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  1. thats only in your imaginarium, except that you sell rizen's event engine lol
  2. in 8 months you copied one achievement mod fixed several stuff and you got paid like 500e for that, you must be proud of your self and in fact i saw your chat logs with him too you wasnt answering his msgs for days while u were chatting with other people.
  3. noone cares about me right now, the question is did he get what he paid for, or did he got his money back, plus you are nobody to judge anybody here neither i am judging a moron like you, i asked a simple question.
  4. noone asked you to explain anything, the question is here did he paid 350e for specific community board and did you made it for him, thats the question.
  5. Good luck man, seems like a serious project!
  6. because he got enough of fake skype accounts to contact you and you are probably already discussing stuff with him ;d
  7. this is an old case and there is nothing you can do about it, give rizen his credits copy-paster, and stop going off topic
  8. i dont care about your opinion since you arent a dev, give rizen his credits cuz its copy of his work
  9. the entire Core class structure is taken from his engine, dont tell me that u wrote all this cuz its all identical, you just moded few lines the rest is 1:1 with his engine which makes him the owner of the code this code isnt taken from his source no? and thats just one event, i am sure they rest are the same, did you give him credits for that?
  10. proof, we dont care about the source
  11. all those events are taken from rizen's phoenix engine without his permission for resell and every dev can confirm that, NOT client since they dont know anything related to java
  12. Since you don't own the entire copyright for the derivative work, you must still ask for permission before making copies of it. Because of this, taking someone else's work and changing some of the words only creates a derivative work and does not give you full ownership of the copyright.