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  1. great old school server! This game is about $ if you want to be competitive. But if you want to have fun and ejoy with friends a game there's no need to pay for nothing. You can also be competitive by spending a lot of your time playing lineage 2 evoke :) -> https://lineage2evoke.com/
  2. I cant believe... so many people hate me and my server becasue of what? showing fake screens and selling items xD Making servers are just a passion for me. As i see i still have the power to collect people without any payment to leaders and without any payment for advertise. Yea maybe its fake players in Giran what you say? Welcome newbie :) Thats right use vpn and hide you ass. Maybe this is fake too? 140k? Maybe you guys using old version of vanganth. I will not wast my time to comment more. There is the truth @Stalone @GoldenBrown L2Mid The results: L2Tales the results: ps. good luck guys! i am out from here until November. peace
  3. maybe you know what is this?
  4. That's it? You can't do a normal post... just repeat repeat repeat repeat 5000 times.
  5. Sorry i don't have phantom mod. No need to summon phantom players like your team :) My poin is to collect players not ghosts.
  6. 2 days after start: https://l2mid.com
  7. no worry. i saw remorse and 2 more servers got 2 topics. thats why i create another in private servers.

    i deserve to be banned cuz of my attitude.

    1. Designatix


      I know and i was the first one that was against that and reported it to Maxtor but he didn't pay attention that this guy had 2 topics and he bought sticky for both of them and since they were paid i had to wait untill the sticky ends to delete one of the two, in your case tho you had 3 topics not 2 and the last one was against the rules anyways and i just warned you about that.

  8. Thank you for the following my topic. Don't hate me cuz we success with the opening. Go back to stalonski projects with 4000 euros advertuse/invest.
  9. I know that you will make a screen :) The thing is... we really dont pay money to clan leaders. 2 hours after opening!


  11. server start after 2 hours! https://l2mid.com
  12. You are doing very good my friend. Keep working on java buffers.