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  1. there u go https://account.l2jsunrise.com/files/preview_addon/18
  2. there you go https://account.l2jsunrise.com/files/preview_addon/30
  3. L2JSunrise Professional Advanced H5 Emulator --》http://www.l2jsunrise.com

  4. να και κάτι από τα παλιά τέτοια θέλει ο κόσμος και για να γίνω γραφικός ->
  5. The most advanced fake players engine is now compatible with sunrise. If you don't know what i am talking about you can find more information on the above link https://github.com/Elfocrash/L2Autobots The engine itself is made by Elfocrash but its development is being discontinued. We converted and adapted the whole code to feet l2jsunrise sources and its ready to go even for LIVE servers. We will keep on developing this engine and of-course support or fix any bug the engine might have like we do with the extra features we provide. For the time being we will not add it on the automa
  6. 1022 revision just released [*]Fixed one more premium drop issue! [*]Fixed minor typo in admin create item [*]Fixed Remove some static methods [*]Fixed Missing broadcasts [*]Live cursor updates when change zones [*]Fixed item use exploit [*]Fixed fear allow player to move [*]Fixed broken effects [*]Improved logs [*]Retail like res conditions in castle siege [*]Fixed skill enchant exploit [*]Implement retail skill hit cancel time [*]Fixed cubic chances [*]Fixed refund and sell issues from community board [*]Fixed stop cubic from others function [*]Fixed some fu

    L2JSunrise Professional Advanced H5 Emulator --》http://www.l2jsunrise.com