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  1. Thanks for reply, edited with normaly size. About bird, people can use this for event, maybe for another ideas. It's free. : )
  2. More new addons for you! Unique mods for any chronicles, skype: Support_La2-Pro

    Last share by me:

  3. Hello, it's new share for MXC users ( like gift by me ). You can use this addon like NPC or Mob ( monster ). This addon have sounds in game. Divine bird don't have attack animation, only wait / special anim / walk / run / death. If you need attack animation - write me in this topic and I will reupload with attack animation. Chronicles: Interlude & H5 Youtube: PNG photo ( maybe you need ): My contacts: Download link: DOWNLOAD
  4. Zaken blue: https://yadi.sk/d/QalmN97WshATP Zaken red: https://yadi.sk/d/bgTS4vG1shAGL
  5. Hello, I want to show you my new work for all MXC users. Yes, it's new unique Orc NPC for Lineage 2 Interlude & H5. It's really unique and interesting work, because this you can't view on any project or any board from other developers. It's free. You can use this addon like NPC ( Orc have 2 animations ). This addon don't have sounds ( if need then write a message on this topic + make me +1 rep and I will reedit this NPC with sounds ). If you want any unique mode please write me in skype. If have any questions write me in skype. My skype: Support_La2-Pro YouTube:
  6. Hello, thanks for the criticism, soon I will release too the armor in a different style, based on Lineage style ( old style of armors ). At the moment we have this style, which will be waiting for an successful project. :)
  7. Write me if you need unique Lineage 2 mods for Lineage 2 Client!


  8. Hello, I want to show you a master version of a new armor/costume for all chronicles. This costume was animated with magic effect by me from 0. This costume you can't find on any boards / projects. It's new my unique work. This costume is based on costumes idea ( 4 full parts in one ). This costume is available on 4 colors ( magic puprle / light fire / earth green and silent red color ). If you want all 4 colors, then for another 3 colors you can obtain the discount for 50%. You can see my work on video ( youtube ). If you want to buy this work please contact me. If you have any questions please contact me. Skype: Support_La2-Pro
  9. http://wdfiles.ru/mn7v Replace and try.
  10. Please upload files. I will check
  11. You already have the password ( in skype ), what the problems? :)