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  1. i would say noone will fix this bug on lucera for him xD not even for 300-400e
  2. i got 325 posts in l2jserver forums also more than 500 posts in the old l2jserver forum, also my nickname was credited in several commits. Thats why i ask yours so i can check how active u were, so will you answer? and, what is his nickname?
  3. You said you fixed alot of stuff for l2jserver, can you tell me your nickname in l2jserver forums? cuz i know all serious contributors in this project and i dont remember someone named mobius
  4. absolutly not, l2jmobius isnt based on l2jserver, its based on god client source with tons of bugs which l2jserver never had. mobius still got bugs which l2j fixed in pre freya source
  5. l2jorg is l2jserver folk just like mobius
  6. Still doesn't make your server legal nor the donations, its like to tell me that the money from drugs are legal, the drug itself is illegal so the money are illegal too, if u got cought you can explain to the police that the money for the drugs were donated.
  7. If you sue paypal and they know you are doing illegal business you can easly end up in a jail.
  8. There is nothing you can if they decide to ban your account even if u have money on it, and if u try to sue them you will end up in a jail. I think they just decided to ban similar accounts without question if there are so many complaints and refund attempts.
  9. Several refunds(especially donations) and complaints are enough for paypal to ban your account since its not a valid business type for them.
  10. as i can see this is more like a community board error the second error for me is more like an unverified/incorrect client files
  11. you better create your own game than to do that upgrade xD
  12. BruT

    EN hmmm?

    i think there is nothing to argue, if u get in trouble for moding ncsoft's game u can explain that to the court.
  13. BruT

    EN hmmm?

    It is illegal to download any music or movies that are copyrighted. Downloading or file-sharing a copyrighted song or movie could expose you to a lawsuit for money damages that could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
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