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  1. ok master. as a wise old man once told me, under 60milliseconds brain cant understand what is happening 😢
  2. if the connection is success, you probably stuck on login, but your friends will be able to join, there are fixes and different approaches but you need experience on this.. we cant teach you that. hostnames are always the no-ip if you want to try it but no-ip has to be set in local ip too for example i never used or localhost i use 192.168.xxx.xxx or i give 5 euros in contabo to get a vps with linux and open ports with 1 command
  3. thanks, topzone will ban you if you are from Greece he is racist. also has attitude problems and he has some kind of autistic issues, when i say topzone not worth dont take my word for it, try it and see what happens 🙂 also if you search good enough you can see that topzone generates fake traffic on your analytics (in case you want to buy a banner there)
  4. remember this when it comes to open your precious server VPS Client protection DDOS protection HOSTING Domain Name Developer Website Updater? Donation system Advertise but no no no you will never pay... what you mean is actually you will never open a server Mr Random Nobody.
  5. https://maxcheaters.com/store/category/5-premium/
  6. https://github.com/nightw0lv/iTopZ-Java/ try this
  7. kai an xreiasteis donate panel pane edw https://shop.denart-designs.com/
  8. you can always make external codes in lucera there is a guide too but with limits
  9. well when you are asking "How can I install this website?" it is not asking something spesific other than where to run it, still you are asking if the template files NOTHING the template files are beign run by the code what is your problem? did you even try to run the files in some host and there was an error or you have no idea how this work?
  10. you upload it on a host and you set the configs
  11. take example of acis function useMagic(L2Skill skill, boolean forceUse, boolean dontMove)