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  1. i think you looking for encryption that smartguard has. https://smart-guard.eu/en/smartcrypt
  2. Thank you for sharing good job!!! Edit: the only "flaw" I can note is that your chance is integer but drops use normally 0.001224% for example so it should be a float value for more accurate drops? maybe there is a way for improvement what do you think?
  3. true old chronicles was the best games i did i am glad that i was able to play on them :) it was just came out didnt meant to sound like it did but oh well
  4. Version 1.2 Minimal Requirement on server resources and class consistency along projects. Addition of Thread class. Addition of Random class. Addition of Logs class. Addition of Url class. Addition of Rewards class. SQL independence on tables with vds_individual and vds_global tables automatic install by default Addition of topsites and their configs. Hopzone. L2Network. L2TopGameServer. L2TopServers. L2Votes. L2JBrasil. Gui Addition
  5. open a new thread in help section, you just go on enterworld.java client packet and add there player.broadcastPacket(new MagicSkillUse(player, player, 1034, 1, 1, 1)); where 1034 is the id of the fireworks skill you need to change probably
  6. thank you for sharing this with the community maybe the most wanted guide
  7. Upcoming update, http://prntscr.com/wmd6tn About your question define what is only for lucera and acis? because at the moment it supports 31 projects, also i will not discuss security.
  8. I believe it will help the forum in general, is is a very positive move for such rule, nobody deserves to get scammed from such tactics, it will also make this place safer to conduct business for even somebody who is not familiar but want to start something this rule will help him see more clear what is going on and not rip him out, sell or re-sell illegal (morally talking) stuff that are other people's work. 100% agreed on adding such rules. Transparency is everything.
  9. if you live in this world you cant accuse somebody for something without having proofs got it? when you go to police to report something the first thing they ask you is can you prove it? so for me nothing happen and you are a liar and liars are punished. if you want to contempt somebody here you have to follow the rules and provide proofs mr smart guy got it?
  10. I believe adding the mobius website/timeline should be more attractive for everyone since the credits goes on mobius project so people can get the official version (in case they want even buy it) seems more legit on a share to me.
  11. proofs or didn't happen.
  12. i have 0 experience on c++ in your place i would use the vanganth sources from his extender, but maybe guytis have a better solution because his experience is better than mine