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  1. no comments! COPY PASTE really? edit your topic and remove my links 🙂
  2. This is the Centos Project, its under another name, trying to get something again. Yet again this team decided to steal my pics from my website as per usual. Guys stop stealing all of the ideas and pictures from me. Quick friendly tip: Try to come up with something unique so you can be successful. By stealing everything nobody will be interested in your server, since everything in it was introduced in mine first !
  3. 2 days left https://l2mid.com https://l2mid.com https://l2thegame.com https://l2noobwars.com
  4. 3 days left! https://l2mid.com https://l2thegame.com https://l2noobwars.com
  5. The Open Beta test will start tonight 21:00 GMT +2 (Greek time), and will be available for anyone interested ! The server is scheduled for commercial release on March 19 / 21:00 GMT +2 (Greek time) Account - you can sign up on the websites https://l2mid.com/register.php https://l2thegame.com/register.php https://l2noobwars.com/register.php Play Now - download the fully patched, from here https://l2mid.com/download.php https://l2thegame.com/register.php https://l2noobwars.com/download.php Characters created during the open beta phase of the game will be deleted at launch.
  6. START NEW ADVENTURE! 🚀 Top upcoming project is coming! 📢 Interlude x25 - Original Dynamic RATES! 🔝3 in 1 project https://l2mid.com with cooperation 🇬🇷 https://l2noobwars.com 🇬🇷 https://l2thegame.com 🔥Record of last season! 19.000 unique ip adresses! NEW INTERLUDE X25 OPENING 19MARCH L2MID.COM L2THEGAME.COM L2NOOBWARS.COM 3 IN 1 PRO
  7. This is nothing more, than a simple report for all of those who are in the club. I apologize, if I have offended you, I will remove you from the post. Believe me, I see that you are advertising their projects, but these people are not working hard for the projects as you say. All that they are doing is to copy every single one of my steps and actions, regardless what it is for. This is probably the only thing that they are good at.
  8. They have bought it, but I want it to be clear, which logo is for which site, so I don’t get reports thinking I have stolen their logo, after I launch my website.
  9. Greetings, This post was long overdue by me. It was about time for me, to write this post about certain Greek Administrators. It got to my attention, that these certain Administrators have this tendency to copy parts, if not even whole ideas from my projects, and selling them as their own idea. I am talking about server features, projects with dynamic rates and etc. With this post, I am not aiming to flame or attack these people, my whole idea is to shed some light on this case and mainly to warn all of the community in maxcheaters regarding Brazon, Fotis, L2saga and the AncientForever
  10. Yes, soon they will be for sure. There is no information at the moment ,but seems the server will be Interlude. The server files... yes i sold my ext and sources to some people. The domain is not sold.