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  1. Honor me with your words thank you very much i will try do my best mate.
  2. Hello we Open The mid at 16/04 and after him we planning to Open x4 HighFive Part 5 Full Official Retail. If you wanna be in touch join in our Discord Channel to get all info. Best regards. https://discord.gg/WVDwHxJGQu
  3. If you search server with Autofarm Engine but not Bot you are welcome. https://discord.gg/WVDwHxJGQu
  4. Hello to the MxC and the entire Lineage II Community. After a lot of hard work and implementing one of the best server files available on the market for L2J we are excited to announce that our Project L2-Eternal is now live!Our server after spending countless hours in development and thanks to the help of some really awesome developers we proudly present a fully fuctional HighFive Part 5 Update with all the bells and whistles.There are already a lot of players speaking it. Our website will go live tomorrow and our Beta Server too. We offer a very stable and well balanced server with pure L
  5. I just work with him and how good he is i can't type it with words! Trusted seller in any way,very good person,very skilled Developer with great support! +1 from me!
  6. Give more specs and some screenshots from classic files. What company files are you selling and what rev?
  7. Guys as i already said that pack was shared here in MxC Forum before some years. Ofc nothing from free shares is not good for live servers. I share that source because someone looking for it.
  8. Your errors is wrong JDK version and MySql connection or version issue. Did you change the DB name inside login/gameserver.ini files and password?
  9. L2JEternity is Very good files and the seller is very trusted so.
  10. thank you for your share if there any bugs we will fix it because you share the source.
  11. Disable all custom Items and lower the buff slots (For start) and check how it goes.
  12. The events work fine.You have to check the Configs in events. How many players have to participate in events. If there is just 1 player ofc event is cancel... Disable RoGuard/Sguard because to make it work properly you need Antibot.... Cheers What issues you have?