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  1. and did he accept the job after the "3-4" days of waiting?
  2. and what was the request? why would a simple thing takes 3-4 days to complete?
  3. he is a free guy and he can deny you even after 10 days delay, and still you cant give him negative feedback cuz there are rules.
  4. - if you are not the buyer or seller do not add positive/negative feedback. (you can only add neutral feedback) how can you pretend to be a buyer if u didnt pay for anything? whos abusing his previleges in this case?
  5. so whos filling these admins's pockets? the bots?
  6. players are fine cuz they are paying, but if you get stabbed in the ass by 10 different servers in the last few months, you see no reason to play this game anymore.
  7. not really, its the idiot admins who kill this game.
  8. but can i use that 10$ coupon on fortnite in game items?
  9. man, not even Elon Musk is talking with a suit in front of camera.. i find it kinda hilarious
  10. BruT


    there is no way to refund money in skrill