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  1. *.dll ( nwindow.dll ). Example of my cursors ( transfer from Aion ):
  2. Let it be a point, but are you stupid? It's my price for my work. I would adapt them from the chronicles above for you. Hence the price of the work. We had no deal ... you are very stupid ( sorry but really ). Full screenshot:: I also wrote to you that if you are not comfortable with something, you can steal it from other projects yourself, and not buy an adaptation for yourself from hight chronicles. I just feel ashamed for your stupidity, thanks, everyone laughed.
  3. Skillsoundgrp.dat ( Salvation ): Download _________ More durable link. Maybe someone will be looking.
  4. GameDataBase-e.dat = Download GameDataBase-e.dat ( txt ) = Download
  5. Get an amazing Halloween pack right now for your project with a guaranteed bonus! Compare this with existing mods and take this Halloween pack right now. In this pack you can find unique NPCs with effects, unique accessories, halloween weapons as something special for players, a beautiful redrawn costume. For the New Year, everyone is used to a beautiful Christmas tree, so let there be a Halloween tree for Halloween! Beautiful items in the bonus will please the players. A set of new Halloween weapons with effects will be added to this pack too. Any ideas? Easily. Watch the video below:
  6. I send the password to everyone at once, and not one at a time. Everyone who wrote (who fulfilled the conditions) received a password. ! On August 2, I wrote to you to be more active. At the moment, your activity is a little better ... Sent. Locked.
  7. ID: 22140; Edited textures by me for you ( ): You can replace old 22140 line from Npcgrp.dat with new or use as a new ID. Download
  8. NPC with Effects and Sounds. Can make your server logo. For all chronicles. Contacts: Skype: Support_La2-Pro Personal messages.