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  1. vanganth has extra console for votes
  2. did you try the guides? none will install the server for you, you must at least put some effort.. lol
  3. silly me H5 has whirlpool solved $enc_password = base64_encode(hash('whirlpool', $password, TRUE));
  4. I am looking for the equivalent of $enc_password = base64_encode(pack("H*",sha1(utf8_encode($password)))); for H5 Servers in php
  5. there is a site i dont remember it some member of this forum has it and it is mostly about client development start looking there he has it i am sure
  6. why add so many extra code when you can make it better without it
  7. you also scammed me but i didn't report you maybe i will now.
  8. when you did that? there is no cure for stupidity
  9. and now you assuming the money I make... and trying to undermine me personally again. you need to think before you post something, oh wait...
  10. The IQ I was talking about I was wrong its not 2 its less than 1, no you wont because you can't, thank you for that and the only one with attitude here is you, you gone off topic and spam now you personally attack me assuming what I vote... Clown.
  11. Another spammer/offtopic who don't understand things that need 2 IQ posted the shit from his brain.
  12. Yeah (I never read his posts he overanalyze) so I ASSUMED and I take that back. No way I step off this one! So the next retard client of yours or mine or whoever comes here think he has the upper hand without proofs or even worse making a dispute should know that he must be good in his side first.
  13. I don't give a shit the rules are rules @Pamela32 should follow them now he should be banned for not following the rules and posting false accusations and scam dispute on @Kara`! This topic is against the rules and @Pamela32 should be banned for this and the guys who defended him should reconsider their place here specially @Tryskell what the fuck is he doing here taking the place of @Pamela32 standing without any proofs and give a drama queen speech about the rest following somebody without posting any proofs you're ALL SHEEPS think for your selfs! EDIT: the offtopics should be warned too is against the rules and the moderators are too soft/afk lately. What you think is here playground? You dont seem to understand the gravity of this topic or LETS HAVE FUN and give us the name of the guy who told you so he gets the ban instead of you? what you say? you think this is funny? when you report somebody to be a scammer when on top you dispute him what you expect? and instead of apology you still say "HIS ACTIONS" WTF.
  14. why instead not banning pamela for try to ruining his reputation and breaking the deal with false accusations since the deal is still on as we speak? did you cancel your deal pamela or still on? did you provide proofs of scam pamela? no? guess what? there is a rule... for false accusations.... my opinion is ban pamela if i was kara i would fuck the shit out of you, for the way you try to make him work in first place not for coming here, i would not do you the favor to work with you in kara's place after this topic is a deal breaker by you without proofs. Edit: THE ONLY PROOF IS THAT YOU MAKE A DISPUTE I JUST SAW IT WTF! YOU'RE THE SCAMMER HERE!
  15. Πρέπει να μάθεις απο κάποιον οδηγό εδώ μέσα αν υπάρχουν ακόμα πώς γίνετε το compile ποιά αρχεία δημιουργεί και τί κάνεις αντικατάσταση αφού ολοκληρωθεί το compile.