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  1. oh that kappa/accessretard double account ? funny
  2. -- UPDATE new latest chronicles supported ETOA 6 - Farfurion 196 protocol ETOA 7 - Essence. P.S. Also updated acmi .xdat editor , for latest chronicles
  3. Hello, as the title says, could someone sell me old webcms that ncsoft used back in 2004, i know its pretty old, but i want it , thanks !
  4. yeah there are no proofs on kappa, keep covering him ! well done
  5. if u banned him how he were able to contact this guy at jun, plus his last activity is - sunday ? How is that You are ruining this community u know ? Because of your so called relations !
  6. you covered his ass two time, maybe even more, but last it was here mentioned by ts pamella32 yet you banned pamella32 . And somehow Kappa were able to write pm message in some time, otherwise how malahie could contacted it in jun ?
  7. xaxaxa again moderators admins, cover his ass. Point my words, in few weeks, mb month, they let him create new account, or restore old, and he would keep what he did before =) Thats nice, seems there is need for a better community other then this.
  8. well neither pamela32 had any reason to be banned, but yet, here we are kappa still scamm, and the one who was reporting her, is banned since april = ) Well nice community btw
  9. huh so they banned him only just now ! =) funny, look at this post Its same his profile, seems he wasn't banned, but did absolutely same thing, yet the Pamela32 who got scammed by him was banned. It would be very funny if at the end, they ban you and restore kappa LUL
  10. How u even get into it ? Who recommended you this thing ?
  11. Hahhaa , i will just quote my own message Funny thing is that Pamela32, who reported kappa, was actually banned =) but kappa didn't! ( if he still somehow offer services, noone moderates and still recomands this thing services) thats nice.
  12. If on your chronicles engine.u doesn't have attachBone property, that means engine.dll doesn't handle this property, so even if u add it in .u, it wouldn't work (there is no native logic that has to add add aghation mesh over your character bone) ! Still maybe u choose wrong class to inherit ,