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  1. any free cpanel has an option to install a free blog via softaculous
  2. As you can see its empty, its optional and you need this if you want to enable the server side statistics, the client side statistics that coming from the updater will still work. in case you are scared that this site will hack you with the selection of statistical data, just dont fill those settings. But I am sure you know how to configure which tables you share with the "user" you create that connects to your database... and what privileges you can give. On top of that your point is bad, from any view.
  3. maybe you post what you found and ask help fixing them
  4. it looks like this code propably will slow more than balance :D
  5. thats the easy way but if he decide to change or add donate skills he will not be able thats why i tried this, btw i got an email today from l2jfrozen as i think many of us old users did frozen is on sale xD
  6. you just look for valid target I think, if you spam with your keyboard a skill its the same thing to spamm a skill for a bot until the cool down is finish... but its a bot so "work" or "flowless" is not expected
  7. that means there was no more available skills to enchant did you try to clean your skills? try to make that change in line 127 and remove the previous change
  8. according to their latest source in 2016 (that I would never recommend using for live server) here https://app.assembla.com/spaces/L2jFrozenInterlude/subversion/source/HEAD/gameserver/trunk/head-src/com/l2jfrozen/gameserver/model/actor/instance/L2FolkInstance.java in line 233-234 add the following the concept is to not show the skill in skill list of enchantment if its level is >= to 12, not tested should work if not this is where you make your changes so you can figure it out. if (s.getLevel() >= 12) { continue; } it will be like that if (sk == null) { continue; } if (s.getLevel() >= 12) { continue; } counts++;
  9. trusted to the point of scamming him xD (joke) good luck! recommended +1
  10. you already got scammed by a team you mean, you only query data from database once in 5 minutes you store the timer into a text file (or you check last time the cache files edited) and you create cache files of raids/tops etc... or you can do it with cron job anything else than those 2 solutions is garbage. PS: if this team was in this forum report section to get them what they deserve. PS: drupal is a CMS and laravel is a framework, google them and you will get it.
  11. you need to use object and try/catch with resources in order to avoid such messages then ask your money back cause in order to fix something broken is worse than buying new one. plus your site might be under ddos you need knowledge on how to ban IP's with denial of their access to site there is alot behind that (google cloudflare), anyone that offers you less than a well documented php website that is focused on protection is same as throwing your money into the wind.
  12. @see com.l2jfree.gameserver. :'''D ontopic check requestbypasstoserver packet and another command handler and check inside htm's too you will propably understand by your self how it works its not hard.
  13. you can make a script to download them from pmforum
  14. if you have camera they can record you pleasing your self while watching porn
  15. here is a how to get private int something; public getValueOfSomething() { return something; }