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  1. Mature and skilled Developers! I already buy pack from them and they support me 24/7 and the server files is the best i ever seen all this years!
  2. Geoengine is work 100% just you have to create a file inside Gameserver folder and to make it Geodata and paste inside there all the Geo files. After you do that go to gameserver/config/Geodata.ini and make Geo from False to True and will work fine.
  3. Guys is just good retail server files. Is not for custom pvp servers but for low/mid rate servers with retail features. Thank you for share and good luck with your project.
  4. Same error miss files from pack...
  5. Propubly you have no idea for what about...all that you sayd work 100%.....
  6. Hello everyone!Me and my team we are working in something new and unique,we plan to open a mid rate Lindvior server with the most features working. 80% from Quests working,Instances ex: Kamaloka(All levels) working 100%+rewards,Commiunity board with shop/buffs/events/carrer+more staff,we are thinking to make the rates x35/x35/x45a. Please if anyone have any idea what rate is the best for server with big commiunity share it here in our post to help us. Thank you everyone.
  7. We have plan to Open him in Beta mode in 3 weeks max 1 month from now. We searching proper php programer to create a website+smf forum. The project is almost ready and ofc any bugs will found in Beta will be updated in our forums.
  8. Hello dear Maxcheaters members.Im here to announce you soon as possible the first Greek L2J Lindvior server will take place in Europe servers! We have some issues in Clan Management to fix (Can't use any clan privileges for ex:can't invite,give priv,and this stuff) and last Awakening quest don't work (we are working on it). All skills,Bosses,Quests,Instances works as possible we can in global ballance. Server will be hosted for start in Bee2Host company in EU dedicated machines with 1GB connection and we gonna get DDOS protection from HyperFilter company to make a good start. Ofc Vote rewards in Topzone/Hopzone will not exists because they don't have yet in their lists Lindvior Client. We plan to make the server low-mid rate (x25)! All quests have been translated in English and ofc the Official lang of server will be English. Server based at L2J Europa+Info and fixes from Wiki. Soon im gonna update my post to give you more details about our Project. Updated : Clan system fixed. Soon as possible we gonna give you the download link to test Beta server! Prepare your self for the greatest battle in all chronicles!
  9. Lindvior Source : http://l2j-universe.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/l2j-universe-lindvior/Lindvior%20Source/gameserver/ No need to pay anything....
  10. 1* Για να μπεις στον δικο σου σερβερ απο το PC σου ανοιγεις L2Fileedit βρισκεις την διαδρομη για να πας στο system και μεσα στο system βρισκεις το l2.ini το ανοιγεις και γραφεις εκει που λεει SerAddr= "Εδω βαζεις" 2* Για να μπεις απο αλλο PC στον σερβερ σου πρεπει να τον κανεις πρωτα online.Εχουν γινει παρα πολλα guides πως να κανεις εναν σερβερ online. Ελπιζω να βοηθησα.