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  1. i test it and stuck on wall here: need new geodata for it too or any other set ? and what set for doors ? :0
  2. i write epics 🙂 yes tezza miss but think not working only this epics 😉 and for playable side its lucera and for writen side (but need next time to other fixes ) acis what is good for acis maybe need write list with problem too not only updates 🙂
  3. players dont look at what is as writen (not see core side) 😄but this can write only any dev... for palyers is important if game playable its all 🙂 (sux any quests what never make) and i think 1st what must working for all on 100% is EPICS this is important for JAVA/PTS servers same 😉 spawnmanager for java its rly good and its new era 🙂 but what its wrong on old set ?? when still not working other old things (maybe need it for fix other set dont know but for me its waste time to use for other things and now give time to fix spawn ) 😉 but maybe better start make 10 new things on 30% how finish 1 on 100% 😉
  4. now not working rly important things how boss zone, epics for normal ppls, miss Tezza script, fear bugg and more more other...and add better now new things (spoil/drop) who fix old things, little dont understand 😉 acis files now is unusable max only for any Custom HR server 😉 but maybe when 1st fix this imporatant things have acis any value...
  5. ok 🙂 must w8 on Nevesoma he know adapt it for u client 😉
  6. for all server ? 😄 i think no... xaaxa 😄 nop 🙂 when u know how make captcha maybe 1/10 coders know make script for it 🙂 btw i think not exist script for l2warland 🙂
  7. i interest 🙂 need augument code but only for jwls 🙂 have set any stats for it from H5 ? i have idea how set it but need DEV who write it 😄
  8. 1235 1 1 0 34 900 1 4.00000000 1 f 101995 icon.skill1235 0 0 0 a,none\0 0 9 11 0 a,none\0
  9. send here u skillgrp or add "101995" for u skilleffeckt id...
  10. https://acis.i-live.eu/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=10892.0;attach=3686 try use this 😉
  11. this i have 🙂 but need only simple this effect 🙂 but thx
  12. upload here systemmsg.dat 🙂
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