξερους στην αρχή.
  9. ++ hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha thank your for this you made my day! @Pigasos-Dev - "my sites my servers my rules (my votes too)"
  10. he has listed only 170 so far... - 500 administrators he killed his website. +
  11. @xzone i have proof that he ask me to help him because he will open many servers before 2 months, me and @DenArt Designs asking us to help on his new servers, he owns them all he is a big liar.
  12. if you believe you have more proofs than what he said make a report it is not concern me, this is over ill keep watching this circus now if you don't mind check this out. Member No: 226638 Posts: 3 Joined: 03/24/2020 what is this new account to support himself? :D