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  1. BruT

    EN hmmm?

    i think there is nothing to argue, if u get in trouble for moding ncsoft's game u can explain that to the court.
  2. BruT

    EN hmmm?

    It is illegal to download any music or movies that are copyrighted. Downloading or file-sharing a copyrighted song or movie could expose you to a lawsuit for money damages that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  3. BruT

    EN hmmm?

    nobody cares if you downloaded it or not, it doesnt belong to you, there is a law against that
  4. is that a share of their subscriber version files?
  5. Open a server based on mobius and ill crash it in the first second of the launch without ddos, legendary idiot 😄 just do it and ill show the entire community your coding capacity 😄 bye
  6. don't try to overtalk me you pity asshole, go seek for an attention in the brothel. l2jorg is better than l2jmobius no matter what, thats my opinion and you arent capable to change it.
  7. in fact mobius is leeching codes from l2jorg. lol. and noone cares whats the base of l2jorg cuz both projects are based on l2jserver.
  8. and mobius is leech fork of l2jserver so what?
  9. lets not forget that every single source exists thanks to l2jserver and @Gladicekwas part of that. imo the most reliable source is l2jorg.
  10. actually augments are bound to item object ids so yes, your case is quite possible
  11. didn't knew armors were augmentable in interlude, if augments appear without reason where shouldnt then you have a serious issue.
  12. @Override public final int getLevel() { try { final L2PcInstance player = getActiveChar(); if (player.isSubClassActive()) { final int class_index = player.getClassIndex(); SubClass player_subclass = null; if ((player_subclass = player.getSubClasses().get(class_index)) != null) return player_subclass.getLevel(); // getActiveChar().getSubClasses().get(getActiveChar().getClassIndex()).setExp(value); } // if (getActiveChar().isSubClassActive()) // return getActiveChar().getSubClasses().get(getActiveChar().getClassIndex()).getLevel(); // return super.getLevel(); } catch (final NullPointerException e) { return -1; } } sadly that code doesnt exist in l2jserver cuz it was made by l2jfrozen :S that code came from l2jfrozen for sure https://app.assembla.com/spaces/L2jFrozenInterlude/subversion/commits/925 so the conclusion: we are discussing a crap based source? an another crap? why i am saying crap? cuz there is a bug in l2jfrozen to break items and probly in your source too and not just that 😐
  13. in the old l2j versions many getStat() implemendations could return -1 values, the tempfix or whatever is it is crap but it was made for a reason, we cannot judge people's limited knowledge 😄
  14. zzzz, just check when getLevel() returns -1 you will understand int level = getStat().getLevel(); if (level == -1)
  15. i dont think it loads anything from the database but just in some cases, the reason they made L2PcInstance local_char is just because they are lame and they cant properly load data from the sql if (level == -1) thats a case not static and as i said when you are out of ideas every stupid idea is a solution 🙂