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  1. i need your event system i have 5 euro now and after donations you get percent L2Raptor broke this record first 24hours. so, all he could do is personally attack me for my english classic "i cant win"
  2. donate panel sold from pigasos scammer or you are pigasos and this server is total trash https://donate.l2dps.club/ only this forum is totally supporting this @Kara PS: original panel sold here: https://shop.denart-designs.com.
  3. last time i've checked l2j had so many implementations of somany languages and external dependencies i wanted to give up using it, back in time it was just the java the csv/xml/db files a database pool jar and you knew what you had to deal with, now you can see 50 files to add a buffer https://bitbucket.org/l2jserver/l2j-server-datapack/commits/ce038fd2d0bbe428c41d2ca370df5bdeb623ae7f#Lsrc/main/resources/data/service/buffer/json/global.jsonT23 is like a competition of who will make the most files and most technologies combined out of one code
  4. why when talking about him you say Zoey its Zoey76
  5. so you avoid anything negative said about him like my question
  6. just for the kicks you are the reason i comment my codes mostly, one day i asked you what was a specific part in your code and you told me that: "even i dont remember what i was writing back then, and it is sometimes impossible to understand it", that left me thinking alot better having some extra lines of comments not only for you but for somebody else that might have a benefit on the time spent reading a line and know what a code does
  7. what is your opinion about Zoey76? what your reaction would be if he invited you on his team? how can you improve him as a person? what can you offer in his life? finally would you go as far as to be his groupie? trick question: when you think he will fix the target issues?
  8. not at all in fact that was the most on topic discussion on development perspective, but k cya
  9. plus only tryskel understood this and moved them in a single file
  10. literally not cant make more than 30% in java since code can talk by self but non commented at all and placing the GNU at top is funny the least
  11. when in most common languages a single .split is in php explode and most of cases are not making sense on that language you cannot write code that can be readable its a language issue i always improve
  12. see you assume i am a bad coder based on a language you seen me write for hobby not professionally, and you think that comments mean unreadable code, and judge it as bad without even seen it :) and trust me that i can safely say that my code in my main language is leveling you easy. i've seen atleast all of his projects shared with empty catches and NPE's in a language that i do for hobby, let him be a diva. yes sorry plus i believe your perfectionism and correcting your code 100 just cause you dont like it is your doom as developer
  13. @Setekhi am bound by that i hope you can understand :D but its coming soon
  14. no i say your thinking is flowed "code must talk by its self" its something against my thinking since commenting code is a "must" for me.