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  1. actually augments are bound to item object ids so yes, your case is quite possible
  2. didn't knew armors were augmentable in interlude, if augments appear without reason where shouldnt then you have a serious issue.
  3. @Override public final int getLevel() { try { final L2PcInstance player = getActiveChar(); if (player.isSubClassActive()) { final int class_index = player.getClassIndex(); SubClass player_subclass = null; if ((player_subclass = player.getSubClasses().get(class_index)) != null) return player_subclass.getLevel(); // getActiveChar().getSubClasses().get(getActiveChar().getClassIndex()).setExp(value); } // if (getActiveChar().isSubClassActive()) // return getActiveChar().getSubClasses().get(getActiveChar().getClassIndex()).getLevel();
  4. in the old l2j versions many getStat() implemendations could return -1 values, the tempfix or whatever is it is crap but it was made for a reason, we cannot judge people's limited knowledge 😄
  5. zzzz, just check when getLevel() returns -1 you will understand int level = getStat().getLevel(); if (level == -1)
  6. i dont think it loads anything from the database but just in some cases, the reason they made L2PcInstance local_char is just because they are lame and they cant properly load data from the sql if (level == -1) thats a case not static and as i said when you are out of ideas every stupid idea is a solution 🙂
  7. every source got so many tempfixes left behind after a proper fix, its probly one of them, i guess it was made cuz they had getLevel() issues and that was the only solution they had. from what i read i can speculate that getLevel was returning -1 in some cases probly like some objects being null and returning -1 thats why they create a new object just to get its level xD and in case it doesnt load they were returning level 1, yes its lame code but you know when you are with limited knowledge every stupid idea is a solution xD
  8. really depends on what purpose is made like that. there are so many codes in STAT that return -1, especially in old l2j versions.