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  1. New quest direction indicator. All chronicles. Improve your server.


  2. (Addon) Make all Default NPCs to Npc + effect + logo in one click! Mode for your server, don't need to edit npcgrp.dat



  3.   Blood Damage Effect beta ver. 1.0 for all chronicles.


  4. Lineage Shark costume for all races. All chronicles. Example of work.


  5. He could not have done it anyway without recompiling or re-saving, so in any case, the author of the NPC who had this problem should fix it. Add this solution to your problematic NPC theme so people have a fixed version.
  6. Ok, try. Also maybe you have npc style Ice Fairy Sirra in Giran or etc? Ice Fairy Sirra like npc for example.
  7. Also your npc are located in Giran? I cannot answer anything about the interface, because this error was almost always associated with the problematic NPC.
  8. This is one of the NPCs with effects ( find out which brute force method ). Or did you put ice fairry as an NPC?
  9. Free skills

    Free NPCs + effect + logo

    Free items

    Free agathions

    Check my profile.

  10. I can make any skill for interlude. I have already shown you what a skill Curse of Fear looks like on the classics. If you know the ID - write to me and I will check.
  11. I already show you Curse Fear from Classic ( ID 1169 ).