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  1. Hello I know added new icon for macro by modifying the limit of the macro in interface.u const MACRO_MAX_COUNT = 100; const MACROCOMMAND_MAX_COUNT = 12; const MACROICON_MAX_COUNT = 106; const MACRO_ICONANME = "L2UI.MacroWnd.Macro_Icon"; I see the icons in the macro editor but I do not see it in the window of macro, whereas if I slip it on the skill bar I can see the icon someone would have an idea
  2. Hello for me i have GF, bypass for website dont work <a action="url !2265">Go to Web</a> with systemsting-e.dat 2265 a,www.google.fr\0 How used this bypass please?
  3. I have a small question to compile must have the file staticmesh and textures at the root (it must be encrypted or not encrypted) (utx or dds) (usk or PSKA)
  4. someone knows there another way to add the shots on the character, it works but it's a long way to go and in addition once you have made the scripting additions notification you can no longer open the ukx
  5. I m in final Gracia part I would like to edit my interface.u to add grades, I have to use what as software because with UTPT I get to see the script, but we can not edit with UTPT, just read and with L2PE I do not see how it works to import a script
  6. I have a question the unr are they encrypted for Fafurion Chronicle? is there a program to decrypt them