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  1. dont have fix for zaken too ? 😛
  2. Trusted and Recomended also really nice and quality work 😛
  3. [Hidden Content] Client + Server side files FROM : La2-game.ru [Hidden Content]
  4. aCis with last update now max for High Rate server 😉
  5. try download patch from RU servers or RU client... i check any patch what have but only custom items have RU lang 😕
  6. npc outfit? not think costumes ? i have 74 working costumes for IL 🙂 @SpeedPwnz
  7. Hi, some1 dont have free l2j geodata for this giran square ? thx
  8. Hi, any good webhosting for L2 server ? maybe with ddos protection for good price ? 🙂 thx btw not Hyperfilter 😄
  9. https://www.l2jbrasil.com/forums/topic/137365-l2jfrozen-augment-custom-item-handler-2-cliques-augment-na-arma/?tab=comments#comment-827042 check this // aaaa sry 🙂
  10. nop 🙂 but i too find dev 🙂 who working for %...
  11. u working for % from donate ? 🙂
  12. Hi, some1 dont have this working maps+ geodata ? thx // OK find it can LOCK.
  13. what is good on this server its only ADMIN ACTIVITY 🙂 big project with more money from donate and little % money give back to server for set/fix