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  1. you dont have problem with calcul of pdef on the armor enchanted? the enchant +0 is the same +45 for exemple
  2. Hello Someone would be if it's possible to link the skill custom to another .u than lineageskilleffect.u without modifying the dll Thx for Help
  3. Hello I need Lineage Final LineageEffect_Final LineageSkillEffect_Final But link is dead
  4. I have a quick question, are you sure that the background works for all chronicles except interlude because me on my version gracia final part ca it does not work
  5. Hello I have question with my client Gracia Final Part the background on my htm dont work But in this post It said the background in htm just dont work with Interlude Someone would be if it's my client who does not walk and the backgound is walking on gracia final part Or if the backgrounds have never worked on final gracia and can I change the client for it to work? Thx for help
  6. Hello someone would be or is managed cubic client side if we want to make cubic customs with new effect Thx
  7. why if i use custom effect EffectClass=Class'LineageSacriEffect.surplis_saint i have error to compile LineageSkillEffect.u: ClassProperty Engine.L2EffectEmitter.EffectClass: unresolved reference to 'Class'LineageSacriEffect.surplis_saint'' But if i use Effect Officiel in LineageEffect.u exemple: EffectClass=Class'LineageEffect.lord_aga It s work
  8. Hello I would like to know how to add an effect the time of a buff on a player so that it is the aura on him I can not go through the abnormal effect because I do not know how to handle the engine.dll Would you like a method to have an aura on a player
  9. Do you think it's possible to have an effect buff time passing through a skill on a character, is that it must necessarily an abnormal. do you know an official buff that puts an effect (not abnormal) during the buff period?
  10. Hello I look for how to do custom abnormal effect side server see things public enum AbnormalEffect { BLEEDING("bleed", 0x000001), POISON("poison", 0x000002), REDCIRCLE("redcircle", 0x000004), ICE("ice", 0x000008), WIND("wind", 0x000010), FEAR("fear", 0x000020), STUN("stun", 0x000040), SLEEP("sleep", 0x000080), MUTED("mute", 0x000100), ROOT("root", 0x000200), HOLD_1("hold1", 0x000400), but client side I do not see what dat add the abormal effect? Thx for help