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  1. Hello, yes, sure, but for 1st be more active on MXC and I will send you the password. Thank you.
  2. I decided to do something unusual. That which is not created somewhere. Something funny, but at the same time interesting. This is my personal idea. I was inspired by this: And I did it ( Simple and XMAS styles ): + VIDEO:
  3. Some people often ask me how to change the grade of weapons. For example, how to change a grade from grade A to grade S? Many developers make weapons, but set them with a different grade. Thanks to this manual, you will do everything yourself, and most importantly, you will learn how to do it yourself. Tools: L2FileEdit Navicat ( for Database ) or Notepad ( if your items are in *.xml ). Grades: ( In the client, the grades are numbered ). 0: NoGrade 1: D Grade 2: C Grade 3: B Grade 4: A Grade 5: S Grade 6: S80 Grade For weapons: Open weapongrp, using L2FileEdit. For example ( line of weapon ): 0 ID 1 1 7 15 0 DROP_MODEL DROP_TEXTURE ICON 95 1600 8 0 0 7 1 1 MODEL 1 TEXTURE 4 ItemSound.sword_small_1 ItemSound.sword_big_7 ItemSound.sword_mid_6 ItemSound.public_sword_shing_4 ItemSound.itemdrop_sword ItemSound.itemequip_sword 10 8 6 1 0 8 0 0 0 0 379 0 1 1 1000 0 -1 0 0.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 1.00000000 1.00000000 LineageWeapons.rangesample 0.94999999 0.55000001 0.55000001 11.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000 Find this part there: ItemSound.itemequip_sword 10 8 6 1 0 After ItemSound.itemequip_sword ( for example ) count to the right 5 times, on the fifth number is the number of the grade. As you can see, in my example my weapon’s grade number is zero, so it’s NoGrade weapon. Change zero to 5 and the grade will be changed to S. Save it. Next: need to change weapon grade in Database ( or in xml package of you server project ). Find weapon table and find your weapon ID, next find column Crystal Type and change weapon grade to your ( for example to S ). !Important, client know numeric values for Grades but in Database need to write Grades like "S", "S84", "A" and etc. Try.
  4. Free monsters; Free cursors; Free skills, available for downloading in my profile.

  5. Hello, I can help you. For 1st you need to b know about alpha channel. Small guide: After you can import your texture in Unreal with option " Masked ". Try.
  6. 3Ds Max - is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images. *.unr - package, for example, with levels ( "Level" object contains array of actors, BSP, Terrain, Lightmaps. ), with StaticMeshes ( with textures ), with Emitters and more more others... You can't open *.unr package using 3Ds Max. In 3Ds Max you can prepare staticmeshes, Vertex Meshes, Models and etc. Try to use L2Editor from @lordofdest He did a very good job. This program is ideal for familiarization with maps and etc.. You can use UTPT for *.unr opening and for analysis. UTPT reads only package structure and object properties.
  7. Hello, the problem is in forced change of hairstyle of the character, based on the names of packages of each race. See default accessories in Lineage 2 and you will understand what I'm writing. You can see the differences using Lineage 2 Pawn Viewer. if you do not know what it is - write, I will explain.
  8. Don't you know your client version? Try to use guide: L2.exe - ( right click - options ) - object. In patch line to l2.exe add with backspace -L2ProtocolVersion.
  9. Tell me what you need? You can use personal messages too if your stuff it is not relevant to this topic.
  10. Ready pack! Eur 12 ( BUFFER,SHOP,GK) + HTMLs + NPCs ( effects ). SEE MY PROFILE.

  11. Price: 12 eur / 1 copy. Available: 10 cop. What you will have: 3 new NPCs with effects ( additional: server logo ); 3 new custom HTML designs for BUFFER ( with profiles and buffs ), GMSHOP and GK. Can be translated to English or any your language. Unique buttons ( with click effects ), high quality. We can make any custom pack for you ( Event manager, Shop, Buffer, Tattoo master, GK, any service with unique HTML design ( maked from 0 ) and unique NPCs with your serverlogo ). _____________________________________ Contact me: My skype: Support_La2-Pro Personal messages. _____________________________________ Development: NevesOma | OrmJevil Screens: