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  1. Skilled and trusted, recommended! good luck with your sales!
  2. whats your issue send me a message to discuss or here
  3. Good luck with your sales, trusted and skilled user.
  4. Best sanitize of the year award goes to you.
  5. if you think that with this commend I meant that 3*3 = 10 you must be really stupid, prove me wrong with your full thought behind " intval " and "reverse check" when i type my password: %$1'"53"(51)_$'hackcommand
  6. depends on the permissions you give and the connection method you use (ofc how bad/old is the code). PDO's hard to get pass through, proper sanitize, know what to expect on data but most panels have holes because creators never sanitize properly, few know how to make it but nobody does it. in case we have a password 123456789 yes its perfect in case we have a password abc1234 you have a big error your commend is not valid in any possible way regarding lineage or user/pass protection.
  7. I checked the server and has heavy client edit well done, the wall is AMAZING! you guys have to check this out so many years never seen something like that
  8. NOTE this code is abusable if not implemented correctly and provides about 5-7 exploits for players i think 2 was important for low rate servers but even for pvp servers is very buggy if you don't add restrictions
  9. you can reach the max amount of your build but it will be only with bots and you
  10. each error says where its located and sometimes the solution to itself without showing the error here you cant have help.
  11. yeah misconfigured nginx i hate nginx good luck with your project and wish you the best! your works so its probably some bad htaccess or redirection issue maybe if you need help send message waiting for website to check too! :)