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  1. who know if it's possible to remove the face with the ears?
  2. I fund in in core, the code for start effect cast: and in /* * This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under * the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software * Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later * version. * * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT * ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS * FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more * details. * * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with * this program. If not, see <>. */ package; import com.l2jfree.gameserver.gameobjects.L2Npc; import com.l2jfree.gameserver.gameobjects.L2Player; import; public class ExSpawnEmitter extends L2ServerPacket { public ExSpawnEmitter(int playerObjectId, int npcObjectId) { _playerObjectId = playerObjectId; _npcObjectId = npcObjectId; } public ExSpawnEmitter(L2Player player, L2Npc npc) { _playerObjectId = player.getObjectId(); _npcObjectId = npc.getObjectId(); } @Override protected final void writeImpl() { writeC(0xfe); writeH(0x5d); writeD(_npcObjectId); writeD(_playerObjectId); writeD(0x00); } @Override public String getType() { return "SpawnEmitter"; } private final int _npcObjectId; private final int _playerObjectId; } But I dont know it s possible to create custom spawnemitter link with other Lineageeffect?
  3. Hello I dont find how is manage visuel effect of Kamael soul charge for create custom Chargesoul effect I dont find in skillgrp.dat a visueleffectID and dont find effect in lineageeffect.u or lineageskilleffect link Who can help me? Thx
  4. I find, just need to change this code in public void transform(L2Transformation transformation) { if (_transformation != null) { // You already polymorphed and cannot polymorph again. // sendPacket(SystemMessageId.YOU_ALREADY_POLYMORPHED_AND_CANNOT_POLYMORPH_AGAIN); // return; _transformAllowedSkills.clear(); transformation.onTransform(this); sendSkillList(); sendSkillCoolTime(); ExBasicActionList.sendTo(this); broadcastUserInfo(); } if (isMounted())
  5. and in L2Player there is: public void transform(L2Transformation transformation) { if (_transformation != null) { // You already polymorphed and cannot polymorph again. // sendPacket(SystemMessageId.YOU_ALREADY_POLYMORPHED_AND_CANNOT_POLYMORPH_AGAIN); // return; TransformationManager.getInstance().transformPlayer(44630004, this); } if (isMounted()) { // Get off the strider or something else if character is mounted dismount(); } if (getPet() != null) { // Unsummon pets getPet().unSummon(this); } _transformation = transformation; for (L2Effect e : getAllEffects()) { if (e != null && e.getSkill().isToggle()) e.exit(); } transformation.onTransform(this); sendSkillList(); sendSkillCoolTime(); ExBasicActionList.sendTo(this); broadcastUserInfo(); }
  6. in fact I just need that if we launch a skill of transfo he untransform then he transfom in I think it s possible to untransform and after transform but this code dont work protected boolean onStart() { if (!(getEffected() instanceof L2Player)) return false; L2Player trg = (L2Player)getEffected(); // No transformation if dead or cursed by cursed weapon if (trg.isAlikeDead() || trg.isCursedWeaponEquipped()) return false; if (trg.getTransformation() != null) { // trg.sendPacket(SystemMessageId.YOU_ALREADY_POLYMORPHED_AND_CANNOT_POLYMORPH_AGAIN); // return false; trg.stopTransformation(true); try { Thread.sleep(4000); } catch(InterruptedException ie) { } TransformationManager.getInstance().transformPlayer(getSkill().getTransformId(), trg); } TransformationManager.getInstance().transformPlayer(getSkill().getTransformId(), trg); return true; }
  7. Hello Do you know if it is possible to transfo oneself when one is already transfo, I would like to be able to pass of a transformer when one is transforming Thx for help
  8. Hello I m looking for Antibot Java Script for L2Jfree (frozen or Acis is so hard for convert java script) if someone ever made a script for L2Jfree it would be really top Thx For Help
  9. Very thx NevesOma (I did not search by D_KN_ but by _DK_) Now I can search one by one skill with begin L2_100.._skill
  10. Skill of Death knight class (I know lineageeffect2 effect but i dont find l2_xxxx_skill.uc)
  11. Hello I dont find ID of skills Death Knight I find effect in lineageeffect2 (exemple: h_DK_boneprison_ave) but I dont find skills, I didn't find icon dds in icon.utx, I dont find skill with DevMod skillwindows Who know id skills of death knight ? thx for help
  12. create and compile your lineagemonster.u with add effect of aura hero in .uc (link with bone)
  13. yes but I dont know add public final int getLimit(L2Client client) { if (client == null) return 0; int limit_box = Config.DUALBOX_CHECK_MAX_CLIENT_PER_IP; final Integer addrHash = Integer.valueOf(client.getHostAddress().hashCode()); // Set limit box from whitelist if (Config.ENABLE_WHITELIST_CLIENT) { WhiteListTable wlt = WhiteListTable.getInstance(); if(!wlt.getWhiteListIp().isEmpty() && wlt.isRegistered(addrHash)) limit_box = wlt.getWhiteListIp().get(addrHash); } // Set limit box from blacklist if (Config.ENABLE_BLACKLIST_CLIENT) { BlackListTable blt = BlackListTable.getInstance(); if (!blt.getBlackListIp().isEmpty() && blt.isRegisteredInRange(addrHash)) limit_box = 0; } return limit_box; }
  14. Hello I would like to add in the restriction of the dualbox an exception on certain classes of players, I would like to limit the dualboxes for example to 2 but that the Healer classes are not counted in this restriction Do you think that's possible, I'm on l2jfree but I think a code on l2j will work the same, if someone could help me please and show me a code example thanks for help