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  1. obvsly Pet class resides in engine.dll but is called from Nwindow.dll , so u have to first decompile engine find pet class constructor ( by text/name, some referencies ) then find it's function , referencies in engine.dll and nwindow.dll
  2. huh )) i read your main post again, and what i told is opposite to what u have, player's surround u are receiving correct info data, but u are not , so the sollution is opposite, problem is in pet class function that is used for attack, guessing what exact problem it is is useless, u rly must look in IDA ( dissamble it ) ,
  3. if u had read carefully(what i was telling in prev msg) u will understand why, owner doesn't need to receive information data( about pet attack ) on client, but player's surround him, must receive that info, on where exact its issuing i can only guess, to say how it rly is u must understand codeflow of both client( as i mentioned) and probably server .
  4. u can guess anything u want , like - some variable( of pet structure, like in packet) that is being handled by client from server exceed its limit , if its int8 type for example. But the truth is in reversing pet class structure constructor and its functions and understanding how the codelogic goes, better with debug !
  5. Unfortunately this site doesn't notify when your pm's are full ! I removed many old convs, hope this helps !
  6. 1.Noone would teach u reverse engineering , C++, asm and other things that are necessary to create new packet, and corresponding functions on the chronicles that u need. 2.Even if u just make a wtb request to add a packet from GOD chronicles to HF, u won't have enough $ , to cover this reuqest, as its not few hours work, and people who can do this, value their time. So just forgett about it.
  7. i dont rly care =) u wont permit yourself that kind of modifications, they require not only packet dissambling/reassembling , but also other functions that are handling that data, for someone who didn't make this before, to get correct type of all the struct, to correctly dissamble functions and see correct logic, would take alot time, i'm 99% sure someone who is capable of reversing wouldn't waste time over 2 weeks for 150-300$ so GL,
  8. i think there were simmiliar post were u wanted to get complicated things for cheap, thats why i pointed thats out ! if u think this work would cost u 150$ good speed !
  9. yeah we talked before no bullshitting, u wanted cryptor for 20 eur, 150$ was to much for u
  10. i can do this sort of work, and even more compilcated, but not for low payment amount !
  11. its pointless to contact u, u think this kind of work cost like 150$ ...
  12. There is a special tool for this that is used by Ncsoft , its binded in client but requires additional files to be working properly . Give me your contacts in pm , i can desribe better
  13. This week , discount 25% for new chronicles compiler. It also can compile effects, models, textures , in native mode ( Ncsoft )
  14. that's so stupid . good old l2, on new engine wouldn't be old l2, its simple fact ! U can't just port models,textures,effects, GUI and name it l2, there is so much that u dont see that is behind game client... If it was so easy koreans would allready done that, but they cant.