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  1. What kind of bullshit is this xD It will be miracle if TYGA streaming STALONE PROJECTS :D jaja
  2. The same story comeback. What about TYGA? He will stream tales? xD
  3. Most of russians doing this. its very bad for you my friend.
  4. he respond
  5. domain sold for 1900 euro! facebook sold for 500 euro! UNTIL END OF YEAR! - SALE! L2Mid - L2OFF server extender- 450 euro / - 350 euro L2Mid - L2OFF server extender pack + source - 750 euro / - 650 euro


    L2Mid - L2OFF server extender- 450 euro / - 350 euro

    L2Mid - L2OFF server extender pack + source - 750 euro / - 650 euro

  7. I receive the warning in facebook not email. No idea where to found it. There is a lot of things that should be done if you want to be safe. The message that i receive is the same like yours. (2-3 times and they close my fb page and vk page) Also i receive message from the producer that bastard judji You should use domain privacy to not use lineage 2 words and logos. Running software under GPLv3 licence is important too. ps. you should speak with @MrPro* i think he know something :)
  8. its not my project :) i am done making servers.
  9. You can see there is html template not psd and we are not idiots :) for 50 eur and the funniest thing is that... you can buy a psd for 130 euro not 300 :) i dont know let me ask the owener of templstock.
  10. The only, thing that they can do, is to close your facebook/vk page That's happened to me many times. innova "s*ck my nuts"
  11. Its not so hard I learn alot of things for 24 hours gameplay. You can download the official app and play from your PC.