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  1. I will not argue with you because you are a fool. You know very well about my old server who was number 1? .. we are talking here about 2014 2015. i will announce my new project. cya in my topic soon. nobody care :) vercetti want attention. we know linezeus coming soon right?
  2. Gj. The kind of Midrates :) RF is one of the Vercetti servers. Everybody knows.. Nekys you are just the owner of the domain. lets see the conversations with warnings from Vercetti. we wait
  3. L2Mad how many people you have from Vietnam?
  4. I am not in this business anymore.
  5. Why people belive in this website? TOPZONE owner post screens in maxcheaters ? what the he*ll :)
  6. Sorry for delay. I am not using skype anymore. contact with me here or join my personal discord. discord:
  7. L2Mid domain was sold and transferred to new owner. You can speak with the greek neighbors about the project.
  8. he is coming to stream tales :D
  9. What kind of bullshit is this xD It will be miracle if TYGA streaming STALONE PROJECTS :D jaja
  10. The same story comeback. What about TYGA? He will stream tales? xD
  11. Most of russians doing this. its very bad for you my friend.
  12. he respond
  13. domain sold for 1900 euro! facebook sold for 500 euro! UNTIL END OF YEAR! - SALE! L2Mid - L2OFF server extender- 450 euro / - 350 euro L2Mid - L2OFF server extender pack + source - 750 euro / - 650 euro


    L2Mid - L2OFF server extender- 450 euro / - 350 euro

    L2Mid - L2OFF server extender pack + source - 750 euro / - 650 euro