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  1. Nice NPC with effects for Lineage 2, unique fire stand for all chronicles. For questions: Skype: Support_La2-Pro Discord: NevesOma#3182 Site: Download: click
  2. SHARE Fire NPC Stand With Effects For Interlude, High Five, Gracia by NevesOma


  3. Free effects, agathions, FIX of Halisha free, check my profile.

  4. As the @Rootware wrote if it has a platform, then you need to add it yourself, if it does not exist, then you need to edit its height in the editor, and then use it further after resaving.
  5. Example Halloween mount ( Ride on ) with effects


  6. Yes, youre right. In post added fix for animations just with wings. let me update it and we will have it for both animations. + I will add yr link from mega. Updated post, added fix for 2nd animation for 2nd transformation of Halisha: Please update your file from link. Or
  7. From client part all are ok, but from server part just for ID 29046 we have something like this. One friend has everything the same and he also has L2off. Please can you see AI of Halisha for some moments with attack actions?
  8. I checked 29046 ID from my client and boss works w/o problems. Downloaded my file, replaced and checked. You have L2OFF?
  9. If you really need it, you would have checked it out in the client long ago. ^_^ All mobs are not packed in just one file and how mobs from the same package can works and another mobs from this package no?
  10. UPD: added +1 fix for first Halisha transformation too ( ID 29046 ). Now works without bugs First Halisha Transformation and 2nd Halisha transformation. Please redownload new archieve with new update. Post updated. DOWNLOAD
  11. Yes, the same. Ok, no problem, I will add my fix to this ID too. It's issue on ncsoft files.
  12. Several I remember the first transformation does not have this error. Correct me if this is not the case.