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  1. Lionel Hunter costume + helmet + cloak + sword


  2. Stand + Sword + Effect NPC ( all chronicles )


  3. AEGIS weapons with Effects ( Any chronicles )


  4. Antaras costume with hat ( All chronicles, dressme, all platforms )


  5. Aegis weapons ( all chronicles )


  6. New costume for All chronicles. Unique style! You can use it as costume or for dressme system.


  7. Free NPCs, free mods, unique client modifications, check my profile.

  8. In this case the default simple hero effect will be replaced with a new improved one. Two effects require global edits from both the client and the server sides.
  9. You need not only lines from armorgrp, but also files. Because the versions of mods can be different and the file names are always different and the lines cannot fit your files, so you need to make them individually. We already have ready-made suits and accessories on the forum, maybe try using them too.
  10. What is animation in your understanding? Effect? Character action when casting? Skills are located in skill.usk
  11. Free NPCs, free mods, com. board, unique things, check my profile.

  12. Hello, these effects are made specifically for these NPCs.