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  1. You can buy official, for example SmartCrypt ( can be decrypted ), but works well, or something else ( private ). But no protection can guarantee you complete secureness.
  2. Yes, I've done this many times. If I find my old file I'll send it here.


  4. P.S Use WTB prefix. Moved to right section. Some shares ( free ) :
  5. Hello, for High FIve need to do additional changes, it works not like in Interlude a bit. When I have free time I will do this skill for High Five and post here. This skill are from patch for clans from interface.
  6. Moved to right section. Edited. @xam55 use WTB prefix if you want to buy something + use marketplace section.
  7. Welcome! Good luck in your endeavors, we hope that here you will find not only answers to your questions but also make some contribution to the development of the forum.
  8. Professional developer, knows how to correctly complete your task. Adequate and smart guy, has a lot of experience. You can contact him and you will not regret! :)
  9. For Gracia Ive made a separated version. For interlude separated version too and so on.
  10. I am glad to present a new extended animation pack. This is version 2.0 ( you can find version 1.0 on the forum here or on YouTube here ). Available for: C4, Interlude, Gracia, High Five. ( c4 and interlude do not support rapier, crossbow and dual daggers as these are unavailable weapon types ) Important: all costumes, accessories and weapons from this video are available for purchase too. This pack contains a lot of new and updated animations, your project will become unique. Who wants to protect the animation with the name of the project - installation of copyrights available for free. These are interesting copyrights that you have not seen yet. They do not irritate the eyes and are very comfortable. The changes affected absolutely all classes. All animations can be viewed in this video. Basic version without Crossbow and Rapier costs e. 300 per one client or + if you want will be additional price for CrossBow, Rapier and Dual Daggers for all classes. Who needs a list of changes - I will send a text list in PM. What's more important: For High Five crossbow and rapier can now be equipped by all classes. + with attack actions. Also, now for all classes available wearing of dual daggers so you can forget about this problem once and for all. Who have purchased version 1.0 before will have a discount for version 2.0 Contacts: Personal Messages Discord: NevesOma#3182 Skype: Support_La2-Pro ( add to skype )
  11. Extended Characters Animations pack:


  12. What's the problem using a clean DLL and editing it however you like?
  13. Moved to right section. Moot question btw... optimization from which side? Server side for Interlude or only client side or all together?
  14. Yes, this is really something new. I understand what the point is and I will say that nothing is impossible, there are good answers in this thread on this matter ( @AlmostGood / @Anarchy ) and they are right in this case. But those who know how to do this will not do it ( some of them no longer work with Lineage already for example ).
  15. Free example + guide: click Only you can buy new updated design for this updater, or to search something else.
  16. In terms of animations a board is available for these types: Attack Wait/Walk anims with Gun or Hands. Fishing anim. Attack anim with Gun or Hands. Run anim with Gun and Hand. Intro anim + special attack anims. Sylph Wait animation don't have board. All other additional animations are from Ertheia. If you want to have board when Female Sylph use Wait animation ( when stay ) you have 2 ways: 1. To do new animation based on Female Sylph skeleton + to add them to default animation pack ( ukx ). 2. Broadcast from the server the animation, use attack animation instead of wait. Perhaps you were looking for this?
  17. What are you looking for? Write in detail the essence of topic. For example I've worked with these boards and their effects.
  18. Interlude? If you want it like decoration ( pets ) you don't need any additional changes. Only you need to edit spawn position from server side + to add changes for random spawn of special agathion animation. Additional you can add skills too ( buffs ).
  19. Client Dev Club on MXC! JOIN NOW to get more shares, guides, info and updates. All free.

    At the moment, we are recruiting people.
    Publications will be a bit later.


  20. Glad we could help you. :) Locked. Reason: solved.
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