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  1. private static volatile VoteManager _instance = null; public static VoteManager getInstance() { if(_instance == null) { synchronized(VoteManager.class) { if(_instance == null) { VoteManager _local = new VoteManager(); _instance = _local; } } } return _instance; } @V-Ray posa (se plirwse?)?
  2. you cant call people stupid its 2019 we evolved (almost all )
  3. why you copy paste every aspect of l2topzone this website mmotop is yours right?
  4. An a .command npc window with pagination is faster (on coding term) and much more effective also do the world a favor and don't lie to make them like this shit you never shared anything you always said "you will". [GR]τόσα χρόνια εδω μέσα χειρότερη παπαριά σαν αυτή δεν έχω ξανα δεί, κάνε μας την χάρη αυτή τη φορά και μην το κάνεις "share" ...ξέρεις απο αυτά που κάνεις στη φαντασία σου μόνο[/GR]
  5. to make an event (even the simplest) 2 guys set in a faction that runs in a thread every xx minutes by registering with a voiced command (.join .leave) or an npc button and add them on an array list or remove them from an array list and all this can be maintained easy with a gameserver/voicedcommand addition few setters and getters in player and some checks (example teleport and die()) Your point is invalid in so many ways, because in any acis version upgrade you make a patch of your changes and if a class/method rename is done on the upgrade you just apply and adapt (a rookie can do that), about the developers that don't answer you probably don't have some honey to lure them, lets say you do something professionally (it is your work) and somebody ask you to do an event how much you think it should cost? 20-30 euro for a pvp event? you're wrong maybe in asia or brazil, he will probably spent more than 2-3 days this means work hours how much you get in your country for this days? 3 days in my country might cost 100 euro you want? i can make you an event for acis and each upgrade of acis cycle will cost you by hour, what if you refund me? i lose event, work days and money, give me a good reason to work with you. is it worth? no. go search how to adapt how to make something google has 11235123515 tutorials and stop wasting time here crying like a kid you just make your self look stupid.
  6. I've setup my first l2off server in 40minutes without guide, cause i didn't know what dsn's are and that's how i found it on 2005-2006. if their quality is same as their skills on websites/account managers they sell i doubt hard for this prices they just taking the piss on this game.
  7. vanganth has extra console for votes