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  1. Try to delete static meshes from .usx DragonClaw, open in editor and try to delete, or you can help screept editing
  2. (!) MipMaps should never be created for any texture that is going to be used for anything Interface-related. (c) Unreal Not need to Generate MMaps for icons.
  3. Scripts, st.meshes with textures, effect textures and you can edit line of weapons from weapongrp.dat and add name ( class ) of effect from script package. You can read this:
  4. ONLY UNIQUE CLIENT MODS. skype: Support_La2-Pro

  5. Hi to all, 2019 Year on Eastern calendar is Year of the Pig. I want to share for people one nice NPC with interesting idea, with effects and with sounds for FREE. On NPC you can see animation of hat and reflection effect on pig. This addon is for Interlude and Hight Five chronicles, but if you want - you can edit npcgrp lines for another chronicles or you can write me in skype Support_La2-Pro and I will help you. If you need unique mods for christmas or New Year - you can write me in skype too. I can make for your project any cool mods and I can help in any client questions. In archieve you can find files for client and data for database. If you like this - make me a good post in topic, and make me one good point of reputation. Thanks. Addon is free for all. In you have any questions - write me and I will get you a response.
  6. Hi, guys! Many people know about my 2017 free share Santa puzzles In 2018 I want to share a addon like in 2017, BUT in new style. It's simple interesting addon, idea: collect all 9 puzzles and make a integer New Year image and you can change this items in gmshop and etc ( you make what you want ). Or: project administrator can throw away boxes ( you can see in topic image or video ) and you can find addons on Lineage 2 map. On box you can see nubmer of puzzle parts. From 1 to 9. If this is useful for you - make a good post in topic and one like. If you need unique mods - you can write me in skype Support_La2-Pro and I can help you in client dev questions + I can make another design for collector addon. Chronicles: lines is for Interlude and H5. Icons: Integer image of all 9 parts: Addon in game:
  7. Drakana, hello, can show you something? You have only 4 messages, you need to make a little more contribution to the our MXC forum. This is security,I don't want what bad people download it and upload to other forums. Please be small more active. Don't worry. You have experience in Lineage dev if you search this community board for installing to your project? And you have experience from 2016 ( your profile ) in Lineage and you can't be small more active? Or you want only download files? I will send you password and to others who have small number of the messages, but need to be little bit of more active. I have already explained my position, further messages will be regarded as a spam.Thanks and don't worry. Be small more active and all be OK.
  8. All is OK. http://prntscr.com/l1dijp You can write me in skype Support_La2-Pro and I will help you, because you need additional settings ( npcgrp )for L2 File editor.
  9. For all chronicles. It's a concept. You can buy a analog in this style if you want. Armor from movie in this topic is concept created by me.
  10. Sent to all who wrote to me in personal messages ( who is active member on MXC forum ).