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  1. Lineage 2 Free Client modifications. Npcs, weapons, armors, costumes, any effects, etc in my profile ( my shares ).

  2. This is true, BUT not everyone is willing to pay someone for the decryption and not everyone has the knowledge to open the file. Therefore, it is still better to use some kind of protection and this will give a slight advantage. There are many ways that can make it harder for those looking to take over your graphics.
  3. Unfortunately, you cannot do this without the necessary knowledge. After all, the file must be made for a specific version of the protocol in order for it to work correctly, or the accessories must be manually transferred.
  4. Try L2UI_CT1.utx HeadDisplay_DF_Target_Target HeadDisplay_DF_Target_Normal HeadDisplay_DF_Target_Attack
  5. l2ui.utx attack / target / normal textures.
  6. Dethrone Divine monsters ( NPCs )


  7. Dethrone Npcs ( monsters )


  8. Aegis weapons ( Improved high levels ) with effects


  9. New Bow equip animation!


  10. Aegis suit for all chronicles Lineage 2


  11. Valakas armor, Fafurion armor, Antaras armor for all chronicles. Like suits too.


  12. You mean eye effect like in this video? Maybe Asuki add it without eye effects, it looks nice too.
  13. Special NPC with Effects example


  14. A year ago I made support for Kamael cloaks like default classes. It worked. :) But for the full result you need to make edits for many animations.