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  1. Go here : https://github.com/Hl4p3x/L2JMaster_2020 and press Code and select Download Zip. After download the L2JMaster source in Zip compile it and that's all. Don't copy the link from Github....
  2. From github download the source as .rar files and add them to eclipse to work with them.
  3. As tittle say.....here is the source link : https://github.com/Hl4p3x/L2JMaster_2020
  4. Guys is very easy to change everything in this pack. You just need to compile it (I Attached and Lameguard too)... Just Compile it with 1.8 JDK
  5. Thanks mate keep up the good work! I wanna ask you something for my server if you can pm me. Regards
  6. Guys anyone tryed to make it Online to test with friends? I think from Core is bind it in one IP...
  7. Some input files use or override a deprecated API. Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details. That says...
  8. Yes but says Build complete and there are missing many files.....
  9. i have this error in eclipse when i compile...anyone know the solution? bootstrap class path not set in conjunction with -source 8
  10. Hello everyone i downloaded L2 Mobius pack but in loginserver and gameserver don't have loginserver.bat have loginserver.exe and same and in game server what i must to do to make them run? Best regards.
  11. Mature and skilled Developers! I already buy pack from them and they support me 24/7 and the server files is the best i ever seen all this years!
  12. Geoengine is work 100% just you have to create a file inside Gameserver folder and to make it Geodata and paste inside there all the Geo files. After you do that go to gameserver/config/Geodata.ini and make Geo from False to True and will work fine.
  13. Guys is just good retail server files. Is not for custom pvp servers but for low/mid rate servers with retail features. Thank you for share and good luck with your project.