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  1. I dont defend anyone , not that shitty smartguard, is that just u did this before - u stole other people work, and use as base for your own product ( that u get money of ) . Not sure about akumu, if he could possibly do that he dont got many reasons as he got monopoly, but u did that once before just to break his monopoly, and u would do it more with some other people if u find something interesting, thats what people should be aware of, u and strix guard. Don't waste 300-500$ on akumu, scriptguard, or strix, better invest it on making own customs protection, or get activeAnticheat( those guys value reputation and have great expirence other then l2 ) don't create problems by installing trojan protections. thats all i have to say.
  2. haha retard so now u say "maybe 1% of code remains" ? Are u rly stupid ? u confirm that u use stolen code from akumu.... That confirms that u used trojan to get those files , and again u could easly do that to anyone who use your shitty trojan protection, good luck fooling someone else retardo, Do your homework better.
  3. hah obvious lies ? U(or Юрий https://bit.ly/2qFtpTT ) posted topic on zone-game.info describing conversation between akumu and pcoder (from fake account) u also posted partial source code of Adrenaline. U are using guard.des(sources old version) stolen from akumu( as he described it in one of post's not so long ago - here https://bit.ly/2OD7wy4 ) I clearly know what i'm saying, your certificate doesn't prove anything, u could allways download and execute non certified app , via your guard.des, u only got certf on your .exe , keep fooling people somewhere else, don't use his trojan protection !
  4. dont buy anything related with l2scripts or strixguard , they both have trojan backdoors, scripts used it on akumu/pcoder(smartguard) and retrived sources of his smartguard, and based "their" protection on it. They can easly do the same to anyone else and get any kind of information/data, or pass from your data center and u wouldn't even know, so better use something like ActiveAnticheat or custom protection.
  5. compiler - updated to last chronicles euro off l2classic orfen 152 protocol official l2 server skelth .
  6. А ты что уже успел разобрать L2Server ? зачем тебе ц4
  7. many things =) , even script compilers, so noone actualy has new interface.u(for that chronicles) expect me )
  8. thats because u changed txt, but not the compiled script data , the thing i was talking about, and in that topic its clearly sain about it too .
  9. hex is more harder then u think , u have to know unreal script basics(operands, commands, operators, actually its similiar to asm) so to change some value( operator ">" to operator "=" u have to know the value + how it could stored , it could be 1 byte but could be more. And to add something new u have to rewrite whole function or reservse space somewhere else and transfer all data to that space, because all function have predefined size (upon comiling) and to increase it or shrink is extremly hard. If this thing was so easy , anyone could do it..
  10. then u have to forgett about it ! ofc if u doesn't mid to spend 500 $+ on custom bot for that server and chronicles ! if they rly have custom protection.
  11. Huh u want this for free ? if so good luck ! otherwise u are in wrong section !
  12. A bit more info about sources ! this for example a part of what was made to make the fix working there are plenty of them i did a lot of research to make it working correct so its not a simple fix that u can do !
  13. u need to have special compiler for that like the one i sell
  14. --update supported last official chronicles orfen 152 protocol image from ruoff skelth server . up to last korean official client Hello, i have made an unrealscript compiler necessary to make highFive god, epesodian+, interface.u Official way, without problems of manual fixing int64 Here is a couple samples that i made with it. Original highFive interface https://mega.nz/#!YlgGCI4K!8BuOMDdc3hLi6pSWriuH33beFbx7OtIH7DqizrDMeBs And recompiled https://mega.nz/#!l4gUyYSC!NF2Mvg8k1R9FesueOVKGewfZofGIEyaZ0J6NAyaRytM Take a look that i not only renamed few variables, but also deleted 1 class AITimerWnd. If u are interested in buying it, contact me here