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  1. pmed, P.S. @Maxtor WTF 2020 , and yet 50 PM message limit without notifications ! rly ?
  2. The screenshots i provide u are not from health bar , that's Lineage2Server.exe reversed packet code - char create, char load. Find someone capable of doing this(other then Toma ), and u are good to go, trust me =) I dont much care if u don't understand basic principles, like if someone made , a complicated thing in 1 direction , there nothing much stops him to make other complicated thing in another, like adopting Discord UI over L2Nwindow.dll, or simply integrating in it as it is, just providing api for request and answers,if u can arhitect it from 0, u know what it needs, u don't need to know exactly how ( for example: how discord is made from 0, or how msn is made, or skype) u need to know certain details , that are coming up while u going through code, reversing, adding, testing, changing, it all takes enourmous amount of time. I can literraly write u done from 1. to 9. What is needed to be done, in Nwindow.dll in Api Relation, with certain functions Names , thats no big problem, u can even make it yourself .
  3. If you did read carefully, you'll could see video's proving the HealthBar( was custom work) , UnrealScript/xdat compiler was custom work, i got Screenshots from my version of UnrealEd, also i got some code left from L2Server reversing , and plugins i was writing , both C++ , python There is like 1300 code lines, just in 1 python script, but i was writing about 10-15 of them , for each sittuations, to authomatize code generation, that produced , fully compilable and understandable C++ Code . And thats was like 2 years ago, if thats not prooving u , i dont know what will .
  4. I just can, nothing stops me from adding this functionality in old client, or any other, what proofs/Portfolio do u need ? Last thing i was making ( couple of months ago ) was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kKqIAFCWBI , Native Drawing of Texture(any/static/dynamic) for every Monster, Or Character, anything . Nothing special but yet, not many can do it without reversing client , coding, testing / repeat til working. Also i have made UnrealScripts And XMLUI Compiler.exe , for latest Chronicles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zdi2kSJJEIU , Also i have made UnrealEditor support Lineage 2 like 2 years ago ( no screenshots left) , way before the free version of gatsu , was released . Also i have private Plugins that i writed For IDA, that helped me to reveser Lineage 2 Server.exe for 30%, till the state when i released that without good finanicing ( on promo, datapack,client workers) , the idea that i had wouldn't work . Also i have some private work, that customer don't want to be noticed or i just left it unnoticed . summing it up, I just CAN, even add discord to lineage 2, but at what cost ) ? it all depends on the time = $ , if its fit then i'm on it, if its not , i still have to offer, why not.
  5. Было бы это сильно нужно какому, то крутому проекту - 2k$ нашли бы =) и то это самый минимум. ( кик стартер некому не нужен, и не наберется там этой суммы , а если даже и наберется придется задумываться об дестрибьютиве этой байды, только для тех кто вкладывал $, иначе она окажеться на всех серверах , а чтобы создать еще и привязку - тоже нужно время = деньги , короче мало вероятно ) На того прищибленного не обращай внимание )
  6. Nwindow.dll Engine.dll P.S. Forget about that, unless u have enough $ thats more then 200 like x 9 P.S.S. I'm capable of doing that, but noone here has that budget .
  7. obvsly Pet class resides in engine.dll but is called from Nwindow.dll , so u have to first decompile engine find pet class constructor ( by text/name, some referencies ) then find it's function , referencies in engine.dll and nwindow.dll
  8. huh )) i read your main post again, and what i told is opposite to what u have, player's surround u are receiving correct info data, but u are not , so the sollution is opposite, problem is in pet class function that is used for attack, guessing what exact problem it is is useless, u rly must look in IDA ( dissamble it ) ,
  9. if u had read carefully(what i was telling in prev msg) u will understand why, owner doesn't need to receive information data( about pet attack ) on client, but player's surround him, must receive that info, on where exact its issuing i can only guess, to say how it rly is u must understand codeflow of both client( as i mentioned) and probably server .
  10. u can guess anything u want , like - some variable( of pet structure, like in packet) that is being handled by client from server exceed its limit , if its int8 type for example. But the truth is in reversing pet class structure constructor and its functions and understanding how the codelogic goes, better with debug !
  11. Unfortunately this site doesn't notify when your pm's are full ! I removed many old convs, hope this helps !
  12. 1.Noone would teach u reverse engineering , C++, asm and other things that are necessary to create new packet, and corresponding functions on the chronicles that u need. 2.Even if u just make a wtb request to add a packet from GOD chronicles to HF, u won't have enough $ , to cover this reuqest, as its not few hours work, and people who can do this, value their time. So just forgett about it.
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