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  1. The most advanced fake players engine is now compatible with sunrise. If you don't know what i am talking about you can find more information on the above link https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2Autobots The engine itself is made by Elfocrash but its development is being discontinued. We converted and adapted the whole code to feet l2jsunrise sources and its ready to go even for LIVE servers. We will keep on developing this engine and of-course support or fix any bug the engine might have like we do with the extra features we provide. For the time being we will not add it on the automated shop (on the dashboard) but you can show your interest by PMing @vGodFather You can contact him by PM here on the forum or you can add on discord ->jval#7185
  2. 1022 revision just released [*]Fixed one more premium drop issue! [*]Fixed minor typo in admin create item [*]Fixed Remove some static methods [*]Fixed Missing broadcasts [*]Live cursor updates when change zones [*]Fixed item use exploit [*]Fixed fear allow player to move [*]Fixed broken effects [*]Improved logs [*]Retail like res conditions in castle siege [*]Fixed skill enchant exploit [*]Implement retail skill hit cancel time [*]Fixed cubic chances [*]Fixed refund and sell issues from community board [*]Fixed stop cubic from others function [*]Fixed some functions not work properly [*]Added some concurrent fixes that cause problem in territory wars [*]Now water characters are checked properly in order to avoid wall hacks etc [*]Inside siege characters allowed to res if they have battle scrolls [*]Remove some deprecated functions from custom merchant [*]Fixed good magic from cubics [*]Fixed topzone api links [*]Fixed siege issues thanks to GameMaster [*]Implement missing messages for siege [*]Added new AIs for antharas lair mobs [*]Fixed some event engine issues with cubic functions [*]Rework movecontroller separate from GameTImeController [*]Fixed next action while using bow or cast skill [*]Fixed exploits [*]Rework party match list [*]Added more configs for champion mobs now supports multiple rewards [*]Fixed siege issues and added retail messages while use control etc [*]Fixed cubics heal conditions not work properly [*]More retail like ais [*]Fixed some skills [*]Confirm some retail values for some npcs [*]Added new utils for future usage [*]Fixed some skill issues, dont check the conditions [*]Fixed some airships routes [*]Fixed some stackoverflow errors [*]Fixed Siege checks null pointers [*]Fixed treasure chests in XML version [*]Now use inet address directly from game client instead of mmocore If you are not already sunrise user, do not hesitate register your accounts today! https://account.l2jsunrise.com/register

    L2JSunrise Professional Advanced H5 Emulator --》http://www.l2jsunrise.com


  4. https://www.l2jsunrise.com/ you can start with the 'starter plan' which is free follow the detailed documentation to install your own server on windows
  5. Never heard of it, indeed asking for such an authentication for a server registration sounds a bit suspicious however you known on first place what data the extrernal APP will get from your profile. You can either select which of them you allow and which not, if i am not mistaken
  6. What kind of sensitive data? The only data that is required as far as i know to register a server on this kind of websites, is ports ip and some information that can be found easily. IP history of votes might be a thing, but it's not that harmful i guess
  7. L2JSunrise Professional Advanced H5 Emulator --》http://www.l2jsunrise.com

  8. 990 revision just released Some changes you gonna find on the new rev: *Move some files in preper classes *Organize some system like nevit *Remove custom codes *New feature that will show which multisells have lower price than retail in order to avoid adena exploits *Implement quickvar type enum *Retail target checks *Fixed some issues with community multisell checks *Fixed vote system reward player without voting *Fixed some missing spawns from community *Fixed wrong teleports in community *Changed some gm shop multisells using proper prices *Improve protocol jar in order to be faster and create less objects If you are not already sunrise user, do not hesitate register your accounts today! https://www.l2jsunrise.com/990-revision-just-released/
  9. L2JSunrise Professional Advanced H5 Emulator --》http://www.l2jsunrise.com

  10. Why you do not check our in-game donation system which is by far better than any other system ?
  11. https://www.4shared.com/rar/vJN36H2v/AIO_Freya_Npcs__by_NeverMorev2.html? https://www.4shared.com/rar/vwt-VgqJ/Noblesse_Npc.html? https://www.4shared.com/rar/wMH0tk1y/NpcBuffer_By_NeverMore.html? https://www.4shared.com/rar/ppDWRWec/Color_Manager_NvN_v12.html? https://www.4shared.com/rar/R8exGbMn/AIO_High_Five__H5__Npcs_By_Nev.html? https://www.4shared.com/rar/sh3e73oU/NPC___by_NeverMore_.html
  12. L2JSunrise Professional Advanced H5 Emulator --》http://www.l2jsunrise.com

  13. After many requests we are here to announce the first ingame paypal donation system that works with REST API calls. Its the most efficient and easy way to receive donations, without dependency of a website. Before i proceed on how it work's i would like to ensure you that its totally secure and un-exploitable fully written using the latest Paypal API reference, taking into consideration all security measures. How it works? Using a community board, player will be navigate to the Donation Manager. Step.1 Fill the chatbox with the email that wants to make the donation with Step.2 Choose any of the available donations amount from the dropdown menu Step.3 Generate the transaction Step.4 Check the given email for the notification of the invoice and PAY IT. In cases the email is not received, the invoice request will be available on the paypal itself Step.5 Request the reward in-game and receive instantly the reward Requirements? 1. Gold or Platinum Plan 2. Business paypal account I will upload a video as soon as i can. In the meanwhile here's a few images of the engine showing the process.