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  1. that's so stupid . good old l2, on new engine wouldn't be old l2, its simple fact ! U can't just port models,textures,effects, GUI and name it l2, there is so much that u dont see that is behind game client... If it was so easy koreans would allready done that, but they cant.
  2. Huh, that's because u are missing some .utx textures , that lineageeffecttextures.utx is dependant on , and your compiler can't tell u anything about it, it simply won't load it ...
  3. They dont block adrenaline. They have semi-trojan like "protection", that actually stoled Pcoder Adrenaline SourceCode and SmartGuard ver 1.0 , that they used as base for their SGuard protection =) Its not even their own project
  4. I have working compiler for Epilogue/Freya , it's a native implemntation , not a bugged GF fix , so its not free... If u want , drop me pm.
  5. Health Bar / HP overlay from GOD+ chronicles , in C6 , HighFive Client , working modification . In this video it is shown how it its applied over simple Monster's , possible to apply over npc( on siege , fortress, etc) And thats how its applied in PvP , in party or without it Its possible to draw any kind of ui over player head in c6 , or GF , HighFIve, GOD+ like the ui from l2 Arena client , or even other games, some custom art ! Feel free to ask, suggest. If u are interested in appling such modification on your server, or just as helping mod for your daily Pvp on c6 GF HighFive, write me down PM . Thank's for viewing ! Have a great day.
  6. ... yeah working like a charm, only thing its bugged as hell original code from AttributeREmoveWnd.uc , price is int32 value function OnClickItem( string strID, int index ) { local ItemInfo infItem; local int Price; if (strID == "ItemWnd") { ItemWnd.GetItem( index, infItem ); Price = int(infItem.DefaultPrice); txtRemoveAdena.SetText(MakeCostString(string(Price))); btnOK.EnableWindow(); } } And in your sources , price is int64 , plus unneeded conversion to MakeCostStringInt64 , this leads to unexpected behavior . function OnClickItem( string strID, int index ) { local ItemInfo infItem; local INT64 Price; if (strID == "ItemWnd") { ItemWnd.GetItem( index, infItem ); Price = infItem.DefaultPrice; txtRemoveAdena.SetText(MakeCostStringInt64(Price)); btnOK.EnableWindow(); } } So in every new function u make , u have to use this unneeded conversion and some bugs may appear. More of that u cant export GF interface.u( with that compiler) , neither u can use stripsource-Commandlet, to remove sourcecode from interface.u ! But yeah its free, bugs included
  7. did u even tested it ? As far as i know only i have fully working solution for gf epilogue
  8. If u have 500$ i can make this kind of module .dll , drop me a pm .
  9. Hello, i'm looking for someone that is fammiliar with adopting desing( .psd ) or HTML , to Razor Webframework ! Drop me pm of your contacts and price! Thanks.
  10. if u got like 430$ drop me a pm , i have a working solution.
  11. Native NWindow,Engine.dll related , if u have 300$ pm me.
  12. Video example of editing Classic 196 protocol client .