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  1. It won't !, if u don't understand what u are doing better stay out of it , as u would simply lose time. If u have money, u can hire someone who is up to it, ofc it wouldn't be 10eur job =) so u had to have enough money.
  2. that's because the limit is written in nwindow.dll
  3. - Little update, i have made a custom version only for Gracia Final & epilogue chronicles just for 100eur . - Write in pm, if u are interested !
  4. U literraly give that guy 1700 usd ? How dumb u must be to do that ?? lol send me 1000$ pls i can give u my paypal
  5. --update supported last official chronicles orfen 152 protocol image from ruoff skelth server . up to last korean official client Hello, i have made an unrealscript compiler necessary to make highFive god, epesodian+, interface.u Official way, without problems of manual fixing int64 Here is a couple samples that i made with it. Original highFive interface https://mega.nz/#!YlgGCI4K!8BuOMDdc3hLi6pSWriuH33beFbx7OtIH7DqizrDMeBs And recompiled https://mega.nz/#!l4gUyYSC!NF2Mvg8k1R9FesueOVKGewfZofGIEyaZ0J6NAyaRytM Take a look that i not only renamed few variables, but also deleted 1 class AITimerWnd. If u are interested in buying it, contact me here