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  1. o pigasos poulaei giati den tou milas? (de kanw plaka)
  2. if you want i also have the shared extreme if i find i will share
  3. like your comment out of topic your comment is a flame on all players and us, you do what you dont want others to do on you, this comment is canceling itself from too much stupidity, did you even read what everyone said? i guess not. and i bet you are owner's friend or even owner of this server cause your account is just made :)
  4. eclipse with git is for me the best so far :) @zemaitis is trusted person and i've worked with him before you will not have a problem with him in any way.
  5. i dont give a shit what you really do cause i dont count you as player, you make money by visiting servers so you are not suppose to have a saying in this.
  6. it can but will be morally accepted by players?? i talk about decency... players know, creators know how many gold servers you know 1 year alive? he is not copied ncsoft he has not copied gold he copied, i am beign clear on this, creator denart-designs has not gave permission to use their work. your points are invalid this is not game related only but stolen work.
  7. Your logo is stolen from and was created by denart-designs and you are using it without permission. You want to open a server show little decency and make your own, this is unprofessional and players know when they see copies, even this topic came to from other people.
  8. Thank you for supporting my topsite, good luck with your sales and i wish you the best :)
  9. @L2-Luna do not trust pigasos-dev he is scammer, specially if he try to sell you donate panel here is the original:
  10. download putty type the ip and if successfully make the connection you will be asked for username and password