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  1. this is an old case and there is nothing you can do about it, give rizen his credits copy-paster, and stop going off topic
  2. i dont care about your opinion since you arent a dev, give rizen his credits cuz its copy of his work
  3. the entire Core class structure is taken from his engine, dont tell me that u wrote all this cuz its all identical, you just moded few lines the rest is 1:1 with his engine which makes him the owner of the code this code isnt taken from his source no? and thats just one event, i am sure they rest are the same, did you give him credits for that?
  4. proof, we dont care about the source
  5. all those events are taken from rizen's phoenix engine without his permission for resell and every dev can confirm that, NOT client since they dont know anything related to java
  6. Since you don't own the entire copyright for the derivative work, you must still ask for permission before making copies of it. Because of this, taking someone else's work and changing some of the words only creates a derivative work and does not give you full ownership of the copyright.
  7. thats a photo from another pc xD second he is selling someone's code without real author's permission, third even if that is kara's code which isnt if my customer decide to share it with me he will cuz he bought it
  8. their money was returned
  9. the answer is no cuz their money was returned, dont go off topic
  10. i was unbanned by maxtor it didnt expire
  11. i have been unbanned and ill explain you nothing further, back to the topic and dont turn it into your private chat room, the only conclusion here is that he isnt giving credits and reselling someone's work there are strict rules in the marketplace Reselling is not allowed without the real author's permission.
  12. karas best friend came to give his priceless opinion, first i do not have his copy-paste but i have access to see it, second you arent mod to decide who must be banned p.s. brut doesnt need to steal that event engine cuz he already got the shared code since 2011
  13. there are many factors, eclipse version, cpu, ram, changes - all of them affects the time if yo will apply a patch and its small, do it manually