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  1. DropItems effects any chronicles just as example.

    I prepared it a year ago, but decided to show it now. 


  2. Locked. The answer was about how to transfer weapons, I think solved... TS, if you need to open topic for new different answers - write me.
  3. If we are writing about textures, then texture encoding is the same everywhere. On all clients...
  4. Use English with Russian so that other forum participants understand what is at stake. As I already wrote, you cannot import a VertexMesh into the editor. You can compile it through the UCC as @CriticalError wrote above. Example of code for compilling: class 2HS_SpAtk07 extends Actor; #exec MESH IMPORT MESH=2HS_SpAtk07 ANIVFILE=2HS_SpAtk07_a.3d DATAFILE=2HS_SpAtk07_d.3d #exec MESH ORIGIN MESH=2HS_SpAtk07 X=0 Y=0 Z=0 YAW=0 PITCH=0 ROLL=0 #exec MESH SEQUENCE MESH=2HS_SpAtk07 SEQ=2HS_SpAtk07 #exec MESHMAP SCALE MESHMAP=2HS_SpAtk07 X=1 Y=1 Z=1
  5. Why do you complicate? Weapongrp.dat opened, copied lines, looked at the patch to effects - copied these files, copied the libraries ( because the files are encrypted with smart crypt, which means you need to copy two libraries to work with them ) and everything will work. Example: 0 8137 3 1 15 5 0 LineageWeapons.doom_crusher_m00_wp LineageWeaponsTex.doom_crusher_t00_wp icon.weapon_doom_crusher_i01 -1 1900 51 1 0 14 2 1 LineageWeapons.doom_crusher_m00_wp 1 LineageWeaponsTex.doom_
  6. Check my shares btw, shared client dat editor ( including new chronicles too ) so you can try to use it.
  7. From your line effect are located in LineageEffects
  8. So in simple way you can not do it. In order to add them back, you need to compile them all in the new the same file using Unreal Scripts codes.
  9. Use l2.ini from another version and make sure the file is not encrypted.
  10. Yes, it may be a solution, but with a high probability I am sure that he will not be able to do it. It is not easy to compile Engine.u without some knowledges.
  11. You need to learn how to decompile / compile the interface files, to understand the Unreal Script code. Most likely, the easiest way for you is to find some existing ready-made interface.
  12. How easy are you going to add classes there? You have already been given the answer to this question. Even if you add your classes there it won't work. You need global changes for this or some tricks.
  13. Yes, @Harmony, of course you are right. Despite what has been done, there is still a lot of work to be done. Because in order to make a remaster, you need to work very hard ( I don't write just to take a client from high chronicles and use it ). New animations are a great thing for an interlude that will undoubtedly beautify it, but this is only a small fraction of what needs to be done. In addition to animations there is a huge bunch of things that need to be done ( and this is not only external visuals ). @Ehoq contacted me with some animation questions to help h
  14. L2Client Dat Editor until 286 protocol ver. Protocols: 196, 228, 235, 245, 272, 286 Requirement: Java 15 ( click ) Credits: Discord - theAbbys#1657 Download: click