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  1. Yes, but it makes no sense without further use with the server side. He is not going to use this for the NPC. From the client’s side, color changes are not so difficult.
  2. He needs new effects ... so that there are 4, and not just repaint the existing ones. And so that it still works on the server side too.
  3. Hello. In the public , most likely, there are no such weapons like kelbim. There are few accessories for the c4, some npcs, not to mention weapons with effects.
  4. Client part + server part. On the client side need to change colors and make new scripts. On the server side need to use a new method and invoke new effects ( those who know Java ). By analogy it was implemented on a Scryde and some projects. But there is no way to do without the server part.
  5. Try to use command: l2encdec.exe -d 121 blabla.ukx ( bat file should be in the same place as l2encdec.exe ).
  6. The TS actually has a book with the “sword” type on the client’s side and when trying to use the sword + sword in the game ( but in different hands ) we get the result.
  7. Hello. Do you have the opportunity to show us a video or gif or screen?
  8. New doctor style costume ( Halloween style ), preview for Lineage 2 ( not for sale ). 



  9. ( Alpha channel for more complex buttons ): + guide ( how to make new *.utx ): Try.
  10. Hello. Guide: Everything changes by analogy. But if the files are encrypted, then you need to decrypt them, otherwise you will not succeed.
  11. Try to remove L2SharedCompiled.bin from your system folder. It feels like you are missing something ( like an incomplete client ), or something is blocking the entrance ... 嘗試從系統文件夾中刪除L2SharedCompiled.bin。 感覺就像您缺少了某些東西(例如不完整的客戶),或者某些東西阻礙了入口...
  12. Free skills, Free NPCs, Free icons, Free sounds, instructions, software - check in my profile.