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  1. to ida apo tin antidraseis den exw na pw kati parapanw ekana oti itan na kanw apo meria mou kai kratisa to logo mou kai stamataw edw. edit: https://prnt.sc/lvauik
  2. I will contact you tomorrow because now I will go to sleep you cant accept messages so add me in skype to help you install it.
  3. epidi den tha pesw sto epipedo sas tha zitisw na ginei remove to warning pou ekana report giati ws gnwston trolarate idika esi elfocrash enw ton proigoumeno kairo zitouses na mpei rule panw se auto mporouses kalista na me voithiseis na to ftiaksw AN itheles kai episis tha zitisw na to kanoun diagrafi mpas kai stamatisete tin klapsa to kourasate poli to thema
  4. hi if you want check that link https://maxcheaters.com/topic/224708-donate-panel-cheap-fast-sguard-smartguard-special-edition/
  5. this packs some times have copy paste html files in 2 languages so its called html/english/merchants or html/russian/admin if its good pack he can switch from config that depends on many factors we know nothing about the pack or the seller plus the guy is not answering he might found a way
  6. I thought there was some decency left in people, but I am not into the market so much thats why I was unaware of that.
  7. so you're going serious to pay dedicated/protection/website etc and open a server with this files? what if they have more "bugs" :D get pure l2j and add your customs
  8. people already told you that you have possibly WRONG data inside did you check that?
  9. you have source? if you own some old trash that some unsatisfied customer shares step 1 think why he was unsatisfied and he shared it?
  10. ask your money back. if its not working and you dont have instructions from the seller its simple as you buyed trash.
  11. then you should ask @`NeverMore he sells that pack so only he may have the solution depends on the version you have, keep in mind that you need to be able to edit the source, without the source you can't even fix a typo, wich make's the pack useless.